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Hue Tourist Company Reviews

224 customer reviews
98.9% of 3,373 travelers were presumably happy with Hue Tourist as they left good or no review
bus AC Seater, Hue Tourist, Oct 15, 2019
It was not cleary where the bus shall stop at the busstation. The picture at e-ticket is not the same.
bus AC Seater, Hue Tourist, Sep 28, 2019
Hope can improve the schedule time, be punctually and seat is allocated.
bus AC Seater, Hue Tourist, Sep 18, 2019
The bus was late but it came eventually and got us to Hue! The AC worked throughout the whole trip and the driver was very helpful.
bus AC Seater, Hue Tourist, Aug 22, 2019
We booked a bus with wifi and, instead, we travelled in a car sharing 5seats in 6 persons for almost 4 hours keeping our backpack on our legs..very unconfortable.
bus AC Seater, Hue Tourist, Aug 8, 2019
Comfortable mini bus and careful driver who correctly drop off us to the our hotel in Danang.
bus AC Seater, Hue Tourist, Aug 5, 2019
Bus is tiny with small leg-room. It is also serves as a tour bus for people visiting Phong Nha Cave from Hue so lots of pick ups before you leave the city. No water unless you are part of the tour.
bus AC Seater, Hue Tourist, Aug 4, 2019
Not a nice trip. the minibus was packed and we had to sit separately, us two in the bsck with the luggage and our daughters next to the driver. We were dumped out of the bus by an unhappy driver next to a hotel where they didn't let us get out, not a great expérience at all.
bus AC Seater, Hue Tourist, Aug 2, 2019
No bad comments. Everything was as it should be. Just a drive from A to B
bus AC Seater, Hue Tourist, Jul 27, 2019
Evrything works well. No problem The beat solution to travei inside Ásia.
bus AC Seater, Hue Tourist, Jul 21, 2019
On their website the bus company promised free pick up from your hotel - before you purchased the bus ticket Once you bought the ticket, they send you an email, that they will not send for you a free pickup... VND 135.000 taxi bill exzra
bus AC Seater, Hue Tourist, Jul 8, 2019
Reasonably on time. Good customer service. Views lovely.
bus AC Seater, Hue Tourist, Jun 26, 2019
Efficient transport in time and good price and staff but the driver was a quite aggressive. Nothing strange in Vietnam!
bus AC Seater, Hue Tourist, Jun 18, 2019
The pickup was on time and the driver was careful. The bus was clean and comfortable
bus AC Seater, Hue Tourist, Jun 12, 2019
The guide who reconfirmed our booking & communicated with us during the whole trip was excellent! BUT the driver was unfortunately a bit impatient, bumpy or uneven roads were handled as if they were smooth. Making us who sat at the very back seat almost jumped or even flew off our seat at times.
bus AC Seater, Hue Tourist, Jun 11, 2019
Good and reliable company ,although much more expensive than other operators. There is a 20 mins coffee break on way to hue from hoi an
bus AC Seater, Hue Tourist, Jun 1, 2019
Good comfortable journey from Hue to Hoi An with stops at Thành Toan Bridge, Lang co beach, Hai Van Pass and marble mountains. Good tour guide and driver
bus AC Seater, Hue Tourist, May 2, 2019
Il van è molto piccolo e scomodo. L'orario di partenza previsto per le 15.30 non é stato rispettato. Siamo partiti circa mezz'ora dopo, ma arrivati in orario. Nel mio caso mi è stato detto che non potevano lasciarmi davanti al mio hotel per il troppo traffico,ma l'autista alla fine mi ha accompagnata lo stesso perché ero una ragazza da sola. Gentilissimo! Ha guidato bene, rispettando i limiti di velocità. Mi sono accorta la mattina dopo di aver lasciato gli occhi da sole nel van, ho scritto una mail a cui non mi hanno risposto per cui ho fatto chiamare l'albergo più volte finché non li hanno trovati e l'autista del giorno prima me li ha riportati. Il mio giudizio è buono soprattutto per l'autista.
bus AC Seater, Hue Tourist, Apr 30, 2019
Great services, people from the office treated us very well and had a very good spoken english. The only detail is that they didn’t leave us to the exact point and we spent a few more time going around in a different location. Despite of that, I highly recommend
bus AC Seater, Hue Tourist, Apr 28, 2019
We were not expecting a minibus but it was reasonably comfortable and efficient. Better indication of where to wait at start of the journey might have been helpful as we were inside and everyone else was outside where the bus stopped. The two stops were very close together which seemed odd and the second was unnecessary. It was great that they dropped us at our hotel though.
bus AC Seater, Hue Tourist, Apr 19, 2019
As per other comments I expected a straight transfer to Hoi An but had the stops - a couple I didn’t mind as they were only 10 minutes but we spent 1.5hrs at the Marble Mountain - to be precise in the average restaurants and car parks - in Da Nang because people were late back to the bus. Left at 8.15 and got to my hotel in Hoi An at 14.15. Not happy. The guide was well meaning and tried to communicate but his English simply wasn’t good enough - no one could understand him. The driver spoke much better English. The drive was fine, Safe and scenic over the Hai Van pass but I just wanted to go straight to Hoi An!

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