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Nattakan was established in 2012 and became the first company to receive a licence to operate services between Cambodia and Thailand. To this day, all Nattakan routes are international border crossings to Bangkok.

Routes served by Nattakan company

Siem Reap–Bangkok

There are two departures every day from Siem Reap to Thailand’s capital city, Bangkok, leaving at 08.00 and 09.00. The journey usually takes around nine hours in total so you are scheduled to arrive in Bangkok in the early evening, at either 17.00 or 18.00 depending on which service you choose.

For those heading from Bangkok to visit Siem Reap and nearby Angkor Wat, the UNESCO World Heritage Site famous for its archaeological ruins, there are two buses per day at the same times. Regardless of which direction you are headed, ticket prices are USD28 each way.

Phnom Penh–Bangkok

From Bangkok you can also visit Phnom Penh directly, with one bus per day making the journey. It leaves Bangkok at 05.00 and arrives at 17.00, a journey time of 12 hours. Tickets for this service cost around USD30.


Nattakan has established a reputation as one of Cambodia’s most comfortable and luxurious operators.

Good news for any passengers as the trips are all pretty long so comfort will no doubt be a concern for anyone researching a journey such as this.

Another advantage with travelling with Nattakan is that the operator is widely regarded as one of the most reliable in the country. Again, this is a major advantage as you will be crossing an international border so it is vital that everything runs smoothly.

Overall, Nattakan is a very good option for those looking to cross the border between Cambodia and Thailand. The cost of tickets is competitive; although prices may be slightly higher than with some operators you will receive much better value for money and hopefully you will not arrive at your destination exhausted!


Unfortunately, there is no Wi-Fi on these routes which can be a little annoying if you experience delays and you need to let someone know that you are running late.

It can often be disorganized at the border and delays are fairly common on these routes although Nattakan does all it can to ensure that passengers pass through border control swiftly and without any issues. However, with a busload of passengers this process is bound to take longer than you think!

Keep in mind

All services arrive into and depart from Mo Chit bus station in the north of Bangkok. This is very well connected with public transport so it is easy to travel onwards to your hotel in the city centre or if you have a flight or train to catch later that day

Travellers reviews

Whilst the quickest and easiest way to travel between Cambodia and Thailand is to fly from Bangkok to either Phnom Penh or Siem Reap, this will not be within the budget of many travellers, especially those who have been travelling long-term. If you are in this situation then Nattakan is an excellent alternative. It is far cheaper than any flight and you will travel in relative comfort compared to some of the services run by the operator’s competitors. This combination of low cost and comfortable buses has ensured that Nattakan remains one of the most popular operators on these routes.

If you are travelling on a tight schedule then crossing the border by land is not for you. This journey will take at least nine hours between Bangkok and Siem Reap and delays at the border or on the roads are pretty commonplace. If you are in a rush then you really should consider flying!

