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Seatran Discovery

Company Information

Known by its current name since 2004, Seatran Discovery was actually started in 2002 and is one of the most popular ferry services in Thailand. In 2004, the Seatran Discovery yacht was launched offering a more luxurious option for those wanting to travel out to the world-famous Thai islands. It has a 100-person capacity and even includes outdoor showers!

Routes serviced by Seatran Discovery

The rest of the fleet has a maximum capacity of 300 people with routes serving 18 destinations across Thailand from 13 departure points including Bangkok, Krabi, Phuket, Suratthani airport (and town) and Nakhon Si Thammarat airport with prices starting from THB300. Most routes have several services a day so there's usually a good choice of departure times.

From Donsak

From Donsak there are 2 ferries a day to each of Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao, departing at 11am and 2.30pm daily, with journey times of 1 ½ hours, 2 ½ hours and 4 hours respectively. Tickets are priced at THB350 for trips to Koh Samui and THB450 and THB700 for Koh Phangan and Koh Tao respectively.

From Koh Samui

For those who have enjoyed the beaches of Koh Samui and want to head elsewhere there's plenty of options including Koh Lanta, Koh Phi Phi and Phuket.

Two of the most popular routes from Koh Samui are the services to Koh Phangan and Koh Tao, which take 30 minutes and 2 hours respectively. The departure times for both destinations are the same with 3 services daily departing at 8am, 1pm and 4.30pm, priced at THB300 to Koh Phangan and THB600 to Koh Tao.

As mentioned, there are also longer trips available from Koh Samui, too. There are two departures each day to Koh Lanta, leaving at 9am and 11.30am, taking 8 ½ hours. Priced at THB900, this trip includes a ferry to Donsak, a 3 ½ hour bus to Krabi and transfer to Koh Lanta.

There are also daily departures at 9am to Koh Phi Phi and Phuket costing THB900 and THB1,050 respectively, which include a combination of several buses and ferries.

From Phuket

From Phuket, Seatran Discovery offer packages to take you to a range of destinations including Koh Phangan and Koh Tao, priced at THB1,150 and THB1,350 respectively. There is one departure per day at 8.30am with a journey time of 8 ½ hours to Koh Phangan and 10 hours to Koh Tao. As with all of Seatran Discovery’s packages, the price includes all ferry and bus transfers and is usually a cheaper alternative to flying.


For those flying into airports such as Krabi, Suratthani and Nakhon Si Thammarat, it's of course possible to arrange transfers to islands including Koh Samui (4 ½ hours), Koh Phangan (5 ½ hours) and Koh Tao (7 hours).

There's two services per day (8am and 11am) from Krabi to each of these islands costing THB650, THB750 and THB900 respectively.

There's slightly more choice from Suratthani and Nakhon Si Thammarat airports with three services a day to each of Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao, priced at THB600, THB700 and THB900 respectively.

From Bangkok

Finally, Seatran Discovery offer a daily service from Bangkok to Koh Samui (16 ½ hours), Koh Phangan (17 ½ hours) and Koh Tao (19 hours), with one departure per day at 8pm. Affordably priced at THB900, THB1,000 and THB1,200 respectively, this includes a 14 ½ hour VIP bus to Donsak and a ferry to the islands.


One of the main advantages travelling with Seatran Discovery is the sheer scale of options that they offer. This is why it is one of the most popular companies across Thailand. The packages taking you from destinations such as Bangkok or Phuket to islands including Koh Samui save travellers a lot of hassle and planning. In many instances these packages are also cheaper than arranging the travel independently.

As the company was founded more recently than many of its competitors, the ferries on its services are often newer than most. Therefore, you can usually expect a higher level of comfort than offered by other transport providers.

Another advantage is that these ferries are often less busy than those on other services, especially departing from Donsak to Koh Samui or Koh Phangan, this is mainly due to the fact that it is slightly more expensive than some of the other options covering this route, although you can usually expect better quality boats and customer service here.

Seatran Discovery high-speed ferries are always a better choice than Lomprayah high-speed catamarans when the seas are rough as they cut the wave rather than ride it.


Like the majority of transport across Thailand, journey times can be unpredictable with late arrivals pretty common. However, the same can be said for their competitors!

Another disadvantage is that many of the ferries in Seatran Discovery’s fleet are only passenger ferries. Therefore, you will have to bring your luggage onto the ferry yourself, this can cause problems if you have brought a lot with you! This is especially an issue on services departing from Donsak and those on this route with a lot of luggage might want to consider a car ferry as if you're travelling by bus you can keep your biggest bags on the bus whilst keeping your valuables close by.

