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HTX Van Tai 277

Company Information

HTX Van Tai 277 is a popular choice for those travelling between Laos and Vietnam. The company offer air-conditioned VIP sleeper buses that will ensure the long trips are as comfortable as possible.

Routes served by HTX Van Tai 277


HTX Van Tai 277 offer one service each day between Hanoi and Vientiane, leaving Hanoi at 18.00 and arriving in the Laos capital at 18.00 the next evening, a full 24 hour trip! There is also one departure per day in the opposite direction at 17.00. Either journey will cost VND700,000 per person, each way.

Hanoi–Luang Prabang

It is also possible to travel between Hanoi and Luang Prabang as there is one departure per day in either direction. This is an even longer trip than Hanoi – Vientiane and takes over 25 hours in total. The VIP sleeper bus will depart Hanoi at 18.00 and will arrive in Luang Prabang at 19.30 the next evening, with tickets costing VND1,050,000. The return trip will leave Luang Prabang at 17.30 and arrive the following day at 19.00.


The third route offered by HTX Van Tai 277 connects Hanoi with Savannakhet, a riverside city close to the border of Thailand. As with the other two routes there is one departure per day in either direction. Buses depart Hanoi at 18.00 and are due to arrive in Savannakhet at 14.00 the following day whilst buses leave Savannakhet at 10.00, arriving in Hanoi at 06.00. Ticket prices remain the same regardless of which direction you travel and are priced a VND875,000.


The biggest advantage with travelling with HTX Van Tai 277 is the low cost of tickets. This is the cheapest way to travel between Laos and Vietnam and is ideal for those on a tight budget and not in a rush to reach their destination. Ticket prices are often well under a third of the cost of even the cheapest and most basic budget airlines so are good value if you are keeping to a strict budget.

The buses themselves are fairly comfortable, no doubt a hugely important issue as you could be spending over 24 hours aboard one! There are stops to stretch your legs throughout the journey but it is still likely to drag. Fortunately, HTX Van Tai 277 offer some of the most comfortable buses that you’ll find on these routes which will make the journey as comfortable and pleasant as possible.


Obviously the biggest disadvantage with HTX Van Tai 277 services is the length of the trips! The idea of sitting on a bus for over 24 hours will certainly not appeal to everyone and should only really be an option for budget travellers and those travelling for an extended period of time. After all, if you are on a two-week holiday, you will not want to spend 24 hours sitting on a bus! If you are looking for an experience then a journey such as this will certainly offer that.

Another issue with HTX Van Tai 277, as well as international bus trips in general, is that you will have to pass through immigration. This will require you to leave the bus and pass through a series of checkpoints and pay for a visa. It is usually a confusing, hectic and time-consuming process that you will not be looking forward to after an extended period of time on a bus.

Keep in mind

It is worth noting that services depart Hanoi from Nuoc Ngam Station and arrive into Vientiane’s Southern Bus Station.

Travellers reviews

Travellers, especially those on a tight budget, choose HTX Van Tai 277 for the low-cost tickets which provide excellent value for money. It is the cheapest way to travel between the two countries and most people who use these services are willing to put up with some discomfort in order to save money!

One of the complaints from travellers who use HTX Van Tai 277 is the inconvenient departure time from Savannakhet to Hanoi. The bus departs at 10.00 which means you will spend the entire day travelling by bus, before arriving in Hanoi at 06.00. This is less preferable than the other services offered by HTX Van Tai 277 which travel throughout the night, arriving at your destination at around lunchtime. This ensures that you do not lose out on an entire day.

The biggest complaint is the length of the bus rides, although the seats are about as comfortable as you’re likely to get, it is still an awful long time to be sitting aboard a bus. As such, these trips should only really be an option for budget travellers. Although it is considerably cheaper to make the journey by bus rather than flying, you will save a lot of time as well as arriving at your destination refreshed from a short flight rather than a 24-hour bus journey.

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January 2018

Areum, Jan 4, 2018 - Very friendly operators! They'll help out if you have any kind of problem.

December 2017

Mr, Dec 9, 2017 - Said 24 hour and some reviews online said it could be worse. My experience was good. Only took 22hr. Be aware the visa points have no ATM and won't accept card. Carry cash. I had to borrow of the driver and I was a little embarrassed. All in all, bus was comfortable enough and if you don't want to pay the extra for the flight it's a reasonable option. :-)

November 2017

Nikka, Nov 20, 2017 - This is the worst bus I’ve ever ride on. It was overloaded with boxes and some passengers are left to sleep on the aisle. There were also a duckling and fishes on the bus. The bus had a hard time on one part after the Laos border due to overloading and had to be pulled by a truck.
Elliott, Nov 17, 2017 - The bus had no wifi, no toilet and the staff were very rude. They picked up a load of local people along the way and put chickens on the roof which was fun at 4am when trying to sleep. The staff were trying to rush us through the border when getting our Visas which was funny when they would stop every 2 hours themselves for a toilet break (just for themselves) and a cigarette. It took 27 hours in total.

