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About Lexxus Shuttle

Company Information

Lexxus Shuttle can boast over 15 years of expertise and is widely regarded as one of the most popular and established van operators in Palawan.

Routes Served by Lexxus Shuttle

Sabang–El Nido

There are three departures each day from El Nido to Sabang, scheduled to leave at 04.00, 08.00 and 11.00, with tickets for the six-hour trip priced at PHP800.

Every day there are also five services heading in the opposite direction, leaving Sabang at 07.30, 08.30, 13.00, 14.00 and 16.30.

Sabang–Port Barton

Travellers wishing to visit Port Barton from Sabang have the choice of two daily departures at 08.30 and 14.00 with tickets costing PHP700.

El Nido–Port Barton

There are also two services each day from El Nido to Port Barton, departing at 08.00 and 13.00 every day.

Puerto Princesa–El Nido

From Puerto Princesca International Airport, visitors can travel across the whole of Palawan with Lexxus Shuttle. There are ten services each day from Puerto Princesca to El Nido, with departures between 05.00 and 20.30 and tickets available from PHP500 for the six hour journey.

There are also eleven daily departures throughout the day in the opposite direction, with coaches leaving El Nido between 04.00 and 19.00.

Puerto Princesa–Sabang

There are six daily departures from the airport to Sabang with tickets for the two hour trip priced at PHP250. Departures are scheduled throughout the day between 07.30 and 17.30 with a similar number of services scheduled in the opposite direction from Sabang. There are also four daily services connecting Puerto Princesca International Airport with Port Barton and tickets are priced from PHP350.


Lexxus Shuttle offers travellers a huge amount of flexibility, especially those who are arriving into Puerto Princesca International Airport and looking to visit other parts of the island.

There are regular services throughout the day in both directions so there is always a departure that will fit your schedule, even if your flight is arriving into the airport in the early hours of the morning.

Ticket prices with the operator are also fairly cheap so Lexxus Shuttle is a popular option amongst budget travellers.

Lexxus Shuttle also offers car rental services as well as tours, which many travellers would be pleased with as it can be far easier to arrange tours and other activities through an operator. This is especially true if you are on a tight schedule as you will not want to waste time researching and arranging trip around the island.


All services operated by Lexxus Shuttle use minivans rather than larger coaches. Although this is fine for a shorter trip for the longer distances, such as Puerto Princesca International Airport to El Nido, six hours on a minivan can feel like a long time as they are not always the most comfortable. If you are travelling with a large amount of luggage then it is likely to be a squeeze as there is very limited room to store passengers’ bags.

Keep in Mind

Lexxus Shuttle is a partner of Philippine AirAsia and Cebu Pacific and offers an island transfer service from Puerto Princesca International Airport to destinations, hotels and resorts across the island.

Travellers Reviews

The main reason behind Lexxus Shuttle’s popularity is the flexibility that the wide range of departure times on many of these routes offers to passengers. Whether you are heading to or from Puerto Princesca International Airport, there is likely to be a scheduled service leaving soon.

Fares are also competitively priced so the operator is a popular choice with locals as well as those travelling on a budget.

Overall, passengers believe that Lexxus Shuttle offers excellent value for money and is an ideal option for those travelling on these routes, with the lack of larger coaches the only major issue that people have with these services.

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Lexxus Shuttle Stations

Puerto PrincesaEl NidoSabangPort BartonPort Barton TransferSabangPuerto Princesa TransferEl Nido Hotel TransferNacpan BeachEl Nido Airport

