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About Phuket Central

Buses are the most affordable means of transport with a large number of terminals across the country and convenient timetables to help you plan your trip. Buses is a convenient option both for those who travel on a shoestring budget and those who do not want to compromise on comfort. Phuket Central offers bus service with an online reservation available. Before booking your ticket, read other travellers’ reviews to choose the best option.

What are the Main Stations of Phuket Central?

Phuket Central operates buses to and from the following stations:

  • Phuket Bus Terminal 2
  • Southern Terminal Bangkok

What are the Most Popular Routes of Phuket Central?

The most popular destinations of Phuket Central are:

  • Phuket - Bangkok
  • Bangkok - Phuket

What are the Bus Classes & Prices of Phuket Central?

The price of your bus trip will depend both on the destination and the class of your ticket. Note that not all ticket classes are available on certain routes yet for longer trips there is almost always a good choice of options. Opt for a sleeper coach for the most convenient overnight trip. Sleeper buses are usually equipped with berths or soft reclining seats, feature an onboard toilet and your ticket may also include other perks like snacks or even a lunch. Taking a night bus is also a good idea if you want to save on your hotel room. During the day an express service is often the best value for money as it makes less stops than an ordinary or standard class bus and travels faster. On some routes it may be crucial to choose the right class as, say, an ordinary or second class bus may need some 6 hours to cover the distance the first class or express bus travels in two hours!

Pros & Cons of Bus Travel

Pros of Bus Travel
  • Buses usually boast the widest network of destinations covered. They travel to the places you cannot get to by plane or even by train
  • Travelling by bus is easy – there is no need to arrive to the bus terminal much in advance, and the check-in is usually a very fast formality opposite to air travel
  • Bus tickets are very affordable. Yes, there are costly first class or VIP options but is you are on a budget, bus is the first means of transportation you have to think about
  • At the same time, there are different classes of service to suit any budget. If you are after a higher level of comfort, buses get you covered, too.
Cons of Bus Travel
  • Intercity bus terminals can be located outside the city centre in the outskirts. It means you will need to calculate extra time and money to get there. In certain destinations getting from the bus terminal can cost you more than you would expect because only a limited number of transportation companies is allowed to serve the route – and prices may be inflated.
  • During busy weekends or high season buses serving some tourist destinations may run out of schedule and require advanced booking.
  • While buses are not as weather dependent as ferries, bus trips can also be delayed or cancelled due to bad weather or road conditions – keep it in mind if travelling during certain seasons or to certain destinations.
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Phuket Central Company Reviews

