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Company Information

Siam First has been operating since 1978, making it one of the most established bus companies in the whole of Thailand. Based in Bangkok’s Morchit bus terminal, Siam First focuses on running services between the capital and the north of the country.

All the buses used on the company's routes are the more exclusive VIP buses that you've probably seen making longer trips up and down the country.

Routes served by Siam First Bus Company

Siam First connects Bangkok with northern cities such as Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, as well as heading towards the borders with Laos and Myanmar.

Bangkok–Chiang Mai

There are two buses each day from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, arriving at the Chiang Mai Arcade Bus Terminal to the east of the old town. Leaving at 20.02 and 20.32 each day, this trip should take around 10 hours costing approximately THB630 each way.

Bangkok–Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai is even more well-connected. There are 11 services per day running from Bangkok to Chiang Rai, taking 11 ½ hours, three of these buses terminate in Chiang Rai with the others heading towards towns closer to the border such as Chiang Khong (crossing to Huay Xai in Laos) and Mae Sai (crossing to Myawaddy in Myanmar). The three buses that finish at Chiang Rai depart Bangkok at 19.00, 19.20 and 19.50, each costing around THB660.

Bangkok–Lampang & Phayao

Siam First also runs two buses a day to Lampang, departing at 20.21 and 20.51, and Phayao (leaving Bangkok at 19.20 and 19.50). These trips should cost 9 ¼ hours (THB540) and 11 ½ hours (THB620) respectively.


Siam First is one of the most well respected companies across Thailand with an enviable safety record. VIP buses are used on all routes which means there are fewer passengers aboard than is the case with many of their competitors, making for a more peaceful night. Not only are VIP buses more comfortable than the train, the journey is also much quicker so is a fantastic option if you're planning on a cross-country trip.

When boarding one of Siam First’s VIP buses, you'll be welcomed with a complimentary snack and drink and on some of the newer vehicles there is even a built-in seat massager to relax you throughout your trip. These buses are about as comfortable as an overnight bus trip gets!

For those heading to Laos or Myanmar, Siam First runs regular services north which will suit anyone looking to exit Thailand and explore some of the neighbouring countries.


Unfortunately, there is no wifi aboard Siam First’s services which can be a pain during such a long trip. Also, with the price of domestic flights continually falling, it may sometimes be better value to book a budget flight as well as being far quicker! It's worth checking flight prices before you book a VIP bus in case there is a great deal on.

Keep in mind

All of Siam First’s services depart in the evening, meaning that you will arrive at your destination in the early morning. Frequent budget travellers will know that arriving at night is usually a hassle, so a morning arrival is handy, although, bear this in mind when booking accommodation as you might not be able to check in until later that day.

If you're planning on crossing into Laos from Chiang Khong or, from Mae Sai into Myanmar, then arriving in the morning allows you to cross the border and travel to your next destination on the same day, so you won't need to book a hotel in a border town, which can often be expensive.

Travellers reviews

Customers are pleased with the reliable service offered by Siam First and are attracted by its reputation as a well-established transport provider.

The standard of the VIP buses is also praised by travellers as it is often a much more comfortable journey than that experienced with some of their competitors. How can you not be happy with massaging seats?!

It is disappointing that wifi is not available on board these buses, a perk that is offered by some of the company's rivals, but hopefully this will change soon!

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Siam First Company Reviews

222 customer reviews
99.8% of 3,234 travelers were presumably happy with Siam First as they left good or no review
Bus VIP, Siam First, May 15, 2019
Excellent-very comfortable reclining seats with pillow and blanket. Arrived before scheduled.
Bus VIP, Siam First, May 2, 2019
Bus ride was comfortable with air-con at the right temperature so the blanket they provided was enough. Arrived Chiang Rai at around 7am just as scheduled. Only reminder which was not mentioned in previous reviews - after printing the ticket out, arrive at Mo Chit bus terminal earlier to find Siam First’s counters at 10-12 to exchange for the actual ticket to be able to know the right bus terminal and get the dinner ticket.
Bus VIP, Siam First, Apr 3, 2019
Very impressed with the service on the bus, punctuality & efficiency & dress of the bus hostess
Bus VIP, Siam First, Mar 27, 2019
Smooth trip in a clean and very well air conditioned bus. Blanket and pillow provided and also drinks and snacks! Highly recommend.
Bus VIP, Siam First, Mar 21, 2019
Pros: extremely comfortable seats that recline all the way back, loads of leg room, proper blankets, pillow and head rest, snacks and drinks provided, arrived at our destination before the scheduled arrival date, movies on individual TV screens. Cons: none! Would recommend to anyone backpacking Asia.
Bus VIP, Siam First, Feb 25, 2019
Excellent and very cooperative staff at the bus station office
Bus VIP, Siam First, Feb 19, 2019
Stewardess didn t speak any English. Bus was punctual, snack was good. Seats a little bit uncomfortable but pillow and blanket provided.
Bus VIP, Siam First, Feb 10, 2019
Very nice experience! Very comfortable for a trip at night!
Bus VIP, Siam First, Feb 1, 2019
Excellent bus service.....only downside is a bit difficult to access or find bus at the station. Easy if you are Thai. Fantastic seating on the bus.....makes you want to sleep...
Bus VIP, Siam First, Jan 21, 2019
It is the best travel so far from Bangkok up North to the border of Thai and Laos. The 13 hours bus journey was long but didn’t mind since it’s at night. The stewardess was very attentive and accomodating to all passengers. Smooth ride and driver is very professional. An amazing staff you got there. Thanks and hope to ride again soon.
Bus VIP, Siam First, Jan 16, 2019
Slightly hard to find the bus stop, so give yourself some time. But the ride was great. Lots of snacks, blankets, pillow, and a smooth ride. I really enjoyed it. Except I accidentally left my glasses on the bus (my own fault). They did get there an hour before they said, but it was fine.
Bus VIP, Siam First, Jan 9, 2019
Good service , comfortable seats , cheaper and faster than the train :)
Bus VIP, Siam First, Dec 10, 2018
Very hands off tour. Honestly you may as well just get a taxi to the floating market.
Bus VIP, Siam First, Nov 27, 2018
I slept the whole time! Loved the back massaging seats and appreciated the opportunity to stop half way and get up to stretch/use a proper toilet.
Bus VIP, Siam First, Mar 22, 2019
Was good
Bus VIP, Siam First, Feb 12, 2019
Excellent Bus, excellent service, punctual.
Bus VIP, Siam First, Jan 5, 2019
Great service and good bus

Siam First Stations

Morchit Phayao Chiang Kham Lampang Chiang Khong Local Bus Thoeng Mae Sai Bus Terminal 2 Chiang Rai