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Based in Khon Kaen Bus Terminal, Phu Luang Tour is a bus company that provides travel services between the North and Northeast regions of Thailand which are popular among tourists. The most common routes used are Chiang Mai–Khon Kaen and Khon Kaen–Chiang Mai. The buses use both the old and the new lines on these routes.

Routes served by Phu Luang Tour

Khon Kaen–Chiang Mai

One Phu Luang Tour express bus leaves Chiang Mai for Khon Kaen at 7.00pm and arrives 12 hours later at 7.00am. The express bus comes with air conditioning, snacks, a steward, and washroom. A ticket for this trip costs THB 600.

You can also board the 7.00pm bus from Khon Kaen to Chiang Mai and alight at 7.00 am the following morning. You’ll need THB 600 to secure a ticket for this trip. Phu Luang Tour notes that arrival times are for reference only. Therefore, buses can arrive later than expected.

Keep in mind

Khon Kaen Main Provincial Bus Station is located at Mueang Khon Kaen Ring Road, 20 minutes from Khon Kaen Airport.

Phu Luang Tour check-in should be done in counter no. 10. Passengers are advised to arrive 30 minutes before departure to avoid missing the bus.

Infants up to three years old can ride for free on an adult's lap.

It is important to note that refund is for the ticket price and not the fees. If your ticket was THB 600, you will only receive THB 520.

Travellers Reviews

Passengers love the comfortable reclining seats and the snacks provided on the bus, but a few have complained of later arrivals with several passengers noting that they alighted the bus three hours late. The AC on the bus was also cold for some passengers.

Phu Luang Tour is a convenient choice if you are planning to travel from Chiang Mai to the destinations in the lower Isan, e.g. Surin, Buriram or Mukdahan as these buses connect very well with onward transport to further destinations.

For a 12-hour journey, Phu Luang Tour provides cozy express buses with a steward on standby to serve you. They come with extensive air conditioning, therefore, carry extra clothes to beat the cold.

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