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DMK Don Mueang Airport
1h 25m flight #DD7312 with Nok Air in Economy
UNN Ranong Airport
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DMK Don Mueang Airport
1h 25m flight #DD7314 with Nok Air in Economy
UNN Ranong Airport
Instant Fastest
DMK Don Mueang Airport
1h 25m flight #FD3140 with Thai AirAsia in Economy
UNN Ranong Airport
Instant Fastest
DMK Don Mueang Airport
1h 25m flight #DD7318 with Nok Air in Economy
UNN Ranong Airport

Bangkok to Ranong Schedule

Bangkok to Ranong Schedule
Transport NameRoute TimePrice
BangkokTaxi24 Comfort 00:00 - 08:10฿ 7,100
Glassflower VIP Van 9pax 00:00 - 08:30฿ 9,550
Nok Air Economy #DD731206:05 - 07:30฿ 2,199
Nok Air Economy #DD731409:00 - 10:25฿ 3,403
ChokeAnan Tour Express 09:00 - 19:00฿ 537
Thai AirAsia Economy #FD314011:40 - 13:05฿ 1,997
Nok Air Economy #DD731817:40 - 19:05฿ 2,199
Sombat Tour VIP 33 17:00 - 06:15฿ 782
Transport Co Express 20:30 - 06:30฿ 440
ChokeAnan Tour Express 20:20 - 06:20฿ 537
Niomit Tour VIP 21:00 - 07:25฿ 558

How to get from Bangkok to Ranong

From Bangkok to Ranong by bus

The main bus terminal in Bangkok for all southbound trips is the Southern Bus Terminal, also known as Sai Tai Mai. It is located on the Western banks of Chao Phraya River and is best reached by taxi. Travel time from Bangkok to Ranong is from eight to 9 hours which makes a night bus the most convenient option as it saves your daytime and some baht otherwise spent on a hotel room.

Naomi Tour operates Express, VIP and VIP24 buses from Bangkok to Ranong, all departing at 9 pm and reaching the destination between 4.50am and 5.30am. VIP and VIP24 tickets include a light meal during the journey, while with an Express you have only snacks which are actually of minor importance – unless you are a night-eating type. Tickets cost THB460/550/710 for an Express, VIP and VIP24 bus correspondingly. If you have an extra baht, it is always wise to opt for a VIP24 to have more leg and elbow space. Besides, there have been reports that express buses make too many stops on their way to Ranong, picking up passengers and cargo with cabin lights going on every time the bus stops. If you do not mind your journey last longer than expected than an express is also ok.

Tip: As with all long-haul buses in Thailand, air-conditioning in Naomi Tour buses is an issue: it may get freezing cold on board, so have some warm clothes at hand – the blanket you will be given is not always enough!

From Bangkok to Ranong by air

Even if you are the most determined overland traveler, it sometimes pays to consider a flight, too. Several low-cost airlines in Thailand offer tickets at discounted prices during certain periods, so check if you can catch a great deal.

Nok Air operates two direct flights to Ranong from Don Mueang International Airport in Bangkok. There is a morning flight at 6 am and an afternoon one at 5.05pm. The flight lasts 1 hour and 25 minutes and ticket prices start from THB1150 (lower during promotional periods). Note though, that Ranong airport lies some 22km south, so you will need at least 40 minutes to get to the city from there.

Ranong Connections

Rung Kit company operates Express buses from Ranong to Phuket. They reach the island in 5½ hours and cost about THB300. There are departures at 6.30am, 9.30am, and 4 pm. Please note that with the last departure you reach Phuket bus terminal by 9.30pm, so it is advisable to book your accommodation in Phuket in advance or opt for any guesthouse in Phuket Town rather than heading immediately to the beaches.

Other destinations from Ranong include Suratthani, Krabi, Phang Nga, Nakhon Si Thammarat, and Hat Yai. Tickets are easily bought right on the spot at Ranong bus terminal which is just one km from the city center and is reachable by blue songthaews.

Koh Phayam

All those stereotypes related to a paradise island are true for Koh Phayam. This little gem of an island has long sandy beaches, crystal clear blue seas, old-school bungalows and an air of a perfect island hideaway which becomes a rare bird nowadays. Though Koh Phayam is the main tourist destination in Ranong province, the island never feels overcrowded and chances that you will find a fair stretch of the beach just for yourself are high. Narrow island roads are car-free, and electricity round the clock is a privilege of a couple of bigger resorts. That said, many accommodations offer Internet, so you will not feel too isolated from the rest of the world if you need it in your smartphone.

