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Bus Express are a specialist bus company who exclusively run a service between Bangkok and Phuket. The service runs between Bangkok Southern Bus Terminal ( Sai Tai Mai) and Phuket Bus Terminal 2 (located in Phuket town, where Thoranee Thong intersects with Thepkrasattri Road).

Routes served by Bus Express

The company runs a daily schedule of six departures every day in both directions. They offer both a cheaper Express and plushier VIP24 service (24 seats only), and the journey duration is around 14 hours.


From Bangkok to Phuket, only one of the six departures is in the morning at 6.40am (Express). The remaining five departures are all overnight services, with one leaving at 3.30pm (Express), two at 5.30pm (Express and VIP), one at 6.30pm (Express), and the final departure is at 8.30pm (VIP).

Even if there is a wide choice of overnight departures, try to book them at least a couple of days in advance as Bangkok–Phuket route is one of the most popular in the country and is sold out quickly even during weekdays and low season period.


From Phuket to Bangkok, there's also only one morning departure at 6.30am (Express), two departures in the afternoon at 1.30pm (Express) and 3.30pm Express), one at 5.00pm (VIP), and two final departures at 6.30pm (Express and VIP).

Keep in mind

As mentioned above, Bus Express offers both an Express and a VIP service. The Express is adequate if you are on a budget (although less adequate than that of other operators!), with a ticket costing around THB650, whilst the VIP service costs around THB1,000.

All the buses have air-con, on board toilets, stewards and provide snacks and water. Meals are served at the stop or in the beginning of your journey in the form of a lunch box containing some rice and curry and are included into ticket price.

If you can afford, do opt for a VIP24 as it is the most comfortable type of buses found in Thailand with only three seats per row instead of usual four resulting in more legroom.

Compared to the other two main operators, Phuket Travel and Phuket Central Tour, it's not as popular or reputable as the former, but is a more frequently used operator than Phuket Central.

However, the reviews of the service are generally more negative than Phuket Central. Similarly to Phuket Central, the VIP service receives more favourable reviews than the Express service.


Positives about the services provided include co-operative staff, comfortable buses and a nice meal at the stopover (VIP bus only).

Also, the service is generally on time and is considered by a number of customers to be generally good value when taking into account the price of the ticket.


As with Phuket Central, a number of improvements to the service have been suggested. One of the top complaints is that the bus is very cold, so it's essential that you take some warm clothes to wear.

There have also been several cases of the bus stopping on numerous occasions along the way, not stopping at all or for too short a time, and also some late arrivals.

The driving style sometimes leaves much to be desired, the seats are uncomfortable and in some buses, the seats are cracked or do not recline for sleeping.

Travellers reviews

To our great surprise, travellers often complain about buses being late and making numerous stops en-route. While it can happen, especially if you travel during holiday periods or long weekends, it is quite uncommon for buses in Thailand in general to arrive much later that the schedule states.

Air-conditioning is almost always an issue people complain of. Do have some warm clothes at hand –sweaters or light jackets are great, hoodies are even better; but pashminas do a good job, too.

Toilets are sometimes smelly. Unfortunately, it often happens on long distance routes; so try to get a seat as far as possible from the toilet and use those at the bathroom stops.

