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Bohol to Cebu

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Bohol to Cebu

-Negative RT PCR test results 72 hrs before travel
-All passengers on board domestic ships are required to register their information using the S-PASS,

How to get from Bohol to Cebu

The most convenient way to get to Cebu from Bohol is by sea. Although it is also possible to travel by air, it requires a layover in Cagayan de Oro, Davao or Manila what makes the whole process longer, more expensive and quite a hassle.

How far is Cebu from Bohol

The distance between Tagbilaran, the capital of the island of Bohol, and Cebu City is about 90 kilometres.

How long does the journey from Bohol to Cebu take?

Cebu is a mere 2-hour ferry ride from Tagbilaran. If travelling by plane, two connecting flights will take two hours totally plus the time for a layover – from 45 minutes to four hours.

Note that flights depart from the New Bohol airport on Panglao island – you will require additional time to get there.

How much does the ride cost?

The cheapest (and the least comfortable) ferry tickets are available for as low as PHP400.

Flying can set you back PHP4,000 or more if you choose to fly with a more upscale Philippines Airlines instead of Cebu Pacific.

How to get from Bohol to Cebu by ferry

There are several ferries that regularly serve the Tagbilaran-to-Cebu route. Some of these ferries are equipped with an open-air deck from where you can enjoy the journey with smaller islands dotting the sea. It's also quite safe with the staff providing safety instructions before departing the pier.

Ferry schedule from Bohol to Cebu

The Bohol–Cebu route is quite popular thus there are over 20 departures a day operated by three main ferry companies.

The earliest ferry is SuperCat’s 5.50 am ferry followed by a 6 am Ocean Jet’s departure.

The last ferry of the day leaves Bohol at 6.30 pm.

Which ferry company to choose for a Bohol–Cebu trip?

All the companies plying the route, offer comfortable ferries with open-air decks and tourist and business class cabins. It is important to note, that in Cebu they dock at different piers.

Ocean Jet

Ocean Jet sails to Cebu Pier 1 and offers more departures a day than other companies do – over a dozen.

SuperCat via 2Go

SuperCat via 2Go has 6 daily trips from Tagbilaran to Cebu Pier SuperCat.


Lastly, there's also Weesam which has just three daily boats to Cebu at 6.15 am, 11.30 am, and 4 pm.

How long is the sea journey to Cebu from Bohol?

All fastcrafts cover the distance between Tagbilaran and Cebu City in about two hours.

What if the cost of a ferry ticket to Cebu?

The cost of the ticket depends on the operator and the class of the cabin.

Weesam has the cheapest non-aircon options at PHP400 though we would not recommend them. It is worth investing another PHP100 and get a comfier tourist class seat. They also offer tourist and first class tickets for PHP500 and PHP600 respectively.

There are open-air, tourist and business class tickets for Ocean Jet ferries priced PHP600, PHP800 and PHP1300 respectively.

SuperCat is slightly cheaper with PHP550 for tourist class tickets and PHP850 for business class.

How to get from Bohol to Cebu by plain

The airport in the capital of Bohol, Tagbilaran, was closed in November 2018. It has been replaced by the New Bohol International airport, or Panglao Island International airport on Panglao Island.

Both Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines operate from Panglao Island airport.

If flying from Bohol to Cebu with Cebu Pacific, expect to shell out PHP2,900-PHP3,700. There is a layover of several hours in Cagayan de Oro, Davao or Manila, but the actual flight time should not be more than 2 hours.

Philippine Airlines also offer flights to Cebu with layovers in Clark, Manila, or Davao. Tickets can be as low as PHP2,700 to as much as PHP18,000 one way.