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Nattakan Company Reviews

173 customer reviews
99.2% of 3,733 travelers were presumably happy with Nattakan as they left good or no review
bus Express, Nattakan, Nov 11, 2019
This is a contradictory comment, although the bus and the fist part of the travel were fine, problems arrived at the border. First we were denied to cross the boarder. Rumors were around that we should get back to Siem Reap. Then we continued only to be stopped twice. After that we had to change busses, i. e. get into a minivan. At the boarder we were welcomed be another staff who told us to go through custom where a bus would be waiting for us. We have never seen him again nor the lunch for us. In Thailand nobody seemed to be responsible for us. We stood waiting left without any information. Finally someone took care of us. That was a weird situation and I would not recommend to take the bus again to cross boarders, especially not when you have to catch e. g. a plane. So maybe not the campanie's fault but still a nuisance.
bus Express, Nattakan, Sep 26, 2019
The trip was great. We arrived on time at our destination. We didn't expect that there was food. The seats were comfortable and more leg room than other buses, it was tidy as well. The only hard part was walking going to the immigration because it was raining.
bus Express, Nattakan, Aug 15, 2019
Great experience . Nice trip, super driver , super service.
bus Express, Nattakan, Jul 28, 2019
We experienced a very positive experience on our trip. Although the bus should be updated to a newer model, there was air condition and a toilet. The staff was friendly, spoke good English, and we received food and water on our trip. I will definitely recommend Nattakan when travelling from Siem Reap to Bangkok!
bus Express, Nattakan, Jun 6, 2019
The bus was broken in middle of the trip, so the driver moved us to the new bus. But it seemed like they didn’t take into account our subsequent trip. The new bus was so crowded and we were almost unable to sit. The new bus driver dropped us too far away from immigration without clear direction of what to do. The worst thing was, we needed to bring all of our luggage through immigration since we need to change the bus. After the immigration, we waited for like 2 hours to get into a van and we didn’t have the free lunch which has been promised by the travel agency. Our trip to Bangkok using that van was so long like eons, the driver stopped by rest areas so many times. Finally they didn’t drop us to exact location that made us figuring out where to stop to our nearest place.
bus Express, Nattakan, May 5, 2019
Not much of a help crossing the border. Passengers are almost clueless where to go to next.
bus Express, Nattakan, Apr 18, 2019
It's very hard experience.... Travel as well as immigration process at border towns... I wont advise any foreigner to travel by this route... its almost 4 hours took to clear our visa... Both governments has improve the system of immigration....
bus Express, Nattakan, Jan 28, 2019
Like almost everything in Cambodia the good and bad of this ride were in stark contrast to each other. I booked the 8 am - 5 pm bus from Siem Reap. And had another bus to transfer to in Bangkok around 7:30 pm. There was no 8 am bus. I was told it was due to AC but think it was actually due to lack of passengers. Lesson 1 - plan on the bus leaving at 9 or just book for the 9 bus. Once on the bus things were pleasant. Comfortable enough seats and the attendant was very kind and friendly. After a couple hours you arrive at the border crossing. This was enough to convince me that flying would have been the best option, despite cost. It took close to 3 hrs, which the attendant said is very standard. Nattakan does get you very close to the Cambodian immigration building so you don’t have to guess where it is. Petty quick on Cambodian side. Then in a line for 2.5 hours on Thailand side. Very slow moving, jam packed, hot small room. If you haven’t budgeted enough transfer time this wait can be agonizing. And even if you have, it’s a long time to stand more or less still. Lesson 2 - when it comes to Cambodia or border crossings, fly. Once on the other side the driver was there looking for us. We waited for awhile after all but one of our passengers had made it through. But then ended up leaving. Some nationalities do not get through easily at this border crossings. The rest of the drive was pleasant, lots of slow going traffic once we were an hour or so outside Bangkok. The bus finally arrives to the station close to 8 pm. Lesson 3 - a minimum of 11 hrs should be budgeted for this journey. Missed my transfer bus. The Bangkok bus station is huge and primarily used by Thai people. No English counters. We were provided a snack when boarding and a hot lunch, to go type entree after the border. Would take again with more time.
bus Express, Nattakan, Jan 2, 2019
Driver and bus ok. Departure was one hour too late and long break at the border. We arrived 3 hours later than scheduled.
bus Express, Nattakan, Dec 28, 2018
We left late. the bus was uncomfortable. There was no Wi-Fi. We only stopped at the border. The snacks were nice.
bus Express, Nattakan, Dec 28, 2018
It’s hot inside the van. Expecting to have a wifi as indicated but there’s none. The driving is good tho
bus Express, Nattakan, Dec 23, 2018
All went well except for 3 mid-directed Chinese tourists that were not stamped out of Cambodia then sent to Visa applications by mistake! Arrive i3 hours plus later than schedule)
bus Express, Nattakan, Dec 19, 2018
Good service! Water, snack and even hot rice dish! But it was late (i thought it will leave at 8 but when beeing there before 8 they said it leaves 8.40. And the reality was 9. We arrived also 3h late than scheduled.
bus Express, Nattakan, Dec 19, 2018
Efficient trip. Could have used information about the border process.
bus Express, Nattakan, Nov 26, 2018
The border crossing between Cambodia-Thailand is HORRIBLE. Well, atleast the Cambodian side. shady, small, and slooowww. Then you have to walk in between a crazy market on train raillings towards the Thai border. Well, its all part of the experience right? However the bus is great!! Its small and normal style but it has a toilet inside. The driver and conductor is nice and friendly. They waited for us even though we took like 1:30hrs to almost 2 trying to go through borders. The bus is fairly fast and they give you lunch, snacks and drinks since it wont be making any stops aside from the border drop off. Oh and exchange money before hand if you’re gonna be arriving in Morchit after 5pm coz the banks/exchange places closes real early. The bus station is not very tourist friendly either but all of the staff is very helpful and friendly.
bus Express, Nattakan, Nov 23, 2018
Booked for 8am departure, but clearly they didn't have enough customers so they cancelled that and we went in the 9am. Of course non of this was explained. Bus journey was fine, but the border crossing was a nightmare. The bus company could have have given clear instructions but they didn't. However the real problem with this route is the shambles of a process the two countries have for leaving and entering. I would never recommend a bus crossing at this border
bus Express, Nattakan, Sep 12, 2019
dirty bus seats
bus Express, Nattakan, Jul 21, 2019
Very nice staff and delicious food
bus Express, Nattakan, Jul 20, 2019
Our trip is so smooth! Very convenient.
bus Express, Nattakan, May 8, 2019
Have used before and will use again.

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