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Company Information

Hanh Café is a travel operator that specialises in arranging travel schedules throughout Vietnam. It’s possible to travel by bus from Hanoi down to Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) in the south of the country, stopping in all the major tourist destinations you’d expect.

Hanh Café is a well-established operator with around 20 years of experience so far. The buses offered along these routes typically seat approximately 40 passengers.

Routes served by Hanh Café

From/to HCMC

There are plenty of buses departing the company’s base in HCMC, with five buses each day heading to Nha Trang between 08.00 and 22.00. The journey takes around 9 ½ hours so you can choose whether to travel overnight, arriving by 07.30, or if you’d prefer to travel during the day and be in Nha Trang by 17.30. Seats are priced at VND210,000 for all departures so the choice is yours.

There are also four departures every day heading in the opposite direction, from Nha Trang to HCMC. These departure times also allow you flexibility to suit your schedule with buses leaving Nha Trang at 08.00, 20.00, 20.30 and 21.00.

Mui Ne is an incredibly popular destination for visitors, especially those based in HCMC, and there are plenty of options with Hanh Café. There are seven buses per day heading to Mui Ne throughout the day from 07.00 until 20.00, the trip usually takes five hours so you can choose whether you wish to arrive by lunchtime or in the evening. There are six buses heading in the opposite direction between 01.00 and 16.00, priced the same at VND140,000.

From/to tther destinations

Of course, if you want to travel between Mui Ne and Nha Trang, or vice versa, there are daily services connecting the two destinations. Two buses a day travel in both directions, leaving Mui Ne at 01.00 and 13.00 and departing Nha Trang at 08.00 and 20.30. This four hour journey costs around VND180,000 in either direction.

There are plenty of other popular routes that are serviced by Hanh Café, including a daily 11 hour bus between Da Nang and Nha Trang. Priced at VND340,000, this bus departs Da Nang at 16.00, travelling through the night to arrive in Nha Trang at around 03.00.

If you’re planning on heading to Hanoi then you’ll be pleased to know that there are services connecting he capital with Da Nang and Hue. There is a bus departing Da Nang daily at 14.30, priced at VND320,000, which is due to arrive in Hanoi at 04.30. If you’re in Hue, you can jump aboard a bus at 17.30 which will have you in Hanoi at 07.30 the next morning for around VND280,000.


The biggest advantage travelling with Hanh Café is the very competitive prices. These buses tend to be cheaper than tickets with some of the operator’s competitors and far less than travelling by train.

The bus itself is pretty comfortable, certainly ideal for some of the shorter trips, but it may be a bit cramped for tall visitors.


The lack of bathrooms onboard these buses is a particular problem. Although there are breaks throughout the journey, they can be fairly irregular and using public toilets during the night may bit always be the most pleasant experience. Unfortunately, this is an issue with most buses throughout Vietnam.

Typically, Vietnamese buses experience frequent delays and Hanh Café services are no exception. Traffic across the country is unpredictable and services will often arrive later than expected. However, with Hanh Café this is not always that inconvenient as the scheduled arrival times can be less than ideal in the first place. Sometimes arriving at 05.30 instead of 04.30 could be handy as you’ll have less time to wait before you can arrive at your accommodation to check in.

Keep in mind

If you require some expert advice about your itinerary then why not pop into one of the Hanh Café offices? There are several throughout the country including in HCMC (229 Pham Ngu Lao), Nha Trang (10 Hung Vuong) and Hoi An (2 Thai Phien).

Travellers reviews

Travellers are always pleased with the price of Hanh Café services, with very reasonable long-distance trips available. Fares are always far lower than tickets in private train carriages and even below the standard Vietnam Railways prices. For this reason alone many visitors recommend Hanh Café to travel around the country.

As is the case with many bus operators across the country, the biggest complaint usually tends to be the lack of bathrooms on the buses. To those used to travelling on western buses, this will be a shock at first but you’ll have to quickly get used to it if you want to travel by bus!

