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Krung Siam Tour has organised bus transfers across Thailand for over 30 years and are a great option for any visitors wanting to travel from Bangkok to Koh Samui and looking to avoid paying a premium to fly direct.

All the vehicles on these routes have massage seats for every single passenger and personal television sets in the back of seats allowing you to watch TV, listen to music or play games. Or you can, of course, just turn it off and have a nap during the journey.

Routes served by Krung Siam Tour

Krung Siam Tour links Bangkok with Surat Thani in the south, from where you can easily connect with other transport options to travel onward to Koh Samui or Koh Phangan.

There are four departures per day in each direction. Buses leave Bangkok at 08.45, 19.00, 19.30 and 20.00 and all take around nine hours to reach Surat Thani. Travellers can choose between VIP or first class buses, with the price ranging from THB457-711. As mentioned, there are also four services heading to Bangkok every day, leaving Surat Thani at 07.40, 19.00, 19.15 and 19.50, with a journey time of nine hours and with the same priced tickets as above.


If you're travelling with lots of bags then you might want to consider purchasing the slightly more expensive ticket class, which includes three pieces of luggage. The cheaper tickets only allow you to bring two bags; although you can pay additional fees for any others that you have, this will probably work out more expensive.

Using Krung Siam Tour is a great option if you don't want to fly between Bangkok and Surat Thani and is far quicker and more reliable than a train journey along the same route. Trains across Thailand are normally slow and often late. Plus, onboard Krung Siam Tour services you can enjoy massage seats and personal TV screens, so the journey should fly by!

Krung Siam Tour provides one of the easiest ways of reaching the popular islands of Koh Samui and Koh Phangan from Bangkok. Once you reach Surat Thani there will be countless companies and departures heading to the islands, often including transfers to your hotel.


For many, the biggest issue with Krung Siam Tour is having to get to Bangkok’s Sai Tai Mai bus terminal, rather than the more accessible Morchit in the north of the city. However, if the buses departed from Morchit instead, this would add a lot more time onto the journey where you would be sitting in Bangkok's notoriously horrendous traffic, so this slight inconvenience is probably worth it.

Keep in mind

If you're a little worried about the safety record of Krung Siam Tour buses, you’ll be pleased to hear that all the buses on these routes have two drivers onboard so they can take it in turns to rest during the long journey. If the drivers are well-rested it lowers the chance of accidents.

As mentioned above, services in Bangkok arrive and depart from Sai Tai Mai bus terminal in the south of the city, not from Morchit!

Travellers reviews

Comfort aboard the buses on these two routes is the major factor that customers are most pleased with when using Krung Siam Tour. Nine hours is a long time to be sitting on a bus, especially if it is travelling through the night, so extras such as the very comfy massage chairs and the personal TV screens really do help improve the trip and make it as comfortable and relaxing as a bus journey can get.

Some customers have mentioned that it would be useful if they could purchase combination tickets taking them all the way to Koh Samui. Unfortunately, Krung Siam Tour does not currently offer this at the moment but there are lots of well-priced options available to you once you arrive in Surat Thani.

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Bangkok - Surat Thani Bus Terminal
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Bus Express
19:40, 20:00
Bus VIP 24
19:30, 19:40
Surat Thani Bus Terminal - Bangkok
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Bus Express
19:00, 19:40
Bus VIP 24
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Krung Siam Tour Company Reviews

