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Bus Express are a specialist bus company who exclusively run a service between Bangkok and Phuket. The service runs between Bangkok Southern Bus Terminal ( Sai Tai Mai) and Phuket Bus Terminal 2 (located in Phuket town, where Thoranee Thong intersects with Thepkrasattri Road).

Routes served by Bus Express

The company runs a daily schedule of six departures every day in both directions. They offer both a cheaper Express and plushier VIP24 service (24 seats only), and the journey duration is around 14 hours.


From Bangkok to Phuket, only one of the six departures is in the morning at 6.40am (Express). The remaining five departures are all overnight services, with one leaving at 3.30pm (Express), two at 5.30pm (Express and VIP), one at 6.30pm (Express), and the final departure is at 8.30pm (VIP).

Even if there is a wide choice of overnight departures, try to book them at least a couple of days in advance as Bangkok–Phuket route is one of the most popular in the country and is sold out quickly even during weekdays and low season period.


From Phuket to Bangkok, there's also only one morning departure at 6.30am (Express), two departures in the afternoon at 1.30pm (Express) and 3.30pm Express), one at 5.00pm (VIP), and two final departures at 6.30pm (Express and VIP).

Keep in mind

As mentioned above, Bus Express offers both an Express and a VIP service. The Express is adequate if you are on a budget (although less adequate than that of other operators!), with a ticket costing around THB650, whilst the VIP service costs around THB1,000.

All the buses have air-con, on board toilets, stewards and provide snacks and water. Meals are served at the stop or in the beginning of your journey in the form of a lunch box containing some rice and curry and are included into ticket price.

If you can afford, do opt for a VIP24 as it is the most comfortable type of buses found in Thailand with only three seats per row instead of usual four resulting in more legroom.

Compared to the other two main operators, Phuket Travel and Phuket Central Tour, it's not as popular or reputable as the former, but is a more frequently used operator than Phuket Central.

However, the reviews of the service are generally more negative than Phuket Central. Similarly to Phuket Central, the VIP service receives more favourable reviews than the Express service.


Positives about the services provided include co-operative staff, comfortable buses and a nice meal at the stopover (VIP bus only).

Also, the service is generally on time and is considered by a number of customers to be generally good value when taking into account the price of the ticket.


As with Phuket Central, a number of improvements to the service have been suggested. One of the top complaints is that the bus is very cold, so it's essential that you take some warm clothes to wear.

There have also been several cases of the bus stopping on numerous occasions along the way, not stopping at all or for too short a time, and also some late arrivals.

The driving style sometimes leaves much to be desired, the seats are uncomfortable and in some buses, the seats are cracked or do not recline for sleeping.

Travellers reviews

To our great surprise, travellers often complain about buses being late and making numerous stops en-route. While it can happen, especially if you travel during holiday periods or long weekends, it is quite uncommon for buses in Thailand in general to arrive much later that the schedule states.

Air-conditioning is almost always an issue people complain of. Do have some warm clothes at hand –sweaters or light jackets are great, hoodies are even better; but pashminas do a good job, too.

Toilets are sometimes smelly. Unfortunately, it often happens on long distance routes; so try to get a seat as far as possible from the toilet and use those at the bathroom stops.