No wifi no USB port charger very good drivers got here 1 hour early
Bus VIP 24, Phuket Central (ภูเก็ตเซ็นทรัลทัวร์), Jun 27, 2018
The bathroom smelt HORRIBLE. We couldn’t breathe at one point. We had to wait 15 hours without going to the bathroom because it was so disgusting, pee everywhere. The snack they gived us wasn’t food. Looked like a bread with green plasticine in it.
Bus VIP, Phuket Central (ภูเก็ตเซ็นทรัลทัวร์), May 22, 2018
Toilet not clean.
Bus VIP, Phuket Central (ภูเก็ตเซ็นทรัลทัวร์), May 20, 2018
The bus was quite comfy, large space and fast drivers. We arrived 2 hours earlier. Some complimentary little cake and a bottle of water. Air condition is very strong, tho.
Bus VIP, Phuket Central (ภูเก็ตเซ็นทรัลทัวร์), Apr 1, 2018
The seats were very uncomfortable, at times the bus was going so fast and started to sound like it was going to disarm. No staff member spoke English so it was impossible for them to resolve doubts.
Bus Express, Phuket Central (ภูเก็ตเซ็นทรัลทัวร์), Mar 31, 2018
Reasonably comfortable for a 6' guy. Driver drove pretty fast & we arrived 2 hours early. Bathrooms were horrendous.
Bus VIP, Phuket Central (ภูเก็ตเซ็นทรัลทัวร์), Mar 28, 2018
The bus was average. Although I booked for Class : Express, The ticket issued was for V.I.P and the bus was old. But the seats were comfortable. They also provide extra blanket/covering for cold. The overall journey was smooth. But stops twice for break. We reached destination in time. The staffs were friendly.
Bus Express, Phuket Central (ภูเก็ตเซ็นทรัลทัวร์), Mar 26, 2018
Old bus and not clean, no professional staff.
Bus VIP, Phuket Central (ภูเก็ตเซ็นทรัลทัวร์), Mar 12, 2018
We was 2h earlier, comfortable, no wifi,
Bus VIP, Phuket Central (ภูเก็ตเซ็นทรัลทัวร์), Mar 6, 2018
Fast and smooth trip, no problems whatsoever.
Bus VIP, Phuket Central (ภูเก็ตเซ็นทรัลทัวร์), Mar 2, 2018
There was some foul smell inside the bus and food was not good. But the bus was on time during departure and we arrived 3-hour earlier.
Bus VIP, Phuket Central (ภูเก็ตเซ็นทรัลทัวร์), Feb 20, 2018
The trip was OK, but it was a vip bus, the only the we got was water and some crackers. There wasn't wifi. And the chairs were ok but not much different from a normal bus. I recommend to just book a normal bus instead of a vip.
Bus VIP, Phuket Central (ภูเก็ตเซ็นทรัลทัวร์), Feb 16, 2018
we traveled with this company, a bus that was sold as VIP with the various services, TV and food at the end they only gave us a small snack and a bottle of water. All this for 13 hours of travel from Bangkok to Phuket. Not recommended.
Bus VIP, Phuket Central (ภูเก็ตเซ็นทรัลทัวร์), Feb 5, 2018
Left slightly late but seemed to make up time. Wi-fi would have good. Reasonably comfortable for a long journey. No problems.
Bus VIP, Phuket Central (ภูเก็ตเซ็นทรัลทัวร์), Jan 28, 2018
Driver was very rude and they don’t tell you any information. We paid for a VIP ticket which included a meal, tv, and a steward, they had none of this. The driver drove dangerously fast and it was hard to sleep because he kept slamming the brakes. We arrived 2 hours early and were dropped at the wrong station. They woke us up by screaming Bangkok at us and rushing us off the bus and not answering any questions. Very stressful and uncomfortable ride.
Bus VIP, Phuket Central (ภูเก็ตเซ็นทรัลทัวร์), Jan 11, 2018
Comfy bus, provided blankets and water which was great!!
Bus VIP, Phuket Central (ภูเก็ตเซ็นทรัลทัวร์), Jan 10, 2018
The driver drove like a crazy person and we got to our destination 2.5 hours early
Bus VIP, Phuket Central (ภูเก็ตเซ็นทรัลทัวร์), Jan 9, 2018
Nice Ride.
Bus VIP, Phuket Central (ภูเก็ตเซ็นทรัลทัวร์), Jan 8, 2018
My seat was next to the stair well and the toilet didn't smell the best. But overall not a bad service for the price. Arrived 2 hours early! Go Thai Lewis Hamilton ????????
Bus VIP, Phuket Central (ภูเก็ตเซ็นทรัลทัวร์), Dec 28, 2017
Nice! Better than I thought.
Bus Express, Phuket Central (ภูเก็ตเซ็นทรัลทัวร์), Dec 25, 2017
I missed the bus I booked due rain and could not change the ticket. Anyways decided to take the same bus company next day. There was no 18:30 bus as informed here, the bus was suppose to leave 19:30, but did not leave until 20:00. Otherwise it was as expected.
Bus VIP, Phuket Central (ภูเก็ตเซ็นทรัลทัวร์), Nov 23, 2017
There was no 'stewardess' on board, only a man who didn't speak english. The drinkingwater we received was warm. The bus was very very smelly and the seats were not comfortable. It was a cheap ticket so I didn't expected a lot of luxury but I still don't recommend this bus. I have taken a nightbus before, in Peru, and that was a total different experience. But as I said: it was a cheap way to get from point A to point B and everything worked out fine with the bags.
Bus VIP, Phuket Central (ภูเก็ตเซ็นทรัลทัวร์), Oct 22, 2017
Not bad, but all ride we smell a piss from the toilet.
Bus VIP, Phuket Central (ภูเก็ตเซ็นทรัลทัวร์), Sep 13, 2017
I had high expectations as I booked a VIP night bus in vietnam which was amazing. This..wasnt what I would call VIP. The seats don't recline fully and where you put your legs is very awkward, it seems like the foot rest should come up so you can lay your legs flat but no. I had an ant crawling all over me which made me itch the whole way wondering if there was more. Stopped loads to pick up locals, however the journey took 3 hours less than it should've. Which is great for everyone else but I had booked this bus specifically to tie in with my hostel check in so I had my bags with me for 3 hours aimlessly wandering. You would've thought they would know how the journey would go if they do this every day? I wouldn't bother paying extra for this "VIP" bus.