January 4.1

December 4.0

November 3.1

December 2017

Areum, Dec 25, 2017 - fresh clean blankets, kind staff

November 2017

Thomas, Nov 17, 2017 - We took the 09:30 am bus from Mui Ne to Ho Chi Minh City on Nov 17, 2017. Let‘s start with the positive: - Cheap - Vouchers worked perfectly This was it. Now the negative: - Instead at 13:30 we arrived at 16:30 in Ho Chi Minh City - The bus broke down twice, after the second time we had to stop another bus to get to Ho Chi Minh City - When we entered the other bus, we had to pay 100‘000 VND toll road (That‘s 50‘000 VND per person)!! -The aircon didn‘t work during the whole trip - The driver drove like a Kamikaze and played the horn like a musical instrument. One time he even changed shirts while driving. He also spend half of the time on the left side of the road! Were it not for the kindness of some other passengers who spoke Vietnamese and English, we wouldn‘t even have known what‘s going on. The driver never informed us about anything except when we took a 15 minute toilet break. We wouldn‘t recommend Hanh Cafe!

October 2017

Brittani, Oct 31, 2017 - It was fine, not sure why they have to scream and turn all the lights on full blast for every pee stop.
Kanstantsinovich, Oct 28, 2017 - In Dalat had booked a hotel near the site, where there are Hanh Cafe. When I got there, I saw on the wall plate. Vietnamese language I don't know English speak is bad, but realized that the Hanh Cafe office moved to another location. Stops by signs the bus, I didn't know. After 1 hour I found listed on the nameplate of the street at the other end of the city, but the Hanh Cafe was looking for about 1 hour. It turned out to be "disguised" under a different label. Very bad. If I started to look it up later, don't have time for the bus. Better not to go with this bus campaign.
Fong, Oct 12, 2017 - delay time

July 2017

Matthew, Jul 19, 2017 - We booked with hanh cafe on the 22nd of june however received no confirmation of our booking. We went to their office at Hoi an to check they had received it. The guy had no idea who we were and im not suprised. Their "system" is a paper clipboard with nothing but dates and times.. some booking rederences, no names. Only the day before the bus left did we receive our confirmation email. (And i hear that is typical) When we arrived it was an absolute disorganised disaster, nobody got a ticket, we were told to sit by the side of the road. It took 45min to the load the luggage! Local passengers just sat wherever they wanted because nobody had a designated seat.. the conductor had to manually rearrange half the bus to fit everyone. In the end he just made up a seat number on a peice of paper and told us to sit down. Ultimately the bus was 30mins late to depart and an HOUR and a HALF late to arrive. Must be the least efficient business ive ever seen. - 12Go: Dear Matthew Brian Christie Fiddler, Thank you for your review. The operator will receive your feedback and there is some hope they will do some changes. As for the experience overall, I am sorry to know that it was not up to your expectations. We choose to still include this operator in our list as they often provide routes no one else does. We hope your future trips are more enjoyable. Best regards, 12go.Asia Team

April 2017

Andrew, Apr 2, 2017 - left on time.. driving a bit mad but then that's just vietnam... stopped at a tourist trap on way but ok too go toilet left someone behind arrived on timeish

March 2017

Heather, Mar 20, 2017 - Worst trip I've taken in South-East Asia. The aircon didn't work, my boyfriend's light was broken and would not switch off so for 11 hours he couldn't sleep and the bus was full so he couldn't move. Other bus companies give you toilet breaks each 1-2 hours, in the entire night they stopped twice and another time when I was desperate to pee and asked the driver to pull over he yelled at me. At least 6 people threw up including my bf due to the driver's ridiculously dangerous driving, trying to overtake trucks on blind corners and having to accelerate and violently swerve to avoid oncoming traffic. Would not recommend.

