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Naluang Schedule & Timetable

Luang Prabang - Vang Vieng
07:30, 08:30, 09:00, 10:00, 14:00, 15:00
Luang Prabang - Vientiane
07:30, 08:30, 16:00
Bokeo - Luang Prabang
Luang Prabang - Xiangkhouang
Luang Prabang - Louang Namtha

Naluang Stations

Vientiane Northern Bus StopNaluang Bus StationLuang Prabang any hotelVang Vieng Bus TerminalDien Bien Phu Bus stationNaluang Bus StationLoei Bus TerminalNan Bus TerminalChiang Mai Bus Terminal 3Phonsavan South Bus StationThai Lao Bridge VisaLuang NamthaHue Northern Bus StationHanoi Vuron ThuNong Khiaw Minivan StationHanoi Naluang Bus stationChiang Mai Arcade 2Bus Terminal 2 Chiang RaiHuay Xai Bus StationChiang Rai Bus Terminal 2

Naluang Company Reviews

Bus Sleeper, Naluang, Mar 17, 2020
The chauffeurs were helpful with filling in the documents needed to get into Laos. The bus was clean, enough stops for us to go to the toilet as wel, and we even got a little snack pack with a bottle of water, juice, and cookies, couldn't really expect more I think. Sleeping was a bit hard with all the turning the bus had to do, but that's obviously just the way it is, can't blame anyone for that. And we even arrived two hours early. That was a bit annoying since it was 3am... But there were tuktuks waiting, so it was still easy to get into the city. But maybe take that into account when looking at accomodation.
van Regional 14pax, Naluang, Mar 10, 2020
It was a good trip. But the roads are bad.
van Regional 14pax, Naluang, Mar 9, 2020
our driver was nice! good trip!
van Regional 14pax, Naluang, Mar 7, 2020
It took over 2 hours longer than stated on the ticket, which wasn't helped by the flat tyres and the half an hour meal break the driver had in a shop that refused to serve any of the passengers.
van Regional 14pax, Naluang, Mar 2, 2020
Pack up car was late. After leaving the van came back to pick up late présentées. Flat tyre on the way
Bus Express Sleeper 41, Naluang, Feb 27, 2020
Es un viaje bastante largo, pero hace 3 o 4 paradas en el trayecto llevar comida ya que no hay muchos lugares donde comprar
van Regional 14pax, Naluang, Feb 25, 2020
There is not a lot of leg room on the minibus but the journey was comfortable and the driver was safe. The rest stops were also regular enough and the included lunch was a nice bonus. Many thanks to the driver for keeping us safe on the mountain roads!!
van Regional 14pax, Naluang, Feb 23, 2020
We had to wait around 2:30h to go with the bus
van Regional 14pax, Naluang, Feb 16, 2020
Very full passeger , not convenient for 8 hours journey. we have free for lunch at a restaurant.
van Regional 14pax, Naluang, Feb 6, 2020
Service was ridicously bad. Too much people for one van. Wanted to put 2 little children on one seat. No communication during stops and driver that wants earn quick money by letting extra people in the bus,
van Regional 14pax, Naluang, Feb 3, 2020
Bus was on time and got us where we needed to be but it was a pretty awful journey. The bumps were so bad we were jumping out of our seats, but I guess that’s not the bus company’s fault. Would still do it again for the price
Bus Sleeper, Naluang, Jan 31, 2020
The service was good. There were three drivers that took turns on driving, which felt safe and professional. We made toilet-stops about every three hours as well as one stop to eat something. The Road was really bumpy and there were a lot of couves. If you're sick, lay down and try to sleep. There is a toilet ob the bus, but it's hard to use, due to the uneven road ;) I couldn't use my E-Visa because we didn't cross on one of the borders that allow E-Visa. Visa on arrival worked fine, though. You can pay the Visa Fee in different currencies, e.g. Dollars. You can also exchange money after leaving Thailand and before entering Laos. The bus arrived in Luang Prabang earlier than scheduled.
