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About JJ Express

Company Information

JJ Express, or Joyous Journey Express, is a bus company based in Yangon that provides new buses and a high level of service. This is a VIP bus and passengers get food, water, and entertainment on their journey.

The company started in 2011 and uses a fleet of modern buses with a 2+1 seat arrangement to increase the comfort of passengers. Buses undergo daily maintenance checks on the essentials before it departs on a journey to maximise safety and to reduce the risk of breaking down.

JJ Express drivers have a minimum of 10 years’ experience driving buses and need to take more stringent driving training before they can drive the bus. The quality and professionalism are much higher compared to other companies and the passenger’s safety is put first.

There are two types of class on JJ Express. First Class (VIP) uses a 2+1 seat arrangement whereas a cheaper option is the Business Class coaches with spacious 2+2 seats. Both classes are good for long distance travel but First Class is usually a popular choice for overnight journeys with extra leg room and more comfort.

Attendants give refreshments throughout the journey and are all trained in basic first aid. Travel insurance is also provided for passengers.

The main terminal in Yangon is Aung Mingalar Bus Station, which is on Thudhamma Road in the North Okkalarpa Township. This is about 25 kilometres from downtown Yangon and takes at least 45 minutes to reach in a taxi. Bagan Shwe Pyi Bus Station is the main terminal in Bagan located at Nyung U Kyauk Pan Taung Highway.

Routes Served by JJ Express

This operator serves several routes that connect the major cities and tourist destinations in Myanmar. Below are the most popular journeys, duration, and estimated distance:


The distance from Yangon to Mandalay is around 625 kilometres and it takes buses around 9 hours to cover it.

Only two buses depart on a daily basis: one in the morning and a night bus with a one-way ticket costing USD18.50.


One Yangon to Bagan bus (625 kilometres) leaves at 8 pm and takes 9 hours to reach. The price is USD18.50 for a one-way ticket.

In the opposite direction from Bagan to Yangon there is also a night bus and it leaves at either 8 pm or 9 pm from Bagan Shwe Pyi Bus Station.

Yangon–Inle Lake

It is 570 kilometres from Inle Lake to Yangon and it takes at least 10 hours on a night bus. Tickets are USD25 for a seat on a VIP bus.

Yangon–Nay Pyi Taw

Yangon to Nay Pyi Taw (370 kilometres) is a more frequent route with 4 buses departing each day (8 am, 12 pm, 5 pm and 10 pm) with the journey taking around 5 hours for USD7.

Mandalay–Nay Pyi Taw

Mandalay to Nay Pyi Taw is a 4-hour journey covering over 270 kilometres and leaving at 7 am for USD6.


Comfortable seats on a new and modern bus
Entertainment is available on a personal screen attached to the seat in front on a VIP bus
Depart and arrive on time
Snacks and drinks provided
Most of the staff speaks some English and very attentive to passengers needs
Reputable company and easy to find information about tickets and routes
Toilets are available on the VIP bus
Daily maintenance before the bus leaves
Online booking is available on other platforms other than their own website


Some staff speak English with heavy accent, which travellers find hard to understand
No toilets on normal/express bus
Buses aren’t as often as other companies
Air conditioning is blasted at the lowest temperature constantly throughout the trip
Online booking on their website has limited choice of routes
The price and routes vary depending on which website the tickets are booked from

Keep in Mind

JJ express seems to be a popular choice for night travel
There may not be daily buses for the route you want
The VIP bus between Yangon and Bagan is considered to be the best route, which includes comfortable seats, a toilet, onboard Wi-Fi and refreshments.
Reservations are typically made on their Facebook page to be paid and collected 30 minutes before departure from the front desk at the bus station.
Avoid using third party websites to book with JJ Express and they often add an additional USD5 to the price.
The bus leaves Yangon from Aung Mingalar Bus Station, which is at least a 45-minute taxi ride from the city centre. You also need to collect tickets 30 minutes in advance.

Traveller Reviews

Most travellers are overwhelmingly positive after the company invested in a new fleet of modern buses.

Some travellers mention that they had low expectations after reading a few negative reviews about the company but were pleasantly surprised when they embarked onto the bus. Highlights mentioned by many include the comfortable seats, leg cushions, and a personal screen for entertainment. If you are lucky, your hostesses will speak both Burmese and English. Blankets are normally clean blankets, snacks and water provided.

Regardless the route, travellers are generally happy with the service though some feel somewhat uncomfortable because announcements are always in Burmese without translation into English. Another great point is that the food served on board is never too spicy and is ok for a western palate.