Unspoiled beaches are undoubtedly the main attraction of Koh Phayam, but do not underestimate its hilly interior covered with jungle where a variety of short route for hiking attract those who get tired with a postcard-perfect sea picture of Koh Phayam. Koh Phayam lies 35km from the mainland, so estimate that your trip there will take from ¾ hrs by speedboat to two hours by ordinary ferry. Boat service is offered all year round, but the majority of smaller bungalows close for the low season from April to October.

Bangkok to Ranong destination reviews

394 customer reviews
90% of 394 travelers were happy with this destination
bus Express, ChokeAnan Tour, Jun 1, 2019
Comfortable but a bit too cold and the lights went on sometimes. I recommend bringing a sleeping mask :)
bus VIP 24, Niomit Tour, May 31, 2019
Very nice bus and quiet comfy! Pontual :) 12go is the best thing for people who are traveling to Asia !!!!
bus VIP, Niomit Tour, May 1, 2019
The bus driver is good-driving and arrive Ranong earlier than estimated. However, seats are not clean and the air-condition is not strong enough. It should be more well-prepared to become a good selection.
bus VIP, Niomit Tour, Feb 18, 2019
Pretty quick, well organised. Fairly comfy and not too cold. Beware, the ticket desk is not written as Niomit but instead New Writ. Quiet coach, arrived an hour early
bus VIP, Niomit Tour, Jan 31, 2019
Good service - i had to change the bus because whater where droppng down from de aircondition but they handeledbwell
bus VIP 24, ChokeAnan Tour, Jan 12, 2019
Es war gemütlich und snacks + trinken gab es auch ! Ich fand die fahrt sehr angenehm
bus VIP, Niomit Tour, Jan 12, 2019
Hey hey ... i am a bit confused. The Lady at the southern Bus Terminal says to me that i had booked for 4 persons... and i think thats the Tessin while i payed around 30€ for the onewayticket... my voucher says 2 persons, ne and my daughter... it will be very nice if you can give me a groupon for the way back from ranong to Bangkok...please let me know if its possible... big greets from kho phayam , Rhiana Riechers
bus VIP 24, ChokeAnan Tour, Dec 29, 2018
I think it was a New bus with good Seats and a lot of space
bus Express, ChokeAnan Tour, Dec 18, 2018
Very comfortable, water, coffe and food included, very good!
bus VIP, ChokeAnan Tour, Dec 6, 2018
There was a big noise coming from the roof on the right back side, which were very annoying. And no toiletpaper. Otherwise everything was fine.
bus VIP 24, Niomit Tour, Dec 1, 2018
Punctual departure and arrival.. reclining seats were ok but not fantastic - more suited to 5 ft Thais than 6 ft brits. Info about dutration of stops would have been nice - hard to know if there was time for a toilet break when we stopped in the middle of the night. But generally a good service at a good price.
bus VIP 24, Niomit Tour, Nov 8, 2018
Better than I expected. I would have preferred the stops to be announced when we stop for a toilet break or at our destination! Also I think if the company was to provide dried fruits instead of an artifical baked bun they might get more people enjoying the offer. Can their not be water refills instead of plastic bottles. I know how Thailand are trying to reduce plastic waste. Thank you!
bus VIP, Niomit Tour, Oct 23, 2018
The bus driver was good we felt safe but the bus was a disaster. The first couple of hours were okay and then they turned the aircon off/down and it got HOT, smelly and extremely stuffy. The air was wet and no chance to open windows or to ask driver to turn the air con back on as they are separated from the passengers. At one stage I had water dripping constantly into my from one of the curtains, goodness knows where that was coming from... we were in the older bus and I’m sure if you’re in the new one it’s okay, but this was awful.
bus VIP 24, Niomit Tour, Mar 3, 2019
bus VIP, ChokeAnan Tour, Feb 21, 2019
All went well
bus VIP 24, ChokeAnan Tour, Feb 8, 2019
The best tipe of vip24 bus I've ever seen.
bus VIP, Niomit Tour, Jan 6, 2019
Gianni...nice trip
bus VIP, ChokeAnan Tour, Dec 30, 2018
Good experience
bus VIP 24, Niomit Tour, Dec 11, 2018
All ok

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