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About Hoang Long

Company Information

Hoang Long is a private bus company that has been operating since 1997. This long-established operator now has over 200 coaches carrying passengers across Vietnam, with a wide network offering services to everywhere you’d want to visit within the country.

Routes served by Hoang Long Bus Company

Hanoi–Ho Chi Minh City

Hoang Long is one of the few bus companies that offer the mammoth Hanoi – Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) route. There is one bus per day that runs the entire route, all 37 hours of it!

The 13.00 bus from Hanoi and the 17.30 bus from HCMC are the ones to catch if you wish to travel the entire route, although most people onboard will be disembarking at stops along the way. Tickets cost VND1,000,000 from Hanoi and VND830,000 from HCMC.

Other destinations from Hanoi

The vast majority of visitors to Vietnam will want to stop several times along this route and Hoang Long presents plenty of choice. There are six buses each day to Haiphong, from where you can visit the world-famous Ha Long Bay. Buses depart between 11.00 and 19.20 for the 1 ½ hour journey with four services each day headed from Haiphong back to the capital. Tickets in either direction will cost VND145,000.

Another popular journey from Hanoi is the short two hour ride to Ninh Binh, there is one service a day from Hanoi (at 13.00) and costs VND180,000.

Hue is another hugely popular town along the main Hanoi – HCMC route. You can reach Hue from Hanoi on the 13.00 bus every day, the journey usually takes around 15 hours so you are scheduled to arrive in Hue at 03.45 the next morning.

Da Nang can be reached on the same bus from Hanoi in 17 hours, arriving at 14.55. Tickets cost VND420,000 to Hue and VND480,00 to Da Nang.

From Ho Chi Minh City

Da Nang and Hue can also be reached directly from HCMC. There are three buses per day heading to both cities between 14.30 and 18.30, travelling throughout the night and for most of the following day. The 21 hour trip to Da Nang costs VND500,000 whilst tickets for HCMC – Hue are priced at VND590,000, for a trip lasting 23 hours.


The biggest advantage with travelling with Hoang Long is the wide network of services offered. This allows you to easily arrange your transport throughout the country with a very highly regarded and well-established travel operator without having to worry about the quality of the coaches.

At VND830,000, the HCMC – Hanoi ticket is outstanding value, although as it is an incredibly long journey you are still likely to want to break it up with stops along the route. But if you have a reason to get to the other end of the country quickly, and flight prices are too high for your budget, then this is probably the option for you.


Hoang Long services are dirt cheap for a reason - this is an extremely ‘local’ operator and you should not at all expect western standards. Buses could be oversold or late and the drivers may feel like smoking or playing loud music for the entire journey. WiFi, toilets and air conditioning may or may not be working depending on your luck. If you want to travel like a local, Hoang Long is the operator for you! No one is going to hold your hand and tend to your every need or really care if you complain that a family of five has spilled over into your seats. On Hoang Long the staff is focused on keeping the bus moving towards its destination and little else. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Keep in mind

If you’re in Hanoi and wish to visit Ha Long Bay independently and not through an organised tour, then Hoang Long is a great option. The frequent services to Haiphong allow you to catch a ferry across to Cat Ba Island from where you can arrange trips to Ha Long Bay yourself.

Travellers reviews

If you know what to expect it’s going to be a nice little adventure you can tell your friends about. For those expecting a pleasant hassle free trip like the buses back home it can be quite traumatic.

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Hanoi Nuoc Ngam StationHai Phong HoangLong

