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Asia Dragon Travels and Tours offer convenient travel and tours around Myanmar for independent travellers. The company prides itself on having knowledgeable guides and safe drivers.

The company was started by Mr Min Naing and Mr Than Zin in 2000 and has been expanding over the last 17 years. Initially, Asia Dragon began as a bus company based in Yangon. This evolved into providing tourists option of a one-way journey or a full tour package. The second takes passengers to various destinations and arranges accommodation.

Routes Served by Asia Dragon

Typical routes depart from Yangon to beach areas including Ngwe Saung and Chaungtha. Others take passengers to the Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda and Myawaddy Maesot. Below are the places Asia Dragon serves including the ticket price and estimated duration:

Yangon–Ngwe Saung & Chaung Tha

Yangon to Ngwe Saung. Departs at 9 pm and arrives at around 6 am.
Yangon to Chaung Tha. Departs at 9 pm and arrives at 6 am.

Yangon–Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda

This route is very convenient for those who want to visit the Golden Mount without travelling through Bago.
Yangon to the Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda. Departs at 9 pm and arrives at 2.30 am.


Asia Dragon is one of few bus companies offering direct transfer between Yangon and Myawaddy at the Thai border. The night bus departing from Yangon allows you to quickly cross the border in the morning and catch the morning bus from Mae Sot to Chiang Mai.
Yangon to Myawaddy. Departs at 7 pm and arrives at 5 am.

Tickets cost anywhere between USD10 to USD25 for a one-way ticket depending on the route and distance. Tour packages are higher based on the length of the trip. Call one of the operators to discuss the prices in more depth.


Doubles up as a tour company
All buses have air-conditioning
Flexible and willing to work with you to plan a tour
Offers a range of excursions from one-day trips to experiencing traditional festivals
Offer a pick up and drop off service on all return tickets
The company can arrange hotels and overnight accommodation
Easy to communicate by telephone, email, and a quick response on social media


Tours are expensive
Individual or couples can’t have a tour
Bus journeys are a little expensive compared to other companies
No online booking is available at the time of writing
Doesn’t travel to Bagan, Mandalay, and Inle Lake
There are only night buses, which means you’ll arrive very early in the morning
Buses only depart to and from Yangon
Very little information in terms of reviews

Keep in Mind

Asia Dragon is both a bus and tour company
The pick-up point for people with a one-way ticket is usually at Yangon Railway Station
The website claims to go to many destinations in Myanmar, but it doesn’t go the typical tourist destinations
Buses don’t operate during the day
Other operators are better suited for the first time visitor to Myanmar wanting to visit the must-see attractions
Delays and cancellations are common in the rainy season

Travellers Reviews

Let’s take a look at other travellers’ experiences with Asia Dragon to see if this operator is the best one for you.

There are quite a few positive reviews from travellers who book up a group tour using Asia Dragon from Yangon to Chaung Tha or Ngwe Saung Beaches as the company provides complimentary hotel pick up.

Travellers report that Asia Dragon’s buses are usually modern and spacious, helping you to put up with rather a long journey.

Travellers also fing the journey from Yangon to Kyaikhtiyo be surprisingly pleasant and free from inevitable scams and annoyances which you encounter if passing via Bago.

The company enjoys great safety record, and many of those who travelled with Asia Dragon underline a very confident and secure driving style of the company’s drivers – they look very careful and seemed professional, unlike the vast speeds other companies insist on driving.

One of the disadvantages mentioned is a bit inconvenient schedule with the bus arriving at 3 am in the morning in a relatively small town in rural Myanmar – but in fact it is a common thing in Myanmar we were also surprised by while we were travelling around the country. Both departure and arrival times seem to have no correlation whatsoever with the time of the day. Relax!

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Asia Dragon Company Reviews

Bus Express, Asia Dragon, Feb 3, 2020
In all it was a ok trip.. bit the lights were on and they played loud music and I just wanted to sleep as it was in the middle of the night
Bus Express, Asia Dragon, Mar 12, 2018
Bumpy road, lots of honking and unnecessary stops when you’re sleeping. However, it does its job and we even arrived one hour earlier
Bus Express, Asia Dragon, Jan 7, 2018
Staff not very friendly
11 customer reviews
100.0% of 193 travelers were presumably happy with Asia Dragon as they left good or no review

Asia Dragon Stations

Aung San Stadium Chaungtha Beach any hotel Ngwe Saung Beach any hotel Kyaiktiyo Kin Pun Sakhan