Keep in mind

Seatran Discovery has one of the best websites that you'll find from a Thai travel provider, it is very easy to navigate and has clear options allowing you to plan your trip easily. Online booking is simple but if your departure time is within 12 hours then you'll need to contact them directly to ensure you can travel at your chosen time.

They also offer a far wider range of travel options than many of their competitors, allowing you to travel from as far as Bangkok easily and for a very competitive price. Another handy offer is the hotel transfer when you reach Koh Samui, if you book this through Seatran Discovery you can be dropped from the ferry port to any hotel on the island for just THB150, a very good price especially if you're arriving on the last ferry of the day as you won't have to haggle with taxi drivers.

Travellers Reviews

Reviews of Seatran Discovery tend to highlight the variety of options that they offer and the ease of which it is possible to travel long distances. Many also like the fact that the ferries are often less busy than those on other routes, so it is more likely you'll be able to get a seat.

Those with complaints usually criticise the fact that you will have to carry your bags aboard even if you are part of a package as there are only passenger ferries available. This is particularly problematic if you're a solo traveller as you will have to keep a eye on your belongings, and might even have to take them to the toilet with you!

October 4.0

September 4.2

August 3.9

October 2017

Andoni, Oct 16, 2017 - All in time and very comfortable. Bus was old and dirty so I can't give 5 stars.
Donald, Oct 14, 2017 - Good trip.....very few people on the ferry and bus making lots of room.....arrived before scheduled time
Maarten, Oct 13, 2017 - The boattrip to phi phi took longer then expected.
Catharina, Oct 13, 2017 - Boot vertrok wat later. Met mijn e ticket uitgeprint, ging het perfect. Niks te veel betaald en niet onnodig gewacht. Personeel vriendelijk.
Paige, Oct 9, 2017 - Someone stole my bag off the bus while unloading after arrival To pier and staff was of asboslutley no help. They did not care at all my passport and all my belonging were stolen and they tried to push me along to get on the ferry with no concern to my stuff being stolen. I was then yelled at by a Thai woman at the pier when asking about my bag.
Kelly, Oct 9, 2017 - A couple hours on each ferry and a few hours via shuttle bus. Snacks available on both ferries and indoor/outdoor seating. Second ferry, to Koh Samui has TVs as well. Only thing that could have made this trip a bit better would be to have a more comfortable shuttle bus. It was pretty damn cramped but okay for a few hours.
Angela, Oct 9, 2017 - Tuvimos una pequeña demora de media hora pero todo estuvo bien . Lo recomiendo.
Catharina, Oct 8, 2017 - Het ging echt flitsend deze keer. Met e ticket in de hand. Zo uit vliegtuig naar taxibus binnen 15 min sta je op de pier. Dan binnen 15 min. op de ferry richting koh phangan. Ging echt super.
Ruben, Oct 7, 2017 - To late and took longer than 1,5 hour.
Juan, Oct 7, 2017 - Nice trip!
Darrell, Oct 6, 2017 - No it's not a new bus , however , it got us there . Sometimes you get what you pay for , so if your on a budget , it's fine
Maxim, Oct 6, 2017 - We changed 4 ferris during the day instead of 2.
Thomas, Oct 6, 2017 - Well organized, arrived at the station, got into the bus to the ferry, little bit of waiting but was good for having breakfast and than up to Koh phangan! Everything worked out pretty good!
Timo, Oct 5, 2017 - Well organised trip
Pouria, Oct 3, 2017 - I bought a ticket with transfer from Koh Samui to my hotel. Upon arrival no one knew about this and I had to go to the ticket office and explain to them the matter before they agreed to drive me. In Surat Thani at the boat terminal the staff was extremely rude towards me when I asked her if I was getting picked up in koh samui. At first she took my voucher and said that I don’t have transfer, despite that it said clearly I have this transfer. I had to ask for my voucher back. I’m a paying customer and I expect to get what I pay for WITHOUT an attitude. Many people were nice and the people at the port in koh samui were accommodating and helpful, but when it says on your website, clearly, that I have transfer, I shouldn’t need to have to face the issues I did. I’m deeply disappointed with this service, as a travel blogger I will warn future customers about this and I will not use your website nor the ferry company anymore.
Casey, Oct 1, 2017 - Very easy. Directions clear and couldn’t have gone smoother.
Niels, Oct 1, 2017 - Great trip fast en we had some great weather as well