van Regional 14pax, Naluang, Jan 25, 2020
Although the drive during the daylight hours was no where near as bad as some of the reviews we read, we found that the bus was not fit for driving at night!!! The headlights hardly worked and so the driver was going so slowly that the last 26km took nearly 2 hours!! He was blinded by trucks coming towards us and his only safe reaction was to stop until it passed. The minivan should not be on the roads.
van Regional 14pax, Naluang, Jan 24, 2020
Fast and on time. Perfect 8 hr adventure trip! Even lunch was included in the ticket price which was a big surprise.
van Regional 14pax, Naluang, Jan 22, 2020
Alles bestens geklappt. Sehr umsichtiger und angenehmer Fahrer.
van Regional 14pax, Naluang, Jan 12, 2020
The communication about the pick up was very bad. So we missed the bus we booked. We did go one later. The driver was al lot of time busy with bis telefone. That was very scarry because of the very bad and dangereus road. The minivan was old and the suspension also. It was the worst trip we ever made.
van Regional 14pax, Naluang, Jan 10, 2020
I had to change mini-van and move my baggage from one van to another because number of passengers was bigger than number of places and we waited 45 minutes to resolve it. Yet i do not consider it as big problem and in some way it was funny :)
van Regional 14pax, Naluang, Jan 8, 2020
Très pratique de venir nous récupérer au pied de notre hôtel, avec un peu d’avance d’ailleurs! Par contre conduite très très sportive, parfois même dangereuse sur ces routes de montagne! Ne rien manger 1h avant
Bus Sleeper, Naluang, Dec 26, 2019
Sleeper bus Monday and Friday only. Definitely worth doing this 17 hour journey on one of those days, for that reason. Bus was not 100% full, they granted my request to not share a bed since I was traveling solo. Driver was safe, border crossing easy. I am satisfied with the trip.
van Regional 14pax, Naluang, Dec 12, 2019
The drive took approximately 4.5 hours with about a 30 minute stop for lunch/restroom. We were in a mini bus which was comfortable enough given that it was not full to capacity. All the luggage went into the back which left the small amount of leg room free for our legs. haha Our driver drove fast which made the bumps in the road worse. Not a problem for myself but my girlfriend does get motion sick and was appropriately prepared. Making sure you are as well will make the trip go smoother for yourself and everyone else who is along for the ride. The picture provided in the attachment we received in our confirmation was clear enough but you actually need to go around behind the building in the picture and up a slight incline. Its clear as day that its a bus station once you see it its just not visible from the road. All in all about as I expected after reading several reviews across the internet.
Bus Sleeper, Naluang, Dec 8, 2019
van Regional 14pax, Naluang, Dec 8, 2019
Driver on cellphone while passing big trucks on curves. Very dangerous!!!
van Regional 14pax, Naluang, Dec 3, 2019
reckless driving style
van Regional 14pax, Naluang, Dec 2, 2019
2 heures de retard. Route infernale. Chauffeur sans personnalité. Véhicule en état. mauvais état. Sinon... une expérience mémorable !
Bus Express Sleeper 41, Naluang, Dec 1, 2019
Bus left late. No WC on bus even though advertised. Staff rude, forced me to change seat, my girlfriend was desperate for toilet (has medical condition) they refused to let her off for toilet even though bus was stopped to let new passengers on. More people on bus than seats, people sitting in aisles and being forced out of seats to accommodate others. Man asleep on floor next to my girlfriend's seat. Woman being sick into plastic bag behind me, she went to front of bus to ask to stop to be sick the bus continued until designated toilet stop was reached. Sometimes 7 hours until next toilet break. We were forced to change to another bus about 2 hours before we got to Hanoi which had limited seating, I had to move equipment off a seat so I could have a seat but gave me little room as equipment was still right next to me. We arrived 1.5 hours later than expected due to bus stopping to deliver packages and pick up excess passengers. Will advise anyone planning to travel from Luang Prabang to Hanoi to avoid this bus service at all costs.
