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Bangkok Busline

Quick Company Intro: Bangkok Busline is a sub-company of Sombat Tour which in its turn, is one of the most popular transportation companies in Thailand. It started its business in 1942 as Tek Chiang and in 1978 changed it for Thep Sombat Co., Ltd. simply as Sombat Tour. During the decades the company grew and strove to develop its services and by now serves about 29 bus routes to the oddest corners all over the country.

Routes served by Bangkok Busline: Bangkok Busline (BB) has their headquarters in Bangkok and provides transportation services between Bangkok and Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Nan and Suratthani with other minor destinations along the same routes. The company has a fleet of Express, VIP and VIP24 buses.

BB makes the top choice for both local and foreign passengers due to its high-class on-board service, great safety record and courtesy all for a budget-friendly price of THB550-850 depending on the type of the bus.

VIP24 are the most comfortable and expensive option with wider aisles, seats organised 3 per row and standard facilities and services including A/C, complementary bottled water and snacks, on-board rest room, neck rest and blankets and is highly recommended if you can invest some extra THB200 in your trip compared to an ordinary express ticket.

Bangkok–Chiang Mai

Most of departures heading from Bangkok to Chiang Mai namely four of five, are evening departures at 4pm, 6.50pm, 8pm and 8.35pm. All leave from the northern bus terminal in Bangkok, Morchit 2, and arrive to Chiang Mai Bus Terminal 2 (Arcade). The morning bus departs at 6.00am.

There are four daily return trips at 10am, 6.35pm, 7.15pm and 8pm.

Night departures are always first to sell out as they help you save precious daytime of your travel. Unlike in some of the neighbouring countries like Cambodia or Myanmar, roads in Thailand are in a much better condition and night travel remains a popular way to reach outlying destinations. Bangkok Busline has a great safety record, so we do recommend to consider taking a night bus whether you are heading north to Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Nan or south to Suratthani.

Bangkok–Chiang Rai

Bangkok-Chiang Rai and return trips schedule fewer departures, in fact only two of them in each direction. The 6.10pm (overnight VIP) and 8.30pm (Express) bus both from Bangkok to Chiang Rai drop off the passengers at Chiang Rai Bus Station 2 while the departure is from Morchit 2 as well. Return tickets can be booked for 6am and 6.30am buses. Average ticket price shall not exceed THB750.


There is also one departure a day from Bangkok to Nan and vice versa with buses leaving Morchit at 8pm and leaving Nan Bus Station at 7.30pm. Expect to pay THB800 per seat.

Bangkok–Surat Thani

Additionally to its main itineraries Bangkok Busline makes it to Surat Thani southern province. There’s only one evening departure to this direction at 8.00pm for an affordable price of THB600 for an 11-hour ride. In Bangkok, buses depart from Bangkok Southern Bus Terminal aka Sai Tai Mai, and end up at Surat Thani Transport Station at Phun Phin. The return service is at 7.30pm, same locations.

Availability of online booking: it’s very convenient if you want to pick a seat and to avoid long discussions at the ticket counter at the station.

Accommodating staff welcomes passengers on board of the bus equipped with comfortable reclining seats with enough leg space, complete with neck-pillows, blankets, snacks and drinks offered.

A meal is normally included into your ticket price: you will be either served a boxed lunch or have time for lunch/dinner as the bus stops en route at a large gas station with convenience stores and a food court.

Toilets on board kept in good order.

There have been reports on late arrival times due to heavy traffic during holiday periods but it is common for all operators.

Freezing temperatures inside the bus (usual Asian-style air-conditioning, so probably extra layer of clothes is a good idea).

Lights and TV on till midnight or even after; lights switching on on every stop – if it is an issue, bring sleep eye mask.

Slow Wi-Fi if available at all.

No English-speaking staff/ announcements in English.

Keep in Mind:
Those who have used Bangkok Busline more than once strongly recommend to use VIP buses with red-colour seats as these ones normally have having more inside space, better general condition and a cleaner toilet.

Do take your valuables with you at the bathroom stops. Not that there have been reports on thefts, but it is always a good idea to use common sense – just in case you happen to miss your bus!

Always check with the bus attendant if you are getting off the right stop as buses can stop at different locations close to your destination before getting to their terminus plus they do practise stops on requests (e.g. the bus passes along Don Mueang airport, which can be very convenient for connecting trips). To be able to get off at a ‘on request’ stop, tell your bus attendant where you are heading when boarding the bus. Note that if on a return trip to Bangkok, the bus calls to Viphavadee Rd. Bus Station (Soi Vibhavadi 130) as well. It is a little closer to the underground though.