Transportation from Bohol to Cebu

Bohol to Cebu Destination Reviews

ferry Tourist SPR, Supercat (Supercat), Mar 15, 2020
On time, but our luggage departed on another boat and it was stressful to know if we would actually get it
ferry Business Class, Oceanjet (Oceanjet), Mar 1, 2020
great booking experience
ferry Business Class, Oceanjet (Oceanjet), Feb 27, 2020
ferry Tourist Class, Oceanjet (Oceanjet), Feb 26, 2020
Great service. Departure was timely and trip time was accurate. Air conditioning was set to bring a light coat. Smooth sailing and relaxing. Booking thru 12go was easy and effective. I'm glad I booked in advance. The only concern is the issuances of tickets is delayed until a few days before departure. Paper printing of ticket is also a concern. I wanted to purchase additional ferry tickets while in Philippines, but have no access to a printer while on vacation. Fortunately ferry tickets care easy to acquire at the Port.
ferry Open-Air, Oceanjet (Oceanjet), Feb 3, 2020
Very good customer service. The answers to my questions were quick and factual. I received the tickets by e-mail. Travel as planned. Helpful service at the port and on the ferry.
ferry Tourist Class, Oceanjet (Oceanjet), Jan 31, 2020
Business class
ferry Tourist SPR, Supercat (Supercat), Jan 30, 2020
Everything was OK, it was bit late though
ferry Tourist Class, Oceanjet (Oceanjet), Jan 29, 2020
Very good ????
ferry Open-Air, Oceanjet (Oceanjet), Jan 29, 2020
I was a bit scared about the reviews i had seen on other web sites but actually They were great To me because they sent me the vouchers on the very same day that i bought the tickets on the internet even if it was for the next morning
ferry Business Class, Oceanjet (Oceanjet), Jan 25, 2020
Great seats and comfortable journey. Definitely worth paying the extra for Business class. Baggage process is chaotic. Seemed that anyone could take any case at points, despite efforts to tag each bag and show a receipt to collect.
ferry Business Class, Oceanjet (Oceanjet), Jan 25, 2020
The entrance was not organized and the exsit. The baggages were not handled
ferry Business Class, Oceanjet (Oceanjet), Jan 20, 2020
trip was good but the company that sent our voucher was very poor never again
ferry Open-Air, Oceanjet (Oceanjet), Jan 18, 2020
I did not wait for the tickets. I took a screenshot and showed that at the ticket office I couldn't book through the official website anymore because it was less than 24 hours before the trip so very happy that I could still book here!
ferry Open-Air, Oceanjet (Oceanjet), Jan 16, 2020
Similar issues to others. Tickets VERY late arriving despite being booked long in advance. So late that we bought alternatives. This wasn’t helped by earlier ticjets cancelled at last minute. Which made us nervous of all future bookings. 12Go Asia very unhelpful and not at all appreciative of the time unnecessarily spent on holiday dealing with grief!
ferry Tourist Class, Oceanjet (Oceanjet), Jan 10, 2020
I received my e-ticket for Oceanjet from Tagbilaran City to Cebu City 3 days prior to my date of travel. I hope that you will continue this good service to reduce travel stress. The process of the issuance of my boarding pass went so well. Thank you very much.
ferry Business Class, Oceanjet (Oceanjet), Jan 6, 2020
Ticketing and Boarding process without any issues, comfortable transfer in time
ferry Business Class, Oceanjet (Oceanjet), Jan 4, 2020
Could have some device a boards as coffee, tee etc.
ferry Open-Air, Oceanjet (Oceanjet), Jan 1, 2020
The trip itself was fine. I enjoyed the open air and breeze. However, the tickets were not even confirmed on the day of the trip. I had ordered the tickets several weeks in advance, and had payment confirmation, but then on the day of I got an email saying the boat ride at the time I selected was full so they wanted to put us on an earlier boat. Thankfully I got the email ahead of time. We canceled the last stop on our tour sadly, then literally as we were standing in line to get our seat assignments I got an email with ticket confirmation for our original boat. We could have finished the tour then still been on the time slot I initially booked!! It was quite annoying, but at least they managed to get us on the earlier boat trip so we didn't have to just wait around an extra hour. So good customer service in person, but very delayed confirmation and contradictory emails.
ferry Tourist Class, Oceanjet (Oceanjet), Dec 31, 2019
Great , we left right on time and arrived as scheduled , chair was comfortable and clean ! Air condition need to approve , was bit hot
ferry Tourist Class, Oceanjet (Oceanjet), Dec 31, 2019
Perfect experience, departure was on time. Thank you so much.
ferry Open-Air, Oceanjet (Oceanjet), Dec 30, 2019
We have not got the confirmation of the trip till the day of the trip. The support did not really help and told us to wait. The ferry was full and mess regarding any important information. I don't really recommend buying tickets here. (we took other trip before buying tivket from different provider and it was cheaper and better)
ferry Tourist Class, Oceanjet (Oceanjet), Dec 30, 2019
Convenient booking.
ferry Business Class, Oceanjet (Oceanjet), Dec 17, 2019
Check-In process was pretty smooth and our prepaid tickets included the terminal fee, which made things even simpler. 2 hour ferry from TAG-CEB was comfortable in business class. Definitely worth it as the seats were comfortable and more spacious. The crew sang Christmas carol's and sold snacks along the way.