Bus VIP 24, Krung Siam Tour, Mar 20, 2020
1.การตอบคำถาม-การพูดคุยของพนักงานไม่ประทับใจ 2.ที่นั่งชำรุด
Bus VIP 24, Krung Siam Tour, Mar 13, 2020
Fantastic service and fast drive. I will travel with you again, for sure!
Bus VIP 24, Krung Siam Tour, Mar 6, 2020
Comfy seats with lot of space, we could sleep easily. We got free meal, water and snack. It's a shame TV (2 movies in english) and wi-fi was not working. Bus is a bit older. Overall it was great and we came on time.
Bus VIP, Krung Siam Tour, Mar 3, 2020
Parfait, bus mega a l'aise
Bus VIP 24, Krung Siam Tour, Feb 16, 2020
Voyage plutot correct sauf l'hotesse qui était particulièrement désagréable, qui ne parlait pas un mot d'anglais et qui n'a fait aucun effort! Attention, la clim est assez forte malgré les couvertures. Arrêt toilette 1 seule fois en presque 10h de trajet, il faut prendre ses précautions. Les sieges sont confortables!
Bus Express, Krung Siam Tour, Feb 10, 2020
Bus seat was very comfortble, could charge two usb electronics the whole time, arrived mostly in time, but bus dropped us not at the bus station, we had to get out at a office of a travel agent where we got the option to book a travel with them if we dont already had one or they would leave us on the street.
Bus VIP, Krung Siam Tour, Feb 3, 2020
The ride itself was okay, quick and smooth, snacks given on the bus are very basic. One thing that put me off, is that the pillow cases stank of when you leave things in the washing machine for too long.
Bus Express, Krung Siam Tour, Feb 2, 2020
Broken, uncomfortable seat and very rude stewardess. Stale sandwich.
Bus VIP 24, Krung Siam Tour, Jan 9, 2020
Very good, unlike Everton
Bus VIP, Krung Siam Tour, Jan 8, 2020
Everything worked just fine!there were also snacks and water provided!
Bus VIP, Krung Siam Tour, Jan 5, 2020
The most comfortable bus ever
Bus VIP 24, Krung Siam Tour, Jan 4, 2020
Quite new and comfortable bus, some snacks provided. No meal as stated in the description. Would use it again.
Bus VIP, Krung Siam Tour, Dec 11, 2019
Seats were nice , snacks and dinner too. The girl who served the snacks and everything Could have talked a bit english as it was 90% foreigners. Only minus was you dont have enough spaces in between the seats and legs when they are fully reclined.Like if you're a 200lbs 6foot man and the passenger in front of you have no respect for others like the little blondy b**** was in front on me, you are going to have the seat that litteraly squeezed your legs between both seats and have blood circulation problems or/and want to commit murder.
Bus VIP 24, Krung Siam Tour, Nov 11, 2019
Le voyage s’est bien passé, le chauffeur conduisait bien et les sièges s’inclinaient presque complètement pour dormir. On a fait juste un stop sur tout le trajet, on s’est arrêtés vers minuit pour manger. La nourriture n’était pas super bonne mais on avait prévu des choses à grignoter dans le bus donc c’était pas très important. Le bus est confortable, pratique et pas cher :)
Bus VIP, Krung Siam Tour, Oct 15, 2019
Very good Bus, luxury sofa type seats.comfortable travel.
Bus VIP 24, Krung Siam Tour, Aug 18, 2019
Pour avoir demandé des modifications sur le trajet prévu, l'agence a tenu compte de notre demande et s'y est adapté. Merci.
Bus VIP 24, Krung Siam Tour, Aug 14, 2019
Well, first of all, we were very late (15min) due to a huge traffic jam in Bangkok, and they very kindly waited for us to arrive, and that's very appreciated :) so Thank you for that Krungsiam tour! The bus was not the same as in the picture bus same service: snacks, movies, vibrating chairs (though mine wasn't working) very reclining seats. Very kind staff in the bus as well! On the down side : strong urine sent on the lower deck were we were sitted, low volume of the tablet, and really horrible (in our opinion) food at the midnight stop. Overall a very good experience!
Bus VIP 24, Krung Siam Tour, Aug 13, 2019
