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Sasanan Transportation Company Reviews

291 customer reviews
99.5% of 5,104 travelers were presumably happy with Sasanan Transportation as they left good or no review
Bus VIP, Sasanan Transportation, Jan 20, 2020
Would have liked more snacks and more drinks but I did sleep most of the time
Bus VIP, Sasanan Transportation, Jan 16, 2020
The ride was really good! Everyone was really helpful when trying to find the bus and it was clear which bus to get on at the station when we were directed to it. There were snacks, water, coffee, a blanket, phone charging station and a toilet on the bus. The seats were great! So much leg room and space in the seat to move around and get comfortable. They also recline back a fair way so you can sleep easier, the only bad thing is when the person in front reclines, you have less leg room and it feels like they're in your lap when you're sitting up. The bus says it has free wifi but I couldn't work it out and there wasnt any information about how to get it working. My partner and I had a big bag each which we could put in the luggage storage under the bus for free. Arrived at 5:30 which was a bit earlier but overall a really good experience and a super easy way to get to Chiang Mai from Kanchanaburi!
Bus VIP, Sasanan Transportation, Jan 15, 2020
A much more comfortable experience than a sleeper train as they actually turn the lights off and the air-con isn’t quite at the same Arctic temperatures, but worth wearing a long sleeved top and longer trousers. The seats recline nicely and are roomy. The snacks on board are good and they provide you with Pepsi and water (and coffee in the morning if you’re awake) but this is provided without a smile and the hostess we had spoke barely any English. They also don’t translate anything into English on the tickets or meal vouchers so for us and a group of bewildered Norwegians, we had only the reviews of previous travellers to go by! But overall, a good service and I would rather use an overnight bus than a train in the future. We also arrived about 2hrs early.
Bus VIP, Sasanan Transportation, Jan 15, 2020
Bus was very good, a lot of space, we were there at 5h30 am, snacks ans water on board and you get a ticket for a free meal at the stop. The only negative thing was that the ac was to cold, so take a sweater with you. You get a blanket but it was still to cold
Bus VIP, Sasanan Transportation, Jan 14, 2020
Very comfortable journey. Large seats that recline far and have good leg support. Blankets, cold water, drink and snacks provided. Bus is heavily air conditioned, so wear long pants or skirt. Food stop around 1.30-2am (food included in ticket). Thai hostess didn’t speak much English, but one of the other passengers helped us translate. Was gently woken up by hostess at 6.30, 10 minutes prior to arrival. Best night-bus experience so far. Very professional. You can by tickets online here, or buy them at the bus station (booth 14) for 50tbh less. The travel agencies in town don’t know about this night bus.
Bus VIP, Sasanan Transportation, Jan 11, 2020
Good way to travel this distance, lots of space clean buses with stop on way, snacks. Bit cold at times and as not specifically a tourist bus hard to know what’s happening with length of break etc. But overall good option.
Bus VIP, Sasanan Transportation, Dec 15, 2019
Polecam super!!
Bus VIP, Sasanan Transportation, Dec 13, 2019
Very comfortable but AC temperature was set too low
Bus VIP, Sasanan Transportation, Dec 8, 2019
VIP is the way to go. Large, comfortable seats. Water and snacks. Port to charge your phone. Bring lots of layers, it was super cold with the AC.
Bus VIP, Sasanan Transportation, Dec 7, 2019
Very nice bus, great chairs. Blanket was also nice because airco was cold. I cound't find the wifi password but I really would recomend taking the vip over the normal bus!
Bus VIP, Sasanan Transportation, Dec 4, 2019
super confortable, bien dormi, je n'ai pas vue la nuit passée, le bus bien a l'heure. les toilettes propres.
Bus VIP, Sasanan Transportation, Nov 23, 2019
Gemakkelijk gevonden. De busrit was heel comfortabel. Brede stoelen die ver naar achteren kunnen, met airco en dekentje (wat nodig was want de airco was koud), drankjes en snacks. Rond middernacht een stop, waar je met een bonnetje een maaltijd naar keuze kon halen. Eerder dan gepland zijn we aangekomen in Chiang Mai.
Bus VIP, Sasanan Transportation, Nov 20, 2019
The service was great, the only bad thing was that the hostess of the bus speaks only thai.
Bus VIP, Sasanan Transportation, Nov 13, 2019
Ac is weird, either its cold or its fucking hot. ????????????
Bus VIP, Sasanan Transportation, Nov 10, 2019
Was quick and very comfortable
Bus VIP, Sasanan Transportation, Nov 7, 2019
Excellent bus trip. Superb service. My only disappointment is that I found out afterwards that much cheaper buses do the same journey but weren't offered as an option on 12goasia.
Bus VIP, Sasanan Transportation, Oct 26, 2019
De VIP bus is goed te doen. De stoel was fijn en er was genoeg ruimte voor mijn benen. Midden in de nacht eten had ik niet echt de behoefte aan.
Bus VIP, Sasanan Transportation, Oct 22, 2019
Bus was great, we got all we were told we would get. However the stop off had only one vegetarian option which was tucked away in a corner and was just tofu soup and due to taking a while to find, we didn't have time to eat even half before the bus was calling us back. If you are going to wake up at 2am for a meal, you want to at least be able to eat said meal. Otherwise fine and got us in 2 hours before schedule.
Bus VIP, Sasanan Transportation, Oct 21, 2019
Great ride. No problems. We arrived 2 hours early, but I would rather be early than late.
Bus VIP, Sasanan Transportation, Oct 21, 2019
Never before i had a pleasant busride like this! Perfect organized company. Thank you. I can recommend it to everyone.

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Kanchanaburi Chiang Mai Bus Terminal 3