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Quick company intro:
The New Viriya Tour provides Express and VIP double-decker buses. As the company serves one of the most popular bus routes in the country, New Viriya Tour buses do fill up quickly and therefore it is highly advisable to book in advance, especially if you travel during high season period.

The New Viriya Tour is based in the Northern and Northeasten Bus Terminal in Bangkok (Mo Chit 2) on Kamphaeng Phet 2 Road.

The routes served by New Viriya Tour:
New Viriya Tour provides services for connecting Bangkok with Chiang Mai as well as Lampang and has daily scheduled routes.

Bangkok-Chiang Mai

The New Viriya Tour offers 3 buses a day from Bangkok to Chiang Mai with the morning bus leaving at 7am, the afternoon one – at 4.30pm and the evening one – at 8.20pm. The latter is the most popular option and sells out the first. There are similarly timed departures [from Chiang Mai to Bangkok](/en/travel/chiang-mai /bangkok).

The journey takes around 10 hours and the price can vary depending on what type of bus you prefer to take and can be between THB620 and 770.


There are daily buses between Bangkok and Lampang. The ride takes just over 9 hours. There are both morning and night buses, too.

Buses of New Viriya Tour have comfortable seats and good service that it provides.

Snacks like cookies and drinks like water, soda and milk are provided during the trip.A free meal is also included unto your ticket – you either will be offered a lunch box or a meal coupon which you can use at the food court where the bus stops

Blankets are distributed within the first 20 minutes of the bus journey.

The staff are polite and attentive.

Generally, the buses stick to the times that they say and you can sometimes get to your destination earlier than stated.

New Viriya Tour have accidents-free statistics and their tickets can be booked online as well as at the counters.

Some of the buses are quite dated, though kept in good condition.

Even though the food is free don’t expect anything special – just your ordinary rice and curry variety.

People report issues with water leaking from air conditioner plus it can get freezingly cold inside the bus – have some warm clothes at hand.

Another big con reported by the travellers is the toilet which is often stinky. Try to get your seat on the upper deck farther from the centre of the bus, either in the first or last rows.

The WIFI doesn’t always work properly.

The staff, though friendly, do not normally speak English. Make sure they put it in their ride book where you want to get off – if your destination is prior to the terminus.

Keep in mind:
The departure platform indicated in your ticket can be changed. Always double-check it at the company’s counter at the bus station. Normally the staff at the platforms are very helpful and can direct you, too.

New Viriya Tour receives good marks from travellers, but keep in mind that it is rather a budget operator. You definitely receive what you pay for. It is a decent choice for travelling between Bangkok and some destinations in the North. Though, if you prefer a higher quality bus service it is best to choose another bus company, especially as it’s a long trip to both places.

What travellers say:
Overall, most of the reactions and reviews about New Viriya Tour are positive. Apart from the cons listed above expect a smooth and easy ride. Travellers generally agree that the service offered by New Viriya Tour is reasonably priced.

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New Viriya Company Reviews

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5 44
4 52
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99.1% of 5,108 travelers were presumably happy with New Viriya as they left good or no review

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Nov 21, 2018
bus VIP, New Viriya
3.5 stars. So-so. Departure 7.45 pm instead of 8.20 pm seems to be normal. Very early arrival in CM. Shaky ride and very narrow seats. Really icecold on board!! Friendly waiter on board.
Nov 13, 2018
bus VIP, New Viriya
Comfortable, maybe too strong ac, smell from toilet, very quick
Aug 1, 2018
bus VIP, New Viriya
Many people recommended the train for commodity but I think it's overstated. If you are good with reclining chairs you'll be fine. The seats are big you get some munchies at departure and free food with your bus ticket mid journey approx. I recommend to buy the ticket at the station since they are cheaper than online.
Feb 19, 2018
bus VIP, New Viriya
Good service, comfortable seats, not too cold and no TV on

New Viriya Stations

Morchit Lampang Fang Chiang Mai Arcade Tha Ton