Positive: Friendly service lady. Quite comfy bus. We had big seats which you can almost lean back completely. A lot of space for the legs. You can strech yourself out easily. Theres Entertainment on the bus. Every passenger has his/her own screen anda big selection of hollywood movies and series, unfortunately mostly in thai language. There’s also music and games. Negative: Air condition was way too cold. The blanket we got was too thin. You should take some warm clothes with you!
Bus VIP, Krung Siam Tour, Aug 13, 2019
Good organized, chairs were very comfortable.
Bus VIP 24, Krung Siam Tour, Aug 7, 2019
Hôtesse désagréable
Bus VIP 24, Krung Siam Tour, Aug 6, 2019
Perfect. Only too cold in the bus with airco.
Bus VIP, Krung Siam Tour, Jul 16, 2019
Everything allright!
Bus VIP 24, Krung Siam Tour, Jul 3, 2019
นั่งชั้นล่าง กลิ่นห้องน้ำแรงมาก อบอวนอยู่ในห้องโดยสารทั้งคืน แสดงถึงการไม่ใส่ใจทำความสะอาด ปล่อยให้หมักหมมจนเกิดกลิ่นที่รุนแรง
Bus VIP 24, Krung Siam Tour, May 20, 2019
Good smooth trip
Bus VIP 24, Krung Siam Tour, May 6, 2019
เบาะนวดไม่ได้ / หูฟังเน่ามาก / พนักงานบริการดี
Bus VIP 24, Krung Siam Tour, Apr 27, 2019
Very comfortable and with movies in English on the tablet. AC was cold as expected, but blankets was provided and we brought long pants and a jumper.
Bus VIP, Krung Siam Tour, Apr 27, 2019
The staff were excellent. The break however we not clear on what we were entitled to eat. At the end we got to know we could eat the buffet available. Ear phones were not of good quality. We were stored at a point where nothing we available and so we did not have any choice but to accept what was available to travel to Koh Samui. Maybe a tie up with the driver??
Bus VIP, Krung Siam Tour, Apr 19, 2019
Good Bus! Has toilets and Air Conditioning. Seats recline almost fully into a bed, pillow and blanket are given to you. They also give you snacks (lots) and water. After about 3 hours we stopped for 20 minutes to get some food which was nice. Movies on TV have English movies as well
Bus VIP 24, Krung Siam Tour, Apr 18, 2019
Great service, would have been even better if there was wifi on the bus. Also we saw a cockroach on board.
Bus VIP 24, Krung Siam Tour, Mar 27, 2019
We booked until Bangkok Southern Terminal but upon request were dropped off at Khao San Road which saved us a taxi trip at 5 am. Unfortunately, despite being a VIP24 bus, we stopped multiple times to pick up people along the road. Seats on the lower deck were old but clean. Drinks and snacks were provided as well as a clean pillow and towel. We were actually able to sleep most of the trip. The staff did not speak English, but since this is Thailand that's ok, come prepared.
Bus VIP, Krung Siam Tour, Mar 6, 2019
Comfy bus with personal tv and movie selection. I wished that the steward waited a few minutes before coming by with morning drink and washcloth- we were still waking up and so we missed this opportunity.
Bus VIP 24, Krung Siam Tour, Mar 6, 2019
Der Bus ist nicht mehr ganz neu aber hat alles was man braucht, man bekommt ein Kissen und eine Decke, was zu trinken und einen kleinen Snack. Es ist seinen Preis wert! Achja und der Bus war über eine Stunde zu früh am Zielort :D
Bus VIP 24, Krung Siam Tour, Mar 2, 2019
Ne pas prendre les places à l arrière. Clim à fond et très très bruyante pdt 11h... Bonnet pull et couverture obligatoire et surtout de la patience
Bus VIP 24, Krung Siam Tour, Feb 16, 2019
Very comfortable chairs (you can sleep as in bed), we are happy to choose this company!
Bus VIP, Krung Siam Tour, Feb 12, 2019
Всё хорошо
Bus VIP 24, Krung Siam Tour, Jan 19, 2019
Very comfortable seats. Nice staff. Dirty toilet. Way too cold onboard the bus with the AC running at full capacity.
Bus VIP, Krung Siam Tour, Jan 17, 2019
Comfy Bus, english speaking staff. Unfortunately one window was broken and extremely loud during driving.
Bus VIP 24, Krung Siam Tour, Jan 17, 2019