Bus VIP 24, Phuket Central (ภูเก็ตเซ็นทรัลทัวร์), Aug 23, 2017
Please improve the entertainment on board. Moreover, the airconditioning was sooo high that I have a cold now...
Bus Express, Phuket Central (ภูเก็ตเซ็นทรัลทัวร์), Jul 29, 2017
The staffs just understand a little bit english but he try his best to help me.
Bus Express, Phuket Central (ภูเก็ตเซ็นทรัลทัวร์), Jul 28, 2017
Bus ???? was comfortable and friendly staff. Food was a bit poor quality but it can be improve. Bus driver wanted to get to Bangkok very quickly as it was a ruthless driver but that's all part of the experience right.
Bus VIP, Phuket Central (ภูเก็ตเซ็นทรัลทัวร์), May 1, 2017
Very coled Bad smell from toilets They stop only one time, nothing eatable!!!!
Bus VIP, Phuket Central (ภูเก็ตเซ็นทรัลทัวร์), Apr 19, 2017
Old and dusty bus. The steward is so talkative and noisy. No usb charger
Bus VIP, Phuket Central (ภูเก็ตเซ็นทรัลทัวร์), Apr 17, 2017
Bus was ok. Too much AC, we weren't autorized to close it. The personal was not really kind...stressful and a bit agressive when you can't understand their language... it need to have at least a person who speak english in such company.
Bus VIP, Phuket Central (ภูเก็ตเซ็นทรัลทัวร์), Apr 6, 2017
was ok
Bus VIP, Phuket Central (ภูเก็ตเซ็นทรัลทัวร์), Apr 5, 2017
Great services but it is a bit difficult to find the ticket booths for foreigners like us.
Bus Express, Phuket Central (ภูเก็ตเซ็นทรัลทัวร์), Mar 25, 2017
Saftey belts caput. Seat 9C.
Bus VIP 24, Phuket Central (ภูเก็ตเซ็นทรัลทัวร์), Mar 19, 2017
The "fresh meal" advertised with the fare turned out to be one small strange pastry and a bottle of water at the start of the trip. If you want food, you'll have to buy it yourself at a bus stop along the way. The seats were decently comfortable, but I couldn't sleep thanks to the stewardess. Every time I fell asleep, she would wake me up either by chatting loudly with the woman behind me or by carelessly bumping me as she walked up and down the aisle (doing what, I'm not exactly sure).
Bus VIP, Phuket Central (ภูเก็ตเซ็นทรัลทัวร์), Mar 1, 2017
We fell asleep in Bangkok & woke in Phuket. Driver got us there quickly and safely. Like 4 hours early! Worth the price
Bus Express, Phuket Central (ภูเก็ตเซ็นทรัลทัวร์), Feb 1, 2017
Seats have doesn't provide much back support. When the seat is lean back, it has a gap in between and will take a toll on your back. Otherwise, it's fair overall.
Bus VIP, Phuket Central (ภูเก็ตเซ็นทรัลทัวร์), Jan 7, 2017
Aside from a generally uncomfortable ride, we were dropped off at Mochit, while our tickets were to Sai Tai. My next bus left from Sai Tai. Not cool.
Bus Express, Phuket Central (ภูเก็ตเซ็นทรัลทัวร์), Jan 3, 2017
Fast but not really comfortable. Music kept playing loud after midnight lunch and the waitress acted so strange that it was scary. There was no information given about what to do after drop off so ended up in a expensive taxi to get to the city.
Bus VIP, Phuket Central (ภูเก็ตเซ็นทรัลทัวร์), Dec 7, 2016
Seats are really narrow, small, otherwise it does lean backwards and you can almost get in horizontal position.
Bus VIP, Phuket Central (ภูเก็ตเซ็นทรัลทัวร์), Oct 9, 2016
I was not able to pull up chair leg so that I could get in horizontal position. That's a bit of a big problem.
Bus VIP, Phuket Central (ภูเก็ตเซ็นทรัลทัวร์), Oct 5, 2016
Toilets could be cleaner.. bus a bit too fast.. but the rest is fine! Arrived earlier than planned! Value for money ????
Bus VIP 24, Phuket Central (ภูเก็ตเซ็นทรัลทัวร์), Aug 25, 2016
12go is a great way to book, bus is good, but cold, so take warm clothes. And no wi-fi.
Bus VIP 24, Phuket Central (ภูเก็ตเซ็นทรัลทัวร์), Aug 19, 2016
It was nice service I just feel missing of wifi if will have wifi it' will be great .
Bus VIP, Phuket Central (ภูเก็ตเซ็นทรัลทัวร์), Aug 19, 2016
Booking with went very well and all was delivered as booked. The bus trip with Phuket Central (VIP24) was fast and without issues (besides cold and dark, like all buses in Thailand). On request of passengers the loud volume of the radio was put down. Only tip is to provide WIFI on the VIP buses. All in all convenient way to travel.
Bus VIP 24, Phuket Central (ภูเก็ตเซ็นทรัลทัวร์), Jul 24, 2016
When we booked online the time said 18:30 however when we arrived they then gave us tickets for the 19:30 bus. Which then turned into the 19:50!! Wifi would be appreciated as it is available on other buses. Also there was a lot of stopping for no apparent reason during the whole trip.
Bus VIP, Phuket Central (ภูเก็ตเซ็นทรัลทัวร์), Jun 25, 2016
Take socks, long pants and a sweater. Earplugs. The stop around midnight is for a meal. No wifi on board. Helpful staff. Comfortable chairs. Thin blanket and snacks provided.
Bus VIP 24, Phuket Central (ภูเก็ตเซ็นทรัลทัวร์), Jun 9, 2016
Very good trip , and comfortable bus
Bus Express, Phuket Central (ภูเก็ตเซ็นทรัลทัวร์), May 12, 2016
Confortable seat but nervous drivers and do not expect to recieve a meal because you booked a VIP trip. Overall pleasant trip
Bus VIP, Phuket Central (ภูเก็ตเซ็นทรัลทัวร์), Jul 22, 2018
Good, fast, good seats
Bus VIP, Phuket Central (ภูเก็ตเซ็นทรัลทัวร์), Apr 27, 2018
Zu kalt
Bus VIP, Phuket Central (ภูเก็ตเซ็นทรัลทัวร์), Mar 25, 2018
115 customer reviews
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