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Bangkok Busline

Company Information

Bangkok Busline is a sub-company of Sombat Tour which in its turn, is one of the most popular transportation companies in Thailand. It started its business in 1942 as Tek Chiang and in 1978 changed it for Thep Sombat Co., Ltd. simply as Sombat Tour. During the decades the company grew and strove to develop its services and by now serves about 29 bus routes to the oddest corners all over the country.

Routes served by Bangkok Busline

Bangkok Busline (BB) has their headquarters in Bangkok and provides transportation services between Bangkok and Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Nan and Suratthani with other minor destinations along the same routes. The company has a fleet of Express, VIP and VIP24 buses.

BB makes the top choice for both local and foreign passengers due to its high-class on-board service, great safety record and courtesy all for a budget-friendly price of THB550-850 depending on the type of the bus.

VIP24 are the most comfortable and expensive option with wider aisles, seats organised 3 per row and standard facilities and services including A/C, complementary bottled water and snacks, on-board rest room, neck rest and blankets and is highly recommended if you can invest some extra THB200 in your trip compared to an ordinary express ticket.

Bangkok–Chiang Mai

Most of departures heading from Bangkok to Chiang Mai namely four of five, are evening departures at 4pm, 6.50pm, 8pm and 8.35pm. All leave from the northern bus terminal in Bangkok, Morchit 2, and arrive to Chiang Mai Bus Terminal 2 (Arcade). The morning bus departs at 6.00am.

There are four daily return trips at 10am, 6.35pm, 7.15pm and 8pm.

Night departures are always first to sell out as they help you save precious daytime of your travel. Unlike in some of the neighbouring countries like Cambodia or Myanmar, roads in Thailand are in a much better condition and night travel remains a popular way to reach outlying destinations. Bangkok Busline has a great safety record, so we do recommend to consider taking a night bus whether you are heading north to Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Nan or south to Suratthani.

Bangkok–Chiang Rai

Bangkok-Chiang Rai and return trips schedule fewer departures, in fact only two of them in each direction. The 6.10pm (overnight VIP) and 8.30pm (Express) bus both from Bangkok to Chiang Rai drop off the passengers at Chiang Rai Bus Station 2 while the departure is from Morchit 2 as well. Return tickets can be booked for 6am and 6.30am buses. Average ticket price shall not exceed THB750.


There is also one departure a day from Bangkok to Nan and vice versa with buses leaving Morchit at 8pm and leaving Nan Bus Station at 7.30pm. Expect to pay THB800 per seat.

Bangkok–Surat Thani

Additionally to its main itineraries Bangkok Busline makes it to Surat Thani southern province. There’s only one evening departure to this direction at 8.00pm for an affordable price of THB600 for an 11-hour ride. In Bangkok, buses depart from Bangkok Southern Bus Terminal aka Sai Tai Mai, and end up at Surat Thani Transport Station at Phun Phin. The return service is at 7.30pm, same locations.


Availability of online booking: it’s very convenient if you want to pick a seat and to avoid long discussions at the ticket counter at the station.

Accommodating staff welcomes passengers on board of the bus equipped with comfortable reclining seats with enough leg space, complete with neck-pillows, blankets, snacks and drinks offered.

A meal is normally included into your ticket price: you will be either served a boxed lunch or have time for lunch/dinner as the bus stops en route at a large gas station with convenience stores and a food court.

Toilets on board kept in good order.


There have been reports on late arrival times due to heavy traffic during holiday periods but it is common for all operators.

Freezing temperatures inside the bus (usual Asian-style air-conditioning, so probably extra layer of clothes is a good idea).

Lights and TV on till midnight or even after; lights switching on on every stop – if it is an issue, bring sleep eye mask.

Slow Wi-Fi if available at all.

No English-speaking staff/ announcements in English.

Travellers reviews

Those who have used Bangkok Busline more than once strongly recommend to use VIP buses with red-colour seats as these ones normally have having more inside space, better general condition and a cleaner toilet.

Do take your valuables with you at the bathroom stops. Not that there have been reports on thefts, but it is always a good idea to use common sense – just in case you happen to miss your bus!