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Bus Express Company Reviews

Bus VIP 24, Bus Express, Mar 18, 2020
Toilet was durty and air conditionner was too cold. Bus was confortable. And bus was in time.
Bus Express, Bus Express, Mar 17, 2020
Выбирали самый бюджетный вариант для трансфера из Банкока в Пхукет. Конечно без минусов не обошлось: - Ехали 14 часов всего с 1 остановкой в 20 минут. Это просто издевательство над пассажирами. При этом водитель постоянно останавливался по своими нуждам. - Автобус выехал на 50 минут позже. - Мы выбрали места на втором этаже. Ночью очень сильно трясло, ремней безопасности конечно же не было. - Прохладно с кондёрами. Но если поедете в толстовке, штанах и кроссовках и сверху укроетесь пледом- не замёрзнете. + Доброжелательность водителя + Выдают по бутылке воды и пачке печенья + Единственная остановка была в хорошем месте, где есть цивильный туалет и магазинчики с едой В целом, если хотите сэкономить и готовы потерпеть 14 часов- то это ваш вариант.
Bus Express, Bus Express, Feb 25, 2020
1. Make sure you have the correct boarding area. There are 2 #11's. 2. Seats are ok 3. It was supposed to be first class, but , bus was beat up and not cared for. Needed a good cleaning. 4. The toilet was disgusting. If you have to sit, learn to hover. 5 a little more communication at the numerous stops would have been a nice touch.
Bus Express, Bus Express, Feb 18, 2020
Очень холодно в автобусе! Кондеры просили выключить неоднократно! Люди все кутались в выданные пледы, но они не помогали! Я заболела, мой отдых начался с температуры и больного горла!
Bus Express, Bus Express, Feb 17, 2020
I struggle to sleep on the move and this was a 12.5 hours bus journey through the night and the roads are in really bad repair. I was in seat no. 3 right at the front so got to see over the edge of every hairpin bend that had extremely steep slops, absolutely terrifying. As well the seat has a broken 'safety rail' right in the middle of the leg spAce meaning I had one leg either side, getting out of the seat I had to be a Contortionist. For the money I save, I would have willingly paid 3 times the price to fly after being on the bus for 1 hour. AVOID SEATS 1-4
Bus Express, Bus Express, Feb 11, 2020
Made it on time despite all the stopping. I saw some reviews saying that it was too cold on the bus but I personally enjoyed that. And it was cheap.
Bus Express, Bus Express, Feb 11, 2020
It is a long way 14hours, these guys tried to be friendly and polite. The bus was a bit old and not clean, got bitten from ants too, some of the seatbelts were broken, not really safe and if you booked on-line the numbers of the seats did not match the actual numbers in the bus, very confusing. I understand the stops to pick up and drop other passengers but with one 20 minutes stop as a break after 4hours and none for next 10hours...c'mon.
Bus Express, Bus Express, Feb 7, 2020
Departed slightly late - arrived slightly early. The bus looked a bit run down but could find a seat with working USB and working reclining mechanism. On a full bus this could be a problem. Unlike previous journeys the air con wasn't turned up to eleven. The temperature was just right which meant you could grap some needed sleep sessions on the way down. Overal, very happy with journey and price.
Bus Express, Bus Express, Feb 2, 2020
Air Conditioned too cold. They provided one blanket, water, some cookies. Too many stops drop in drop off people. Not enoughts to go for a drink or food, or toilet.
Bus Express, Bus Express, Feb 1, 2020
Всё супер, автобус был вовремя , бесплатно кормили , разрешили пересесть на другие места
Bus Express, Bus Express, Jan 31, 2020
We took the Express Bus asuming that it will be a premium travel option. Im fact this is not the case. Express doesn't mean you will drive from A to B in a fast way. The Bus stops every 30 minutes to pick someone up along the way or to collect some strange parcel from the street. This leads to a delay of almost 3 hours! On bookig confirmation time was estimated to be 11h - the trip took us 13,5h! Furthermore you only have two stops where you're allowed to go outside. One after 1h (what doesn't make any Sense) and one after 10 hours. You need to brace yourself because you definitely don't want to use the toilet on the bus. The door lock was broken, cabin was full of crap, no water and very dirty. You're not meant to go on this toilet anyway since all you get on this daytrip is a small bag of coockies and 500ml water. - bring your own food and water - wear long clothing (AC is freazing cold) - bring your own toilet paper Only positive thing is that provide USB power outlets on every seat. If you have any chance to travel an other way - use it!