Bus très confortable, siège qui se couche complètement, vibrant, télé individuelle avec film en anglais, collation et boissons fraîches, café. Personnel très accueillant. Couverture et coussin à bord. Je recommande.
Bus VIP 24, Krung Siam Tour, Jan 12, 2019
Всё хорошо! На всем пути есть помощь.
Bus VIP, Krung Siam Tour, Dec 24, 2018
Conforme au tarif. Rien d'exceptionnel, mais très correct et assez confortable. Nous avons fait ce voyage en famille (2 enfants de 2 et 8 ans) et de nuit.
Bus VIP 24, Krung Siam Tour, Dec 22, 2018
Too cold and too much AC in the bus.
Bus VIP, Krung Siam Tour, Dec 1, 2018
we was 10 min late and the bus was waiting. confortable, clean and good staff
Bus VIP, Krung Siam Tour, Nov 9, 2018
Rained a lot and the driver was driving really fast in bad conditions because of the wet road. Loads of stops for no reason. The seats are confortable and the snack is better not to eat...
Bus VIP 24, Krung Siam Tour, Nov 8, 2018
They changed our bus, nothing we could do.
Bus VIP, Krung Siam Tour, Oct 29, 2018
The trip with vip@ krung siam tour was great. The seats are very comfortable. We got a blanket, pillow, sandwich, juice, water and even a free meal at resraurant. Only thing one thing that made me less comfortable about the trip; there was a man on the trip from bangkok who stored our baggage in the bus so I think he works for krung siam tour. At surat thani he said song tau cab will bring us to khanom bus station where a minivan would bring us to khao sok. I told him, we don't want the minivan who charge 250baht for a 2 hour drive, but the public bus for 80baht on a 2,5 hour drive. He told us the mini van price is 390baht and the public bus is 180baht. So we chose the public bus and found out the price on the bus is still 80baht. Also he charged us 260 baht from bus terminal to khanom bus station, but the public bus drives from khanom bus station to the bus terminal where the krung siam tour bus ends. So he ripped us off 2 times, while working for krung siam tour. This had a bitter taste for us at the end of our trip.
Bus VIP, Krung Siam Tour, Oct 22, 2018
The ride was great, the seats in the VIP bus were very comfortable for sleeping! We arrived in Bangkok ahead of schedule, which is a rarity in Thailand. The bus had personal TVs on each seat, but mine was not working. Bus terminal in Surat Thani is connected by the terminals in the center by public transport. Overall very good experience.
Bus VIP, Krung Siam Tour, Sep 25, 2018
Very comfortable and arrived to our destination 1 hour earlier. (Bangkok-Suratthani) Only watch out for taxis on terminal which will take you to tour center that you should avoid! Catamaran is really close.
Bus VIP 24, Krung Siam Tour, Sep 14, 2018
Все отлично! Супер сервис))) еда, удобства, обслуживание на 5 из 5!
Bus VIP, Krung Siam Tour, Aug 29, 2018
Terminal compliqué à trouver. Pas d information. Bus un peu vétuste sans vrai repas ( 1 petite bouteille d eau et un gâteau) pour 12 heures de route.
Bus VIP 24, Krung Siam Tour, Aug 15, 2018
Super le bus, plein de place autour de nous,siège massant dommage que les pieds ne peuvent pas plus se surélever. Sachez qu'il s'arrête vers minuit à une aire d'autoroute impeccable, toilettes et nourriture à profusion à des prix corrects ( là je peux comparer avec une autre société de bus qui nous a arrêter dans un lieu insalubre et cher)Nous avons reçu une couverture,une bouteille de coca et un biscuit à l'arrivée. Prévoir un pull en plus n'est pas du luxe, mais cela c' est à anticiper dans tous les transports de Thaïlande. J ai été déposée un peu au milieu de nulle part à 6 H du matin dans une station fermée, où des personnes attendaient l'ouverture du guichet ou un passage de bus...Des personnes du coin m'ont aidée à poursuivre mon voyage sans me faire arnaquée par des taxis c'est à dire qu'ils m'ont conduite aux "vans" qui se prennent au centre de SuratThani pour aller au Khao Sok. Tout cela j'aurai pu mieux prévoir; Bref bon choix
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