ferry Tourist Class, Oceanjet (Oceanjet), Dec 16, 2019
Booking doesn't include the 50 peso terminal fee. Came as a surprise but no big deal. You probably don't need to be there 30 minutes earlier. Just be there on time.
ferry Open-Air, Oceanjet (Oceanjet), Dec 15, 2019
Good welcomea!
ferry Business Class, Oceanjet (Oceanjet), Dec 14, 2019
Check in and boarding the boat very swift and well handled. Comfortable seats in business class (would Defo pay the extra for these seats) and they play a movie and sell refreshments too. All Staff friendly and helpful and sang us Christmas tunes ????
ferry Business Class, Oceanjet (Oceanjet), Dec 8, 2019
Seat number 1 F is not working in business class+ so noisy beside cockpit door!! It was not comfortable for me and my wife.
ferry Business Class, Oceanjet (Oceanjet), Nov 28, 2019
Very comfortable and calm. Staff very helpful. I forgot some items on the ferry and received them immediately after I claimed them. Impeccable service!
ferry Business Class, Oceanjet (Oceanjet), Nov 21, 2019
Traveling bussenes class was different to Europe, but ok. Luggage was 100 pesos extra on top of the ticked, but taken care of. The departure hall was very crowded and it toke a bit time to find out where to go, but everything worked fine. Ferry was on time and they showed a good movie. Seats where ok and a lot if leg space. Service was not a Wirt the stuff had heard about, and securityinstructions was not shown. But anyway a Smyth trip of 2 hours with beutyfull sceneri made it for me. Thecticketsvcamexasa voucher 3 - 5 days befor the trip, so be patient, but it works. Be at departure pier in good time upfront.
ferry Open-Air, Oceanjet (Oceanjet), Nov 21, 2019
The operators were accommodating when we requested for change in time because we got to the port earlier. However, there was so much of a run around getting to the till to check in. The attendants seemed uninterested and we were told to transfer from teller 4 to cashier 1 back to teller 4 only to find out that baggages with wheels need to be checked in at the port entrance. So we had to drag our kids and hand carries back again to the tills. Customer service at its worst is an understatement. The travel was seamless and we had a great time getting to Cebu though.
ferry Tourist Class, Oceanjet (Oceanjet), Nov 17, 2019
Ferry left port on time, they provide movie on the boat Was really cold in there
ferry Business Class, Oceanjet (Oceanjet), Nov 16, 2019
This was our 2nd trip with Oceanjet and again travelling Business class is the way to go. Journey was on time and effortless. Thanks again
ferry Tourist Class, Oceanjet (Oceanjet), Nov 10, 2019
Tutto perfetto
ferry Open-Air, Oceanjet (Oceanjet), Nov 8, 2019
This was a great way to get to Bohol, highly recommend this company. We did the outside fresh air seats. Very comfortable inexpensive worth it!! Enjoy!
ferry Tourist Class, Oceanjet (Oceanjet), Nov 6, 2019
as we had a good weather, the ride wasnt bumpy. the staff were courteous. one thing though which i believe is a MUST in the trip is the sufficient supply of water in the comfort room. the right wing for the male and female CR had no water. i called the attention of one of the crew but i was told there really had no water.
ferry Open-Air, Oceanjet (Oceanjet), Nov 4, 2019
Cheguei cedo. A atendente perguntou se eu queria ir mais cedo, mudou meu ticket para o próximo ferry. Tudo funcionou muito bem. Obrigada! I arrived early; was offered an earlier ferry ride. The attendant arranged everything and all worked like clockwork. Thank you.
ferry Open-Air, Oceanjet (Oceanjet), Nov 3, 2019
Smooth ride and transaction
ferry Tourist Class, Oceanjet (Oceanjet), Oct 30, 2019
Muy puntual.
ferry Tourist Class, Oceanjet (Oceanjet), Oct 29, 2019
Comfortable and fast way of transport from Bohol to Cebu! We even arrived few minutes earlier than expected.
ferry Tourist Class, Oceanjet (Oceanjet), Oct 21, 2019
Was OK. Only not really clear if I had to carry my luggage or give it to the porter. Anyway brought it eventually myself on board
ferry Tourist Class, Oceanjet (Oceanjet), Oct 1, 2019
Super hot where we were seated had to endure it for 2 hours.
ferry Open-Air, Oceanjet (Oceanjet), Sep 23, 2019
ils ont accepté de changer l'heure de mon billet au dernier moment. Le confort dans le bateau est très minimal, mais il est parti et arrivé à l'heure prévu. le personnel sur le bateau est nonchalant.
ferry Business Class, Oceanjet (Oceanjet), Sep 17, 2019
So easy and convenient. Everything went smoothly, including the ocean trip.
ferry Tourist Class, Oceanjet (Oceanjet), Aug 26, 2019
ferry Business Class, Oceanjet (Oceanjet), Aug 25, 2019
Clean and comfortable
ferry Tourist Class, Oceanjet (Oceanjet), Aug 23, 2019
Everything went smoothly. the staff was very friendly and helpful. Only manko are the seats ;)
ferry Business Class, Oceanjet (Oceanjet), Aug 21, 2019
ferry Tourist Class, Oceanjet (Oceanjet), Aug 15, 2019
Very cramped seats for tourist class on Oceanjet which made the 2 hour journey quite uncomfortable. We also had to queue for quite a long while in a suffocating and hot ferry terminal before getting onto the ferry as it was slightly late.
ferry Tourist Class, Oceanjet (Oceanjet), Aug 12, 2019
its ok
ferry Tourist Class, Oceanjet (Oceanjet), Aug 3, 2019
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