Always check with the bus attendant if you are getting off the right stop as buses can stop at different locations close to your destination before getting to their terminus plus they do practise stops on requests (e.g. the bus passes along Don Mueang airport, which can be very convenient for connecting trips). To be able to get off at a ‘on request’ stop, tell your bus attendant where you are heading when boarding the bus. Note that if on a return trip to Bangkok, the bus calls to Viphavadee Rd. Bus Station (Soi Vibhavadi 130) as well. It is a little closer to the underground though.

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December 2017

Tine, Dec 18, 2017 - Pleasant ride ????
Antonio, Dec 17, 2017 - Good trip. Confortable
Peter, Dec 14, 2017 - The bus was two hours late to Chiang Mai, but the service was wonderful.
Sheena, Dec 13, 2017 - Fine ride, though you cannot expect to have a perfect ride. Smelly feet are everywhere and I have trouble sleeping because of it. But the service is great, though the steward would only speak in Thai. Other than that, it is worth the price paid. Would definitely book again.
Sheena, Dec 13, 2017 - It is actually a good ride, though you cannot expect to have a perfect ride. Smelly feet are everywhere and it actually bothers me a lot that I am having trouble sleeping.
Gustavo, Dec 13, 2017 - Nobody from staff couldn`t speak english at the bus... every stop the driver put music very loud to wake up the pasangers.. so disrespectful. The "free dinner" is just some cheap snacks. a lot of to improve
Gustav, Dec 12, 2017 - Nice and comfortable seats. Friendly staff and good lunch along the way. However 14-hour of thai-tv was a bit much...
Mitchell, Dec 12, 2017 - We got way more than we felt like we paid for, with free blanket, supper and breakfast, comfy seats, good driver and nice staff (not english speaking though - even though most passengers are tourists). However, the headrest was a little hard to sleep on (i eventually found the right spot though).
Eduardo, Dec 12, 2017 - Excelent bus and value for money. If you have the time, don't think twice.
Manit, Dec 11, 2017 - Super comfortable seat. Had a great sleep in this bus after tiring adventure in Chiang Rai. Free drinks, snack and a free meal! Friendly stuff! Highly recommended ????
Andrew, Dec 11, 2017 - On time. Very comfortable reclyning seats. Exellent service. Very pleased.
Earl, Dec 11, 2017 - Almost a 5 if there's only free internet in the bus then it would be a 5 to me. Overall, excellent service and time management.
Charlotte, Dec 11, 2017 - Arrived too early
Urska, Dec 10, 2017 - Aircondition was too strong all the way and everybody were feeling so cold. Even the covers were not enought.
Liam, Dec 10, 2017 - Food wasn't great, but it's to be expected on public transport, hostess was not very helpful and rude, seats were comfy though
Larisa, Dec 9, 2017 - Чистота в автобусе и туалете! Комфортные сидения для сна! Но работал кондиционер, который не возможно было отрегулировать, развернуть или выключить! Поэтому было холодно и дуло ото всюду! Пледы для накрывания тоже тоненькие и небольшие! Благо, я могла воспользоваться вторым.Автобус ехал и примерно 5-6 остановками, но приехал, неожиданно, на 1,2 раньше! :) Неделю до этого я ехала в противоположном направлении автобусом другой компании, который был классом выше по комфорту при той же цене! Есть, с чем сравнить!
Nikita, Dec 9, 2017 - Great bus trip! Excellent driver! We felt safe and managed to sleep most of the way. Many thanks!
Kristin, Dec 7, 2017 - Scary driving, bus broke down and we were transferred to another bus. Still arrived 1.5 hours early because the driver went SO fast the whole time.
Anatoli, Dec 7, 2017 - Comfortable Bus with wide seats and enough recline + foot space. Snacks, drinks and a food stop was included. Would ride again
Manit, Dec 7, 2017 - They gave us free snacks right after we got into the bus, then a meal around midnight and one last snack in the morning. There is phone charging slot as well. Bus seat is comfy! Super deal with reasonable price. Great job Bangkok Busline ????
Patrick, Dec 6, 2017 - Can't recommend enough dropping the extra few bucks for the VIP24 service if you can swing it. I'm a frugal individual but I'd drop the extra $5 to make the ~10 hour trip from Bangkok to Chiang Mai exponentially better any day of the week. Don't cheap yourself out on this one ladies and gentleman.
Valeria, Dec 6, 2017 - GOOD service but 30min late.
Patrick, Dec 5, 2017 - Confort et service complet très appréciés.
David, Dec 5, 2017 - Very spacious, comfortable seats, but the toilet smell was horrendous. Loud music was played at random points, for no apparent reason, and then went off just as suddenly. You get what you pay for.
Diederik, Dec 3, 2017 - Comfortable bus, good driver. Blankets and cushions provided. Breakfast, lunch, snacks & water all included in the price. Only drawback: published schedule is very unrealistic, we've arrived 1.5 hours late.
Nicola, Dec 2, 2017 - Only negative was that the seats on Bangkok Buskine were slightly slimmer than other bus lines and the films etc were all dubbed in Thai so we couldn't watch them. You get reclining seat (a good recline) a foot rest, box of cakes and biscuits, water and crisps to start, then you stop at restaurant halfway through and get voucher for 20baht worth of food or drink - the food is all unusual eastern food so we just got a drink). You then get a carton of soy milk and a sweet cake roll with a moist wipe to wake you up before you arrive. You get a neck pillow and a blanket Fantastic, no complaints really. Would really recommend it.
Kenneth, Dec 1, 2017 - great service
Piotr, Dec 1, 2017 - All trip was good, but smell from toilet was around inside of the bus.

