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Phuket Travel is a tour and bus company that specializes in a bus service between Bangkok and Phuket, and it is one of the most well known operators in Thailand for this route. The service runs between Bangkok Southern Bus Terminal (Sai Tai Mai) and Phuket Bus Terminal 2 (located in Phuket town, where Thoranee Thong intersects with Thepkrasattri Road).

Routes served by Phuket Travel

The company runs a daily schedule of four departures every day in both directions, and the journey duration is around 14 hours. They do not run a morning service, so all journeys are overnight.


From Bangkok to Phuket, the departure times are 4.30pm (Express), 5.40pm (VIP), and two departures at 7.30pm (an Express and a VIP service).


From Phuket to Bangkok, the departure times are 4.30pm (Express), 5.20pm (VIP), 6.30pm (Express) and 7.00pm (VIP).

Bangkok–Phang Nga

There’s also a more limited service between Bangkok and Phang Nga, with two overnight buses leaving between 6pm and 7pm daily.

Keep in mind

Phuket Travel has two types of bus - the Standard Express and the VIP. The Standard Express is adequate if you are on a budget, with a ticket costing around THB650, whilst the VIP service costs around THB1,000.

The buses have air-con, a steward, toilets, and they provide some refreshments (bottle of water and muffin). In addition to these facilities, the VIP buses have more comfortable seats, extra legroom, and you will be provided with some free food at the rest stop. However, if you are taking an overnight bus, then this meal will not be provided until around midnight, so you may want to take additional snacks aboard!


As with any service, there are both pros and cons of choosing to travel with Phuket Travel.

Starting with the pros, the buses are comfortable (especially VIP), and they even provide a blanket and pillow to increase your comfort when sleeping.

They are also generally quite clean, and the air-conditioning does a good job (perhaps a little too good, see cons!).

The bus staff are fairly considerate, and the TV and lights are turned off during the night so that everyone can sleep.

The service is timely and the advertised journey duration is generally accurate.


The drawbacks of this service are that the A/C is too cold (pack a jumper to wear!) and the bus drivers do not speak very good English, so are unable to assist with any queries you may have.

There have also been reports of some of the drivers not sticking to speed limits, but it is quite common for Thai drivers to speed, so this is not a huge surprise.

The advertised Wi-Fi is apparently not very good, but again most buses advertise some sort of internet service, but due to overuse the signal can be very weak.

The drivers have also been known to blast very loud music, but this is usually turned off at night.

Travellers reviews

Compared to the other operators that run a service between Bangkok and Phuket (e.g. Phuket Central Tour and Bus Express), Phuket Travel are the same price-wise, but the reviews suggest that Phuket Travel offers a far superior service.

In general, travellers tend to have rather a positive experience from using Phuket Travel’s service. Many report that the ride is quite comfortable and mention that drivers do stick to the speed limits.

Note that if the food is served at the stop, there is a choice of stalls with Halal meals – which is common in the south of the country. Travellers also consider free refreshments and the choice of meals decent.

It is not a rare case that buses arrive to their destination ahead of the schedule. Take it into consideration if there are people meeting you at the bus station.

All in all, travellers agree that Phuket Travel is a great choice especially if you are
on a budget.

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Phuket Travel Company Reviews

