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Chan Tour Schedule & Timetable

Bangkok - Nong Khai
07:00, 08:00, 09:00, 19:30, 20:30, 20:45, 21:45
Bangkok - Khon Kaen
05:45, 07:00, 08:00, 09:00, 10:00, 10:15, 11:15, 12:15, 13:15, 14:15, 15:00, 16:15, 17:15, 18:30, 19:30, 19:45, 20:30, 20:45, 21:00, 21:15, 21:45, 22:00
Khon Kaen - Bangkok
00:45, 07:45, 08:45, 09:45, 10:00, 10:30, 12:45, 16:30, 18:00, 19:30, 19:40, 20:40, 21:00, 21:30
Nong Khai - Bangkok
08:30, 10:15, 11:45, 14:00, 18:15, 19:00, 20:45, 22:00
Khon Kaen - Pattaya
10:00, 21:30
Bangkok - Bueng Kan
19:30, 20:30
Bueng Kan - Bangkok
Pattaya - Khon Kaen
10:00, 21:00
Kalasin - Rayong
Rayong - Kalasin
08:30, 17:00, 17:30, 18:15, 19:00
Rayong - Khon Kaen
10:45, 19:20, 19:30, 19:35, 20:15, 20:30, 21:15
Bangkok - Mahasarakham
10:00, 21:15, 22:00
Loei - Rayong
17:00, 19:00
Bangkok - Udon Thani
21:00, 21:45
Rayong - Nong Bua Lamphu
Mahasarakham - Bangkok
09:05, 10:00, 20:35, 21:30

About Chan Tour

Company Information

Based in both Pattaya and Bangkok, Chan Tour services the north east of Thailand and connects the region with the hugely popular tourist city of Pattaya.

Routes served by Chan Tour

Bangkok–Khon Kaen

There are 22 daily departures from Bangkok to Khon Kaen, with buses between 05.45 and 22.00. Tickets are available for THB400 and the journey usually lasts between seven and eight hours, with 11 services every day heading from Khon Kaen to the capital of Thailand, Bangkok. Buses depart Khon Kaen from 00.45 until 21.30 each day, with a journey time of around eight hours.

Pattaya–Khon Kaen

From Khon Kaen it is also possible to visit the beach resorts around Pattaya, with two buses each day heading to the coast. Departures leave for Pattaya at 10.00 and 21.30 each day, scheduled to arrive in the popular tourist city at 19.30 and 07.00 respectively. The duration of this trip is usually between nine and ten hours and tickets are priced at around THB585.

Bangkok–Nong Khai

From Bangkok you can visit Nong Khai, the gateway to Laos and its capital Vientiane. There are six daily departures from Bangkok each day, between 07.00 and 21.45, making the 11 hour journey. Tickets cost around THB540 and is one of the cheapest options for any travellers looking to visit Laos.


Chan Tour is a popular operator with visitors as there is a good choice of departure times on most of the routes on offer. This is especially the case on the Bangkok to Khon Kaen route, where there are 22 buses each day, with an excellent choice of departure times whether you want to travel overnight or throughout the day to arrive in Khon Kaen for lunchtime or early evening.

The Bangkok – Nong Khai route is useful for anyone wishing to visit Vientiane in Laos. It is possible to travel overnight from Bangkok and arrive at the border with Laos for lunchtime the following day, which is perfect for those looking to pass through immigration and cross the border.


The range of routes on offer when travelling with Chan Tour is fairly limited and could be improved.

It may come as a surprise that the Bangkok to Pattaya route is not offered by Chan Tour, as this is one of the most popular routes for visitors to Thailand. Also, it would be useful for travellers to visit Nong Khai directly from Pattaya as this is one of the major entry points into Laos. For those with limited time remaining on their visas, it can be inconvenient to travel back to Bangkok from Pattaya with Chan Tour as you will then have an 11 hour journey from the capital to Nong Khai, far from ideal for anyone who is on a tight schedule.

Keep in mind

Anyone catching one of the earliest departures from Bangkok to Nong Khai may find it a struggle to cross the border in the same day, as the border will close in the early evening. It is quite likely that you will have to stay overnight in Nong Khai and cross into Laos the following morning.

Travellers reviews

Visitors opt for Chan Tour mainly for the relatively low cost of tickets, especially on the Bangkok – Nong Khai route. Although it is far quicker to fly from Bangkok to Vientiane, you will not be able to make this trip for anywhere near the price of THB545 offered by Chan Tour.