February 2017

Daisy, Feb 25, 2017 - The driver smoked the whole time and rarely had his hands on the wheel. The toilet stop was disgusting. I felt like I was comsantly going to fall out of my sleep due to the careless driving and the speed at which the bus went and overtook other vehicles. Cargo deliveries took priority over people's luggage. This was with hanh cafe we have also travelled with sinh tourist which was 10 times better. Go Asia charge you about 10 times more than you pay on the independent websites or at the bus station - 12Go: Dear Daisy Haresnape While we are sorry that you have had this experience we are surprised about your claim that we have over charged you. It is true that you pay slightly more to book online but our price is mandated by Hanh Cafe and is approximately equal to the three other online ticket sellers that we are aware of. Best regards, Spencer Tiesse, 12Go Business Development Team [Support case #111286](https://12go.asia/en/support-case?token=UzYzMHl2TE15cy8wRFhHdDhNMUtOL0xNTE0rTUN2WTA4OHdOTEUxMGQ2dU1pdkFyall4d3lnbDByeWhJeVEwdGpUU3lLRTBKTDg1TUM4dnhEc3h5cWd3eUR2Skt5Z29MQzh4eU13bXFjcXlLQ284eURUUjJ0QVVB)
Richard, Feb 23, 2017 - Bus was nice but left nearly 1hr late and travel duration stayed incorrectly on website
Kazuto, Feb 20, 2017 - Reliable! I booked 7 ways of bus transportation by 12GO Asia, Bangkok-Sukhothai, Sukhothai-Bangkok, Bangkok-Phnom Penh, Phnom Penh-Sihanukville, Sihanoukville-Phnom Penh, Phnom Penh-Ho Chi Minh, Ho Chi Minh-Mui Ne, Mui Ne-Ho Chi Minh. All tickets I booked were efficient and reliable. I didn't worry for these transportations. Thank you very much!
Thomas, Feb 11, 2017 - The overall trip was fine but it would have been nice to know that they would shuttle us from the station in a tiny minivan to the bus and also that the bus had no bathroom for an eleven hour trip(made bathroom stops about every 3 hours).
Nina, Feb 6, 2017 - When we arrived at Hahn cafe, we were told we are booked for next day! Eventually we were allowed to travel on the 5th Feb. The driver was very rude and wanted my husband I to change our seating and sit apart. He kept saying get out of the bus as we were booked for next day. For some reason he decided leave us alone. Then he forcefully made 2 French women their chang their seats! So many locals were picked between Da Nang to Nha Trang, who were all sleeping on the floor and some put their bags on top of us. The driver smoked cigarette all the time and I felt very sick. It was night mare and we could not sleep all night. Why was I not not told we had to change bus at Nha Trang, when I booked the ticket! The journey suppose to take 22 hours. The company just sent me email to give my review, well, we are still on the bus and not arrived in HCMC and we have now been travelling from Da Nang to HCMC for 24 hours and we will probably arrive in HCMC in next 2 hours. Very disappointed with this bus service. I will never travel on this bus service again. - 12Go: Dear Nina Dattani We are very sorry that you've had this horrible experience and we will be speaking with the company to understand what went wrong here and get compensation for you if possible. Hanh Cafe confirmed your booking for seats, together, on the 5th and did not inform us that there would be a change of bus in Nha Trang. There is absolutely no excuse for their behavior. Best regards, Spencer Tiesse, 12Go Business Development Team [Support case #79010](https://12go.asia/en/support-case?token=UzYzMHl2TE15cy8wcThvdTl3MXh6UFJ4OXNvQjhaTnljMG9qdzRNeVVqeUNNb0JzeHhSM3QrSkVZeURidmJnMEtUZk13RFBQTUNvNDI3TThPVHZGSURqY3hEQXMxTE1pMVRXNTNOY29MRGMxMUs4Y0FBPT0,)
Barbora, Feb 6, 2017 - Be care of this company, we travel by Hahn Cafe VIP sleeper bus from Da Nang to Ho Chi Min City by two buses, in First driver put us 6 people on back seats for 5 people and The safety bels were broken and when we asked why the driver start to be agressive and push Us by the force to back. In the second we got downster seats but the safety belts were again broken. In the bus were 2 times more people than use to be, like people laing on the all ground around us. Don´t use this company for travels around Vietnam. They just tell you. You are dirty foreinrs for them. And when you wont to make complaint, They just laught on You. Be care never use the 12go asia and Hahn Cafe bus!!! The worst agency all time what I travel around whole Asia. They are just cheaters not real travel agency!!!! - 12Go: Dear Barbora Slavickova We are very sorry that you have had this experience with Hanh Cafe and we have inquired with them as to why the service was so poor on this particular trip. However, we are not sure why you think we have cheated you or are not a real travel agency? While we are only a seller of transportation tickets, not the transportation provider and thus can't directly control the quality of service, we take these complaints very seriously and will attempt to obtain some sort of refund from Hanh Cafe. We hope that the rest of your time in Vietnam goes more smoothly. Best regards, Spencer Tiesse, 12Go Business Development Team
Cara, Feb 2, 2017 - Was not notified of a transfer. Ride took 5 hours longer than expected.