September 2017

Matt, Sep 29, 2017 - Overal was ok. Except the bus driver made me get off at the wrong place, after he was told to drop me at a different port. Had to get a taxi to the ferry, but other than that was smoothish
Liam, Sep 29, 2017 - The ferry was well organised and ran on time. The bus turned out to be several vans one of which was very crowded and without air-conditioning.
David, Sep 26, 2017 - We were taken to another pier further down the coast for departure which was unexpected. Other than that a good service.
Frank, Sep 25, 2017 - Está bien!
Thipsuda, Sep 25, 2017 - Good, forhotten my ticket, have my ID card, so Themsen help me.
Jordi, Sep 23, 2017 - The transfer from Koh Samui Pier to our hotel was excellent. However, the driver that took us from Krabi to the pier drove too fast and breaking all driving rules. Beside this, he used his phone several times during the trip.
Anja, Sep 20, 2017 - Es hat alles perfekt geklappt. Wir könnten direkt nach der Landung mit einem Shuttlebus vom Flughafen zum Pier fahren. Das Warten am Pier war deutlich angenehmer. Super Service würde ich jederzeit wieder buchen!
Renato, Sep 19, 2017 - Good transportation, reliable! I advise you to check carefully the pier, there are several "bangrak piers" in google maps, we nearly missed our boat because of this!
Sok, Sep 14, 2017 - Very good service.
Stan, Sep 12, 2017 - Such a quick travel!
Leo, Sep 12, 2017 - When picking up the tickets at 08:25 at the Mae haad pier we were directed to a boat that was leaving 0930. We booked for 0900. When the boat was coming it was a lomprayah boat. When we were driving it stopped at the lomprayah pralarn pier and didn't go further to Bangrak what we booked. We then needed to get a taxi for 400 bath to the Bangrak pier.. So we were not very satisfied.
Meinir, Sep 7, 2017 - Very efficient and professional service :))
Niamh, Sep 4, 2017 - Really easy
Mark, Sep 4, 2017 - Nog So high speed
Leolan, Sep 2, 2017 - Great trip, nice ferry. Only advice I could give is the outside seats could use padding like the indoor seats. But honestly I'm being pretty picky here. The views were lovely.
Hannah, Sep 1, 2017 - Everything went fine , all crew of seatran + bus were great. I left a bag on the bus and it was organised to be ferried over the next day , everything went smoothly and I'm extremely grateful !

August 2017

Joost, Aug 31, 2017 - On time! Old bus. Staff is good. Priority service of 50 Baht is nothing. I paid but never got anything else than the rest.
Ben, Aug 30, 2017 - Went really smoothly and well.
Scott, Aug 28, 2017 - awesome possum job guys!
Hayley, Aug 22, 2017 - Everything ran smoothly and on time. Only downfall is the boat was dirty with taps not working etc and not really being able to hear any announcements
Edmond, Aug 22, 2017 - no problems. Smooth ride. On time.
Ainara, Aug 22, 2017 - Perfectly on time and the best bus we have ever catched here in Thailand! Thank you!
Nadiim, Aug 17, 2017 - Pre booked the sea transfer on the way back from Koh Tao. Unfortunately the boat had broken down and ended up going with Lomprayah instead, however we had to pay 100 Tbh due to our luggage being overweight.

Seatran Discovery

Seatran Discovery High Speed Ferry Inside
Seatran Discovery High Speed Ferry Inside
High Speed Ferry Outside
Seatran Discovery High Speed Ferry Outside

Schedule Seatran Discovery

08:00, 10:30, 16:30;
07:30, 08:00, 12:30, 13:00, 16:00, 16:30;
07:30, 08:00, 12:30, 13:00, 16:00, 16:30;
06:30, 09:00;
06:30, 09:00, 15:00;
3.8 Koh Tao - Krabi
06:30, 09:00;
06:30, 09:00;
06:30, 09:00;
3.5 Krabi - Koh Tao
06:50, 08:00, 08:50, 11:00;
07:30, 08:30, 09:20, 09:30, 10:45, 11:20, 12:30, 14:30;
07:30, 08:30, 09:20, 09:30, 10:45, 11:20, 12:30, 14:30;
07:30, 08:30, 09:20, 09:30, 10:45, 11:20, 12:30, 14:30;

Stations Seatran Discovery

Thong Sala (Koh Phangan), Mae Haad (Koh Tao), Bangrak Seatran Pier, Donsak, Koh Lanta Saladan Pier, Krabi Seatran, Donsak Seatran, Baan Kantiang, Donsak Pier, Railay Seatran, Ton Sai Pier (Koh Phi Phi), Hat Yai, Suratthani Airport, Suratthani Train station, Nakhon Si Thammarat Airport, Samui Airport, Khao Sok, Suratthani Seatran, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Ao Nang Seatran, Khao Sok, Suratthani Train Station, Koh Samui (any hotel), Phuket Bus Terminal (2)

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