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Ohayami Trans is a coach and minivan operator that has been running popular services since 1998 when it launched coaches along the Banaue to Maddela route. Since 2010, the operator has been one of the most well-established services on the Manila to Banaue route.

Routes Served by Ohayami Trans

From Manila, travellers visiting the region of Ifugao have the option of heading to either Lagawe or Banaue. There is one service each day from Manila to Lagawe, departing the capital city at 21.30 and scheduled to arrive at 06.30 the following morning. Tickets for the nine-hour trip are priced at PHP614.

Visitors preferring to travel to Banaue can catch the 22.00 service from Manila each day, with tickets available for PHP740. The 10-hour service is due to arrive at 08.00 the next day. Those wishing to travel back to Manila from Banaue can catch the daily service at 19.00 every day and arrive back into the capital city by 05.00.


Ohayami Trans is one of the only options for travellers wishing to visit Banaue to Manila so is one of the most useful and popular choices for those looking to travel along the route. The timing of the departures is helpful for many travellers as you can travel overnight to arrive at your destination the following morning. Especially if you are travelling on a budget or on a tight schedule, overnight trips are ideal as you will not need to pay for overnight accommodation or waste a day of your trip sitting on a bus.

For those travelling in larger groups Ohayami Trans also offers the option of chartering a minivan along this route. Although this will cost an additional PHP2,000 per vehicle, it offers a great deal of flexibility as you can choose your departure time to suit your schedule. If you are travelling with friends this is a useful alternative if an early morning arrival is not ideal.


The biggest issue many have with Ohayami Trans is the fact that there is only one scheduled departure each day. This can make the operator an inconvenient option for many and solo travellers or those in small groups will not be able to charter a minivan (as detailed above). However, as one of the only operators along this route, alternatives are fairly limited.

The buses used on these services may not be the most comfortable coaches that you will ever travel on, especially as there are no onboard toilets although there are frequent stops where you will be able to use the facilities and buy some snacks.

Keep in mind

There are no meals included in the cost of the ticket, although there are onboard televisions that should help pass the time.

Travellers Reviews

Ohayami Trans is one of the most popular operators for those looking to visit the world-famous rice terraces in Banaue.

Unfortunately, with just one service each day in either direction the services are not the most convenient but there are limited options along this route so the operator remains one of the best options.

The ability to charter minivans is perfect for larger groups as they can choose a departure time that suits their schedule whilst paying just a little extra for a far more convenient service.

The scheduled departures are all overnight trips where you will arrive at your destination the following morning which is likely to suit those travelling on a budget or anyone with limited time. However, the journey times are pretty long and comfort can be an issue so it may not be the best night’s sleep you’ll have during your trip! If possible, travellers may wish to break up the journey so they can avoid a 10 hour overnight journey!

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Ohayami Trans Company Reviews

Bus Intercity, Ohayami Trans, Jan 27, 2020
Ride ok. We arrived 1.hour earlier. Seats not very comfortable. Bus stops at really crappy places for breaks.
Bus Intercity, Ohayami Trans, Jan 20, 2020
Departure time will not follow, it gives me lot of time to wait
12Go response:
Dear Johnny L Nabadiang, Thank you for the rating and the review! We totally understand your frustrations and concerns regarding this service. Please accept our sincere apologies for this dissatisfactory experience you had with the Ohayami Trans operator. You may rest assured knowing that we will pass your concerns and these issues on to the management of the Ohayami Trans operator. We are hopeful that the matter will be investigated and improvements implemented! We hope that this inconvenience will not discourage you from using the 12Go booking service again. Best regards, Phetrada Boonvijith, 12Go Business Development Team [Support case #1064680](
Bus Intercity, Ohayami Trans, Dec 14, 2019
All right
Bus Intercity, Ohayami Trans, Dec 1, 2019
Why thé bus terminal at manilla is not at cubao or pasai?
Bus Intercity, Ohayami Trans, Nov 29, 2019
It wasn’t the most comfy bus but gets you there.
Bus Intercity, Ohayami Trans, Nov 28, 2019
It was a good travel. The seats are confortable. The bus arrive at time. We travel during the night, and we make two stops to go to the toilet and eat something.
Bus Intercity, Ohayami Trans, Nov 9, 2019
The trip was save and good in time, but the seat 44was maximal uncomfortable
Bus Intercity, Ohayami Trans, Nov 6, 2019
Bus Intercity, Ohayami Trans, Oct 16, 2019
There were stops for toilets and snacks, but the bus was old and we didn't have control over the broken air condition so it was cold (even with a sweatshirt). There were many stops for picking up locals which was a little bit annoying.
Bus Intercity, Ohayami Trans, Oct 6, 2019
Good night trip, congratulationns to the bus driver.
Bus Intercity, Ohayami Trans, Aug 5, 2019
Too hot and smelly sa bus.
Bus Intercity, Ohayami Trans, Jun 3, 2019
before time in manila, good, but some seats were a little bit broken, because you could not change how it was
Bus Intercity, Ohayami Trans, May 21, 2019
Not comfortable ride. More passengers then seats, they put them on extra seats, plastic chears in the corridor of the bus.
Bus Intercity, Ohayami Trans, May 15, 2019
Bus was on time, driver was driving safe. 3 stops were more than enough, also time to buy some food/drinks and go to the bathroom. Advice: Do not put the A/C this low, can be very very cold! Also not really a sleep bus, just a regular simple bus.
Bus Intercity, Ohayami Trans, Apr 30, 2019
Pas de bus dispo car trop de touristes alors que nous avions nos ticket. Trajet fait en van Mal installé Pas d information. Heureusement que quelqu de ma compagnie attendait devant.
Bus Intercity, Ohayami Trans, Apr 20, 2019
Aircon much too Cold. Seats Are Very Very small and uncomfortable.
Bus Intercity, Ohayami Trans, Apr 17, 2019
Aircon much too cold, even with warm clothes on. Should hand out blankets. Driver was driving like crazy for the first part, made me feel sick.
Bus Intercity, Ohayami Trans, Apr 13, 2019
The driver needs to learn more patience and needs to show his passengers more fucking respect. Driving like an idiot does not give anyone confidence in completing the journey.
Bus Intercity, Ohayami Trans, Mar 15, 2019
The driver was awful. He drove too fast. Besides my seat was broken and I couldn’t lay.
Bus Intercity, Ohayami Trans, Feb 26, 2019
We made two bookings. first time we booked, it was cancelled 5 days before our trabel where everything is booked and planned. caused us really panic and inconvenience. the second is finally accepted. the bus is belpw expectation. not that cold and there is an irking sound but we arrived completely safe.
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