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Pannipa Pattaya Tour is a minivan service that operates on the Bangkok to Pattaya route. The operator’s schedule and cheap tickets make it a popular choice with travellers on all budgets.

Routes served by Pannipa Pattaya Tour


Pannipa Pattaya Tour offers just one route – connecting the capital city of Bangkok with the incredibly popular tourist destination of Pattaya.

There are six services throughout the day from Bangkok to Pattaya with tickets available for just THB190 for the three hour trip. There is the same number of departures each day headed in the opposite direction, from Pattaya back to the capital. These services leave between 06.00 and 19.00 in both directions so there should be a departure which suits you.


There is a good range of departure times on Pannipa Pattaya Tour services connecting Bangkok with Pattaya. The 06.00 service could be perfect for those who have a lunchtime flight from one of Bangkok’s airports, whether it is from Suvarnabhumi Airport or Don Mueang International Airport.

Similarly, if you need to arrive into Bangkok to catch a connecting bus or train then the generous timetable offered by Pannipa Pattaya Tour can be useful when planning your journey. If you have a trip booked from Pattaya then it can be helpful to arrive in the city by 09.00, so Pannipa Pattaya Tour could be an ideal choice for you.


The range of routes offered by Pannipa Pattaya Tour is clearly extremely limited, this can be a hassle if you are arranging further transport as you will have to look for another operator for this stage of the trip. It can also work out more expensive to use several providers. It would be helpful if Pannipa Pattaya Tour also offered services to destinations such as Ayutthaya or Kanchanaburi which would be popular routes from Bangkok.

The other main issue with travelling with Pannipa Pattaya Tour is the operator’s use of minivans which are often a lot more cramped and uncomfortable compared to the larger buses that are used on some routes. This is especially problematic if you are travelling with quite a lot of luggage as space is extremely limited inside the minivan and it may be the case that you will have to pay for an extra ticket for your bags as they will take up a seat that could be used by another paying passenger. Even if you do not have to pay any additional fees for your luggage, minivans are best avoided if you have several bags as it will guarantee an uncomfortable journey and you probably will not be too popular with your fellow passengers!

Keep in mind

If you have a flight to catch from one of the airports in Bangkok it is worth remembering that it will probably take at least an hour from the bus terminal so make sure you have allowed for enough time when planning your trip.

Travellers Reviews

Passengers choose Pannipa Pattaya Tour largely on the range of departure times throughout the day and the low cost of tickets. However, the operator is obviously only an option for those looking to travel between Bangkok and Pattaya, if you are not making this trip then unfortunately Pannipa Pattaya Tour cannot help. The lack of choice on routes that the operator offers is clearly an issue and means that passengers will have to do more planning and potentially spend more money when researching their trip. Given the choice, most people would probably prefer to book all of their transport through the same provider as it is far less hassle and ensures you can spend time planning the more interesting aspects of your trip!

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Pannipa Pattaya Tour Company Reviews

95 customer reviews
98.9% of 2,862 travelers were presumably happy with Pannipa Pattaya Tour as they left good or no review
van Regional 14pax, Pannipa Pattaya Tour, Oct 15, 2019
A trip was less hassless as trip from bangkok to pattaya
van Regional 14pax, Pannipa Pattaya Tour, Oct 14, 2019
I bought a van ride from 12:00-15:00 and when I got there they told me because of traffic jam I would leave at 13:00. Then when van came they boarded all locals waiting with me and told me to wait. Then 13:30 bus came and same thing, boarded all locals told me to wait. I complained. They said 10 minutes for my bus, finally at 15:00 they boarded me and I get to my destination 3.5 hours late. They overbook and make foreigners wait.
van Regional 14pax, Pannipa Pattaya Tour, Oct 13, 2019
I booked a trip at 12pm but I was told that van is full and next one is gonna leave at 2.30pm. However we got it sort out that we departed around 12.45 so had a little time in pattaya. Return trip was better and less hassless.
van Regional 14pax, Pannipa Pattaya Tour, Sep 28, 2019
The transport was okay and had air conditioning which was nice. The driver however seemed quite hostile towards me yet happy and smiley with locals. Maybe it's because he isn't too find of Westeners?
van Regional 14pax, Pannipa Pattaya Tour, Sep 8, 2019
Didn’t leave until 30 mins late which meant we arrived 30 mins late. We then got dumped at the side of the road no where near our destination but the bus did have aircon and seat was comfortable.
van Regional 14pax, Pannipa Pattaya Tour, Sep 7, 2019
Very smooth travel. But the time of departure is not accurate.
van Regional 14pax, Pannipa Pattaya Tour, Sep 4, 2019
The car to Bangkok is really old, there’s AC but there’s also a smell.
van Regional 14pax, Pannipa Pattaya Tour, Aug 12, 2019
it was good. They just moved way before time and i almost missed it. I was the last one. Other than that everything was okay
van Regional 14pax, Pannipa Pattaya Tour, Aug 12, 2019
we book 10am , and they require to check in 45 mins before departure. this is unreasonable, so i arrived at 9:40, and then i wait uitil 10:45 for next van. one more ticket required for 2 luggages. the seat is small, you can’t strecth your legs. won’t recommand this.
van Regional 14pax, Pannipa Pattaya Tour, Aug 4, 2019
Driver could not speak English. Mostly Thai people used this shuttle bus & many requested different drop off location than written, but still within the route. In the end I was dropped off at BTS Mochit which was closer to my accommodation.
van Regional 14pax, Pannipa Pattaya Tour, Jul 28, 2019
i bought ticket at 10am, when i reached at 9.45am, the operator kept saying that they want to leave already and just waiting for us. feel like rushing. overall good ride.
van Regional 14pax, Pannipa Pattaya Tour, Jul 19, 2019
The driver dropped us exactly where we want to go. Thank you
van Regional 14pax, Pannipa Pattaya Tour, Jul 19, 2019
they allowed us to ride the van earlier because I was there at the terminal 2 hours before our departure time
van Regional 14pax, Pannipa Pattaya Tour, Jul 16, 2019
Easy to redeem. If all the passangers are ready in the van, they can go before the boarding time. The van is comfy and clean. Thank you
van Regional 14pax, Pannipa Pattaya Tour, Mar 7, 2019
The check in booth is very hard to find down, I didnt see “Middle Pattaya” label, I must ask the locals. Late 30’ start Everything else is okie, highly recommend
van Regional 14pax, Pannipa Pattaya Tour, Feb 17, 2019
The ride is ok, the minivan came to pick up on time. Because of less traffic for the 7 pm trip, we were able to arrive at morchit before 10 pm, which is a big plus. However, when I boarded the van, it was pretty full, and the operator told me to get off the van and let another guy board the van. Of course, I could not understand Thai, and got off the van for 1 min. Then somehow, the lady worked out a plan for me to get on. Thank God I was not left there. Therefore, if you are foreigners who do not speak Thai, I would recommend taking a regular bus.
van Regional 14pax, Pannipa Pattaya Tour, Sep 29, 2019
Late schedule
van Regional 14pax, Pannipa Pattaya Tour, Sep 14, 2019
on time and pleasant travel!
van Regional 14pax, Pannipa Pattaya Tour, Sep 8, 2019
Very good experience
van Regional 14pax, Pannipa Pattaya Tour, Aug 21, 2019
Waited too long.

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