Hoang Long Company Reviews

Driver wasn't really good, they were other people in the seats we ordered.
Bus Standard AC, Hoang Long (Hoàng Long), Jan 22, 2020
The Bus came 2 hour late, we were waiting outside, it was really cold. The bus was overloaded, the luggage was in the bus on your seat and it was really cold and no blankets. The Bus was fast and we arrived earlier. It was ok.
Bus Standard AC, Hoang Long (Hoàng Long), Jan 22, 2020
It wasn't as bad, as some of the reviews, but still fairly unpleasent. Bus was very very full, people lying on the ground, very warm and accordingly the air was pretty bad. The Toilette was locked the entire Trip and I got droped of at a motorway on the side of the road and not at the supposed drop off place. The Bus driver was ok. Since I read reveral Reviews ahead of the Trip I was prepared for this. Nevertheless I would not do it again.
Bus Standard AC, Hoang Long (Hoàng Long), Jan 21, 2020
Le bus est arrivé 1H00 en retard. Cependant, le trajet a été plus court, 15h au lieu de 18h. Sinon, les conditions étaient correctes.
Bus Standard AC, Hoang Long (Hoàng Long), Jan 20, 2020
El precio es exagerado para el tipo de autobus que es. Luego supimos que habian autobuses para turistas mas economicos y que no te dejan superalejado de cualquier destino para que tengas que coger taxi. Además la comisión de 12asiago fue mas alta de lo k te dicen a la hora de pagar.
Bus Standard AC, Hoang Long (Hoàng Long), Jan 15, 2020
Nightmare! No one understands English. Bus was late for an hour, and arrived in dong-hoi 4 hours earlier at 5 am. . They threw me in the middle of the road without saying anything.
Bus Standard AC, Hoang Long (Hoàng Long), Jan 14, 2020
Автобус ехал достаточно быстро. Мы приехали на 1,5 часа раньше расписания. Сам по себе автобус и полки староваты, но ехать можно. Есть пледы и подушки, не первой свежести. Это куда приятнее например слипбасов в Индии. На остановке нас покормили. В автобусе был достаточно хороший для Азии туалет. Но кроме нас было всего 2 пассажира. Все остальные места занимали коробки, посылки и еще какой-то груз. Наш багаж лежал на соседней полке и закреплен он не был. В общем, эта поездка не доставит вам особого удовольствия. Но из одного пункта в другой вас привезут нормально.
Bus Standard AC, Hoang Long (Hoàng Long), Dec 31, 2019
Выезд на 50 мин. позже графика, автобус ушатан, багаж лежал п проходах - все багажное отделение занимают посылки.
Bus Standard AC, Hoang Long (Hoàng Long), Dec 30, 2019
Bus Standard AC, Hoang Long (Hoàng Long), Dec 29, 2019
Автобус с сигналом как у парохода, сигналит постоянно! Голова была квадратная после поездки, еще 2 днятвспоминал гудки. Цена дешёвая. Автобус старый. Приятный бонус, обед в местной столовой, нам очень понравился.
Bus Standard AC, Hoang Long (Hoàng Long), Dec 23, 2019
Кондиционер и вода были Ехали быстро и по расписанию
Bus Standard AC, Hoang Long (Hoàng Long), Dec 18, 2019
Bus Standard AC, Hoang Long (Hoàng Long), Dec 10, 2019
Bus was maybe half full, I was able to fit in one of the lower seats at 1,9m height. The ride was as smooth as it gets on vietnamese roads. Company staff took care to get me into the right bus and out again at the right stop.
Bus Standard AC, Hoang Long (Hoàng Long), Dec 8, 2019
Sehr dreckig und die Toilette ist übergelaufen in den Bus, sodass der Boden nass war. Keine Kommunikation mit dem Busfahrer möglich
Bus Standard AC, Hoang Long (Hoàng Long), Dec 3, 2019
The driver was very kind and we arrived on time to Ninh Binh then that is the best. Only the service in the bus station in Hanoi is not so good. Costumers must pay atention and ask everybody to dont miss your bus. But the rest of the trip was very good, thanks
Bus Standard AC, Hoang Long (Hoàng Long), Nov 22, 2019
El bus estaba en muy malas condiciones, asientos rotos, sucio, el baño asqueroso. Fue puntual en Hanoi pero llegamos 1hora y media más tarde de lo previsto. A la mitad del viaje empezo a entrar al bus un olor horrible de mala combustión. Una compañia horrorosa con la que no repetiremos jamas.
Bus Standard AC, Hoang Long (Hoàng Long), Nov 10, 2019
The driver was not kind with foreign visitors and dropped us in the middle of nowhere !!!
Bus Standard AC, Hoang Long (Hoàng Long), Nov 8, 2019
Awesome i like chicken
Bus Standard AC, Hoang Long (Hoàng Long), Nov 7, 2019
El punto de recogida estaba fuera de la ciudad, y no en la direccion que habia en el voucher. Tuvimos que pillar un taxi para ir hasta dicho punto :/
Bus Standard AC, Hoang Long (Hoàng Long), Oct 28, 2019
Bus plutôt confortable pour les personnes de petite taille( 1,61m). Pas de wifi ni de port USB pour recharger donc usure léger. Mais bon voyage de nuit correct pour le prix.
Bus Standard AC, Hoang Long (Hoàng Long), Sep 26, 2019
