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One of the better domestic airlines in Myanmar who claim to consistently offer a premium quality and service is FMI Air. This relatively new company has a growing reputation for providing high-quality flights and is becoming more popular with tourists and business travellers.

Started in 2012, FMI Air has been offering an increasing number of flights around Myanmar whilst providing a high level of service compared to its competitors. The aircraft are more modern and have a perfect safety record. Many passengers claim the seats are comfortable and the service is top-notch.

Routes Served by FMI Air

FMI Air is a premium airline in Myanmar that offers 17 domestic flights each week between Yangon and the capital, Naypyidaw. You can also use this airline to fly between its main base in Yangon and Mandalay, Bagan (Nyaung U) and Inle Lake (Heho). To date, FMI air has four aircraft including two ATR72-600's and two CRJ200’s.


The most popular route by far is between Yangon and Naypyidaw, which makes it convenient for business travellers and official employees. It takes only 1 hour to get to the capital compared to 6 hours if you travel by bus and 9 – if opt for a train. Air tickets cost from USD120.

Other domestic routes

Other popular routes link Yangon to the tourist destinations including Bagan, Mandalay, and Inle Lake.

Typical routes along with duration and ticket price are listed below in USD:

Yangon to and from Heho is 2 hours with a stopover in Naypyidaw for USD80 on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.

Yangon to and from Nyaung U (Bagan) is 1 hour 20 for direct and 2 hours with a stopover for USD100 on Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays.

Yangon to and from Mandalay is 2 hours and 15 minutes for USD80 on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday with a stopover in the capital.

The only downside is that the total distance is increased for tourist routes with a short stopover and flight change in Naypyidaw.


Excellent safety record
Relatively new and clean aircraft
Good lounge service with a variety of refreshments
Strong Wi-Fi in departures
Excellent customer service
Most staff can speak basic English
You can book most tickets online


Typically more expensive compared to other domestic flights
Prone to delays and only notify passengers via email
Not as many flight routes as other domestic airlines due to a smaller fleet
Poor customer service if you need to call them
Doesn’t have daily flights between popular tourist routes

Keep in Mind

The best route with this airline is between Yangon and Naypyidaw
Flights are less flexible
Most flights to popular tourist destinations have a stopover in Naypyidaw
The flights from Yangon to Bagan are early in the morning
Flights tend to cost slightly more than other airlines such as Air KBZ. Though passengers claim the extra price to be worth it for the better service and treatment.

Travellers Reviews

The airline receives many reviews from business travellers who fly between Yangon to Mandalay and are consistently happy with their service. The staff are professional and give some of the best customer service. Flights are more expensive compared to other domestic airlines, but overall, it’s worth it for the comfortable experience.

Travellers seem to agree on the point that while FMI labels itself as the premium airline of Myanmar they live up to their reputation. Their lounge in Yangon and Naypyidaw is high-quality and the in-flight meals are always much better than other airlines offer. In many cases the flights are not full and the staff give enough attention to each passenger smiling and treating them like they were royalty.

Almost all the reviews state that the travellers who have flown with FMI Air would recommend the airline 100% and fly with FMI Air again.

We also stumbled upon a couple of reviews concerning a 2-hour delay of certain flights and though all the passengers were advised in advance via email, it potentially could cause some inconvenience. Apart from that the service and plane were as expected for the cost of the ticket.

Buy FMI Air Tickets

08:00, 09:00, 09:30, 11:15, 14:30
08:45, 09:30, 14:45
06:30, 07:00, 11:00, 11:15, 14:25, 14:30, 16:00, 17:05, 17:10
07:00, 08:45, 09:00, 11:15, 14:30, 14:45, 17:05

FMI Air Company Reviews

3 / 31
5 1
4 0
3 0
2 1
1 1
93.5% of 31 travelers were presumably happy with FMI Air as they left good or no review

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Oct 6, 2017
avia Economy, FMI Air
Our flight was cancelled twice. When we arrived at the airport we were slyly told that our direct flight now had a stopover in Mandalay. It would have been appreciated to be told straight up.

FMI Air Stations

Yangon Airport Nay Pyi Taw International Airport Kawthaung Airport Dawei Airport Myeik Airport