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Coda Lines is a transport provider based in the Philippines that started operations in 1996, originally servicing the route between Kiangan and Baguio but now carrying thousands of passengers across Luzon each year.

Routes served by Coda Lines

From Manila (Quezon)

Buses from Manila bring you to Sagada, Bontoc and Banaue with special trips travelling via Ifugao and Baguio and thus making it a perfect choice to travel to the most popular destinations in the Cordilliera Mountains.

There are four services every evening day scheduled to depart at 20.00, 20.30, 21.00 and 22.00.

Travelling between Quezon City and Banaue takes 9 hours with tickets costing PHP600. The return journey from Banaue to Quezon City departs four times each day (at 13.00, 17.00, 17.30 and 18.00) with tickets priced from PHP600 and an approximate duration of 10 hours.

The journey between Quezon City and Bontoc usually takes around 11 hours and is priced at PHP820. Tickets for the return trip are priced from PHP820 with scheduled departures at 11.30, 15.00, 16.00 and 17.00.

Finally getting to Sagada should last around 12 hours with tickets starting from PHP860. There are also four services every day between Sagada and Quezon City with tickets for the 11 hour journey priced from PHP820 and scheduled departures at 11.30, 15.00, 16.00 and 17.00.

From Baguio

Coda Lines also offers overnight services including a daily departure at 20.30 from Baguio to Maddela, scheduled to arrive at 16.30 the following afternoon.

There are also services between Baguio and Banaue and Kiangan, departing at 21.30 and 21.00 respectively. Both trips usually last around 20 hours and are scheduled to arrive the following evening.


Coda Lines offers a wide range of routes to destinations across the Luzon region with well-scheduled departures. The cost of tickets on all of these services are competitive and much lower than many other operators that provide services along routes in this region.

With over 20 years of experience, passengers can rest assured that the company has an excellent reputation and safety record.


The biggest issue with travelling with Coda Lines is often the arrival times. On some services the scheduled arrival time is very early in the morning which can be inconvenient for passengers and mean that they may have to wait at the bus station before heading to their accommodation.

Unfortunately, many of the vehicles used by Coda Lines on these routes do not offer wi-fi, and those that do often have poor connectivity. This can be inconvenient as the trips are all pretty long so it would be useful if passengers had internet access in case they need to arrange accommodation.

The express bus has no onboard toilet, although there are frequent breaks for passengers to use the bathroom facilities, which can be problematic on some of the longer trips such as the 12 hour journey between Quezon City and Sagada.

Keep in mind

Children aged under three can travel for free if they sit on their parent’s lap.

Travellers reviews

The enviable reputation that Coda Lines boasts after successfully operating services for over 20 years is one of the main reasons why the operator is so popular. The low cost and good range of routes and departure times is also attractive to visitors, especially those who are travelling on a budget. The option of overnight services is also useful as travellers can save money on accommodation and do not have to spend a whole day sitting aboard a bus, this is particularly useful for anyone who is travelling on a tight schedule.

Unfortunately, not all of the buses used by Coda Lines on these services offer an onboard toilet. Whilst the deluxe buses do have a toilet, passengers who travel on routes using the express buses will have to wait until for the scheduled breaks in order to use the facilities.

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Manila - Sagada
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20:00, 22:30, 23:00
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21:00, 22:00, 22:30
Sagada - Manila
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Coda Lines Company Reviews

