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Bangkok to Phuket Schedule

Bangkok to Phuket Schedule
Transport NameRoute TimePrice
Thai Vietjet Economy #VZ931200:00 - 01:30฿ 521
Thai AirAsia Economy #FD304103:35 - 05:00฿ 1,157
Nok Air Economy #DD750005:40 - 07:05฿ 1,149
Transport Co Express 07:15 - 19:15฿ 640
Nok Air Economy #DD750209:30 - 10:50฿ 1,849
Nok Air Economy #DD750411:25 - 12:45฿ 1,849
Thai AirAsia Economy #FD300513:25 - 14:50฿ 1,680
Thai AirAsia Economy #FD302515:35 - 17:00฿ 1,483
Transport Co Express 16:30 - 04:30฿ 640
Transport Co Express 18:30 - 06:30฿ 640
Transport Co VIP 31 20:00 - 07:00฿ 994
Thai Lion Air Economy #SL76622:00 - 23:25฿ 1,476

How to get from Bangkok to Phuket

The easiest way to get to Phuket from Bangkok is to fly. Flying takes just under an hour and a half and with numerous flights from both Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang airports you are never short of choices. It is almost always possible to grab an air ticket for THB1000-THB2000. The overland distance between Bangkok and Phuket is around 850 km. Thanks to the bridge which links the mainland to the island, you can reach Phuket from Bangkok directly by bus. It does take a while – between 12 and 14 hours – but remains a prime choice for budget-conscious travellers with ticket prices starting from THB600. Though there is no railway station in Phuket, combination train-and-bus journeys via Suratthani are also an option to consider, especially for rail travel buffs, but expect the total travel time to be quite long – normally not less than 16 hours.

From Bangkok to Phuket by bus

Buses from Bangkok to Phuket leave from the Southern bus terminal, Sai Tai Mai. It is located on Phutthamonthon Sai Road in Thonburi district on the western side of the Chao Phraya River and is easily accessible by taxi. The route is served by a number of companies, including Phuket Travel and Bus Express. You can choose between express buses (THB660-THB690) and plusher VIP24 ones (THB1000). In VIP24 there are 3 seats per row, which means more space for your legs and elbows. All buses provide snacks, air-conditioning and blankets and make several pit stops along the route at large gas stations with convenience stores, cafes and toilets. There are early morning buses at 6.30am and 6.40am and a wide choice of afternoon and evening departures from 2.30pm to 9.30pm. All of them cover the distance between Bangkok and Phuket in about 13 hours. There are buses from the Northern bus terminal in Bangkok, Morchit, too.

Buses from Bangkok arrive to the recently constructed Bus Station 2 Bo-Ko-So Terminal which is located some four km to the north of the centre in Phuket Town. The terminal also serves buses from/to many of the Thai southern cities.

Tip: During the peak season it is highly recommended to book tickets in advance.

From Bangkok to Phuket by train

There are no direct trains from Bangkok to Phuket, the nearest transfer point being Suratthani. Trains from Bangkok to Suratthani leave from Hua Lamphong train station in Bangkok, easily accessible from the MRT subway. By far the most convenient train is the night one #85 departing at 7.30pm and arriving in Suratthani at 7.10am, but you have many other options, as well. You can choose the 1st or the 2nd class sleeper, both of which are air-conditioned and provide enough privacy and comfort for an overnight journey. The price is approximately THB1550 and THB1000 correspondingly.

Suratthani train station is located in the town of Phun Phin, some 15 km away. From there, buses leave regularly both for Suratthani and other southern destinations, including Phuket. You can plan your combination journey by yourself or opt for a train+bus joint ticket. If you book a joint train+bus ticket from Bangkok to Phuket, you can catch a 7.45am standard air-con Phantip Travel bus to Phuket (THB 250, almost 4 hrs).

Note that a combination train+bus journey from Bangkok to Phuket takes longer than a direct bus from the Southern Bus Terminal in Bangkok (15½ hrs compared to 13 hours), but you can sleep with more comfort while travelling by railway. Both 1st (THB1550) and 2nd class (THB1000) AC carts give you enough privacy, so a longer journey may proof a better choice at the end of the day.

Why go to Phuket

Love it or hate it: the Pearl of the Andaman is too developed, too commercialized, too trendy and, well, sometimes – too expensive. Yet its sandy beaches, fashionable spas, outstanding diving sites and high-class dining venues continue to lure hordes of tourists from literally every corner of the world. There are endless opportunities for going on an adventure – from snorkelling or surfing to yachting and kayaking, and if you wish to taste the real cosmopolitan flavour of the island, spend a bit of time exploring streets of Phuket Town clogged with coffee shops and art galleries, hip affordable guesthouses and stately Sino-Portuguese mansions. Be ready to pay more for food, lodging and transport than in any other Thai resort city or island, relax and just enjoy your experience.

