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Company Information

Siam First has been operating since 1978, making it one of the most established bus companies in the whole of Thailand. Based in Bangkok’s Morchit bus terminal, Siam First focuses on running services between the capital and the north of the country.

All the buses used on the company's routes are the more exclusive VIP buses that you've probably seen making longer trips up and down the country.

Routes served by Siam First Bus Company

Siam First connects Bangkok with northern cities such as Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, as well as heading towards the borders with Laos and Myanmar.

Bangkok–Chiang Mai

There are two buses each day from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, arriving at the Chiang Mai Arcade Bus Terminal to the east of the old town. Leaving at 20.02 and 20.32 each day, this trip should take around 10 hours costing approximately THB630 each way.

Bangkok–Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai is even more well-connected. There are 11 services per day running from Bangkok to Chiang Rai, taking 11 ½ hours, three of these buses terminate in Chiang Rai with the others heading towards towns closer to the border such as Chiang Khong (crossing to Huay Xai in Laos) and Mae Sai (crossing to Myawaddy in Myanmar). The three buses that finish at Chiang Rai depart Bangkok at 19.00, 19.20 and 19.50, each costing around THB660.

Bangkok–Lampang & Phayao

Siam First also runs two buses a day to Lampang, departing at 20.21 and 20.51, and Phayao (leaving Bangkok at 19.20 and 19.50). These trips should cost 9 ¼ hours (THB540) and 11 ½ hours (THB620) respectively.


Siam First is one of the most well respected companies across Thailand with an enviable safety record. VIP buses are used on all routes which means there are fewer passengers aboard than is the case with many of their competitors, making for a more peaceful night. Not only are VIP buses more comfortable than the train, the journey is also much quicker so is a fantastic option if you're planning on a cross-country trip.

When boarding one of Siam First’s VIP buses, you'll be welcomed with a complimentary snack and drink and on some of the newer vehicles there is even a built-in seat massager to relax you throughout your trip. These buses are about as comfortable as an overnight bus trip gets!

For those heading to Laos or Myanmar, Siam First runs regular services north which will suit anyone looking to exit Thailand and explore some of the neighbouring countries.


Unfortunately, there is no wifi aboard Siam First’s services which can be a pain during such a long trip. Also, with the price of domestic flights continually falling, it may sometimes be better value to book a budget flight as well as being far quicker! It's worth checking flight prices before you book a VIP bus in case there is a great deal on.

Keep in mind

All of Siam First’s services depart in the evening, meaning that you will arrive at your destination in the early morning. Frequent budget travellers will know that arriving at night is usually a hassle, so a morning arrival is handy, although, bear this in mind when booking accommodation as you might not be able to check in until later that day.

If you're planning on crossing into Laos from Chiang Khong or, from Mae Sai into Myanmar, then arriving in the morning allows you to cross the border and travel to your next destination on the same day, so you won't need to book a hotel in a border town, which can often be expensive.

Travellers reviews

Customers are pleased with the reliable service offered by Siam First and are attracted by its reputation as a well-established transport provider.

The standard of the VIP buses is also praised by travellers as it is often a much more comfortable journey than that experienced with some of their competitors. How can you not be happy with massaging seats?!

It is disappointing that wifi is not available on board these buses, a perk that is offered by some of the company's rivals, but hopefully this will change soon!

November 4.5

October 4.3

September 5.0

November 2017

Katrin, Nov 2, 2017 - Clean, comfortable, I loved the massage funktion of the seat

October 2017

Penelope, Oct 23, 2017 - Professional service, good driver, felt safe and arrived only 20 minutes late. Only complaint was that the seats were slightly narrow and there was a smell from the toilet but to be fair that’s common to pretty all night buses. 5 English films to choose from on seat-back TVs and headphones given out to use on-board. No sign of the much-anticipated massage chairs but all in all a good trip.
Oleksii, Oct 22, 2017 - Полностью доволен поездкой. Расстояние между сидениями - метра полтора, сидения раскладываются почти горизонтально. Есть пледы и подушки, спать вполне удобно, как для автобуса. Кроме еды на остановке(столовая с тайской едой, вкусной), выдают например кекс, шоколадный батончик, сок, воду, еще носят чай и мак-кофе. Т.е., с едой тоже никаких вопросов. Единственное, с чем были вопросы, это то что надо обменять билет из письма перед посадкой. К счастью, нашли человека, который нас "за руку" отвел к кассе. На вокзале и в автобусе никто не разговаривает на английском, но обычно можно смело идти за толпой и делать то же что и они.
Christie, Oct 19, 2017 - We thought this was a great company to use - the hostess service was very good, and the driving safe. A generous amount of snacks and drinks provided on the journey itself, a food voucher to use at the halfway service station, TVs on the back of every seat, blanket/pillow provided, a toilet that actually had toilet paper, and there was also a decent amount of leg room. The seats reclined quite well, but could be a little bit wider in order to make yourself more comfortable. Apart from that, everything else was spot on. Would recommend this company :)