van Regional 14pax, Naluang, Nov 30, 2019
It’s a van for 14pax which can make it feel very cramped and uncomfortably especially if you’re tall or big, And when you’re gonna sit for almost 11hours. We stopped often for toilet and for a break where you can buy snacks or just stretch which was nice. The a/c could have been better as the air in the van got warm and bad after a while.
van Regional 14pax, Naluang, Nov 29, 2019
J'ai hésité entre deux et trois étoiles.. Trois étoiles parce que nous sommes arrivés à bon port. Point. Deux étoiles aurait été aussi justifié. Chauffeur pas vraiment mauvais mais a de quoi apprendre pour les routes de montagne et l'approche des secousses évidentes. Pour ce qui est du VIP, le confort fait regretter de ne pas avoir choisi un bus véritable. A ce propos, le chauffeur est-il censé prendre des clients le long de la route ? A l'arrivée, fatigue énorme. Si je fais un jour ce trajet de nouveau je ne recommencerai pas l'expérience
van Regional 14pax, Naluang, Nov 25, 2019
Uncomfortable bus trip but driver was helpful.
van Regional 14pax, Naluang, Nov 9, 2019
55 mn late at the beginning but I guess this is a country use. It take.6 hours to arrive to van vieng from luang prabang. Local cost much cheaper but price for quiet travel by that way.
Bus Express, Naluang, Oct 30, 2019
The bus is comfy! But the road which is currently under construction makes the trip very unpleasant.
van Regional 14pax, Naluang, Oct 29, 2019
The minibus had AirCon and Wifi. We made plenty of stops and had a meal included.
van Regional 14pax, Naluang, Oct 25, 2019
Pas assez de places pour tout le monde. Parfois 2 personnes par siège et des personnes installées dans l'allée du mini van. C'est parce que nous disions tous "No more" que les chauffeurs ont finalement arrêté de remplir les véhicules.
Bus Sleeper, Naluang, Oct 18, 2019
Très confortable et très agréable de pouvoir dormir allongé dans un bus !
van Regional 14pax, Naluang, Oct 15, 2019
Nous avions pris un billet pour 2 pers, départ 9h avec transfert ( compris dans le prix) depuis notre hôtel en centre ville vers la gare centrale, sur le vouchers, vous nous demandez d’etre prêt à partir de 8h.... 8h40 !!!!! Pas de taxi, je décide de prendre un tuk tuk perso et nous arrivons à la gare à 9h pile, le van est près pour partir, je bloque le chauffeur et le van en lui disant qu’il nous attende, car je compte bien me faire rembourser les 30000kips, je suis reçu par une personne qui ne veut pas comprendre mais par chance ma femme parle LAO, de suite le ton change et je suis enfin remboursé, si j’avais été tous seul je n’aurais jamais été remboursé..... du coup on se récupère les dernieres places restantes au fond du van et donc un voyage beaucoup plus inconfortable que si vous êtes aussi devant Moralité quand vous proposez un service il faut tenir ces engagements !!!!
van Regional 14pax, Naluang, Sep 1, 2019
Really good service, driver turned up at 09.30 and we were told to be ready for nine for a 10.00 bus so we were prepared for that. He literally just scanned my QR code on the email into his phone to swap the tickets and we got in a tuk tuk to the bus station with others that had been picked up from their hotel. Bus was waiting for us our bags were quickly transferred and we were off to van vieng. The road is VERY VERY bumpy and winding, I would advise travel sickness tablets. But the driver did well to navigate safely and we arrived early into van vieng (was meant to be 10.00-16.00 we arrived at 14.40). Would book again with this company. Only bad thing was we only stopped once for a toilet break, but as we arrived so early it was fine in the end.
van Regional 14pax, Naluang, Aug 23, 2019
Van left Luang Prabang and arrived Vang Vieng on time despite bad weather. Although driver was not very careful with this driving such as overtaking on blind spots and narrow rides and not slowing down on turns. The ride was overwhelming dangerous to be frank.
