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Roong Reuang Coach are a well established company who specialise in providing cheap and safe coach travel between Pattaya and Bangkok. These are two of the most popular tourist destinations in mainland Thailand, and as such it is a popular service used by many travellers. Many companies offer various options when it comes to bus travel along this route, but Roong Reuang are well known for their spacious and comfortable coaches, which are kept in good condition compared with many other buses.

Routes served by Roong Reuang Coach

The only route this particular bus company provides is the one between Pattaya and Bangkok, and there are numerous daily departures in both directions – approximately every 40 minutes to/from Ekkamai, every hour to/from Morchit and 6 departures a day to Sai Tai Mai.

The Roong Reuang Coachbuses depart from Bangkok Northern Bus Terminal (Morchit), Bangkok Southern Bus Terminal (Sai Tai Mai) and Bangkok Eastern Bus Terminal (Ekkamai), so you can choose when booking which one you would like to travel from or arrive into. In Pattaya, buses depart and arrive into Pattaya Northern Bus Station in Pattaya Nuea. The cost of a one-way journey is around THB130 per person with the cheapest tickets to Ekkamai and more expensive – to Morchit and Sai Tai Mai.

The journey is around 150km, so it’s fairly straightforward although be prepared for unpredictable traffic conditions, particularly at busy hours or on holidays. Generally though, the journey will take about 2 hours (to Ekkamai) up to 3 hours (to Morchit), so it’s a fairly quick coach journey that is mainly on highways and well developed roads. Bear in mind that road safety standards in Thailand aren’t always the best so do be sure to wear your seat belt.

Note When travelling back from Ekkamai to Pattaya, Roong Reuang Coach almost always calls to Chonburi, Sri Racha or Laem Chabang en route if there are any passengers on board who need to get off in these locations. If you are unlucky to catch the bus where there are travellers heading to these locations, the trip may take up to 4 hours.


Generally, Roong Reuang coaches are considered to be one of the best budget friendly options when travelling from Bangkok to Pattaya or vice versa. They generally operate on time, and sometimes even depart early, whilst they take care to maintain their coaches to decent standards. Being able to choose between three different bus stations in Bangkok is also very useful when you may be staying far closer to one rather than the other.

The company is known for its reliability and for providing low prices compared to many other tour operators who tend to charge higher prices as they know that tourists aren’t always aware of what sort of prices are typical for this journey. You can also book online making it easy to organise your travel plans in advance.


Some things that can cause issues are the air conditioning. Some may find that this is too cold for their liking and would be advised to pack some extra layers just in case. Other times it is possible to find the air conditioning is running at higher temperatures than are strictly comfortable for those not used to the hot Thai weather. It’s worth being prepared for being too warm or cold just in case of any issues!

As with any coach travel it’s best not to rely on having the highest standard of on board bathrooms - it’s often best to try and avoid using on board toilets if possible as they may not be maintained as well as the rest of the Roong Reuang Coaches.

Keep in mind

Buses do run on schedule but if the bus is full, it can leave some 10-15 minutes prior to its schedule.

During holiday periods, especially New Year and Songkran, you can end up waiting for hours to get a ticket if you have not booked your seat at least 3 days in advance.

Travellers reviews

Customers are generally satisfied with the service they receive - most people are happy to have chosen a cheap, simple and safe transfer between the two cities and say that they would use the service again.

Roong Reaung Coach are preferred by many passengers because they have friendly helpful staff who will happily assist with heavy luggage and will even be flexible when it comes to changing and adjusting reservations. The staff is used to having foreigners on board so chances that they will have an English-speaking coach attendant are much higher compared to other bus companies.

Other customers praise the generous legroom, comfortable seats and the efficiency of the service.

Some reviews criticise the bathrooms, quality of the air conditioning units and the fact that sometimes coaches will run ahead of schedule, but generally Roong Reuang get positive reviews from their customers and are one of the most popular companies covering this route by bus.

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Roong Reuang Coach Company Reviews

731 customer reviews
99.6% of 18,566 travelers were presumably happy with Roong Reuang Coach as they left good or no review
Bus Express, Roong Reuang Coach, Nov 12, 2019
Everything okay!
Bus Express, Roong Reuang Coach, Oct 30, 2019
Arrived early and got a earlier buss, Comfy ride down to Pattaya, Cheap and cheerful ????
Bus Express, Roong Reuang Coach, Oct 27, 2019
Its a normal bus, we booked because the page says that the bus leaves us near the hotel, and it does not happened ,, but its a normal service
Bus Express, Roong Reuang Coach, Oct 22, 2019
Comfort was good, speed to destination good. Price okay.
Bus Express, Roong Reuang Coach, Oct 16, 2019
Easy to exchange the ticket Bit the bus terminal nv follow timing Once full they move off
Bus Express, Roong Reuang Coach, Sep 28, 2019
Everything was so efficient and there are no problems purchasing the ticket
Bus Express, Roong Reuang Coach, Sep 21, 2019
Toilet yes but no toilet paper provided as well as nothing to wash hands afterwards
Bus Express, Roong Reuang Coach, Sep 12, 2019
Adequate. Nothing extraordinary. It's just a bus. 1/3rd cheaper if you get the ticket at the bus station rather than through
Bus Express, Roong Reuang Coach, Sep 11, 2019
Great service. I love Ruong. I hope they can afford to buy some new buses in the future.
Bus Express, Roong Reuang Coach, Sep 6, 2019
Quick and easy ride on a comfortable bus. On time - start to finish. Well organised. It’s for all of these reasons I am a return customer for, at each place their services are available. Many thanks.
Bus Express, Roong Reuang Coach, Sep 4, 2019
12Go did a great job getting my tickets. It cost a little more, but worth it, since we did not have to wait in line, to receive the time needed. Staff were there, and gave me my tickets as needed. Great for us...
Bus Express, Roong Reuang Coach, Aug 30, 2019
They pretended a payment of 20 bath even if my bag was 15kg... 20 bath Is nothing, but I didn’t know I had to pay...1 bag less then 20 kg should be included but actually I had to pay anymore. Btw the trip was good and we arrived in Bangkok before the scheduled time
Bus Express, Roong Reuang Coach, Aug 22, 2019
Siege très confortable, donc voyage agréable.
Bus Express, Roong Reuang Coach, Aug 13, 2019
I LOVE It may be the best way to get around Thailand!! Top shelf!!
Bus Express, Roong Reuang Coach, Aug 9, 2019
The ride itself was okay, the seats were comfortable and the air conditioner worked. But, I noticed that the tickets are actually like half the price of you just go to the station and buy them. So if, you want to be a risk taker just go to the station and buy them. There are multiple choices.
Bus Express, Roong Reuang Coach, Aug 8, 2019
Excellent trip. The guy seated next to me was a big man and the seat was tight but overall it was good
Bus Express, Roong Reuang Coach, Jul 30, 2019
It was mentioned on tickets 20 Kgs bags. My bag was 15 kg then also I was charged 20 bhat. Rude behavior of ticket checker. Rude talk.
Bus Express, Roong Reuang Coach, Jul 29, 2019
Good vehicle, safety driver, on time. Air conditioning was very cold. Attendant at counter was rude.
Bus Express, Roong Reuang Coach, Jul 22, 2019
Punctual. Good for short distance to Pattaya. Cheap
Bus Express, Roong Reuang Coach, Jul 20, 2019
As always, comfortable, good pricing, usually good travel times

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Ekkamai Pattaya Bus Station Morchit