September 2017

Victoria, Sep 16, 2017 - los asientos muy comodos, hasta hacian masajes! El aire acondicionado no era tan frio como pensamos que iba a ser, con la manta q te daban era suficiente. Nos dieron snaks y un cafe de desayuno, muy amable todos, recomiendo!
Victoria, Sep 9, 2017 - best overnight bus I've taken and the seats go all the way down and friendly service!
Mariam, Sep 2, 2017 - Maybe translate more into emglish was not Aware of first stop off point - v dazed and confused

August 2017

Douglas, Aug 28, 2017 - Very comfortable bus, seats reclined almost like beds, given numerous snacks and even a free meal at a stop, would recommend to anyone
Luis, Aug 1, 2017 - VIP traveling is the best

July 2017

Nicole, Jul 28, 2017 - This was the best way to travel when trying to save money. The hostess was very nice and the bus was much more comfortable than I expected! I 100% recommend.
Tim, Jul 26, 2017 - Best Bus I was driving in in my Life until now. A Lot of Leg space, a mediapad for every seat, free snacks and drinks.
Nuria, Jul 13, 2017 - El viaje súper cómodo. Asientos reclinables con reposa pies. Te dan almohada y manta y te ponen un aperitivo. Se descansa muy bien
Teresa, Jul 4, 2017 - Outstanding bus and services, highly recommended! This was the best seated night bus I have ever had (and I've had plenty!). The bus was extremely punctual and I was late... Only 5 min, but the bus was already gone. The girls at the counter were brilliant: they called the bus and put me in a taxi to meet the bus somewhere else! Once the trip started i was amazed by the quality of the seats, that you could put nearly horizontal, the great pillow and the blanket. It's a bus totally designed for night trips, so comfy! We had individual screens (only Thai movies but hey, so classy!) And snacks on board served by a friendly hostess. Thank you so much for such a great trip!
Mari, Jul 2, 2017 - Easy booking. Breezy trip.

May 2017

Melina, May 31, 2017 - A tiempo. Comodisimo, el asiento hasta tiene una función de masajes. La azafata super amable. Te dan café, té y snacks. Viaje mejor que un vuelo. Recomendado!
Aw, May 27, 2017 - Service was really good from the moment I checked in at their berth. However, do take care to look for the bus berth as you might take some time to locate the counter (The lower level of Mochit Station), then cross the carpark and go to the exact berth. Once there, I felt safe, with smiles from the crew who helped w depositing and tagging the luggage. It felt like I was taking an airline :) The service is tremendously good, the bus attendant was really professional, had a nice voice while giving instructions, and was helpful to translate to English where I did not understand Thai. Thank you - please compliment your helpful staff on the bus and on the ground. Other than that, there are many snacks that were given to us, even a warm drink and small moist tissue towel before arrival - and it was fuel for my long morning afterwards. Thankful for that. Till arrival, the crew was all smiles and I appreciated that. It is value for money, and journey felt safe and peaceful with a good rest on it, arriving on time, and had was nice with the warm blankets provided. Thank you Siam First, will def. use the reliability again. Note for Travellers: At the rest stop, you can exchange ur bus vouchers for some (more) food. Can check with the attendant. Thank you Siam First.
Monica, May 7, 2017 - The service was excellent, hostess on the bus was very helpful. Very comfortable bus and snacks given along the way. Worth the travel to Morchit bus station instead of the bad buses and service leaving from khaosan road.
Ahmad, May 2, 2017 - Excellent bus, way better than expected My only issues are no WiFi, I hope that gets added someday and the staff woke me up several times to hand me things or take them back

March 2017

Do, Mar 7, 2017 - This is my first time traveling to Chiang Mai and the journey from Bangkok to Chiang Mai is simply the best start. The seat is spacious and comfortable while they also serve snacks & drinks. Even better? The chair is a massage chair.
Anna, Mar 5, 2017 - This overnight bus was much better than expected! There was a seat massager and a stewardess and seats that reclined almost all the way. There was also a clean toilet on board. Definitely worth the cost and I would highly recommend this bus company!