274 customer reviews
99.3% of 8,452 travelers were presumably happy with Coda Lines as they left good or no review
Bus VIP 36, Coda Lines, Nov 19, 2019
A real nice compagny. We arrived on time even earlier! The bus is a real nice and comfortable bus. What could be appreciated is to have blanket available in the bus. Otherwise everything was very good! Thanks for the safe driving!
Bus VIP 36, Coda Lines, Nov 19, 2019
Much too cold and driver didn't say anything when stopping. So you never know when and how much time there was for food.
Bus Express, Coda Lines, Nov 15, 2019
Not much leg room, bus arrived 2 hours late in Sagada!
Bus Express, Coda Lines, Nov 12, 2019
Hassle-free trip to Sagada. And very much ontime! ♡
Bus VIP 36, Coda Lines, Nov 9, 2019
I could have rated this better, but VIP service is far from being. - temperature. Everybody was dressed like if were hiking at the himalayas. Even the driver was wearing a jacket. Why do we need to travel 9 hours like that? I’m from The Netherlands and am used to cold but this was insane. - bus started the trip one hour late and still stopped 20 times to pickup and drop off short distance travellers and sales people. - wifi not working and the snack 12go mentions doesnt exist. - safety: I know they are very used to this driving style and is a standard in Philippines (drivers seems are very used to this) but this will sooner or later create a tragedy...
Bus VIP 36, Coda Lines, Oct 30, 2019
Our trip was great. I just did not like the experience when the person in front of me laid down his chair too much and place his hand on the head rest. It was annoying because he got some space from me. The fare is also pricier compared to the official site. Nonetheless, the trip was great and we arrived 30 minutes earlier.
Bus VIP 36, Coda Lines, Oct 13, 2019
As a night bus trip this was not bad but we found air conditioning cold and there were not enough blankets for everyone. The advertised wifi was also non-existent. Safe driver though and we got there ahead of schedule.
Bus VIP 36, Coda Lines, Oct 11, 2019
This is meant to be a VIP bus but apart from the (non working) toilet on board, nothing about this bus is VIP. The seats are small (and I'm pretty small) so you feel squashed and they are not comfortable, especially for a journey of 9 hours. People bring lots of luggage on board and put them under the seats so you can't even stretch your legs. The toilet on board doesn't work and there is no water to wash your hands. Of course no toilet paper or soap. It's just toilet in name otherwise it needs a lot of improvement. The driver drives like crazy and I arrived an hour before I was meant to arrive into Banaue. The air conditioning is so high that even with multiple layers and trousers and shoes on, I was absolutely frozen. It is the coldest bus I have ever been on and I've travelled a lot in Asia. If you're going to take the bus wear 2-3 layers and consider tights under your trousers because it really is that cold. We only stopped once for a break, which wasn't enough as it is so cramped on the bus that you really need at least a couple of stops to stretch your legs. No blankets or wifi, which was advertised. Unfortunately there's not many companies that offer this route so until there is more competition Coda lines will continue to run this poor service. It's not a VIP service, little more than a public bus. The staff are nice, which is the positive and that I reached Banaue safely.
Bus Express, Coda Lines, Aug 13, 2019
Areas of Improvement 1. The seats are cramped and there is not enough legroom. The price of 600+ is almost near that of JOYBUS executive coach. Its like riding a regular bus. 2. Non-accomodating staff. They won't help you with your bags and they have no training on assisting tourists. It was too cold inside the bus and there were no blankets offered, no wifi, no television. Not comfortable. My fellow passenger was shaking because of the temperature. 3. Waiting Area had no protection from heat and rain. Positive Points 1. We reached Banaue at 4.30 AM
Bus VIP 36, Coda Lines, Aug 10, 2019
The bus journey itself was fine but was cold. We arrived a lot earlier than expected.
Bus VIP 36, Coda Lines, Aug 8, 2019
Booking online was efficient. Felt safe throughout the trip. We arrived way ahead of schedule.
Bus VIP 36, Coda Lines, Jul 29, 2019
Uncomfortable seats because not enough leg room. No charging terminals. But safe and fast travel though
Bus Express, Coda Lines, Jul 28, 2019
I think there was double booking 'coz someone was also registered on the same seat. Good thing the one in-charge was quick to provide me with a window seat.
Bus VIP 36, Coda Lines, Jul 28, 2019
The bus left banaue about 45min late and arrived in manila more than one hour late. It would probably have catched up the delay if it didn't stop many times. The wifi didn't work. The driving was ok.
Bus Express, Coda Lines, Jul 25, 2019
Driver was very good en drive safely. Only reason I don’t give 5* is because of te AC. Very cold in the bus, not easy to fall asleep while it’s that cold.
Bus Express, Coda Lines, Jul 23, 2019
Nice trip. The air con was perfect. We had blankets but didn't have to use them. The bus arrived one hour ahead of schedule.
Bus Express, Coda Lines, Jul 5, 2019
Would’ve been 5, but the floor of the stall at one stop was soaked and got my pants wet
Bus Express, Coda Lines, Jun 14, 2019
17 degrees in the bus.. really cold in the bus. They say it is because of preventing the windows from fogging. I wonder if there no other way to deal with this issue!? Also the bus stops quite frequently to pick up and drop of locals on the route
Bus VIP 36, Coda Lines, Jun 13, 2019
Late arrival I'm guessing due to weather condition. Was so cold on the bus. Smell of toilet at times. And driver stopped to allow some people to buy souvenirs items when we were already more than one hour late.
Bus VIP 36, Coda Lines, May 30, 2019
At a 12 hour bustrip we have 1 lunch stop at 2 oclock... just after we got in. Kinda weird. Preferrabble the stop should be at 7:00pm or smth. Further decent bus, not like the pictures but fine.

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