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Asia Van Transfer is based in Siem Reap and connects the city known as the gateway to Angkor Wat with destinations across Cambodia and Laos. The operator uses minivans with a capacity of 12 passengers on all the routes.

Routes served by Asia Van Transfer

Siem Reap–Don Det

The main route offered by Asia Van Transfer is between Siem Reap and Don Det, part of the 4,000 Islands region of Laos. The operator uses a fairly newly-established route that is claimed to save around 10 hours on this trip! There is one departure each day from Siem Reap at 08.00 which takes around eight hours, so it is scheduled to arrive for 16.00.

There is also one service per day heading in the opposite direction, also leaving at 08.00. Buses from Don Det to Siem Reap tend to take a fair while longer than those leaving Siem Reap, with journey times of around 10-11 hours common. Ticket prices cost the same in either direction at USD25.

Siem Reap–Pakse

There is also one departure each day from Siem Reap to Pakse in Laos, also leaving at 08.00 and scheduled to arrive at around 17.30. The return journey departs Pakse at 08.00 as well and due to arrive at 18.45. Regardless of the direction of travel, the journey lasts around 10 hours and tickets are priced at USD30.

Siem Reap–Destinations in Cambodia

Asia Van Transfer offers services from Siem Reap to popular destinations dotted across Cambodia. There is one departure to Stung Treng each day, leaving Siem Reap at 08.00 with the five-hour trip meaning that you will arrive in Stung Treng at 13.15. The return trip from Stung Treng back to Siem Reap departs at 14.00 and arrives at 18.30, with tickets costing at USD20.

A shorter journey to Preah Vihear City departs Siem Reap every morning at 08.00 (arriving at 11.15) with the return trip departing at 16.00. The journey lasts around three hours, costing USD12.

Destinations such as Banloung and Kratie are also serviced by Asia Van Transfer, with departures from Siem Reap at 08.00 to each town. Return trips from both Banloung and Kratie depart for Siem Reap at 07.30, with both routes lasting around nine or ten hours and costing USD24.


The improved condition of the road between Siem Reap and Don Det has saved travellers a significant amount of time, cutting the journey in half! This was a previously very isolated destination that was out of reach for the majority of visitors so this has been a hugely welcome improvement.


The condition of the buses on many of these routes is often not to a particularly high standard and can be lower than services operated by other operators. This will not be ideal news for passengers as the trips can be pretty long so comfort is an issue, especially as Asia Van Transfer offers minivans on all routes, rather than the larger vehicles you might expect on trips of these distances. Delays are also pretty common, although, in truth this tends to be a problem with all bus companies across Cambodia and Laos.

Crossing the border between Cambodia and Laos is usually a fairly confusing and long-winded process which can take longer than you expect. Of course, it is much easier to fly but this may not be within the budgets of many travellers.

Keep in mind

Children under five are not required to purchase a full-priced ticket. It is also worth noting that these services will usually terminate on the outskirts of town, so you will be required to head to your hotel in a tuk-tuk, which will add to the cost of the journey.

Travellers reviews

The company operates exclusively vans – and most reviews of Asia Van Transfer tend to focus on the standard and comfort of the buses on these routes. Keep in mind that the quality is likely to be considerably different to western standards. Whilst this is less of an issue on the shorter routes, if you are travelling for over 10 hours you will want the trip to be as comfortable as possible. Before booking your ticket do check the length of the trip and decide for yourself whether you are ready to go. If you ask us, we do travel by minibuses around Asia, and while obviously you have less legroom compared to a big bus, you win in transit time.

Passengers sometimes complain about the lack of flexibility in the schedules on routes operated by Asia Van Transfer. There is only one departure each day on these routes and this can often be at an inconvenient time which may not suit your schedule. For example, the only departures to Siem Reap from Stung Treng and Preah Vihear City are at 14.00 and 16.00 respectively which can cause issues for those looking to travel to Siem Reap to catch a flight or another bus to destinations in Cambodia such as Phnom Penh or Sihanoukville.

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Asia Van Transfer Company Reviews