Bus Express, Bus Express, Jan 30, 2020
Очень медленно ехал водитель. Вместо заявленных 12 часов мы добирались 14 часов. Места удобные
Bus VIP 24, Bus Express, Jan 30, 2020
The trip went smooth. We arrived ahead of time. There was enough space to take a comfortable nap during the night trip.
Bus VIP 24, Bus Express, Jan 29, 2020
The bus was not very cold. And I could sleep for a few hours (I find it difficult to sleep in transport). Comfortable seating, plenty of kneading for the legs. The bus arrived ahead of time, in about 1 hour
Bus Express, Bus Express, Jan 28, 2020
Very nice
Bus Express, Bus Express, Jan 27, 2020
everything is fine, but it was very cold, even with rugs
Bus VIP 24, Bus Express, Jan 25, 2020
Great service. And safety first. It took a long time to get to the bangkok southern bus terminal from sukhumvit. 2.5 due to rush hour. A recommendation of time from tourist sports would had helped.
Bus VIP 24, Bus Express, Jan 25, 2020
Good service, we arrived at the hour mentioned. To bear in mind: they provide a nice blanket but I would advice some long sleeves and socks. No food provided, just a sweet snack, juice pack and water bottle.
Bus VIP 24, Bus Express, Jan 25, 2020
Excellent and very comfortable bus
Bus VIP 24, Bus Express, Jan 23, 2020
Южный автовокзал Бангкока вызывает самые положительные эмоции: основной третий этаж просто огромный, есть где посидеть, что покушать, посмотреть и что-то купить в многочисленных точках торговли на втором, третьем, четвёртом этажах. Везде поддерживается комфортная температура.
Bus VIP 24, Bus Express, Jan 13, 2020
Кресло в первом ряду на втором этаже не разгибалось до конца, вентиляция в некоторых местах было сломана и постоянно дуло, было прохладно. Туалет был закрыт. Плюс, приехали на 1,5 часа раньше.
Bus VIP 24, Bus Express, Jan 11, 2020
It was to cold and the seats was not so comfortable
Bus VIP 24, Bus Express, Jan 9, 2020
no complaints
Bus Express, Bus Express, Jan 8, 2020
Overall can’t complain, booked our seats at the front of the bus and had a good amount of space for our legs although width is tighter than in Europe. The bus was cool enough without being freezing and we stopped for a half hour break at services after 8 hours. Bus ended up being 2.5 hours late because although it says direct it does stop at other bus stations where people get on and off and we had an incident where a car pulled out in front of us and the bus hit the wing mirror. Not the drivers fault and at no time did we feel unsafe but 14.5 hours on a bus is a long time.
Bus Express, Bus Express, Jan 7, 2020
Well, the ride was okay. It was comfortable but the bus stopped very often and due to which it was late too. If you have no other option to travel then this can be an option.
Bus Express, Bus Express, Jan 5, 2020
The bus is fine .only thing is that bus doesnt stop frequently..just once for 10 mins in between 13 hrs ride. Advice to carry some snacks else you can end up starving. The bus driver was professional and the bus was clean :-)
Bus Express, Bus Express, Jan 4, 2020
I loved the bus though the leg room was quite small. Also free snacks and food were provided. Only one big downside for me was the toilet...it was quite unappealing;
Bus Express, Bus Express, Jan 4, 2020
Traveling is safe but toilet very dirty,
Bus VIP 24, Bus Express, Jan 1, 2020
Nice trip
Bus Express, Bus Express, Dec 31, 2019
Comfortable but little lengthy then average timing
Bus Express, Bus Express, Dec 31, 2019
Pour un bus express, 14h30 de voyage au lieu de 12h parce que le bus s’ arrête et prend d’ autres passager sur la route. De plus, il s’ arrête aussi pour d’ autres raisons et cependant nous n’avons pu faire qu’ un seul arrêt pipi.
Bus Express, Bus Express, Dec 30, 2019
the bus driver drove very safely and fluently. Arrival and departure was on time.
Bus Express, Bus Express, Dec 30, 2019
Автобус большой и удобный, туалет в автобусе на 1 этаже. Была одна остановка 20 минут, в Пхукет приехали на час позже ( в 4-30 утра)_ но это не принципиально)))
Bus VIP 24, Bus Express, Dec 28, 2019
We are not guided for the food and almost slept without having anything
Bus VIP 24, Bus Express, Dec 27, 2019
We had a lot of room for us and our luggage. We were also able to adjust the seat nearly to a horizontal Position. So the bus trip, which ended 2 hours earlier then expected was verry comfortable. Everyone became a bottle of water and a Snack. The Bus driver made a stop at a Transit station with food and restrooms. The only negative thing was the to cold air condition we couldn’t power off. We are highly recommending this Bus.
