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Avro Travels Schedule & Timetable

Trincomalee - Colombo
Colombo - Trincomalee
21:00, 21:10, 21:20
Colombo - Anuradhapura
20:30, 20:50
Batticaloa - Colombo
Colombo - Jaffna
20:30, 20:50
Colombo - Dambulla
21:00, 21:20
Colombo - Batticaloa
18:15, 18:25
Jaffna - Colombo
Dambulla - Trincomalee

Avro Travels Stations

WellawatteGallefaceBatticaloaJaffna Bus StationAnuradhapuraTrincomaleeDambulla Main Bus StationBampalapitty 7 StoriesDehiwela Frazer Avenue

Avro Travels Company Reviews

Bus Tourist bus, Avro Travels (Avro Travels), Sep 21, 2020
Amazing service. Accurate information which was very important to me. Perfect timing
Bus Tourist bus, Avro Travels (Avro Travels), Mar 6, 2020
The trip was great, on time, fast, everything was clear. The only thing which was uncomfortable.. We are tall, and there was really not enough space for our legs.
Bus VIP 32, Avro Travels (Avro Travels), Jan 10, 2020
The bus es a fine and ir mas punctual. But the pick up information was terrible. We got an address, coordinates and a photo of the place. They were all different. The address was far from the coordinates, we decided to go for the coordinates because it was where the photo showed. The photo was from the parking lot from food city. We wait there but the bus do not go there. It goes to a bus stop further down the street. We were lucky that we see the bus and go ask. Otherwise we would have lost it.
Bus VIP 32, Avro Travels (Avro Travels), Dec 24, 2019
The location of the bus stop is not clear enough. The stated address, the gps marks & the photo that shows on the ticketing pdf files are not coop with each other. Very confused! I wish this could be make better for the future passengers. As English communication is not that good in general here in Sri Lanka. Thk u!
Bus VIP 32, Avro Travels (Avro Travels), Dec 11, 2019
Все супер. Правда, нумерация мест с электронным билетом не совпадала, мне в офисе на месте выделили другое место, и я благополучно проспала на двойном сиденье всю дорогу, потому что подсесть ко мне никто не решился. Водитель взял надо мной шефство, подсказал, где выходить и помог с чемоданом.
Bus VIP 32, Avro Travels (Avro Travels), Nov 22, 2019
Arrived on the correct minute
Bus VIP 32, Avro Travels (Avro Travels), Oct 18, 2019
Alle top. Konnte fogar nein handy laden :)
Bus VIP 32, Avro Travels (Avro Travels), Sep 25, 2019
Автобус очень хороший , доехали быстро 5,5час.
Bus VIP 32, Avro Travels (Avro Travels), Jul 7, 2019
Music and TV with too much high volume. I did'nt sleep
Bus VIP 32, Avro Travels (Avro Travels), Jun 28, 2019
The Avro travels people were very kind and super helpful and I took the Annai Muthumari bus from Jaffna to Colombo and it was the best bus ride I have taken in a long time. Great service!
Bus VIP 32, Avro Travels (Avro Travels), Jun 11, 2019
Comfortable bus, helpful staff. Journey took less than planned :)
Bus VIP 32, Avro Travels (Avro Travels), Mar 31, 2019
Someone said the bus was comfortable and as a regular user of luxury coaches to and from London,I did not believe him. I was wrong. This was very comfortable ride. The driving,as a coach driver myself,was excellent. Help from Go Asia was perfect right from booking to stepping on the coach. The pit stop was amazing. Toilets there were spotless.
Bus VIP 32, Avro Travels (Avro Travels), Mar 26, 2019
Very helpful, helped us a lot.
Bus VIP 32, Avro Travels (Avro Travels), Jan 22, 2019
Good service, easily found my bus. However seater bus not really comfortable for night travel, sleeper would be better.
Bus VIP 32, Avro Travels (Avro Travels), Nov 27, 2018
The bus stop isnt where marled on the map. We nearly missed the bus because of this. The bus waits about 15 meters down from the main road in Frazer Avenue
Bus VIP 24, Avro Travels (Avro Travels), Aug 2, 2018
Nickel. Super traversée avec couché de soleil, petit panier repas avant de monter dans le bus. Juste un petit bémol : pas de pause car le bus a pris du retard donc un peu long et conduite un peu sportive!!
26 customer reviews
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