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April 2017

Lakshmi, Apr 30, 2017 - fir some reason we kept stopping on the side of the road..maybe the bus got a flat....o well... TIT....the seats are uncomfortable and the ac unit vent leaaked water...normally the journey is pleasant... this one however wasn't.
Hugo, Apr 29, 2017 - Incredible bus with reclining seats and foot rests. The chairs were massage chairs!! And there were TVs in the back of the seats with movies and games. The bus itself is 5*. Unfortunately the staff were a bit rude and loud music was playing from 4am until we arrived at Bangkok at 5.30am. Definitely worth paying for vip though!
Christian, Apr 23, 2017 - Ok all
Susan, Apr 21, 2017 - Great trip and the service is excellent.
Jeske, Apr 20, 2017 - They were very kind, you received snacks and water. We arrived 1.5 hours too early, which was a bit inconvenient for me. But very comfortable ride!
Trang, Apr 19, 2017 - It's pretty good. A lot of food and drink. Arrival on time.
Yau, Apr 19, 2017 - Great bus service.
Manuel, Apr 19, 2017 - VIP was worth it, confortable seats and good service
Nathan, Apr 19, 2017 - Comfy, spacious seats. Food included and good service. Only delayed because of Bangkok traffic which is inevaitable.
Akalanka, Apr 17, 2017 - Except for the poor cammand of English by the operators this was an amazing service. I think this is more comfortable than a sleeper train
Astrid, Apr 16, 2017 - It was good. Okey bus
Cara, Apr 16, 2017 - Great bus journey - includes dinner, snacks, personal tv (all in Thai but still!), reclining chair, blankets AND a massaging chair!! Would be 5 stars if it wasn't for the bus actually leaving at 4pm despite the booking and ticket clearly saying 3pm and also the bizarre loud Thai pop music being blared at 1am
Sai, Apr 16, 2017 - Everything is OK. But we difficult to find our bus in bus terminal Bangkok. Because of everything writing in Thai letter and not including the bus plate number in ticket.
Laura, Apr 16, 2017 - Comfortable seats, good for sleeping, everything on time, good service, great recommendations!!
Lakshmi, Apr 15, 2017 - everything was was speedy the seats thou were a bit cramped and uncomfortable...but this is thailand!!!!
Ricardo, Apr 15, 2017 - So god
Mudit, Apr 15, 2017 - The bus was very comfortable. However, certain facilities didn't work properly: T.V, light etc. There wasn't really any point to put a T.V since it didn't function properly. And instead I wanted to read, however I wasn't able to turn on the personal light. In any case, I got a good night's sleep, which was most important considering an 11-hour bus ride from Chiang Mai to Bangkok. Thanks.
Rachel, Apr 15, 2017 - Fantastic
Kristen, Apr 15, 2017 - Bus trip was better than some. My seat mates seat was broken so he couldn't recline fully. Fairly comfortable but lights are on frequently for stops and the bus rattles quite a bit (bring earplugs!). Lots of snacks provided.
Jeannie, Apr 15, 2017 - Very good!
Tawny, Apr 14, 2017 - Friendly stewardess. Blankets, pillows and snacks along the way. Comfortable seats that recline very far back and have a foot rest. Very comfortable for sleeping! Arrived only 15 minutes past the expected arrival time. Excellent travel accommodation!
Daisuke, Apr 13, 2017 - I' m not recommend this bus, if you wanna go to Chiangmai as soon as possible. And it's difficult for us to get in bus terminal at Mochit terminal as a foreigner....
Lena, Apr 13, 2017 - The instructions may as well have said 'morchit terminal is big, good luck!' And our bus didn't even depart from mochit, we had to get a cab to an entirely different location! Will never use 12goasia again!
Preslav, Apr 12, 2017 - Very pleasant and comfortable travel. The best bus services i have ever used, just the local multimedia hub didn't worked well.
Ralph, Apr 12, 2017 - This was quite a journey! The air-conditioning was very efficient, so prepare for that. Snacks and water were provided and a stop for a bowl of rice and stir-fry included. Cheaper than flying and it saved a night in a hotel.
Raul, Apr 12, 2017 - The Toilet is SO dirty :(
Zillah, Apr 11, 2017 - Bus was very comfortable, staff helpful and polite. Plenty of snacks provided and a stop for lunch -:all included in the price. We will definitely use this company again.
Abigail, Apr 11, 2017 - The best coach ride we have ever had! Bangkok to Chaing Mai. For £15 we had a snack box, water, coffee, night snack, a free meal at a service station, a tv with some English film options (not a lot in English but still great to have to pass time) an on board toilet loads of leg room with seats that lie right down and a blanket. Great service andsuch a nice change from hellish night trains in china! Totally recommmend.
Dora, Apr 10, 2017 - Was very nice trip, even 1,5h shorter than indicated!
Amanda, Apr 10, 2017 - Left on time , bus is comfortable and clean. Stopped off during the trip to get a hot meal included in the ticket price. Little to no English spoken but was a pleasant journey.
Nijs, Apr 10, 2017 - Amazing bus, nice service, a lot of leg space. Only the music and announcements were a bit loud during the night.
Judith, Apr 4, 2017 - It was well beyond my expectations. Very comfortable and slept all the way.
Janet, Apr 3, 2017 - The service was great, was given a blanket, pillow, food and water, seats were comfortable, there was a TV and who cares about 9 hrs of no Internet. I thought it was fabulous.
Simon, Apr 2, 2017 - Air condition was a Bit too cold and. Bumpy roads so Plan Some time to sleep the next day. TooK the night bus. Comfy massage seats with tv

March 2017

Osvaldas, Mar 29, 2017 - Too cold, everything else is very good
Rasmus, Mar 29, 2017 - fast, safe and on time!
Charlotte, Mar 28, 2017 - It was good, comfy seats. However it was advitsed to have wifi yet it didn't. The log in didn't work and the instructions were just in Thai.
Majid, Mar 27, 2017 - Great service, and friendly staff. Comfortable seats plus massage gunction
Stefan, Mar 20, 2017 - Comfortable seats. Bit chilly through Aircon but blankets and neck pillow are provided. Very decent service
Matthew, Mar 17, 2017 - The VIP bus was more comfortable than flying and excellent service. This is my new favorite method of travel in Thailand.

Bangkok Busline

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Schedule Bangkok Busline

06:00, 06:30, 18:50, 20:35; 15:00, 16:00; 20:00, 20:30;
20:30; 18:10, 18:30;
0.0 Bangkok - Nan
20:00, 20:30;
10:00, 18:35, 20:00; 19:15; 20:00;
18:30; 18:00; 15:30;
4.0 Nan - Bangkok

Stations Bangkok Busline

Southern Terminal, Suratthani, Morchit, Nan, Chiang Mai, Sombat Tour Viphavadee 13, Bus Terminal 2, Chiang Rai, Mae Chan, Chiang Khong

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