November 2017

Marina, Nov 28, 2017 - Confortable seats.. snacks and water are provided from the staff.. Good driver
Joyce, Nov 28, 2017 - There is enough space for your legs, also the seat can almost flat. It was a good ride, but we loved to see in the morning a small sandwich instead of cookies. Also the toilet smells very bad, it is really not nice to smell this all the time. The steward we had was very friendly, but the microphone at the upperdeck didn’t work.
Angela, Nov 28, 2017 - Fantastic service! Didn’t realise there was foot rests, reclining chairs, food and water provided and a TV! Was so wonderful and really helped the 11 hour ride go very smoothly. Staff were great also.
Helena, Nov 28, 2017 - Good service! Bus was clean and new, snacks water and blanket provided. Left on time and arrived one hour early. The seats weren t the most confortable but it was fine for the price.
Agustin, Nov 26, 2017 - Multimedia options not working, headphones broke, dinner at 1 am when i was already sleeping. Air conditioner straight in my head and cant turn ir off. We arrived two hours earlier (at 5am)
Jurij, Nov 26, 2017 - Very nice service
Marko, Nov 26, 2017 - Very couzy bus,nice personal,and depurty time were suprisly accurate.Ill recommend too all
Kenneth, Nov 26, 2017 - Nobody speaks English. I ask for drop off directly on the highway. They didn’t stop and i had to order a taxi 3:00am and drove the way back. After 13 hours sitting in the first row as a 1,80m tall guy, made me that really happy. Bad service!
Kelly, Nov 25, 2017 - Comfortable seating. Snacks and water provided. Prepair for the aircon, is can get quite chilly. Blankets provided.
Jonas, Nov 22, 2017 - Incredibly comfortable bus with a screen per seat and you can almost lay down flat.
Ron, Nov 22, 2017 - Highly highly recommend. Very smooth and very pleasant. Would want to take this kind of bus everywhere
Rebecca, Nov 19, 2017 - The bus ride was great and the blanket and snacks were very appreciated. The ticket windows where slightly overwhelming and confusing. Also the seats on the bus not being labelled made me uncertain if I was in the right spot. Overall a nice ride.

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Schedule Bangkok Busline

06:00, 06:30, 18:50, 20:35; 15:00, 16:00; 20:00, 20:30;
20:30; 17:30, 18:10;
0.0 Bangkok - Nan
20:00, 20:30;
10:00, 18:35, 20:00; 19:15; 20:00;
18:30; 18:00; 15:30;
4.0 Nan - Bangkok

Stations Bangkok Busline

Southern Terminal, Suratthani, Morchit, Nan, Chiang Mai, Sombat Tour Viphavadee 13, Bus Terminal 2, Chiang Rai, Chiang Khong, Mae Chan

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