The major issue travellers have with Chan Tour is the relatively limited range of routes on offer and there are other operators around the country that can boast a wider ranging network that will be more convenient for those travelling around Thailand.

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Chan Tour Stations

Khon Kaen Chan TourPattaya T TourKalasinRayongLoei Bus TerminalBangkok Chan TourChiang YunKra NuanNayoongBueng GaanSang Khom Chan TourSuwannakhuhaSrang KhomDon TanNong Bua Lam Phu

Chan Tour Company Reviews

Bus VIP, Chan Tour, Oct 11, 2018
Bus VIP, Chan Tour, Sep 3, 2018
Quick and super easy!
Bus VIP, Chan Tour, Aug 19, 2018
Old bus and slowly and dangerous driver.
Bus VIP, Chan Tour, Aug 1, 2018
The bus was 1.5 hours late. Ladies at the ticket office were trying to put me in a different seat despite I booked a very good seat online. They just ignored it crossed out the seat number on my ticket and replaced it with their own. Only after I noticed and complained they corrected. It looked like it was done deliberately.
Bus VIP, Chan Tour, Jul 26, 2018
Good service but still cannot understand why Thai buses seem to ave the air-conditioning set so cold! Make sure you bring warm clothes on any Thai bus trip!
Bus VIP, Chan Tour, Jul 26, 2018
Very mediocre service. No useful information provided which makes it hard for someone that doesn’t know the city to get there and everything sorted out in time. Bus was ok
Bus VIP, Chan Tour, Jun 20, 2018
Arrive before the expected time ???? Operators dont understand english but google translate helped.
Bus VIP, Chan Tour, Apr 16, 2018
พนักงานขายตั๋วพูดจาไม่ดี ทั้งทางโทรศัพท์และต่อหน้า ไม่เต็มใจให้บริการ รถมาเลต 2 ชม. กว่าในช่วงสงกรานต์ และไม่ได้นั่งที่ตัวเองเลือกไว้ จองชั้นบนได้นั่งชั้นล่าง เพราะจองผ่านเว็บ เขาบอกว่าไปทับที่กับอีกคนนึง ยังดีที่ได้นั่งเบาะคู่อยู่ ผ้าห่มบางและพื้นเล็ก(แอร์หนาวมาก) เบาะไฟฟ้าก็เสียนวดไม่ได้ เอนเบาะก็ได้ไม่สุดเพราะต้องเกรงใจคนข้างหลัง(เบาะถี่กัน) นอนไม่สบาย ปวดคอไม่มีหมอนรองคอ พนักงานขับรถเร็วอันตราย จุดพักรถ 30 นาทีก็สกปรกมาก มืดๆ น่ากลัว อาหารที่แจกอะไรก็ไม่รู้ ไม่อิ่มและไม่มีคุณภาพ สุดท้ายคือถึงจองตั๋วไว้ล่วงหน้า แต่ไม่รู้ว่าพอไปถึงหน้างานจะได้ขึ้นรถรึเปล่าต้องโทรไปยืนยันอีกทีว่าเราจองได้ที่นั่งแล้วจริงๆ
Bus VIP, Chan Tour, Apr 16, 2018
*Cons: 1) Very old, I'd say "ancient", bus. 2) Entertainment system and massage weren't working. 3)Bus arrived 3 hours (!!!) late than in schedule. 3) It was freezing as hell at night. 4)In Nong Khai bus wasn't stop at Friendship Bridge and goes straight to bus station , keep that in mind! 5) Terrible toilet. *Pros: 1)No cockroaches. I think it want survives in that bloody cold night. 2) Seating was big and comfort enough. *Well. it was our first and last trip with Chan Tour. Nalonchai Air - one love. [ ********************************************] Минусы: 1) Очень старый, можно сказать древний автобус. 2) Не работает, ни система развлечений, ни массаж в кресле. 3) В Нонг Кай автобус пришел с техчасовым (!!!) опозданием. Еле-как успели попасть в консульство во Вьентьяне. 4) Ночью было холодно как на северном полюсе, не смотря на теплую одежду и одеяло. 5) В Нонг Кай автобус возле границы (Мост Дружбы) НЕ ОСТАНАВЛИВАЕТСЯ, имейте это в виду и не верьте Данилу. 6) Туалет очень не удобный, смывать за собой нужно водой из ведерка, нормальной подачи воды нет, соотв. умывальник тоже не работает. Ну хоть не воняло и то ладно. Плюсы: 1) Не было тараканов. Похоже они не выживают в таком холоде. 2)Кресла хоть и старые, но довольно удобные. Резюме: это была наша первая и последняя поездка автобусами Chan Tour. Nakonchai Air - ван лав!
Bus VIP, Chan Tour, Apr 11, 2018
It is good.
Bus VIP, Chan Tour, Apr 10, 2018
TV was not working, we made only one stop. We picked up sombody on the way, they were standing at the bus. Aircon was too strong.
