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Coron to Manila Destination Reviews

flight Economy, CebGo (CebGo), Mar 23, 2020
Nyt og moderne fly. Kan varmt anbefales.
ferry Tourist Class, 2GO (2GO), Mar 10, 2020
Good experience, we left on time, and not that freezing like other time
flight Economy, CebGo (CebGo), Feb 19, 2020
Great staff and easy check in !
ferry Tourist Class, 2GO (2GO), Feb 11, 2020
Very delayed. Staff were outside our room all night making lots of noise.
ferry Tourist Class, 2GO (2GO), Feb 9, 2020
The toilets were not clean at all.
ferry Super Value Class, 2GO (2GO), Feb 4, 2020
The huge dorm was a mistake, we didnt get much sleep
ferry Super Value Class, 2GO (2GO), Feb 4, 2020
Poor information about linen and blanket issuance... the people in the linen office also made some sort of joke amongst themselves during my efforts to ascertain how the linen issuance was working: very unprofessional and rude!
ferry Tourist Class, 2GO (2GO), Jan 16, 2020
Never again. Airco was "Under maintenance" on our side of the ship with no ventilation and so many persons to heat up the tourist class, it was unbearable. You shouldn't have sold tickets if you can't deliver what I paid for. The included meal was cold rice with 4 miniature spring rolls. Departure was 70 minutes late.
ferry Cabin for 4, 2GO (2GO), Dec 24, 2019
Very good
ferry Super Value Class, 2GO (2GO), Dec 17, 2019
The time got changed a lot and got really late heads up. The delayed from the latest change was about 3/4 hours. The boat took 15 hours instead of 11.
ferry Super Value Class, 2GO (2GO), Dec 10, 2019
Boat hours are not trustable, boat arrived 4hours too late. Beds were OK
flight Economy, CebGo (CebGo), Dec 9, 2019
Awesome easy perfect
flight Economy, CebGo (CebGo), Nov 27, 2019
ferry Super Value Class, 2GO (2GO), Nov 26, 2019
We had to be at the pier at 6 while the boat was not reading for boarding until 7pm. We then stayed at Coron pier for 3 more hours and only then they announced that there was a delay due to technical problems, leading to a delay in late arrival in Manila, which affected me arriving at work on time. I requested a letter, which I received, but after several hours waiting for it. Food was again mediocre, soap ran out very quickly, hygiene was low at the toilets and this time no fan was working while on the way to Coron there was at least some kind of chilling mechanism. Not my favorite way to travel and in the end not that cheap either.
ferry Business class for 6, 2GO (2GO), Nov 5, 2019
It was a good trip. Very stable ride and crew are nice. I love the Halloween theme and the efforts put by the crew. I On improvement - I think the group tour is not control properly - that time there was a marine academy school with 250 pax roaming around the vessel that sometimes bothers me.
ferry Tourist Class, 2GO (2GO), Oct 22, 2019
Very smooth ride. Small bed but ok matrass. 50 peso for extra blanket which was necessary because of the AC. Only bad point is the procedure to be allowed on the boat: we bought the ticket online and we had to go to a 2go office to make it official. Went from Airbnb to 2go in Coron town, they send us to 2go office near the port, they send us to the office in the port. Only the online ticket should be enough, no need for so much hassle.
ferry Tourist Class, 2GO (2GO), Aug 27, 2019
Awesome ferry journey, there was live music, drinking, dancing and kareoke! I didn't expect this at all so was really surprised at how fun the journey was, the best way to travel in the Philippines. The rooms had ac, bedding was provided (and it was very clean) there was a small shop and a canteen! All round a great service
ferry Super Value Class, 2GO (2GO), Aug 27, 2019
I ended up upgrading to mega value because the super value was too hot. The upgrade was 150 pesos and worth it. After that, the boat was great! It ended up turning into a party in the main lobby
ferry Mega Value Class, 2GO (2GO), Jul 23, 2019
The aircon was too too strong
flight Economy, CebGo (CebGo), Mar 17, 2019
I tried to manage booking on line but the number provided were I buy the flight did not work at the web page. I went to the airport which is not close to town and it takes hours to return in leased van. They do not have credit card payment at airport and there is no exchange facility. The office at Coron could not manage boking because of system down. I also did not receive answer by e mail or facebook as requested. However the personnel was kind and helped at airport.
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How to get from Coron to Manila by Plane

Taking a flight is the fastest and easiest way to get from Coron to Manila. In order to find the best deal, use our online booking service.

There are regular flights departing from Coron to Manila so there are many options to choose from. Keep in mind, however, that a plane is a relatively expensive means of transportation. If you want to secure the best deal, it’s better to book a ticket in advance. It’s also a good idea to plan far ahead if travelling around popular travel seasons.

How far is it from Coron to Manila?

According to Google Maps, the driving distance from Coron to Manila B is 244 miles (392 km). A flying distance is shorter - it is approximately 188 miles.

How long does it take to get from Coron to Manila by Plane?

Traveling by plane guarantees the fastest time to get from Coron to Manila. The estimated Coron to Manila travel time is 1h 15m. Keep in mind, however, that getting to the airport, checking-in, and passing through security checks will take some time - it’s better to come to the airport at least an hour in advance if you are flying domestically and two hours in advance if it is an international flight.

The trip duration from Coron and Manila is more or less the same whichever airline you choose to fly.

How much does it cost to get from Coron to Manila?

There are a few ways to secure the cheapest airline tickets. Here are several hints on how to grab the best deals for flying from Coron to Manila:

  • Getting the cheapest air ticket is possible during the airline’s sale period. Discounts can be quite huge, but you have to monitor good deals constantly.
  • Buy an air ticket with a low-cost airline. There are airlines that position themselves as low-cost carriers. Their tickets can be quite cheap - bear in mind though that the departure time can be inconvenient.
  • Buy a ticket straight at the airport. This is the least convenient way to get a plane ticket. A same day Coron to Manila ticket price is usually higher than the one you get if booking in advance.

Best Rated Companies for This Route

The route from Coron to Manila is operated by the following airlines: CebGo. Most travellers who bought air tickets for this route with us, opted for . Yet all the carriers we offer enjoy good reputation and provide decent service.

Before booking your flight ticket, always check what is included into the airfare. Remember that checked luggage may or may not be included. Luggage allowance and carry-on luggage dimensions also differ from carrier to carrier. Budget airlines may require online check-in and make you pay for any extras like choosing your seat or onboard meals.