El ómnibus estaba bastante sucio, no se asemeja a las imágenes, manejan de forma imprudente, por lo cual chocamos contra otro ómnibus. Llegamos tres horas antes de lo imprevisto. Los conductores amables y estaba incluida la comida.
Bus Standard AC, Hoang Long (Hoàng Long), Aug 20, 2019
The booking itself with 12go.asia was a bit difficult. We wanted to book for 6 people but we’re only able to select 5 at the number of passengers. Even though there were enough free seats available. So I did two bookings with 3 persons each where we were able to select the seats in the bus. First we got the confirmation mail and 10 minu s later an email with the Vouchers. We booked a bus hosted by the company Hoang Long. We were supposed to print out the vouchers and exchange them to the actual tickets at the Hoang Long boot at the Bus Station. As we did not have a printer I just showed the vouchers on my mobile phone and we got the tickets from Hoang Long without stress. So we guess you don’t necessarily have to print out the vouchers for Hoang Long even though the email said that we had to. The bus from HoangLong had some sort of beds which were too small for our friend who is 1,80m. The bus was fully booked and we had to put some luggage next to us in the corridors because there was not enough space in the bus storage. We also had to change our seats(beds). We had booked the lower deck beds but 2 of us where forced to change to the upper deck because there were elderly people that have priority on the lower deck. Also there are no seat belts so the upper deck is even unsafer. Airconditiong: there was some airflow but it was definitely not enough and we had 30degrees Celsius in the bus for the whole trip of 6 hours. The bus stopped several times to pick up small packages. Sometimes we asked if we could use a toilet. Sometimes the bus driver let us to a private house and sometimes he just pointed at the bushes. There was 1 official stop after 5hours of driving at a restaurant where we could go to toilet and buy something to eat. The driver and his friends were always nice to us but sometimes vietnamese people have a sort of rude way of behaviour. Since 1 of us was speaking vietnamese we Werbeabteilung to communicate with them quite good. But they also like German people so you shouldn’t have any problems with that. But they cannot speak English! The bus driver even organized a taxi transfer for us when we arrived at our final destination. But this was all managed with our vietnamese friend! Fazit: booking with 12go.asia was very good this time. Travel by bus with HoangLong was an experience by itself. Very local operator but 12go.asia even warned about that ! It is very cheap and you get the real vietnamese experience but I wouldn’t recommend this company for people over 40 years. Because the „beds“ are really small for western standards and yeah did I mention the 30degree heat and 1 stop after 5 hours ;)
Bus Standard AC, Hoang Long (Hoàng Long), Aug 19, 2019
Bus Standard AC, Hoang Long (Hoàng Long), Aug 16, 2019
The bus was so old compare to the other companies. So u really feel all bus movements. Food was good
Bus Standard AC, Hoang Long (Hoàng Long), Aug 13, 2019
Bus Standard AC, Hoang Long (Hoàng Long), Aug 11, 2019
Bus was old and dirty. AC was dripping on me and other passengers all the way. Drivers were stopping every five minutes to deliver packages that's why we were late for two hours. Drivers were smoking so it was smell of cigarettes in the bus. The only good thing about the trip is the drivers drove carefully so we arrived safely.
Bus Standard AC, Hoang Long (Hoàng Long), Aug 9, 2019
Couchette dans le bus minuscule même pour moi qui suit une fille pas très épaisse. Hygiène douteuse.
Bus Standard AC, Hoang Long (Hoàng Long), Aug 8, 2019
The bus drivers were friendly and helpful, also the ticket office guy. The bus was quit old and very ... 'used', a little bit broken and dirty
Bus Standard AC, Hoang Long (Hoàng Long), Aug 5, 2019
The bus didn't look like the picture. We were a little bit surprise !
Bus Standard AC, Hoang Long (Hoàng Long), Aug 2, 2019
Everthing was ok, we arrived in time in Cat Ba. I would book again.
Bus Express, Hoang Long (Hoàng Long), Jul 27, 2019
Le bus est arrivé avec 2heures de retard. Sur 11heures de trajet, seulement un arrêt pour manger à midi. Vieux bus. Bonne conduite des chauffeurs.
Bus Standard AC, Hoang Long (Hoàng Long), Jul 22, 2019
The busses where are bit old, the driver didn't spoke english but all in all we were able to translate with the the Google Translator and sometimes with the help of the other guests. The meals were ok. Definitely not good but ok. Overall and for this price, around 800k p.P from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh ok.
Bus Standard AC, Hoang Long (Hoàng Long), Jul 22, 2019
Bus Standard AC, Hoang Long (Hoàng Long), Jul 9, 2019