October 2017

Muhammad, Oct 24, 2017 - Your location is wrong. Your bus is not available. I already paid for my trip. But the operator refused to accept my printed booking. I need to pay around 500k vtm cash for this trip. Please refund back my money for this trip cause the operator won't let me get on the bus. Tq.
Lorna, Oct 21, 2017 - I wish there was an option to give NO STARS. This trip was similar to being in a vietnamese/laos prison. Me and my friend arrived at Laos bus station to find that the bus had been cancelled/ didn't even exist. They allowed us to board an inferior bus to get to Vientiane. We were pushed onto this bus and forced into seats, then forced to change seats multiple times. We were yelled at, abused and treated like scum. The staff pretended not to speak english. At the border we were left confused in the rain, forced to stand outside the bus with no explanation as to what was happening (other thai/laos residents were allowed to remain on the bus). I had my passport snatched at out of my hands and then the staff who took it temporarily lost my passport and was saying he never took it from me. He found it eventually. My friend was forced out of her seat after the Vietnam border by some vietnamese, who seemed to know the driver and staff. They kicked her in the head and force her to move and then laughed at her for hours into the journey. This trip was disgusting, a violation of human rights and I will honestly never book with 12Go Asia again for advertising such a shocking service. GET THE FLIGHT. Don't be prisoner.
Gemma, Oct 5, 2017 - DO NOT use this company. The driver and staff were rude and aggressive. Slapped myself and my friend for getting on the bus with flip flops on. Stopped every hour to drop off boxes they were carrying for their friends around the country. Drinking whilst driving like a maniac and made the coach nearly topple over on the side of the road so we had to vacate the bus. The 'VIP' sleeper bus is actually a coach that they've just stuck bunk beds in. Enough head space for a small child that is it. Very claustrophobic and when we asked to stop for a toilet break they made us squat on the road instead. Awful service for a 26 hour bus.

August 2017

Jonathan, Aug 30, 2017 - Arrived at the bus station in Hanoi and after discussion with the operator he said I needed to ring 12GO; it turned out that they had not paid the bus company so I had no ticket. I had to quickly find an ATM and pay for another ticket on the day after already paying to book my ticket in advance, almost missing the one bus that day and having to wait until Friday, as well as having to pay ATM fees and international call fees. From my experience I would not recommend using 12GO, this was a ridiculous experience.

July 2017

Nathan, Jul 19, 2017 - Late leaving and getting to Hanoi . Left us at border and drove off to Vietnam side without telling us. Dirty bus bathroom , trash etc. not helpful in any way.

June 2017

Julienne, Jun 17, 2017 - Didn't arrive at the time provided. 4 hours later than expected arrival. Also they will have other passengers joins in the middle of the trip. Take the 2nd bunks so you'll avoid the hassle of getting your face hit with bags and people's legs/arms

May 2017

Lim, May 24, 2017 - The bus was late to reach Hanoi as compared to the ticket timing, but was expected after reading the reviews. The actual time to reach is about 6pm. Got to the bus station early to get good seats. Went there a bit too early, around 430pm would have been fine. Buses set off too early from the station as we reach immigration at about 2am, while waiting for immigration to open at 630am. Could have set off later to ease the travel waiting time. Immigration was a mess as people jostle to get their passport stamped first. Luckily our bus conductor was nice to ensure that we get through immigration together. Overall bus was ok and not too bad if you get good seats.
Jessica, May 16, 2017 - All round horrible can't meant

March 2017

Poppy, Mar 24, 2017 - Considering this is meant to be 'the journey from hell' we had a good journey. Comfy bus seats. We managed to get the back 3 seats between 2 of us because it was practically empty. Only negative is some of the staff was so rude to us. Hurrying us along at immigration as if we had any control over the ridiculously slow process!

February 2017

Katrin, Feb 8, 2017 - The seats were incredibly uncomfortable. The ceiling was so low you could not sit up straight. The bus was completely overcrowded, with people lying in the aisles. There was no toilet, and convincing the driver to let you pee was not easy. The bus took 27 instead of 24 hours, mainly because it kept stopping in random places to pick up people and cargo. "VIP" is a joke - the locals were assigned the large beds on the first level, the backpackers were stacked like sardines beneath the ceiling on the second level. NEVER AGAIN!

HTX Van Tai 277

HTX Van Tai 277 VIP Sleeper 41 Inside
HTX Van Tai 277 VIP Sleeper 41 Inside
VIP Sleeper 41 Outside
HTX Van Tai 277 VIP Sleeper 41 Outside
HTX Van Tai 277 VIP Inside
HTX Van Tai 277 VIP Inside
VIP Outside
HTX Van Tai 277 VIP Outside

Schedule HTX Van Tai 277

17:00; 17:00;
10:00; 10:00;

Stations HTX Van Tai 277

Hanoi Nuoc Ngam Station, Vientiane Southern Bus Station, Luang Prabang Southern Bus Terminal, Savannakhet Bus Station