van Regional 14pax, Naluang, Aug 14, 2019
Bus too full. Vomiting passengers, loud music.
van Regional 14pax, Naluang, Aug 12, 2019
Driver didn’t like passengers talking but okay with children making noise.
van Regional 14pax, Naluang, Aug 10, 2019
On the plus side we got there on time, the bus was cool on a roasting hot day and the driver/fellow passengers were friendly. It is a long and bumpy ride though and might be a struggle if you are prone to travel sickness. You’re also dropped off outside Vientiane and have to pay another 20,000 kip for a tuk tuk to the centre.
van Regional 14pax, Naluang, Jul 29, 2019
Paid extra to have a taxi take me to the bus station from the hotel but it never showed, so had to buy another one. The taxi ended up taking me to the wrong place! When I finally arrived at the right place (before departure at 13:30), there was no one around to check the tickets. Someone finally showed at 2pm, and the minivan left a little later. The journey itself was okay; the driver drove some-what safely and carefully. However, he only stopped once to go to the bathroom himself and didn’t ask us if we needed to go. The windows were so filthy that we couldn’t see the breathtaking views! Arrived over 6 hours later.
van Regional 14pax, Naluang, Jul 24, 2019
Tres bien. Rapide et confortable.
van Regional 14pax, Naluang, Jul 23, 2019
Was very easy going. Nice qualified driver and a swift 8 hour trip
van Regional 14pax, Naluang, Jul 18, 2019
Wir saßen in der ganz hinteren Reihe, konnten unsere Lehnen also nicht einmal minimal verstellen, hatten am Ende also Rückenschmerzen. Dazu haben die Leute vor uns ihre Sitze so weit nach hinten gemacht, dass wir absolut keinen Platz für unsere Beine hatten.
van Regional 14pax, Naluang, Jul 15, 2019
Would be nice to be dropped off in the town proper but honestly the trip wasn’t bad. We arrived around 2 hours early. The road is bumpy and twisty— fair warning! Was comfortable a trip as one could hope for
Bus Sleeper, Naluang, Jul 13, 2019
For a 20h bus ride it was as comfortable as it could have been. Made well-timed bathroom stops, we got a welcome gift of water and snacks, beds are relatively comfortable (a little short if you're tall). The co-driver really looked out for us.
Bus Sleeper, Naluang, Jul 12, 2019
Beds were very small. We need to sleep in the beds with 2 people. There were no curtains. The drop off time is really strange (4:30) because you can not check in any where.
van Regional 14pax, Naluang, Jul 8, 2019
It was one of the safest journeys we’ve done as the driver was driving very slowly compared to others. It took very long though and on top of that we stopped so many times, many of them to buy things from the road side for the front passengers which was a bit confusing. There was not much dialogue about which bus to get and where to get off.
Bus Express Sleeper 41, Naluang, Jul 5, 2019
the on board toilet was not working. the bus was not very clean.
van Regional 14pax, Naluang, May 3, 2019
They said the trip would take 6 hours, but we arrived in 3.5 hours. That was a nice surprise! There were a lot of sharp turns so if you have a weak stomach, be prepared. There is a stop after around 2 hours of driving where you can get something to eat and where you can use the bathroom. Overall the journey was fine.
van Regional 14pax, Naluang, May 1, 2019
The way to Vang Vieng is through the mountains, so the road is windy and also full of potholes. Our driver was speeding like crazy through the hills and towns, even in the curves up on the cliffs sometimes! When he started talking on the phone with one hand on the wheel I started praying to God and I'm not even religious. Our whole group were scared for our lives. Absolutely ridiculous! The only good thing was that we arrived early so we could get out of the car. Honestly would not mind the trip taking twice as long if the driving was safe! On the plus side the car we drove in was really nice and we had a pit stop for about 20 min.
177 customer reviews
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