Lexxus Shuttle Company Reviews

Safe and comfortable journey.
Van Shared van, Lexxus Shuttle, Dec 3, 2022
A little scary towards the end because the driver kept stopping at places without explaining why. Otherwise, very happy with the trip!
Van Shared van, Lexxus Shuttle, Nov 29, 2022
We left almost 2h later than planned waiting n a ban for 1,5h so we were at our destination late.
Van Shared van, Lexxus Shuttle, Nov 29, 2022
Super expensive from the actual rate
Van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Aug 17, 2022
We arrived after 5 hours, safe driving and we felt comfortable in the van. Our seniors who were with us felt safe and relaxed during the land trip
taxi Van 9pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Jun 9, 2022
very good driver :)
Van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Mar 8, 2020
In the description was missing the hint that you have to change trains. This led to confusion, because it was normal for all but we were afraid to be left somewhere. Especially since the printout for the trip had to be handed in at the beginning. But everyone was organized and we were safely guided to the next bus. All in all, the journey time was exactly as stated. Even with the break for the change. Would be an example for the German railway..... THX
This review was autotranslated
Van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Mar 4, 2020
Very good travel and very good service and driver
Van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Mar 4, 2020
Not the best confort but you will get there in time. More information on what happens at times from the driver would be appreciated.
Van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Mar 2, 2020
Van went on time. Driver was quick and not overly dangerous. Three stops. Five and a half hours duration.
Van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Feb 20, 2020
Awesome and friendly driver who made great time to the destination. Even allowing to drop me off at Nagtabon intersection
Van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Feb 17, 2020
The driver was very fast, it make the trip unpleasant. We asked him to slow down but didn’t care. It was scary.
Van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Feb 12, 2020
I can only recommend you get there sooner everything went fine!
Van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Feb 6, 2020
Cannot complaint about delays. Erratic driving, glad that did not had breakfast otherwise I would be in serious trouble. The van as so full that we had to share 3 seats with 4 people ( and this was a 4 hour journey).
Van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Feb 6, 2020
It’s my second time to visit Palawan but my first time to travel to El Nido. Prior to my arrival, I had a teleconversation with your team and clarify the rules of arriving just in time and the location of pick up. The description during the booking clearly says PPS airport but when I received the voucher there was additional information that I have to go to San Jose terminal which is I am not familiar hence I need to pay additional Php 150 for airport tricycle.. I have coordinated that I will arrive at exactly 11am as my flight will land at 10:20. And when I reached there 5 minutes before 11am.. there was no van hence I need to wait for more than 30 minutes and we left the terminal at 12noon. And I reached my accomodation 15 minutes before 6pm. I had 7 hours travel and there are more than 2 stops (lunch and taytay). Unfortunately, I have a return booking but I am not going because of what had happened I am afraid I will miss my flight because your timings are unreliable despite the notice that there could be delays of 1 to 2 hours. The driver is good but the operator needs improvement and proper coordination. Thanks
Van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Feb 4, 2020
Very comfortable and enjoyable journey. Well air conditioned the whole journey. Driver was very nice and made a stop for lunch and also a stop to use the toilet on the way. I would definitely recommend using this service
Van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Feb 3, 2020
Got back to PP very quickly. The driver knew the looooong road very well so knew when to be fast and when to slow down appropriately.
Van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Feb 1, 2020
No organization. We left late. Driver was too fast
Van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Feb 1, 2020
All is very good!
Van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Jan 29, 2020
Excellent polite driver regular stops. Great value arrived in good time x
Van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Jan 28, 2020
Our driver was a good guy. Other people leaving reviews here need to get a grip and remember where they are! Bottom line is just get the Cherry bus instead, book at the terminal not online, 300php. Takes just as long and there’s a lot more room.
Van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Jan 19, 2020
Everyting was good.
Van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Jan 19, 2020
just ok
Van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Jan 13, 2020
We were traveling from El Nido to port Barton! We arrived at the terminal at 8:20 for our 9am van! The lady that looked at my 12go ticket told us to sit and wait which we did! Then at 9am we got told we had missed our van! Obviously we asked how this had happened because we arrived with plenty of time and nobody had mentioned that the van was departing or even that there was a van for us. Luckily there was another van at 9:30 which we managed to get on! The driver was so erratic driving at high speed through school and child zones, he obviously had no care for his passengers or the safety of others! Also the fact that seatbelts are not supplied bothered me.
Van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Jan 10, 2020
Driver very profesional, the ride went without incidents and we arrived on time
Van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Jan 5, 2020
While the length of the trip and road conditions are variables that can’t be controlled, I did not feel that Lexxus went out of there way to make the trip more manageable. Upon entering the van, we were all told that there was no air conditioning and that we would need to just open the windows. As someone who was recovering from being sick, this made the almost full van ride very difficult. Additionally, while I am grateful that the driver stopped for breaks along the way, I felt that there were a few unnecessary stops that just prolonged the already long ride. I also felt that the driver drove incredibly fast and had a couple of close calls in terms of accidents. I drove with Eulen Joy on the way to El Nido and had a much more positive experience and would recommend them over Lexxus any day.