Being the largest island in Thailand, Phuket sometimes does not feel as an island at all: even getting there from the mainland does not require any sea travel. The 700m Saphan Thepkasattri linked the northernmost tip of Phuket to Phang Nga Province on the mainland in 2011. It runs parallel to a smaller Saphan Sarasin which was built in 1967 to replace the ferry connection with the island and now serves as a pedestrian bridge.

Island hopping from Phuket

Though Phuket sometimes lacks that typical island atmosphere, it still provides a good chance to taste some of the other ‘real’ islands. Just choose your destination and start your island hopping.

From Phuket to Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao

Lomprayah offers combined bus+ high-speed ferry service from Phuket to the islands of the Gulf. The whole journey takes 6½ hrs to Koh Samui, 7½ hrs to Koh Phangan and 8¾ hrs to Koh Tao.

From Phuket to Koh Phi-Phi

During the peak season there is between 5 and 6 ferries a day linking Phuket to the pristine island of Phi Phi. Though it gets more and more developed nowadays, the scenery fortunately remains just breath-taking.

From Phuket to Koh Lanta, the Trang islands and Koh Lipe

Ferries going from Phuket to Koh Lanta, the Trang islands and Koh Lipe connect through Koh Phi-Phi. Get ready to jump from one boat to another which is sometimes a bit of a nervous experience.

**Tip: If your are prone to seasickness, get the necessary medicine at hand.

Want something different? Visit Phang Nga and Khao Lak

Lush jungles and impressive karst formations of the mainland and spectacular islands dotting pristine sea waters, secret caves and beautiful beaches without that excessive glamour of Phuket but with enough facilities to feel comfortable during your holiday are awaiting you in Phang Nga province. If you want fewer people on the beach, head to Khao Lak, which also serves as a great base for further inland explorations.

Lignite bus company operates buses both to Phang Nga Town and Khao Lak from the Southern bus terminal in Bangkok. There are night Express, VIP and VIP24 buses to Phang Nga – all departing around 7pm; tickets cost from THB600 to THB970 depending on the type of the bus you choose. Note that the express bus of Lignite at 6.40pm goes directly to Phang Nga and does not call to Khao Lak. For Khao Lak use the VIP and VIP24 which leave at 7.05pm. Travel time is about 10¼ hours.

You can also get to Khao Lak directly from Phuket Airport. PGS company offers a Toyota Camry for 3 pax at THB1920 from Phuket Airport to Khao Lak. Transit time is about two hours and the rate is all-inclusive.

Getting around in Phuket

Phuket taxis are notorious for their hefty rates. The public transport is limited and has a form of huge trucks. They cruise between Phuket Town and the beaches which is terribly inconvenient as in most cases you need to connect through Phuket Town to go from one beach to another, and the journey eventually takes you hours.

Motorbikes and Scooters are a good way to get around. The majority of the rental shops will require your passport which they keep until you bring the rented vehicle back. Cases when the rental shops would insist on reimbursing ‘damage’ to their scooters are not unheard of; so check carefully what you rent and make photos of any scratches you find before you commit. The daily rate for a scooter is about THB200-THB300. There are also bigger bikes available for rent.

Renting a car is a good option which gives you both freedom and safety. A car can usually be hired for around THB1200 per day, but in low season rates sometimes fall below THB800. Cheap car rental companies can be found in Thanon Rasada. As a rule, local companies offer better rates, but you can sometimes find online promotions when booking with global operators.