815 customer reviews
99.6% of 23,721 travelers were presumably happy with Phuket Travel as they left good or no review
bus VIP 24, Phuket Travel, Oct 26, 2019
Comfortable and safe ride, enough space to stretch your legs, free wifi, usb charger. Good alternative to flying to Bangkok
bus Express, Phuket Travel, Oct 25, 2019
It was a nice journey. Very spaces even for well built person. Unless other than the time factor it is more comfortable than the flight.
bus Express, Phuket Travel, Oct 19, 2019
It was a pleasant ride, we arrived 2 hours earlier. Fast WiFi on board and USB chargers makes the road goes faster. Complimentary drink and snack as well. Was a bit old bus, but comfy.
bus VIP 24, Phuket Travel, Oct 12, 2019
Of course takes much longer than flying but my wife and I liked the experience. Comfortable seats even for someone of my height (184cm), we both got a reasonable amount of sleep on the trip. Get a metered taxi from the bus station.
bus Express, Phuket Travel, Oct 7, 2019
Driver was excellant bus was very comfortable and aircon perfect.The drivers assistant was wonderful also.THE Luggage check in at Phuket bus T was fast and excellant service..AGREAT TRIP WOW and 1 hour early Amazing driver
bus Express, Phuket Travel, Sep 26, 2019
Bus was clean, we were given a slice of cake and a bottle of water at the start. Got there earlier than expected which was good. Our bags were safe and not tampered with despite reading that on earlier reviews. Hard to actually sleep but what do you expect on a night bus.
bus Express, Phuket Travel, Sep 1, 2019
Bus assez vieillot couverture et bouteille d’eaU fournie Prise recharge téléphone et wifi Chauffeur très sympa Par contre toilettes pas propre ni confortable
bus Express, Phuket Travel, Aug 27, 2019
Very spacious, gave us a small coconut cake and bottle of water on arrival at the terminal just before we departed and stopped somewhere at night for some free porridge dish and bathrooms with other food available to purchase. Toliet on the bus is a no go for me but there for emergencies. Blanket is provided because the bus is fairly cold
bus VIP 24, Phuket Travel, Aug 10, 2019
It was an okay trip. Bus got into Phuket earlier than advertised which was nice. But the seats weren’t very comfortable for a 14 hour journey. They did recline quite far back and had a lot of leg room but the bus was very old and used. Wasn’t sure if there was a toilet on board but didn’t try to use it, just used the one on the single stop for 20 mins. Found the ticket desk to exchange quite quickly but to get on the bus it’s hard to find the right one. We were given some snacks, water and fruit juice for the journey but weren’t given the Thai dinner on the stop as advertised so make sure you bring plenty of food with you. The bus kept randomly stopping to load and unload boxes on the route so it would have been nice if told that was going to happen as it was a bit worrying with our luggage down there. But all our luggage was there and fine when we arrived, not open and intact. We were told there was WiFi on the bus and there were even signs with the password on the bus but it didn’t work at all as expected. So don’t rely on there being WiFi. Overall the experience was okay as it was cheap and got us to the place in one piece. But don’t expect it to be modern and comfortable and don’t rely on the advertised food and WiFi being there. I think it’s hit or miss with these buses.
bus VIP 24, Phuket Travel, Jul 15, 2019
On time, very comfortable (reclining seats, good leg space, snack+water included). The AC on the bus is very very cold!! They do give a blanket but I suggest to also carry a scarf. But overall good way to travel.
bus Express, Phuket Travel, Jul 8, 2019
A great trip your driver was brilliant and the female stewardess really helpful. Really comfortable and arrived real early
bus Express, Phuket Travel, Jun 4, 2019
The journey itself was quite comfortable. I had an old bus to travel on so non of the mod cons like USB ports.Yet the driver let me get off earlier than the original planned stop as I had made a mistake with my end destination in Phuket. Yet unfortunately, my luggage had been opened and searched through that I had put in the hold and my cash card was taken from my carry on bag, I assume when i had gone to the loo or fallen asleep. So Lock your luggage up and carry all valuables in your pockets. School boy errors on my part really.
bus VIP 24, Phuket Travel, May 7, 2019
The bus was okay, the seat were wide and you can lie down. The space between the seats were also good. Very much space. we could not charge our phone because the charger was not on. the lights were out immediately after departure at 7 p.m. at 1:00 am when everyone finally slept we had a 20 minute stop to eat. we have arrived safely at destination and that is the most important thing
bus VIP 24, Phuket Travel, May 7, 2019
Honestly, the best bus I've ever been on. I wasn't expecting this, but it's super comfortable, a lot of legroom (couldn't even reach the seat in front of me!) and a very smooth trip overall. Driver is good, seats recline almost 180 degrees, they give you a blanket, water and a light snack. Also, they keep the lights off so people can sleep soundly. There's only one stop for food (around midnight). We arrived 1h early at a different terminal (Chatuchak). I'd definitely recommend this, way more comfortable than a plane.
bus Express, Phuket Travel, May 6, 2019
Great! Bus was clean, spacious and everybody was respectful.
bus VIP 24, Phuket Travel, Apr 23, 2019
Is really a nice bus and i had a pleasant journey.
bus VIP 24, Phuket Travel, Apr 23, 2019
No priority service was provided for which you collected 50TBH. We were expecting some good veg food which was missing.
bus VIP 24, Phuket Travel, Apr 21, 2019
Even though the bus conductor speak a lil english, they’re quite helpful. the bus is comfortable, they give snacks, water, and blanket. They will have a one stop in the rest area. overall is good
bus Express, Phuket Travel, Apr 17, 2019
Wifi was not working. The window of the bus was leaking. Uncomfortable seats
bus VIP 24, Phuket Travel, Apr 10, 2019
Such a awesome bus, well maintained, nice stuffs... look forward to ride more of such buses.

Phuket Travel Stations

Phuket Bus Terminal 2 Southern Terminal Thap Sakae