Van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Dec 31, 2019
Cleto was super nice! Patient and knowledgeable of the area. He is a master at loading luggage as well lol!! Great service despite the bumpy road but that is to be expected.
taxi Van 9pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Dec 31, 2019
The driver on time,
taxi Van 9pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Dec 13, 2019
Take a flight guys please!!! Don't take these vans cos you really risk to do an accident. They run like crazy, no seat belts, 15 persons inside a van with a living space for 8. You don't enjoy the trip, too fast and you see nothing out of the window. But the most important thing is that drivers are really dangerous because of the speed.
Van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Dec 9, 2019
Nice Driver - fast transportation!!
taxi Van 9pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Dec 7, 2019
The driver John was very kind.
Van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Dec 5, 2019
On the way to El Nido from PP we just got the taxi at the airport (with a different company) which was a horrible ride with many stops for no apparent reason and it was already late at night. The ride with Lexxus was significantly better because the driver was very efficient which was important to us. Still minimal AC and a few stops to pick up different people. We haven't tried the bus, but I think you just have to be prepared for a long, drive unless you want to pay for the flight.
Van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Dec 3, 2019
Driver smoking cigarettes every stop. A lot of stops. Trip from el nido was very good.
Van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Dec 1, 2019
Fast, nice driver, took a fruit shake for lunch which was nice. Drove like crazy tho.
Van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Nov 30, 2019
Easy, driver was nice and trip has pretty views!
Van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Nov 28, 2019
Very comfortable bus
Van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Nov 27, 2019
To many people in the van ( more that the seats available) ; the van was dirty: we barely saw the landscape; no space for the legs considering that is a long trip. We traveled from Thailand and we can see a huge difference in terms of tourism treatment and accommodation. You really have to improve to have the same quality of service as Thailand has.
Van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Nov 27, 2019
Let's 1.5 hours late and kept telling us every 15 minutes that it was coming soon. The van stopped several times to pick people up off the road while we were commuting and space was tight.
Van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Nov 26, 2019
In the ticket it said we should arrive 30 mins early, so we got to the bus station at 3.30 am, but the van arrived 30 minutes late, at 4:30 am, so we had to wait for 1 hour, the women at the counter was extremelly rude and unhelpful, she shouted at us whenever we asked and told us the van had an allowance of 30 mins of delay. When the van arrived it already had collected the rest of the passangers and we were left with separate spots to seat for 5 hours. Due to the delay and the lack of information we became anxious about losing the flight. At the end we arrived earlier than scheduled and everything was OK, but the service itself has room for improvement.
Van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Nov 25, 2019
Very easy
Van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Nov 22, 2019
Good travel. 5 hours 30mn with rainy weather
Van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Oct 30, 2019
1. Not punctual, left El Nido at 9.30am, when my actual scheduled trip was at 8am 2. Driver stopped multiple locations to meet his friends and for him to eat
Van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Sep 24, 2019
Drivers both ways were professionals. Fast, without driving reckless. They know every turn and road construction. Wonderful.
Van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Sep 13, 2019
Got stuck waiting at the airport but were given several different reasons before it turning out it was the van we were waiting for. Got shoved in the back with 1 too many people and a stranger sat practically on one of my legs for most of the journey. No communication from driver or anyone else about what was happening as and when we stopped or got moved. The saving grace was the views but they would have been there anyway. Pay for a private car, it will be worth the money.
Van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Sep 10, 2019
5 star, special compliment to the driver Erwin. Very professional, not reckless and offered a front door serviced to the passengers.
Van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Jul 17, 2019
The van had great air conditioning and we made very good time. Our driver's fast driving felt a little unsafe at times.
Van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Jun 26, 2019
Better off taking the coach buses as they will likely be more comfortable. The driver of the vans continue to drop off and pick up passengers along the way, causing the journey to be extended by nearly 2 hours. They also pack the van fully and had more passengers than there were actual seats. For the amount of people stuffed inside the AC was not enough. Overall uncomfortable ride, however, the driver was nice enough to drop me off directly at my accommodation in Puerto Princesa.
Van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Jun 13, 2019
Van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Jun 5, 2019
Reserved 3 seats including one extra seat and the van is totally fully after a family with 2 kids arrived. No confortable for the price and this extra seat because in finally we needed to let our payed place to the family otherwise it was not possible for them to be in a car.
Van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, Jun 2, 2019
Good service. The Van is quite big and comfortable. Smooth travel though.
Van Regional 14pax, Lexxus Shuttle, May 31, 2019
197 customer reviews
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