Bangkok to Phuket destination reviews

755 customer reviews
80% of 755 travelers were happy with this destination
bus VIP 20, Sombat Tour, Oct 14, 2019
Very comfy bus, good snacks and dinner.
bus Express, Bus Express, Oct 7, 2019
Not the best ride ever, also webside is wrong on the timings it's not 12h it's 15h. Way too many stops at random places, also could be nice to have one more stop that we could go out the bus for short brake. The toilet on the bus is really nasty, ladys prepare to hold for long time.
bus Express, Phuket Travel, Sep 26, 2019
Bus was clean, we were given a slice of cake and a bottle of water at the start. Got there earlier than expected which was good. Our bags were safe and not tampered with despite reading that on earlier reviews. Hard to actually sleep but what do you expect on a night bus.
avia Economy, Thai Vietjet, Sep 17, 2019
Unexpensive, but old plane with very small space between chairs. Fortunately, it is only 1 hour trip.
bus Express, Transport Co, Sep 4, 2019
Surprisingly comfortable. Provided cushion and blanket with reclining chair and foot rest. I suffer from bad travel sickness but did not affect me at all. Air conditioned too. It was as good as a 12 hour journey could be. Provided free meal half way through and drinks / snacks throughout. Experienced severe noise which meant it was difficult to gain any sleep which was the biggest downfall of the trip and made us extremely tired when we arrived at our destination. That aside, would recommend if you are someone who can sleep through any noise.
bus VIP 20, Sombat Tour, Aug 12, 2019
This bus was SO nice. It was the best form of transportation we have used in Thailand so far. The seats were amazingly comfortable, they had a great selection of movies, awesome AC.
bus VIP 24, Bus Express, Aug 11, 2019
I bought two tickets to Phuket. I had a fantastic sleep. The seat was very comfortable and leaned back really well. My friends chair did not lean back and the attendant was unable to fix the seat. It was very uncomfortable trying to sleep at a 90 degree angle for 14 hours. It was super disappointing to pay for a vip bus and not being able to sleep.
bus VIP 24, Phuket Travel, Aug 10, 2019
It was an okay trip. Bus got into Phuket earlier than advertised which was nice. But the seats weren’t very comfortable for a 14 hour journey. They did recline quite far back and had a lot of leg room but the bus was very old and used. Wasn’t sure if there was a toilet on board but didn’t try to use it, just used the one on the single stop for 20 mins. Found the ticket desk to exchange quite quickly but to get on the bus it’s hard to find the right one. We were given some snacks, water and fruit juice for the journey but weren’t given the Thai dinner on the stop as advertised so make sure you bring plenty of food with you. The bus kept randomly stopping to load and unload boxes on the route so it would have been nice if told that was going to happen as it was a bit worrying with our luggage down there. But all our luggage was there and fine when we arrived, not open and intact. We were told there was WiFi on the bus and there were even signs with the password on the bus but it didn’t work at all as expected. So don’t rely on there being WiFi. Overall the experience was okay as it was cheap and got us to the place in one piece. But don’t expect it to be modern and comfortable and don’t rely on the advertised food and WiFi being there. I think it’s hit or miss with these buses.
avia Economy, Thai Airways, Jul 30, 2019
The agent was waiting for us. The van was clean, very comfortable and the driver cautious and kind
bus Express, Bus Express, Jul 28, 2019
We took overnight bus from Bangkok to Phuket. We arrived to our destination 3h too late. We had one 15minute stop around 23.30 for toilet and snacks, but otherwise bus stopped many times during the ride but we dont know why, a bit too many times. There was no wifi and the charging ports didnt work. Otherwise the bus was quite comfortable, we felt safe and we also got snack, water and blanket. If you are booking the same bus we suggest you seats 37 and 38 (last seats in the upper deck on right) since they have far more leg space. Enjoy the ride! :)
bus Express, Bus Express, Jul 20, 2019
The seat did not work and usb charger did not work too.
bus Express, Phuket Travel, Jul 8, 2019
A great trip your driver was brilliant and the female stewardess really helpful. Really comfortable and arrived real early
bus Express, Bus Express, Jun 17, 2019
The bus was quite comfortable. My seat didn't have a seat belt though. Driver stopped multiple times for no reason. The speed they drove was quite fast, round corners and over bumps in the road which are very loud to drive over so made it difficult to sleep if you hadn't fallen asleep already. Seats recline quite far and air con wasn't too cold so made for an alright trip. We bought snacks beforehand because you only get a bottle of water and some biscuits as well as a blanket. Only really horrible thing about the bus was the toilet.
bus Express, Bus Express, Jun 12, 2019
Was a good trip. Got there fast and was worry free the whole time!
bus Express, Phuket Travel, Jun 4, 2019
The journey itself was quite comfortable. I had an old bus to travel on so non of the mod cons like USB ports.Yet the driver let me get off earlier than the original planned stop as I had made a mistake with my end destination in Phuket. Yet unfortunately, my luggage had been opened and searched through that I had put in the hold and my cash card was taken from my carry on bag, I assume when i had gone to the loo or fallen asleep. So Lock your luggage up and carry all valuables in your pockets. School boy errors on my part really.
bus VIP 24, Bus Express, May 12, 2019
The bus way to noisy. The structure itself was shaking. The bus was old, and the bathroom was filthy... the only reason why I’m not rating this trip as 1 is because the chair was confortable
bus Express, Bus Express, May 11, 2019
The only thing that could have improved was that the bus had more stops. We took off at 7am and stopped (once) at 12am and arrived to phuket at 10pm. So i was super hungry, aside from that the bus was super comfy! They provided snacks, water and blankets which was an added bonus as the bus did get a little chilly due to the air con! Overall, it was a good journey. (Minus the length but that can’t be helped). Good value for money.
bus Express, Phuket Travel, May 6, 2019
Great! Bus was clean, spacious and everybody was respectful.
bus VIP 24, Phuket Travel, Apr 23, 2019
Is really a nice bus and i had a pleasant journey.
bus VIP 24, Bus Express, Apr 21, 2019
Bus arrived 3 h earlier to destination. Very comfortable and good seats! Would recommend!

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