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Bus Express Company Reviews

369 customer reviews
98.8% of 11,748 travelers were presumably happy with Bus Express as they left good or no review
bus Express, Bus Express, Oct 7, 2019
Not the best ride ever, also webside is wrong on the timings it's not 12h it's 15h. Way too many stops at random places, also could be nice to have one more stop that we could go out the bus for short brake. The toilet on the bus is really nasty, ladys prepare to hold for long time.
bus VIP 24, Bus Express, Aug 11, 2019
I bought two tickets to Phuket. I had a fantastic sleep. The seat was very comfortable and leaned back really well. My friends chair did not lean back and the attendant was unable to fix the seat. It was very uncomfortable trying to sleep at a 90 degree angle for 14 hours. It was super disappointing to pay for a vip bus and not being able to sleep.
bus VIP 24, Bus Express, Jul 28, 2019
A good trip however they stop to pick up and drop a lot of local people along the way. A little annoying as we are paying for an express trip
bus Express, Bus Express, Jul 28, 2019
We took overnight bus from Bangkok to Phuket. We arrived to our destination 3h too late. We had one 15minute stop around 23.30 for toilet and snacks, but otherwise bus stopped many times during the ride but we dont know why, a bit too many times. There was no wifi and the charging ports didnt work. Otherwise the bus was quite comfortable, we felt safe and we also got snack, water and blanket. If you are booking the same bus we suggest you seats 37 and 38 (last seats in the upper deck on right) since they have far more leg space. Enjoy the ride! :)
bus Express, Bus Express, Jul 20, 2019
The seat did not work and usb charger did not work too.
bus Express, Bus Express, Jun 17, 2019
The bus was quite comfortable. My seat didn't have a seat belt though. Driver stopped multiple times for no reason. The speed they drove was quite fast, round corners and over bumps in the road which are very loud to drive over so made it difficult to sleep if you hadn't fallen asleep already. Seats recline quite far and air con wasn't too cold so made for an alright trip. We bought snacks beforehand because you only get a bottle of water and some biscuits as well as a blanket. Only really horrible thing about the bus was the toilet.
bus Express, Bus Express, Jun 12, 2019
Was a good trip. Got there fast and was worry free the whole time!
bus Express, Bus Express, Jun 4, 2019
It was so good bus. Comfortable, clean, good temperature, nice service, kind staffs, and free wi-fi. Thank you
bus VIP 24, Bus Express, May 12, 2019
The bus way to noisy. The structure itself was shaking. The bus was old, and the bathroom was filthy... the only reason why I’m not rating this trip as 1 is because the chair was confortable
bus Express, Bus Express, May 11, 2019
The only thing that could have improved was that the bus had more stops. We took off at 7am and stopped (once) at 12am and arrived to phuket at 10pm. So i was super hungry, aside from that the bus was super comfy! They provided snacks, water and blankets which was an added bonus as the bus did get a little chilly due to the air con! Overall, it was a good journey. (Minus the length but that can’t be helped). Good value for money.
bus Express, Bus Express, May 9, 2019
Cant say anything about other passengers but we got BUS at 1:30 on time and Seat No, 1,2 really that the view was so beautiful and refreshing. I made a lot of beautiful videos for my travelling history. Very happy with this travelling.
bus Express, Bus Express, May 7, 2019
The trip itself was great but we sat beside the bathroom and the smell was vile. It made for a very long 12 hours, having the door constantly open and release the putrid smell.
bus Express, Bus Express, May 1, 2019
There are many short halts during the trip due to which lights are turned on which is bit disturbing. Rest everything is fine. Took approx. 13-14 hours to reach Bangkok.
bus VIP 24, Bus Express, Apr 21, 2019
Bus arrived 3 h earlier to destination. Very comfortable and good seats! Would recommend!
bus Express, Bus Express, Apr 20, 2019
too many stops made for the driver either to buy food or give/take things from other people ,so we were 1,5 hour late to reach our final destination. at least, a nice buffet was provided for noon
bus Express, Bus Express, Apr 20, 2019
Had a very good trip in your aircon bus overbite to Phuket.The Driver was excellent ant his assistant very good.The water and biscuit was great.The blanket supplied was essential for night travel.Very happy thank you
bus Express, Bus Express, Apr 6, 2019
Toilet not working - no stops for toilet or food break and 3,5 hours late
bus Express, Bus Express, Mar 26, 2019
For two backpackers on a budget and not bothered how long it took this was the perfect option. Bus was clean and comfortable and spacious. If you want loads of left room book the back two seats on the left side upstairs.
bus Express, Bus Express, Mar 14, 2019
Gorąco nie polecam, kierowca straszny idiota ( przerwy robi sam dla siebie nie można w tym czasie opuszczać pojazdu)
bus VIP 24, Bus Express, Mar 6, 2019
Nice experience, I slept all the time from 8 pm till arrived! And the bus arrived at station faster than the schedule, so overall, good experience to sabe money for plane and hotel :)

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