January 2017

Inge, Jan 30, 2017 - The chairs were terrible designed, some sort of pillow was attachted so you could not sit straight up. We lef aan bit late as usual and arrived 1.5h late because of a flat tire they don't inform you about during the trip.
Andrus, Jan 29, 2017 - Couldn' complain about anything. Departure and arrival were on time, trip took 5h as promised. In Mui Ne they took us to our hotel with a mini-bus. All OK!
Lyndsay, Jan 28, 2017 - Quick, easy and comfortable.
Karen, Jan 25, 2017 - When we booked we didn't notice we had booked a sleeper. Not surprising really as the journey was from 1pm until 5.30pm-ish. in theory). We left at 1.30pm and arrived at 6.30pm. The toilet break was unpleasant not helped by the heavy rain. The ladies loos were squat ones and the men's were outside. All sodden. Food and drink options very limited. Being a sleeper the seats were reclined and very cramped for my partner who is 6'1". Luckily he managed to use a seat in the aisle so could stretch out his legs on either side. A window seat would have been very uncomfortable for him. The air conditioning couldn't be turned off completely so it did get cold. With everyone taking off their shoes, it was a bit smelly too. We would definitely use a non-sleeper coach next time.
Pablo, Jan 23, 2017 - Never use Hanh Cafe/Haphuong, this company provides wrong schedules, speaks on a very rude manner and make fun of you even if they make a mistake on their reservation. Seriously avoid them at all cost.
David, Jan 22, 2017 - Slow trip but see lots of sights.
Raul, Jan 19, 2017 - They changed us from one bus to another and we arrived 2 hours delayed
Charpentier, Jan 15, 2017 - It's very confortable

December 2016

Danielle, Dec 30, 2016 - Ride was fine, but a little bit to late and we sit/lay above so if the airco was on it was cold en when input him out, it was to warm.
Prashanth, Dec 22, 2016 - seats are not the most comfortable they are for asian sizes. the service was very good from hcmc to mui ne
Kirill, Dec 19, 2016 - Fast, but too much stops, the light was always on, so I couldn't sleep.
Kirill, Dec 15, 2016 - Everything is fine! Comfortable and fast enough.
Kirill, Dec 15, 2016 - Everything is fine, maybe not so much space on the feets, it depends on the bus.
Giuseppe, Dec 13, 2016 - Ci siamo trovati malissimo, personale scortese, partiti ed arrivati 1 ora in ritardo. Meglio the sinh tourist
Reaven, Dec 12, 2016 - There was a lot of confusion over the change of buses, we got left in a carpark with no information. After hanging around in the rain for half an hour, some man came over and started shouting at us in Vietnamese and made us get on a bus which he then told us was going to Hanoi. Not a very pleasant experience.
Kirill, Dec 11, 2016 - Everything's fine!

November 2016

Boris, Nov 30, 2016 - We changed the bus in the middle of a trip. They just suddenly put us in a minivan and took us to a different part of city. There was no mention of this. Otherwise, OK.

October 2016

Clare, Oct 21, 2016 - Comfortable space and clean. But service a bit unfriendly and music very loud and irritating for first two hours of trip.

Hanh Cafe

Hanh Cafe Standard AC Inside
Hanh Cafe Standard AC Inside
Standard AC Outside
Hanh Cafe Standard AC Outside

Schedule Hanh Cafe

00:30, 01:00, 01:30, 08:00, 08:30, 09:30, 10:00, 11:00, 11:30, 13:00, 13:30, 16:00, 16:30;
01:30, 07:00, 12:00, 13:30;
01:00, 01:30, 13:00, 13:30;
01:00, 01:30, 13:00, 13:30;
3.0 Da Nang - Hanoi
0.0 Da Nang - Hue
09:00, 14:30;
11:30, 16:30;
07:00, 08:00, 11:00, 13:45, 15:00, 17:30, 20:00;
07:45, 09:30, 13:15, 16:30, 19:15, 21:30;
08:00, 20:00, 20:30, 21:00, 22:00;
1.0 Hue - Hanoi
0.0 Hue - Nha Trang
08:30, 13:30;
3.0 Hue - Quang Nam
08:30, 13:30;
07:00, 12:30;
07:30, 12:30;
07:30, 13:00;
08:00, 20:30;
08:00, 20:00, 20:30, 21:00;
07:30, 12:30;
07:30, 13:30;
2.0 Quang Nam - Hue
07:30, 13:30;

Stations Hanh Cafe

Hoi An Hanh Cafe, Hue Hanh Cafe, Mui Ne Hanh Cafe, Ho Chi Minh Hanh Cafe, Nha Trang Hanh Cafe, Hanoi My Dinh, Da Nang Hanh Cafe, Dalat Hanh Cafe, Phan Thiet HanhCafe