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Company Information

Shwe Pyi Lwin Express is a bus company offering direct routes from the Yangon to beach areas in Myanmar. This company is popular with local tourists and the occasional international visitor.

The company is relatively new and is based in Yangon providing services that take passengers from Yangon to both Ngwe Saung and Chaung Tha. Shwe Pyi Lwin Express prides itself on giving passengers a convenient and stress-free service at an affordable price. The head office is on Thudamar Main Street in Yangon whereas the ticket office is at Dagon Aye Yar Bus Interchange.

Routes Served by Shwe Pyi Lwin

The typical routes of Shwe Pyi Lwin are from Yangon to the beach areas of Ngwe Saung and Chaung Tha. Below is a list of the typical routes:

Yangon–Ngwe Saung

Yangon to Ngwe Saung service departs daily at 7 am and arrives at Ngwe Saung Hotel Lux, located on the seafront. It is an easy walk from there to any other hotel or resort in the area you may fancy to stay at. The distance between Yangon and Ngwe Saung is just under 250 kilometres but the journey takes eight hours – imagine the road condition! Tickets cost USD12.

Return bus to Yangon cost the same and departs from Ngwe Saung Hotel Lux at 7am daily.

Yangon–Chaung Tha

The distance between Yangon to Chaung Tha is also about 250 kilometres. The bus leaves Yangon at 6.30 am on a daily basis and takes a duration of up to seven hours.

Buses in Yangon leave from Dagon Ayar Highway Bus Station, which is around 25 kilometres from central Yangon. Expect a taxi to take up to 45 minutes to reach the station.


Affordable prices
Direct shuttle bus to two popular beach areas in Myanmar
Buses are comfortable and have air conditioning
Shwe Pyi Lwin has an international telephone number for English speaking passengers to speak to the company


It’s hard to find reliable information online about Shwe Pyi Lwin Express
Not all staff can speak English
Online booking is available, but it’s difficult to find a price without contacting them in advance
Buses are relatively slow – it takes a long time to cover a reasonably short distance
Only limited services are available

Keep in Mind

If you need to contact the company directly, the only way to communicate is by telephone. You may need to ask the hotel receptionist to help you as they’re unlikely to speak English on a local line.
Only one bus daily from Yangon to Pathein or Pathein to Yangon is available. Check where the bus arrives in Ngwe Saung when booking the ticket.
Call 09-43040480 or 09-420319755 in Yangon
Call 042-42202 for tickets in Chaung Tha
Call 09-8550147 to book a seat from Ngwe Saung
International passengers can call (+65)86117594 to speak with someone with a basic level of English
Bus timetables are more flexible in the rainy season as some of the roads are poor quality and often flood.
Expect delays during particular wet weather.
This is one of the best companies if you want to go to the beach in Myanmar. Other operators don’t have direct routes and need a transit.

Traveller Reviews

The overall experience travellers have with Shwe Pyi Lwin Express is positive. Passengers say that the company’s buses are comfortable and spacious.

The main issue mentioned quite often is the departure times which are often delays, sometimes as much as by three hours. It is especially frustrating when you are already on the bus awaiting departure and then comes an announcement – in Burmese, of course! – about the delay.

The service onboard is usually good, and many of those who have travelled with Shwe Pyi Lwin Express admit they would recommend the company to other travellers.

The biggest highlight is always that the route to the beach areas is direct – no transfer in Pathein is needed what is especially handy if you travel with heavy luggage.

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Shwe Pyi Lwin Company Reviews

15 customer reviews
47% of 15 travelers were happy with this destination
bus Express, Shwe Pyi Lwin, Dec 28, 2018
Loved it. When I needed to wee, they stopped the bus and allowed me to do so on the side of the road. Perfect customer service. Plus the place we stopped at for lunch was golden, possibly the best curry I ever had.
bus Express, Shwe Pyi Lwin, Dec 9, 2018
Very hot (the A/C did not work at all!!), but otherwise it was okay
bus Express, Shwe Pyi Lwin, Mar 13, 2019
Operator use a quite old bus, but ok ????

Shwe Pyi Lwin Stations

Dagon Ayar Ngwe Saung station Myanmar Economic Bank