Bus Express, Bus Express, Dec 27, 2019
Автобус старый, туалет полурабочий, холодно
Bus Express, Bus Express, Dec 25, 2019
Успешно забронировала билет на сайте и выкупила на стойке на южной станции. Расписание на сайте не соответствует. По билету отправился на 20 мин позже. И пришел на 1,5 часа позже, уж не знаю, по расписанию или по раздолбайству. Автобус в меру новый, с пледиком и бутылочкой воды. Остановился 1 раз вечером на 20 минут, потом "мчал" без остановок. В целом довольна, что не поехала с Као-Сан, там у автобуса была пересадка - стыковка на 2-3 часа.
Bus VIP 24, Bus Express, Dec 25, 2019
Поездка понравилась. Место было очень удачное: впереди на втором этаже автобуса. Кресло просторное, откидывалось очень хорошо, удалось выспаться. В салоне холодно (работает кондиционер), и хотя выдают плед, одеваться стоит потеплее. Приехали в Пхукет неожиданно почти на два часа раньше расписания.
Bus VIP 24, Bus Express, Dec 23, 2019
comfortable bus and seats reclined very far so I had a great sleep. Provided with a blanket, water and snack.
Bus Express, Bus Express, Dec 22, 2019
Все было хорошо, если не считать , что заявленное прибытие в 18.30, а по итогу в 20.30 За всю дорогу было 3 остановки, вода, печенье , обед включены в стоимость, что приятно удивило.
Bus Express, Bus Express, Dec 11, 2019
First of all language problem, no one understand english at least 12go customer care should be good in to english. Bcz of this i have to suffer a lot to get my bus. Secondly bus has no fixed timing start late and arrival late, i was 3 hrs late in arrival, driver took only one stop in 14 hrs journey but he stopped bus many times to drop some packages. Overall it was not upto the mark experience.
Bus VIP 24, Bus Express, Dec 8, 2019
Заменили автобус, ниже классом, так как на наш на сколько я понял не набралось пассажиров. Брали специально автобус с максимально высоким классом, что бы поспать. Однако ехать пришлось на автобусе в котором ноги упирались во впереди стоящее кресло. Кондиционер до конца не закрыть, пледы выдают, но они не сильно помогают. Так же из за того что ехали на другом автобусе, он постоянно заезжал на автовокзал по пути и в автобус постоянно кто то садился или выходил и даже если ты умудрился уснуть, то при остановке тебя все равно разбудят.
Bus VIP 24, Bus Express, Nov 24, 2019
Nice and comfortable ride...
Bus VIP 24, Bus Express, Nov 19, 2019
К езде водителя нареканий нет. Автобус не убитый, кроме туалета. Вот там ад! Очень сильно болтает, мы вещи после поездки по всему салону собирали. Кондиционер ледяной, и не убрать поток воздуха, пледы выдают, но помогают они не до конца. Скрючишься в автобусе, спать толком нельзя. Кресла просторные, но неудобные.
Bus Express, Bus Express, Nov 18, 2019
Bus operators were nice. Ride included USB, water, and cookies. However we arrived nearly 3 hours late and did not go to Southern Terminal as scheduled. Also kids were yelling and running around the back aisle which made it hard to sleep.
Bus Express, Bus Express, Oct 7, 2019
Not the best ride ever, also webside is wrong on the timings it's not 12h it's 15h. Way too many stops at random places, also could be nice to have one more stop that we could go out the bus for short brake. The toilet on the bus is really nasty, ladys prepare to hold for long time.
Bus VIP 24, Bus Express, Aug 12, 2019
Arrived early, so far everything was ok, but the driver was not doing very safe, drove too fast and agressive.
Bus VIP 24, Bus Express, Aug 11, 2019
I bought two tickets to Phuket. I had a fantastic sleep. The seat was very comfortable and leaned back really well. My friends chair did not lean back and the attendant was unable to fix the seat. It was very uncomfortable trying to sleep at a 90 degree angle for 14 hours. It was super disappointing to pay for a vip bus and not being able to sleep.
Bus VIP 24, Bus Express, Jul 28, 2019
A good trip however they stop to pick up and drop a lot of local people along the way. A little annoying as we are paying for an express trip
Bus Express, Bus Express, Jul 28, 2019
We took overnight bus from Bangkok to Phuket. We arrived to our destination 3h too late. We had one 15minute stop around 23.30 for toilet and snacks, but otherwise bus stopped many times during the ride but we dont know why, a bit too many times. There was no wifi and the charging ports didnt work. Otherwise the bus was quite comfortable, we felt safe and we also got snack, water and blanket. If you are booking the same bus we suggest you seats 37 and 38 (last seats in the upper deck on right) since they have far more leg space. Enjoy the ride! :)
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