Die Busfahrt war okay. Der Bus kam allerdings viel zu früh beim Ziel an und so waren wir anstatt 6:30 am um 4 am da. Außerdem konnte keiner Englisch sprechen, wodurch die Kommunikation wirklich schwer fiel.
Bus Standard AC, Hoang Long (Hoàng Long), Jun 28, 2019
Iif you still doubt whether to go by bus or to take a plane, take a plane! There is no timetable for Vietnamese buses... just approximate time) My bus started 20 minutes later from Hanoi and was late for 1,5 hours to Da Nang. You are sure that you missed you bus as it doesn't have its own place at a bus station. the bus wasn't the same as at the picture. it has 3 rows of two-level "beds" if you are 1,7 meters high, you cant make your legs strait, and you won't put your shoulders into this "sleeping unit". and my place was in the end of the bus, WC is in the end of the bus too) it was stinky...
Bus Standard AC, Hoang Long (Hoàng Long), Jun 21, 2019
No meal provided as mentioned in booking voucher.
Bus Standard AC, Hoang Long (Hoàng Long), May 22, 2019
Poor service
Bus Standard AC, Hoang Long (Hoàng Long), May 11, 2019
Автобус прибыл вовремя, кормить по пути - кормили. Единственное, в автобусе грязно, неприятно. Но кондиционер работал.
Bus Standard AC, Hoang Long (Hoàng Long), May 10, 2019
Bus kam eine Stunde zu spät, kam aber 2h eher an. Beim buchen war der Bus fast ausgebucht. Bei der Fahrt waren nur insgesamt 5 Menschen an Bord. Wir durften nicht auf den Sitzen sitzen, die wie zuvor gebucht hatten, MUSSTEN uns aber nach ganz hinten setzen, wo wir ein wenig mehr Platz hatten. Busfahrer konnte wieder kein Englisch.
Bus Standard AC, Hoang Long (Hoàng Long), May 2, 2019
Niveau confort convenable mais la propreté l'est moins. Mais pour le prix cela reste convenable, trajet long 1 jour et demi.
Bus Standard AC, Hoang Long (Hoàng Long), May 2, 2019
Es war ein dreckiger Bus. Man hatte kaum Platz und für die Rucksäcke keine Möglichkeit zur Ablage, nur auf dem eigenen Bett. Der Busfahrer war sehr unfreundlich und redete nicht mit uns. Er hielt sehr oft aus nicht ersichtlichen Gründen..Wenn Toilettenpause war oder es Abendsessen für alle gab, sagte er uns auch nicht Bescheid. Der Bus fuhr ein paar Minuten zu spät los und kam 2h zu spät an.
Bus Standard AC, Hoang Long (Hoàng Long), Apr 29, 2019
It was ok.
Bus Standard AC, Hoang Long (Hoàng Long), Apr 17, 2019
Die Fahrt war sehr in Ordnung. Der Bus gepflegt und die Sitze akzeptabel. Abfahrts- und Ankunftszeiten wurden exakt eingehalten. Für den Preis kann man die Fahrt nicht besser bekommen. Einziges und größtes Übel war, dass erwartet wurde, dass die Tickets ausgedruckt werden müssen. Das hat mir etwas Mühe bereitet, da es mir nicht möglich war, in Hanoi einen Internetshop zu finden. Letztlich wurde mir in einem Backpacker Hotel geholfen.
Bus Standard AC, Hoang Long (Hoàng Long), Apr 15, 2019
I can't recognize which bus is my bus, also when the resting spot arrived, the driver didn't say anything for the resting time
Bus Standard AC, Hoang Long (Hoàng Long), Apr 8, 2019
Comfy, Quick, on time.. perfect
Bus Standard AC, Hoang Long (Hoàng Long), Apr 5, 2019
Das war kein einfacher Trip. Das buchen hat gut geklappt, den Pick up an der Umgehungsstraße hatte das Hotel bei Nachfrage im Büro organisiert. 1 Stunde Verspätung, Haltestelle nicht wie geplant(200 m weiter)- 22.00 Uhr- ohne die Hilfe der Vietnamesen wären wir nicht weg gekommen. Der Bus war alt, nicht sauber u gehalten wurde zwischendurch ohne Absage, damit der Fahrer Pause machen konnte. Für uns gab es keine Pause, außer morgens kurz vor Hue. Auch hier wenig einladende Gegebenheiten. In Hue angekommen mit 3 std Verspätung. Würde ich nicht mehr buchen. Es gibt komfortablere Busse als diesen
Bus Standard AC, Hoang Long (Hoàng Long), Apr 4, 2019
Bus confortable, simple et efficace.
Bus Standard AC, Hoang Long (Hoàng Long), Apr 2, 2019
Впечатления самые негативные. Во-первых автобус не заезжает на автостанцию в Хюе, а делает остановку в 10 километрах от города непонятно где. Хорошо, что мы днем предусмотрительно сходили на автовокзал и выяснили с большим трудом, что автобус останавливается в другом месте. И, если бы не помощь хозяина нашего гостевого дома, который созвонился с водителем автобуса, выяснил его координаты , отвез нас к автобусу и практически посадил нас, мы бы , наверное, никогда этот автобус не нашли. Во-вторых, автобус старый, из прошлого века, спальные места короткие и ужасно неудобные. В автобусе туалета нет,остановки мы еле дождались.
Bus Standard AC, Hoang Long (Hoàng Long), Apr 1, 2019
Unfreundlicher Busfahrer, Bus war schon was älter, war okay
Bus Standard AC, Hoang Long (Hoàng Long), Mar 29, 2019
Старый автобус, сильно пахнет из грязного туалета, отвратительное отношение персонала автобуса, в проходе спит много людей. Места не соответствуют купленным.
Bus Standard AC, Hoang Long (Hoàng Long), Mar 9, 2019
844 customer reviews
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