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Rayong Tour is a minivan operator based in Rayong, on the Gulf of Thailand, and connects the province with Bangkok. The minivans serving this route have capacity for either 12 or 14 passengers and services depart from both Mo Chit and Ekkamai bus terminals.

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There are 10 departures each day from Bangkok to Rayong, with services leaving the capital throughout the day from 07.30 until 16.30. There is also the same number of services every day heading from Rayong back to the capital. The trip usually lasts three to four hours in either direction, with fares priced at THB220 from Bangkok and THB180 on services from Rayong.


There is a good range of departures scheduled throughout the day in both directions, offering impressive flexibility for passengers when planning trips. You will never have too long to wait in order to make this trip and there are plenty of options for those who may need to arrive into Bangkok for a certain time, for example if you have a flight to catch from Suvarnabhumi or Don Mueang airports. With regular services and well-priced tickets then Rayong Tour is an excellent option for those wanting to visit the Gulf of Thailand from the capital.


Rayong Tour uses minivans on all of these routes which are not as comfortable as larger buses that are available on other routes and with some other transport operators. Fortunately, passengers do not have to spend too long onboard these minivans as the journey takes around four hours.

It would be useful if Rayong Tour offered a greater range of routes, possibly extending to Pattaya or Trat, in order to visit Koh Chang or cross the border into Cambodia. Passengers may prefer to travel with the same operator, especially if they have had a positive experience previously, so it is unfortunate that Rayong Tour do not provide services to some of the destinations in this region of the country.

Delays can be common when travelling on all routes across the country and can cause big issues especially if you are on a tight schedule, whether you have a flight to catch or another bus to your next stop in Thailand. It can also be difficult to find the Rayong Tour counter or bus stop in Mo Chit as the bus terminal is huge and spread out across several levels. If this is your first time travelling with Rayong Tour then it is worth arriving early to ensure that you can find the bus in time!

Keep in mind

Buses from Bangkok to Rayong terminate at Sukhumvit Road in the city, one of the city’s major roads and easy to reach from hotels.

Travellers Reviews

Rayong Tour is a popular option for those looking to travel between Bangkok and Rayong due to the flexibility on offer from the wide range of departures. There will be a service that suits all schedules, regardless of what time you will need to arrive at your destination. The low cost of ticket prices has also made the operator a popular choice for those travelling on a budget as well as locals heading between Bangkok and Rayong.

Larger buses are usually more comfortable than minivans so this may put some travellers off choosing Rayong Tour. However, as the journey will only last around four hours this won’t be too bad! Another issue is the possibility of delays which is also the case on the majority of routes across the country. There is little that travellers can do about this as the same problems affect other operators, but you should ensure that you factor in the possibility of delays when planning your trip.

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Rayong Tour Company Reviews

81 customer reviews
99.4% of 1,906 travelers were presumably happy with Rayong Tour as they left good or no review
van Regional 14pax, Rayong Tour, Jan 2, 2020
Our trip going to Rayong was scheduled at exactly 10:30am but we have to wait for another 30 mins because the van was delayed. We sincerely asked the operators why our trip was moved to 11am but it was so hard to communicate with them since they don't speak English that much.
van Regional 14pax, Rayong Tour, Jan 1, 2020
Very good a and safe driving! ????
van Regional 14pax, Rayong Tour, Nov 19, 2019
I didn't use it, i took another trip to Hua Hin with another traveling agency
van Regional 14pax, Rayong Tour, Nov 15, 2019
New and comfortable mini bus. Toilet stop half way.
van Regional 14pax, Rayong Tour, Oct 31, 2019
We have to take 1 More seat for luggage and that was not necessary. Too small for a tal person. Nobody speak english. So it was very hard to know where we have to stop exactly because the bus stop many Times.
van Regional 14pax, Rayong Tour, Oct 26, 2019
Easy trip. Helpful staff
van Regional 14pax, Rayong Tour, Oct 22, 2019
Good bus and good toilet stop
van Regional 14pax, Rayong Tour, Oct 13, 2019
Booking online was easy. Print out your reservation. Once at Mochit New Van Terminal, check-in was simple. If you arrive early and there is room on an earlier van, Rayong Tour will accommodate you. So plan ahead for Bangkok traffic to get to the terminal in time, but if you are there early, you may be able to get on the road early as well. The ride was smooth, the driver was good, and the van was comfortable. The driver made a “comfort stop” for the restroom and stretching about halfway through the trip. The trip took about 50 minutes longer than advertised, but you can attribute that to traffic. It’s not to be unexpected, so plan accordingly. When we arrived at the final stop, it is a coffee shop with the Rayong Tour office there. My wife, who is Thai, asked the lady at the window if there were taxis or transportation nearby to take us to our hotel. She told my wife no. So I went online and booked a “Grab car” (think Uber) for 600 baht to take us to our hotel. Well, as we learned the next day, one block away was the Rayong Bus Station Number 1. At this station, there are “songtaews” (covered pickup trucks with two rows of seating) that operate around Rayong for public transportation. Why did the woman at Rayong Tour office not give us this information when we asked ? In retrospect, seems like malicious intent as she dismissed my wife with few words. Lessons learned: 1. There are TWO Mochit terminals. Be sure you go to the address on your reservation for the “New Van Terminal.” 2. Print out your reservation for ease at the terminal. Do not rely on your phone. 3. When in Rayong, know that there are several color-coded songtaew transportation lines. They cost 20-25 baht per person vs. 600 baht for a private car. 4. Don’t listen to the woman at Rayong Tour in the coffee shop near Star Market in Rayong. She doesn’t care about you.
van Regional 14pax, Rayong Tour, Sep 15, 2019
Even though I have a ticket, firstly they could not find my name from the list I had to wait to get on the bus
van Regional 14pax, Rayong Tour, Jul 12, 2019
I liked safe driving.
van Regional 14pax, Rayong Tour, May 19, 2019
Nice friendly driver, put our packs on bus for us, stopped for comfort break on way.
van Regional 14pax, Rayong Tour, Mar 1, 2019
Good price from BKK to Raymond. Nothing fancy. More AC please, it was hot in the van.
van Regional 14pax, Rayong Tour, Feb 11, 2019
Very easy to use. Slight language barrier but all worked out :)
van Regional 14pax, Rayong Tour, Feb 3, 2019
Ok. Highly recommend this and sure soon again

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