February 2017

Maria, Feb 9, 2017 - On time, the bus was ok, the only thing is that no one speaks English..
Michael, Feb 8, 2017 - Cold and midnight meal we stopped and the food didn't look so great

January 2017

Ignas, Jan 22, 2017 - Took bus No. 80. Very pleasant service by the drivers and the bus hostess. Received a ham sandwitch, chocolate bar, pack if juice, bottle of water, and two cups of hot tea/coffee at midnight/upon arrival. We sat on the second floor at the middle (seat row 6) and there was some noise from engines and possibly AC fan. Plenty of space in the seats, which recline very generously (in fact the most I have seen in my life). Bus itself was a bit old, but no bad odours or anything. No USB slot. It was not easy to sleep through the night journey, but, consideing it was one of the cheapest modes of transport, I am happy with the value of the service and I would reocommend it.
Kyle, Jan 20, 2017 - Everything ran very smoothly. The bus left on time and I actually reached my destination an hour before the time said so be on the look out for your stop!
Vesper, Jan 17, 2017 - Great way to travel! Reclining seats, air-conditioning, TV monitors, snacks, and overall great staff! No, the staff doesn't speak English, but they were very kind and helpful! Would definitely used them again!
Isabelle, Jan 9, 2017 - Great service! Food&drinks included. Arrived before schedueled online time. Thankyou SiamFirst!
Vilius, Jan 5, 2017 - Super service, not cold, super blankets, movies and music available, headphones provided, food and drinks and snacks given, flexible with drop off, let us out at white temple. Incredible!!!!
Maddalena, Jan 5, 2017 - Great trip, great service, great seats, great blankets. Thank you!

December 2016

William, Dec 26, 2016 - Very great service, comfortable and good attention
Jonathan, Dec 23, 2016 - I was very impressed with the service on offer on our overnight bus service. The driver was smooth and fast. The bus was excellent. Their punctuality was to the second!! I would definitely travel with Siam First again.
Anish, Dec 12, 2016 - Very good price and service on this VIP bus. Plenty of room between seats. Ontime departure/arrival. Boarded bus at Siam Firsts own bus depot (Pracha Newit) to avoid the crowds at Morchit. Will always use this service over other bus operators.
Lara, Dec 11, 2016 - The service was excellent! Nice comfy spacious seats, I was able to find movies in English? Didn't find a problem. The only downside is the lady speaking on mic doesn't translate to English so you have no idea what she is saying. However on the whole a fab service!! Would 100% recommend.

October 2016

Noah, Oct 28, 2016 - Good bus with decent seats, the bus staff didn't really speak English but they were friendly and helpful. Wish they had some English movie options on their backseat tvs, even the English movies were all dubbed over into Thai.

July 2016

Alberto, Jul 31, 2016 - Sper recommended! Big seats, comfortable, nice service, aircondition not too high. They provide you also a good cover and a pillow, over snacks and a meal. Perfectly on time.
Shane, Jul 25, 2016 - Comfortable as a 12 hour bus journey could be food stop had questionable chicken balls but other than that I was happy. Massage chair was a nice surprise

June 2016

Michal, Jun 24, 2016 - Very comfy bus and additional plus for the food provided during the trip. However, finding the bus on the station was tricky - you should count a lot of time to get to the station in the first place and then additional couple of mimutes to figure out where is your bus. Otherwise, great.

May 2016

Holly, May 6, 2016 - Highly recommended. Spacious legroom and comfy seats. Entertainment monitors with movies but I assumed they were all in Thai, maybe you can figure out subtitles somehow. Ticket includes free meal or drink at stop about three hours after departure, take your ticket in with you. Snacks (croissant thing, cookies, and juice) provided too. Staff didn't speak any English but it's a straight forward journey so not a big deal. - 12Go: Thank you very much for booking your tickets with us. We do really appreciated you be back to us again. We hope you will be back to use our service again in the near future. Thank you, please enjoy your stay in Thailand.

April 2016

Lucy, Apr 21, 2016 - Brilliant service couldn't have asked for better

March 2016

Marcella, Mar 20, 2016 - Comodissimo . Ci sono addirittura i massaggi integrati nel sedile . 100% Thai
Ernie, Mar 7, 2016 - Highly recommend taking the night bus with Siam First. Comfortable, clean and excellent service by bus host (water, snack and tea served).

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Schedule Siam First

19:00, 19:01, 19:20;
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Stations Siam First

Morchit, Phayao, Chiang Kham, Lampang, Chiang Khong, Thoeng, Mae Sai, Bus Terminal 2, Chiang Rai

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