Manila to Ozamis Pier

Manila to Ozamis Pier

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1h 35m First: 7:00 Last: 9:20

From 1,709

Manila to Ozamis Pier Schedule

Manila to Ozamis Pier Schedule
Transport NameRoute TimePrice
Cebu Pacific Economy #5J78309:20 - 10:55₱ 1,726

How to get from Manila to Ozamis

The quickest way to get from Manila to Ozamis City is by taking a plane. The Philippine flagship carrier Philippine Airlines as well as the budget airline Cebu Pacific, both fly directly from Manila to Ozamis City and offer daily flights. The flights are a fast hop of 1 hour and 40 minutes only.

If you don’t mind spending time on a ferry, there is also an option of travelling by sea. Ferries usually take between 9 and 11 hours to cover the distance of 1,145km between Manila and Ozamis. Ferries may not be the fastest option, but they are generally safe, comfortable, have budget-friendly bunk beds and offer lots of great sea views.

Taking a plane directly from Manila to Ozamis will cost you PHP 2,600 one way on the lower end of the scale. Prices vary hugely and depend on which airline you decide to fly with, as well as how long in advance you book. If you book last minute, airfare may go up to as high as PHP 4,000 one way.

Prices for 2Go Ferry are normally fixed throughout the year. Expect to pay from PHP 2,000 for Mega Value Class per person and up to as much as PhP 7,000 for a private stateroom accommodating 2 passengers.

Ferries from Manila to Ozamis

2Go ferries are the most popular option if you want to travel from Manila to Ozamis by sea. The most affordable seats on the 2Go vessels are the Mega Value Class, which cost PHP 2,000. The most expensive class is the Stateroom for 2 which costs PHP 7,000 with other accommodation options available between the two.

Note! 2GO sails from Manila to Ozamis on MONDAY and THURSDAY.

2Go departs Manila for Ozamis twice a week: the St. Leo the Great leaves Manila every Monday at 7.30 PM and arrives in Ozamis at 4.30 AM of Tuesday (travel time 9 hours); while the St. Francis Xavier vessel departs Manila every Thursday at 9AM and arrives in Ozamis at 8PM of the same day. Passengers can choose from two departures a week, one leaving in the morning and the other one at night. 2Go rarely cancels trips from Manila to Ozamis unless bad weather is expected.

General notes

The 2Go ferries are cozy passenger ferries that are comfortable and equipped with numerous amenities for entertainment and relaxation. Some of the facilities you can find aboard a ship include a convenience store, spa, salon, café, and karaoke.

If you tend to get seasick during the journey, you can either stay in a private room or spend some time on the deck so that you can look out into the horizon and breathe some fresh air.

Both fan and air-conditioned rooms are available throughout the boat, so you can choose whichever is most convenient for you. The 2Go ferries usually offer a smooth and enjoyable ride.

Flights from Manila to Ozamis

If you are on a budget, taking a Cebu Pacific flight from Manila to Ozamis is probably the most affordable option. It also helps if you book your flights months in advance, or watch out for Cebu Pacific promotions; doing so can save you as much as PHP 1,500 each way.

Cebu Pacific is usually the most popular choice for domestic routes especially for travelers on a budget. The cheapest seats aboard Cebu Pacific already include 7 kg of hand carry luggage, while the cheapest seats with Philippine Airlines, though more expensive, include 20kg of checked luggage.

Direct flights from Manila to Ozamis take around an hour and 40 minutes. As an idea, you an check connecting flights via Cebu which obviously will take longer but sometimes are priced very reasonably.

Transportation from Manila to Ozamis Pier