There have been some reviews though about huge delays, especially on Mandalay–Yangon route with journey taking almost 13 hours in total to reach Yangon. Note that this is quite possible if the road is under repair or due to heavy rains, so to be on the safe side before buying your ticket ask about the road condition at present.

Opposite to many travellers’ experience with other bus companies, we have never heard about lights being left on at night or too high volume on entertainment system with JJ Express.

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JJ Express Company Reviews

481 customer reviews
100% of 8,047 travelers were presumably happy with JJ Express as they left good or no review
Muy buena atención y comodidad
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Mar 17, 2020
was totally worth it
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Feb 28, 2020
Comfortable bus but: - The bus was meant to leave Inle at 8:00 pm and we were told to be there half an hour before and the bus left at 7:30pm so we were actually lucky to get it. - Driving was terrible way over speed limit and unsafe so our heads banged so hard against the seats that we couldn't hardly sleep. - We arrived in Mandalay at 2:30am instead of 4:00am on a highway stop 10 miles from Mandalay in the middle of nowhere and nowhere to go. - They did have a small shuttle bus to the railway station but all the luggages couldn't fit in so there we were sitted with our luggages on another crazy bus that didn't stop at any red traffic light with zero visibility and again drove way too fast. - In comparison we experienced a Famous express bus from Yangon to Inle and the time scheduled was respected and driving was a lot smoother and safer. - In conclusion: if we take night bus it isn't for speed racing bus but rather to sleep and arrive in the morning - not at night.
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Feb 26, 2020
Comfortable, propre, staff souriant et prêt à vous aider.
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Feb 18, 2020
The great service.
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Feb 11, 2020
The reception didn't say anything and give me blanket. When I very cool I ask him then He gave me the old one which used by other customer.
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Feb 11, 2020
The bus are very confortable with water, blanket and food given for free. The personnel is very nice and available for questions. There are stops for toilets and buy food, but no toilets on the bus Only one little remark, the arrival time is often the latest possible and for all my travels I arrived 1 hour earlier
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Feb 10, 2020
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Feb 10, 2020
Très bon niveau de confort du bus. Des toilettes auraient été un plus
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Feb 3, 2020
Le transport de l’hotel au bus était horrible. La réception à la station de bus à Bagan était plutôt froide...
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Jan 28, 2020
Sitze sind ganz komfortabel. Füße kann man hochlegen. Bordcrew sehr nett, Englischkenntnisse nicht sehr ausgeprägt. Es ist eiskalt im Bus. Auch nach Anfragen nicht abänderbar. Ich hatte 2 Hosen und 2 Jacken an, eine Decke und ein großes Tuch! Am schlimmsten war der Busfahrer, mit dem ich gleich 2x das Vergnügen hatte. Er hustet und zieht hoch und spuckt die ganze Zeit. Furchtbar. Schlafen unmöglich.
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Jan 27, 2020
Me gusto, con películas, comida, agua, sin mucho frío, te van a buscar al hostal y en Rangún nos llevaron gratis al centro, la recomiendo
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Jan 23, 2020
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Jan 21, 2020
excellent service never seen much comfort and quality. It is really amazed. I had an error and you solved it immediately. I recommend it in the excellence of all aspects, the firm Jj expres vip, and 12 go asia wonderful attention and resolution I congratulate you
This review was autotranslated
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Jan 21, 2020
Super service ce n,est pas la sncf Française
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Jan 19, 2020
Personnel attentionné. Bus confortable
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Jan 17, 2020
So good stuff
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Jan 16, 2020
Die Busfahrt war sehr angenehm ruhig + Pause. Die Ausstattung des Busses war auch super komfortabel, leider Kurde die Klimaanlage nicht richtig eingestellt und es war bitter kalt. Ansonsten sehr zu empfehlen :)
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Jan 14, 2020
Personnel adorable et à l’écoute et bus très confortable
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Jan 11, 2020
Der Bus war wirklich spitze! Super gemütlich mit breiten Armlehnen, durchgehender Beinlehne und einer Rückenlehne, der sehr weit zurück ging. Wir hielten auf der Strecke zwischen Yangon und Bagan zwei mal an Raststätten an; dort gab es Toiletten, die selbst bei den Frauen sauber waren und ohne Ekel benutzt werden konnten. Zur Fahrt gab es eine kleine Verköstigung in Form von einer kleinen Flasche Wasser und süßen Teilchen. Lediglich der Busbahnhof ist grauenhaft. Aber da kann das Unternehmen nichts für. Ist nun mal so, dass sich in Yangon 100e vom Bussen auf einem dem selben Fleck sammeln. Plant euch bloß nicht zu viel Zeit ein, die ihr dort mit Warten vertrödeln müsst. Es ist wirklich nicht schön - und es gibt auch kein anderes drum herum. Ich würde jederzeit wieder mit jj express fahren!
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Jan 9, 2020