Bus VIP, Chan Tour, Apr 9, 2018
Chairs cannot be adjusted coz switch buttoms are broken. Despite I chose seat selection from 12go page, I didn't get the seat that I selected. Apart from those, everything is not so bad.
Bus VIP, Chan Tour, Mar 16, 2018
Easy, run, bit slow, due to stops. Good reclining seats
Bus VIP, Chan Tour, Feb 25, 2018
Siège confortable arrivé avant l heure parfait
Bus VIP, Chan Tour, Feb 23, 2018
VIP очень уставший. Индивидуальный ТВ работал: берите наушники 3.5джек. Есть вход IN, вроде тоже 3.5 (не проверял). На первом этаже замечены тараканы (большие и упитанные). Были орешки, сладка булочка и вода. Туалет тесный. На станцию лучше приехать минут за 40, т.к. за 30 минут автобус переезжает на большую станцию (в 500м), и уходит по расписанию с нее. В Нонгкхае первая остановка у моста дружбы, после едет на автовокзал. Наш автобус приехал значительно раньше времени указанного в расписании. Учтите, что первый International bus отправляется в 7:30 PS возвращались в Бангкок на "Экспресс" от другого провайдера, вот тот больше подходит к категории VIP ;)
Bus VIP, Chan Tour, Feb 10, 2018
les sieges sont vraiment très confortables mais les écrans ne marchaient vraiment pas bien, impossible de regarder un film. Une seule pause de 10 minutes en 10h50 de trajets... courir pour acheter un paquet de chips... on a eu très faim... c’est le seul bémol
Bus VIP, Chan Tour, Jan 24, 2018
The departure time is little of delay. And those didn't speak English
Bus VIP, Chan Tour, Jan 8, 2018
Bathroom terrible
Bus VIP, Chan Tour, Jan 8, 2018
Fantastically luxurious experience. The seats are very comfortable and recline almost into a lying position, there's a pillow attached to them, the crew is nice, they provide a blanket, some food and water. Every seat has a screen attached to it. The bus was a little late, but this is Thailand. One of the nicest trips I've done.
Bus VIP, Chan Tour, Jan 2, 2018
It was very hard to find tickets to Bangkok because of the new year, everywhere we tried told us that it was fully booked. Then I found on internet and found a two tickets very happy to have used the internet site and will use it again.
Bus VIP, Chan Tour, Jan 1, 2018
Buss delayed half an hour, only information in Thai at the busstation, very helpful staff, got on the right bus, traffic horrible in Bangkok, 2 extra hours to get out, highway closed, 3 extra hours, detour, the delay is not chan tours fault, I got to khon kaen, in an old but comfortable buss, I will go by buss again ,
Bus VIP, Chan Tour, Dec 29, 2017
Bus was a bit old but very confortable seats. The route and pilot very safe and professiobal. The snacks they provide is crap, but this doesnt mean to me. The only annoying thing is that air conditioning was at max for all the trip and inside the bus was unnecessarely cold (if freezing) so please bring some warm clothes.
Bus VIP, Chan Tour, Dec 28, 2017
12 hrs journey but no break for late supper.Driver excellent.
Bus VIP, Chan Tour, Dec 12, 2017
Very confortable
Bus VIP, Chan Tour, Dec 11, 2017
Stars are for the very comfortable seats and working wifi. Unfortunately sat on aisle seat so no air con above or reached me which made a very hot 10 hour journey. Also the same for the plug sockets. Bus would make random stops without explanation. I got off to use toilet and bus left without checking that I'd returned! Had to call driver and have him return.
Bus VIP, Chan Tour, Nov 21, 2017
Very comfortable seats reclined to an almost full flat position what allowed a nice sleep during a 12 hours ride. No wifi service available as opposed to the descirption.
Bus VIP, Chan Tour, Oct 4, 2017
Bus VIP, Chan Tour, Sep 15, 2017
very good conditions 休憩は短いものが3回あります
Bus VIP, Chan Tour, Aug 12, 2017
65 customer reviews
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