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You will hardly boggle anyone’s mind sharing your ecstasy from having flown on huge double-deckers like Airbus A380 or Boeing 777. But ask your fellow travellers if they have ever travelled on a small 12-seat Cessna or a tiny 6-seat Beechcraft Premier – chances that they have never done it before are high. It is the right time to opt for a new experience – with Kan Air serving eight destinations from the Northern capital of Chiang Mai cities and towns of the North, Isan and the Centre now come much closer. The shortest flight lasts only 25 minutes and the longest one – two hours sparing you from two to ten hours of travel time compared with the overland journey.

Kannithi Aviation Co. Ltd, operating as "KAN AIR" (IATA: K8, ICAO: KND, Call sign: KAN AIR), is a domestic airline with its hub in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Kan Air operates charter and scheduled services in Thailand. Kan Air flies eight routes from Chiang Mai - to Mae Hong Son, Pai, Nan, Khon Kaen, Ubon Ratchathani, Phitsanulok, Hua Hin and Pattaya.

Mae Hong Son and Pai, a quintessential Northern Thailand experience

Hill tribes and hot springs, Burmese-style temples and jungle trekking, ethnic Chinese villages and delicious Shan dishes – Mae Hong Son is a quintessential Northern Thailand experience. The utter remoteness of this amazing destination of the North is both its drawback and its advantage; but fortunately the former is no more a problem with Kan Air offering daily flights to Mae Hong Son.

There are three flights a day from Chiang to Mae Hong Son at 8.10am, 11am and 4pm (K8 8121, 8123 and 8125) and three flights from Mae Hong Son to Chiang Mai at 9am, 12pm and 5pm (K8 8122, 8124 and 8126). Travel time is between 30 and 35 minutes.

Pai, the slow living inspiration

Pai! Do nothing in Pai and enjoy the slow living – if only you are ready to survive all those 762 vomitive turns, some of them hairpin turns, from Chiang Mai to Pai and – oh, my God! – back. Picturesque Pai Valley tunes to meditative mood and the northern pastorals are best enjoyed from a hammock hanging on your guesthouse terrace. Get insPAIred in Pai!

Kan Air flies from Chiang Mai to Pai now three times a week, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, at 10.20am (flight K8 8141), and three times back from Pai to Chiang Mai (flight K8 8142) on the same days at 11am. 25 minutes instead of a three-hour torture sounds good, does it not?

Nan, a northern gem for culture and architecture buffs

A remote northern outpost of the Kingdom, the province of Nan possesses an endless charm. Imagine Chiang Mai without tourists and tourist traps, add that exquisite Lanna flavour, a wealth of elaborately decorated temples, intriguing karst scenery, excellent trekking and rafting opportunities – and you can definitely understand the appeal.

Two weekly flights, on Friday and on Sunday, connect Chiang Mai and Nan. Flight K8 8523 leaves Chiang Mai at 1.20pm and the return flight K8 8523 departs from Nan at 3pm sharp. Be ready to spend 1 hour and 10 minutes in the air, admiring northern landscapes of Thailand.

Phitsanulok, the best base for exploring the historical cities of the North

Though Phitsanulok is home to one of the most revered images of Buddha in the whole country and the area around the provincial capital boasts exceptionally picturesque hilly landscapes, very few foreign tourists venture out there. Be among these few and you will be rewarded with very authentic, unique experience. And you certainly know that Phitsanulok is just a stone’s throw from the amazing ancient cities of the North, Sukhothai, Si Satchanalai and Kamphaeng Phet, do you not?

Kan Air operates two weekly flights from Chiang Mai to Phitsanulok on Friday and on Sunday at 6pm (K8 8227), flying back from Phitsanulok to Chiang Mai on the same days at 7.20pm. The air travel takes just an hour.

Khon Kaen, a thriving modern university hub

One of the main centres of Isan, Khon Kaen is definitely not Thailand’s prime tourist destination. A university city with very youthful, energetic feel, Khon Kaen is a perfect example of a modern thriving Thai city. Yet an inquisitive traveller will find enough thrilling things to see and to do both in the city and around for a rewarding stay – from witnessing mat mee silk production in Chonnabot to exploring an extraordinary Sirindhorn Dinosaur Museum in Kalasin.

Kan Air flies from Chiang Mai to Khon Kaen daily at 1.20pm (K8 8325) and back from Khon Kaen to Chiang Mai at 3pm. For a one-hour-ten-minute flight a larger 66-seat ATR 72 airliner is used.

Ubon Ratchathani, the heart of the Emerald Triangle

The westernmost province of Thailand is a hidden gem rarely visited both by domestic and foreign tourists alike. Admire its impressive temples and explore the amazing Sam Phan Bok, dubbed the Grand Canyon of Siam, take in its gorgeous Mekong vistas and let the fire of spicy Isan food burn your senses out – Ubon Ratchathani is one of the destinations which look unpromising at first but impress most at the end of the day.

You can get from Chiang Mai to Ubon Ratchathani daily with 6.20am departure (K8 8311) and from Ubon Ratchathani to Chiang Mai with 8.40am flight (K8 8312). It is the second longest of all the flights by Kan Air with total travel time of one hour 50 minutes.

Hua Hin, Thailand’s royal beach resort

Officially the first beach resort in Thailand, Hua Hin is an easy two-hour-flight escape from Chiang Mai. A favourite weekend getaway of the Bangkokians, Hua Hin offers it all – from colourful night markets and cheap seafood street restaurants to state-of-the-art theme and water parks and 5-start boutique hotels. That precious old-school atmosphere of the last century is still felt in the air and there are a couple of worth visiting destination close by, including Sam Roi Yot National Park and the provincial capital of Prachuap Khiri Khan.

Fly to Hua Hin from Chiang Mai three times a week on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday at 5pm (K8 8247) and from Hua Hin to Chiang Mai at 7.30pm (K8 8248).

Pattaya (U Tapao), the city of a movable feast

The most recently introduced flight by Kan Air links Chiang Mai to Pattaya – the international City of Sin or an emerging all-year-round prime family-friendly destination – depending on what you are really looking for. You can love it or hate it, but Pattaya has its own undeniable charm of a truly international city with great dining and nightlife scene, shopping opportunities and, well, rather mediocre beaches.

For the moment there are three flights a week on Monday, Thursday and Saturday departing from Chiang Mai to Pattaya at 5pm (K8 8527) and from Pattaya to Chiang Mai – at 7.30pm (K8 8528). Together with Chiang Mai–Hua Hin route, this is the longest route served by Kan Air: flying time between the two cities is two hours.

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