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Bangkok Damnoen 996 Company Reviews

137 customer reviews
100.0% of 2,717 travelers were presumably happy with Bangkok Damnoen 996 as they left good or no review
van Regional 14pax, Bangkok Damnoen 996, Jan 13, 2020
on the return trip driver did not return us to the place were we were picked up in the morning, he just dropped everybody off in a bus stop some where. he just said we all had to get out there. he was rude!!!!! this was my second trip to Thailand and will be back next year but will not use or recommend your service.
van Regional 14pax, Bangkok Damnoen 996, Nov 19, 2019
The driver of the van was not polite at all. We had the idea that we should pay for our luggage as we had experienced before. This was not a problem for us. It is not normal the driver took a picture of us with a face a looking to us as criminals. Finallly a lady asked Us to pay for our luggage Then the journey could start.
van Regional 14pax, Bangkok Damnoen 996, Nov 18, 2019
Upon arrival at the departure point, we've been told that the bus was full and that we cannot take it. We had to insist to be able to embark. We don't recommend this company.
van Regional 14pax, Bangkok Damnoen 996, Oct 24, 2019
Easy to redeem however, we didn't depart and arrive on time. Not 12Go Asia's fault, it was more on the van's schedule.
van Regional 14pax, Bangkok Damnoen 996, Aug 25, 2019
Te dejan a 1.5km del mercado, en un sitio en el que te venden tours para ir al mercado por un precio exagerado. Decidimos ir a pie hasta el mercado. Para coger la van de vuelta, tienes que caminar más de 3km. Olvidate de ir allí en taxi, hay muy pocos y te piden importes desorbitados. Teniamos contratado la van de vuelta a las 2pm. Al llegar al punto de recogida, nos dijeron que no habia van para esa hora, que teniamos que esperar, al menos, hasta las 3pm. Tras mucho insistir, nos dejaron coger una van que iba a morchit. No recomendamos ir al mercado con esta compañía.
van Regional 14pax, Bangkok Damnoen 996, Jun 14, 2019
They just drop you in the expensive motor boat and you will realize several booth along the road. It is not the real market you just need to walk a kilometer away to reach the actual market. Also on our way back to bangkok we walked 1.5kmto the van terminal which we thought is the same drop off in damnoen. Thailand has full of scammers and they easily get annoyed. Not even hospitable good thing they have temples and beautiful beaches.
van Regional 14pax, Bangkok Damnoen 996, May 1, 2019
I almost miss the van. I arrived at the pick up point at 1735, and the station kiosk was closed. But my booking for the van is made at 1800. The staff was leaving the kiosk and she saw me and asked if I’m going back to Bangkok. I showed her the booking appointment and she realised she missed a passenger. Then she drove me to the van so that I could go back Bangkok. If not, I would probably stay one night in amphawa. Lastly, the staff told me that the last van from Amphawa to Bangkok is at 1730, So,just be careful.
van Regional 14pax, Bangkok Damnoen 996, Apr 5, 2019
Very good driver.
van Regional 14pax, Bangkok Damnoen 996, Feb 22, 2019
You charged us double what we would have paid for it if we turned up on the day. The staff were very rude about our online booking and nearly charged us again. Do not use this service just pay on the day
van Regional 14pax, Bangkok Damnoen 996, Feb 7, 2019
Very nice lady at the booth, converted my voucher and called the driver. (Picture of booth provided on 12GoAsia voucher proved very very useful to find the right booth.) I was the only passenger, so we left 15 mn early. Arrived on time. Very good driver, didn't use his phone while he was driving. No radio either, thank goodness. And nice minivan. Has seatbelts. A/C works fine. A pleasant trip. Once in Amphawa, fresh off the van, another lady helps you getting to your hotel and planning your return trip.
van Regional 14pax, Bangkok Damnoen 996, Feb 3, 2019
The driver took the time to point out where I needed to go :)
van Regional 14pax, Bangkok Damnoen 996, Feb 2, 2019
Transfer with van 12 seat,the vehicle was clean and brought by a good driver. We have booked online x 2 people plus an extra place x the luggage.. We had a good trip.. They contacted us in advance to change place of departure and they have us good Assistance.

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