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About Pintados

Buses are the most affordable means of transport with a large number of terminals across the country and convenient timetables to help you plan your trip. Buses is a convenient option both for those who travel on a shoestring budget and those who do not want to compromise on comfort. Pintados offers bus service with an online reservation available. Before booking your ticket, read other travellers’ reviews to choose the best option.

What are the Main Stations of Pintados?

Pintados operates buses to and from the following stations:

  • EDSA Cubao
  • Turbina Bicol Isarog Office

What are the Most Popular Routes of Pintados?

The most popular destinations of Pintados are:

  • Manila - Leyte
  • Manila - Samar
  • Manila - Sorsogon
  • Manila - Eastern Samar
  • Manila - Southern Leyte
  • Manila - Sogod
  • Manila - Naga
  • Laguna - Leyte
  • Laguna - Samar
  • Manila - Northern Samar

What are the Bus Classes & Prices of Pintados?

The price of your bus trip will depend both on the destination and the class of your ticket. Note that not all ticket classes are available on certain routes yet for longer trips there is almost always a good choice of options. Opt for a sleeper coach for the most convenient overnight trip. Sleeper buses are usually equipped with berths or soft reclining seats, feature an onboard toilet and your ticket may also include other perks like snacks or even a lunch. Taking a night bus is also a good idea if you want to save on your hotel room. During the day an express service is often the best value for money as it makes less stops than an ordinary or standard class bus and travels faster. On some routes it may be crucial to choose the right class as, say, an ordinary or second class bus may need some 6 hours to cover the distance the first class or express bus travels in two hours!

Pros & Cons of Bus Travel

Pros of Bus Travel
  • Buses usually boast the widest network of destinations covered. They travel to the places you cannot get to by plane or even by train
  • Travelling by bus is easy – there is no need to arrive to the bus terminal much in advance, and the check-in is usually a very fast formality opposite to air travel
  • Bus tickets are very affordable. Yes, there are costly first class or VIP options but is you are on a budget, bus is the first means of transportation you have to think about
  • At the same time, there are different classes of service to suit any budget. If you are after a higher level of comfort, buses get you covered, too.
Cons of Bus Travel
  • Intercity bus terminals can be located outside the city centre in the outskirts. It means you will need to calculate extra time and money to get there. In certain destinations getting from the bus terminal can cost you more than you would expect because only a limited number of transportation companies is allowed to serve the route – and prices may be inflated.
  • During busy weekends or high season buses serving some tourist destinations may run out of schedule and require advanced booking.
  • While buses are not as weather dependent as ferries, bus trips can also be delayed or cancelled due to bad weather or road conditions – keep it in mind if travelling during certain seasons or to certain destinations.
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Pintados Stations

Turbina Bicol Isarog OfficeNaga Bicol Central StationSorsogon City Grand TerminalTacloban New TerminalCalbayog Bus TerminalCatbalogan Bus TerminalPolanguiDaraga Bus StopLigao Bus StationNabua Bicol Isarog OfficeAllen Port

Pintados Company Reviews

Super late.. Hndi sumusunod sa oras.. Walang kwenta mga empleyado walang pakialam sa mga pasaheros..
Bus Regular, Pintados, Jan 1, 2020
A supposed-to be 24-25hrs travel turned into 36hrs. So exhausting.
Bus Regular, Pintados, Dec 23, 2019
Bus Regular, Pintados, Oct 30, 2019
Very great and awesome. I already arrived at my destination and thank you so much for let me book and get ticket thru online. No hassle at all.
Bus Regular, Pintados, Jun 5, 2019
Super delayed trip. From 10am to 3:30 pm. Management seemed like they have no sense of urgency, not giving us update from time to time.
Bus Regular, Pintados, Dec 24, 2018
Very efficient. Please include Premier and Business Class Bus Seats and change your Web lay out. Its kinda confusing. Anyway. Keep improving.
Bus Regular, Pintados, Oct 30, 2018
Bus Regular, Pintados, Jul 21, 2022
Bus Regular, Pintados, Dec 21, 2021
Bus Regular, Pintados, Dec 24, 2019
Bus Regular, Pintados, Dec 19, 2019
Bus Regular, Pintados, Nov 2, 2019
11 customer reviews
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