Car confortable. Parfois, le chauffeur prenait les virages un peu trop vite... Je ne comprends toujours pas par contre l’intérêt de tels horaires (!): pourquoi partir à 20h et se faire débarquer en pleine nuit à 3:30 du matin plutôt que partit à minuit, par exemple, et arriver confortablement à 7h00?
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Jan 8, 2020
Wir sind pünktlich abgefahren und angekommen. Bequeme Sitze, es wurden Decken und ein Snack sowie Wasser verteilt.
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Jan 5, 2020
Quick trip Everything was As we expected
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Dec 12, 2019
with shuttle service, you get a snack box, top service
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Dec 9, 2019
top service, you get a snack box
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Dec 9, 2019
top service
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Dec 9, 2019
you get a snack box and comfortable seats
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Dec 9, 2019
Muy Recomendado. Los asientos super cómodos
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Dec 8, 2019
Comfortable bus, but is very very cold. The driver goes really fast and we were afraid. Nice they invite you for the dinner
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Nov 30, 2019
Все отлично организовано. Отправились вовремя. Две остановки в пути. Автобус удобный. Приехали даже на час раньше!
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Nov 23, 2019
Frio ,sin mantas y caro
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Nov 17, 2019
Best coach ever. Super comfortable. With screen and plug. The only bad point es that there was no wifi. But the rest was pretty good
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Nov 16, 2019
Top quality and service. Bus-driver drove normal and the bus reaches bagan 1 our earlier. 2 stops for toilet and blankets for the night.
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Nov 13, 2019
The bus were to comfortable, the trip were easy
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Nov 11, 2019
Really good bus, very comfy. But also very cold from the ac.
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Nov 7, 2019
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Nov 7, 2019
All great. Comfortbale seats good organisation !!!
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Nov 6, 2019
Everything was great, the seats are comfy and the hostess very professionL. However, the bus was supposed to stop at Nyaung Shwe, but at 5am we had been informed that it was going directly to Taunggyi. So we had to get off from the bus and take another JJ express bus. In addition, the driver put the music around 5 am while people was sleeping.
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Nov 6, 2019
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Nov 3, 2019
Bus confortable mais arrivé avec 45 minutes de retard.
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Oct 21, 2019
Great trip. But definitely ask the taxi driver to go directly to the building for the right operator
Bus Express, JJ Express (JJ Express), Oct 9, 2019
Bus très confortable et bien équipé avec un personnel très agréable et aux petits soins. Une petite boîte avec un pain sucré et quatre gâteaux vous sera distribuée ainsi qu'une boisson fraîche et une boisson chaude. Au final on peut couper la clim à chaque siège du coup la température ressentie doit être de 18 à 20°. On peut également éteindre la lumière, incliner son siège presque comme un transat. Il y a une prise électrique au pied pour recharger le téléphone. Un arrêt au bout de 2h30 de roulage pour une pause toilettes (propres) de quoi acheter à manger si on le souhaite. Le bus est arrivé à 04h30. Je le referais sans hésiter.
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Aug 21, 2019
L'équipage est au top et se rendra disponible pour vous tout au long du voyage! Un conseil, prévoyez une bonne veste car la clim est poussée à son maximum...
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Aug 17, 2019
Very comfortable... Best election for long trips around Myanmar. As it was a 12 hours long way, We were given dinner and soft drink. Staff was always kind and the bus was very clean.
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Aug 17, 2019
Very comfortable... Best election for long trips around Myanmar. We were given water and a box of snacks.
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Aug 17, 2019
Buenísimo servicio. (Gran bus y servicio del personal excelente
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Aug 10, 2019
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Aug 10, 2019
We took the overnight bus from Yangon to Inle Lake. We are not used to take night buses so it was a very unrestful night. The service is great and the seats recline very well, there is personal tv entertainment which was great for our 2 boys. The blankets they provide don't seem to have been washed even tough they wrappe them in a piece of paper, bring your own pillow as the.one in the bus is not comfortable. The roads are awful and the trip is very long, not the company's fault but I will never do it again.
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Aug 3, 2019
Bus très confortable. On vous donne une bouteille d’eau et une dîner box. Parti à l’heure. Le transfert jusqu’a Yangon centre était très pratique et évite le taxi. Seul bémol : ça caille un peu. Prévoir un pull et des chaussettes.
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Aug 2, 2019
Perfect information all time by very attent staff. The air conditioned in the bus is wometimes like being in the freezer but blanket is provided.
Bus VIP, JJ Express (JJ Express), Jul 27, 2019