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Busuanga to Manila Ninoy Aquino Airport

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Transportation from Busuanga to Manila Ninoy Aquino Airport

Busuanga to Manila Ninoy Aquino Airport Destination Reviews

ferry Cabin for 4, 2GO (2GO), Jul 9, 2019
Could have been worse. Easily could have been WAY better. Total scam: the ticket clearly states an e-ticket version can be used, but the 12Go staff at the Port required us to walk to their business office down the road and pay 50 pesos to have them provide a printed hardcopy. Even when two tickets were on one page, they required it to be printed twice, and us to pay twice :( The onboard crew are great; it's 100% a matter of operations management incompetency. Quality management is basic, and it makes everyone's day better (esp the staff). The bad news is everyone is suffering these failures, the good news is they just need to hire one smart, honest operations evangelist to make it great. As we say in the 'hood, "...dey roaches was everywhere!"
ferry Tourist Class, 2GO (2GO), Jun 26, 2019
sana yung sa mga cr lagyan naman ng trashcan at sarapan naman ang luto since sobrangf mahal naman ng singil sa pagkaen.
ferry Mega Value Class, 2GO (2GO), May 7, 2019
Finally the beds was not the same than in the pics. But the ship is very comfortable with all kind of facilities
ferry Tourist Class, 2GO (2GO), Apr 15, 2019
Broken and way to short bed, loud TV, awful food. The next time I would rather fly or at least book "business class" on the ferry.
ferry Super Value Class, 2GO (2GO), Mar 11, 2019
Would be much better to serve food/drink on boat
ferry Tourist Class, 2GO (2GO), Feb 11, 2019
The best boat trip ever for only $30
ferry Tourist Class, 2GO (2GO), Feb 11, 2019
I booked a 6 bed tourist room, they put me in a 70 person room due to operating with a bigger boat. The office in Coron is a joke, people are unfriendly and couldn’t even print my tickets so I had to go somewhere else to print. There is no service from this company whatsoever and I’ll never book with them again.
ferry Tourist Class, 2GO (2GO), Feb 4, 2019
We had purchased tickets online for 6-8 pac room. After not finding the room and asking a worker on the ship, we got showed to a 30+pac room. After walking around the ship, looking for our room on different levels with our heavy luggages we got showed to the same room by a different worker. Not happy with the room since we booked a more private one, we checked our emails to see that the ticket given, had a different price on, by around 300php less per person which is 1200php less in total than we actually paid with 4 people. After realising that, we went straight to the info desk and the lady started checking the availabilities of other rooms. At the end we were lucky and got a tranfer to a 4pac room with two bunk beds which meant it was just us in the room. Make sure you have extra cash on the boat since not possible to pay by card and you have to pay extra 50php for a blanket and also rent bedsheets for 50php. It is also really cold in the room bevause of the aircon you cannot close. At least there is a mini shop and some food if you don’t bring any with you and going on and off the ship you get help with your luggage in case its heavy.
ferry Super Value Class, 2GO (2GO), Dec 12, 2018
Tv is very loud during the night when nobody watches tv and wants to sleep. Also would be nice when some lights are less bright after midnight. Over all nice entertainment and bars.
ferry Business class for 6, 2GO (2GO), Dec 10, 2018
So so easy - waiting time at the Coron port not necessary to be so long
ferry Super Value Class, 2GO (2GO), Dec 3, 2018
Cool and arrived on time. Staff are pleasant
ferry Tourist Class, 2GO (2GO), Nov 5, 2018
pretty good. I could sleep well, and bed sheets were clean. Improvment points : 1) I am not tall and I touched both walls with head and feets (for persons above 1m72 it must be really umcomfortable) 2) The check- takes waaaaay too long. 4 hours before on the pier, 1 hour delay, and then you have to wait again 20 min to gets sheets... that's just tooooo much! 3) At the agency coron center, the girl from 2go had no idea. She told me I have to go to the main office at the port to exchange my voucher (that was not true, it was already a ticket) I lost again time and 2 times cab money due to incompetence of the 2go girl at the Coron center office.
ferry Tourist Class, 2GO (2GO), May 24, 2018
Was good, the show was fun
ferry Super Value Class, 2GO (2GO), Apr 10, 2018
Food was awful and insufficient
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How to get from Busuanga to Manila Ninoy Aquino Airport by Plane

Taking a flight is the fastest and easiest way to get from Busuanga to Manila Ninoy Aquino Airport. In order to find the best deal, use our online booking service.

There are regular flights departing from Busuanga to Manila Ninoy Aquino Airport so there are many options to choose from. Keep in mind, however, that a plane is a relatively expensive means of transportation. If you want to secure the best deal, it’s better to book a ticket in advance. It’s also a good idea to plan far ahead if travelling around popular travel seasons.

How far is it from Busuanga to Manila Ninoy Aquino Airport?

According to Google Maps, the driving distance from Busuanga to Manila Ninoy Aquino Airport B is 244 miles (392 km). A flying distance is shorter - it is approximately 188 miles.

How long does it take to get from Busuanga to Manila Ninoy Aquino Airport by Plane?

Traveling by plane guarantees the fastest time to get from Busuanga to Manila Ninoy Aquino Airport. The estimated Busuanga to Manila Ninoy Aquino Airport travel time is 1h 10m. Keep in mind, however, that getting to the airport, checking-in, and passing through security checks will take some time - it’s better to come to the airport at least an hour in advance if you are flying domestically and two hours in advance if it is an international flight.

The trip duration from Busuanga and Manila Ninoy Aquino Airport is more or less the same whichever airline you choose to fly.

How much does it cost to get from Busuanga to Manila Ninoy Aquino Airport?

There are a few ways to secure the cheapest airline tickets. Here are several hints on how to grab the best deals for flying from Busuanga to Manila Ninoy Aquino Airport:

  • Getting the cheapest air ticket is possible during the airline’s sale period. Discounts can be quite huge, but you have to monitor good deals constantly.
  • Buy an air ticket with a low-cost airline. There are airlines that position themselves as low-cost carriers. Their tickets can be quite cheap - bear in mind though that the departure time can be inconvenient.
  • Buy a ticket straight at the airport. This is the least convenient way to get a plane ticket. A same day Busuanga to Manila Ninoy Aquino Airport ticket price is usually higher than the one you get if booking in advance.

Best Rated Companies for This Route

The route from Busuanga to Manila Ninoy Aquino Airport is operated by the following airlines: CebGo, Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines. Most travellers who bought air tickets for this route with us, opted for Philippine Airlines. Yet all the carriers we offer enjoy good reputation and provide decent service.

Before booking your flight ticket, always check what is included into the airfare. Remember that checked luggage may or may not be included. Luggage allowance and carry-on luggage dimensions also differ from carrier to carrier. Budget airlines may require online check-in and make you pay for any extras like choosing your seat or onboard meals.