van Regional 14pax, Asia Van Transfer, Feb 19, 2020
Taking the bus is an adventure If you're not good with strangers then take the plane... it's a 12 hour ride
van Regional 14pax, Asia Van Transfer, Feb 18, 2020
First ride to stung Treng was very good. From there to Kratie they were to many people in the bus and they were transporting 250 KG of sugar in the aisle where the locals sit on. Funny but uncomfortable.
van Regional 14pax, Asia Van Transfer, Feb 13, 2020
The buses were ok. Had to wait in Champasak for over an hour whilst they changed the bus (probably for safety reasons) the driver once we got into cambodia was lovely
van Regional 14pax, Asia Van Transfer, Feb 8, 2020
First part was ok. The rest was chaotic. The handling at the border was bad. Finally, getting into a very uncomfortable truck.
van Regional 14pax, Asia Van Transfer, Feb 5, 2020
Comfortable and smooth transfers of van from the border to Siem Reap.
van Regional 14pax, Asia Van Transfer, Feb 4, 2020
The people were really friendly and everything happened as they said it would. The only thing was that we were cramped in the back of the minivan even though we paid for 3 seats for the 2 of us to try and avoid this. However, when we arrived in Siem Reap they gave us back the money for the third seat!!!! We didn't even ask - now that's what I call service.
van Regional 14pax, Asia Van Transfer, Jan 31, 2020
Website was easy to use. Tickets were given at the company's office once we showed the voucher. Information about contacting company provided via emails. The company took care if everything for the price of the ticket. Hotel pick up, buses to the border, bus from the Laos border to Nakasang and the boat to the islands. The brief explanation was given at the first office. Guys know what they doing.
van Regional 14pax, Asia Van Transfer, Jan 29, 2020
We received a email about the exact location and the mini-van arrived just at the right time. He gave us tickets for the following minivans and boat. The minivan was Indeed quite récent, but you have only a belt for the belly and not for the torso, which i think is useless (thats why the minus one star). To be fair, all the minivans are like this. We eat at Stoeng Troeng for one hour and the Price for the food was really fair. Then we headed to the border on another bus. After the border, a smaller mini-van took us to the Pier to take the boat to Don Det. It was really smooth and the drivers were nice and helpul.
van Regional 14pax, Asia Van Transfer, Jan 27, 2020
Good professional drivers and good organisation except the 2h waiting in the middle... A good and safe way to travel but a bit expensive compared to other services
van Regional 14pax, Asia Van Transfer, Jan 20, 2020
3/4 of the way, we had a good van, the rest not so good, but ok.
van Regional 14pax, Asia Van Transfer, Oct 11, 2019
Comfortable enough minivan. Didn’t seem to take as long as was quoted which was good. However lots of waiting around once we had crossed the border and lots of stopping and starting along the way.
van Regional 14pax, Asia Van Transfer, Oct 1, 2019
van Regional 14pax, Asia Van Transfer, Sep 24, 2019
Reliable. I was expecting to be underwhelmed, as it's often the case with many greedy operators, but I was genuinely pleasantly surprised.
van Regional 14pax, Asia Van Transfer, Sep 5, 2019
Everthing went really smooth! Bus left on time, clear briefing and there was also a van waiting for us at the Lao border! Would really recommend AVT
van Regional 14pax, Asia Van Transfer, Aug 14, 2019
Got us there on time, however, the buses were very cramped and the AC did not work properly on all busses - not quite what we were expecting from the description.
van Regional 14pax, Asia Van Transfer, Jul 26, 2019
Well explained about the trip at siem reap end. But we when got to the town before the border we were told to get out that he going back to siem reap. We were not advised and was unclear what was happening we waited two hours there before we drove to the border. The drivers were all good felt safe
van Regional 14pax, Asia Van Transfer, Jul 12, 2019
Very detailed email from the company however the bus was late to arrive and had no seatbelts for a very bumpy windy journey. Changed buses half way, much better and more space for everyone.
van Regional 14pax, Asia Van Transfer, Jul 7, 2019
Was pickup from hotel on time, in Pakse, in a good looking van. Did the rounds to get other guests and then we were driven to a location there in Pakse where we all transferred to an old beat up local bus. I was told that I was going to be traveling in a modern van. No, it was an old bus with very bad suspension. It’s AC was good, though. Exiting Lao and entering Cambodia, both sets of bureaucrats will rip you off. The Cambodian ones will literally bark at you and try to order you around. I sternly put a stop to that nonsense as I screamed louder than they did: it worked. The last leg into Siem Reap the driver decided to pickup a local lady, a very fat one at that, and the rest of us had to accommodate for that, resulting in crammed quarters for us paying costumers. In Siem Reap the tuk tuk driver said that hotel transfer was free. I corrected him by saying that the transfer wasn’t free, that it was included in the price we paid. The roads in Cambodia aren’t as good as the ones in Lao. All in all it wasn’t too bad. After all we’re here for the experience, aren’t we.
van Regional 14pax, Asia Van Transfer, Jun 25, 2019
Seats were not comfertable in the van. We waited at lunch for over 2 hours for another van to pick us up and therefore arrived in Pakse 2.5hrs late
van Regional 14pax, Asia Van Transfer, May 8, 2019
Amazing trip, l didn't get the part l had to change mini van though. A tuk tuk came to pick me up at my hostel right on time to the agency. From there, a mini van came and drove us to a place where l had to change mini van. The second trip was fine. Great experience
van Regional 14pax, Asia Van Transfer, Apr 9, 2019
very good and comfortable ride
116 customer reviews
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