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Transport types between Sapa Lao Cai and Hanoi

Sapa Lao Cai to Hanoi Schedule

Sapa Lao Cai to Hanoi Schedule
Transport NameRoute TimePrice
Orient Express VIP Sleeper 4x 20:55 - 04:30VND 740k
Livitrans Express VIP Sleeper 4x 20:55 - 04:32VND 740k
Fanxipan VIP Sleeper 4x 20:55 - 04:30VND 880k
Vietnam Railways 1st Class Sleeper 20:55 - 04:32VND 541k
Pumpkin Express VIP Sleeper 4x 20:55 - 04:30VND 740k
Sapaly Express VIP Sleeper 4x 21:40 - 05:30VND 880k
King Express VIP Sleeper 4x 21:40 - 05:30VND 740k
Victoria Express 1st Class Sleeper 21:40 - 05:30VND 3,816k
Violette Express Train VIP Sleeper 4x 21:40 - 05:30VND 740k
Chapa Express VIP Sleeper 4x 21:40 - 05:30VND 880k
Laman Express VIP Sleeper 4x 21:40 - 05:30VND 880k

Sapa Lao Cai to Hanoi destination reviews

1142 customer reviews
van VIP, Grouptour, Dec 9, 2019
Worst driver
train #SP4 1st Class Sleeper, Vietnam Railways, Dec 9, 2019
Booked my sleeper train ticket from Sapa to Hanoi. The ticket actually says Sapa but the departing station was a one hour journey away in Lao Cai. No connecting buses after 6pm so had to pay for a private taxi for one which was more expensive than the original train ticket. Staff tried to stuff lots of cargo in our cabin despite other empty ones. Sharing my cabin with a man who smoked and took loud telephone calls all night into cabin. Awful nightmare experience! Also I booked Yen Vien as that was the station that was as suggested when I searched for tickets from Sapa to Hanoi and was ready to get off when we stopped but turns out the train goes all the way to the main station close to the Old Quarter which is 12km further into Hanoi. So relieved I stayed on the train, make sure you know which station you want!
train VIP Sleeper 4x, Laman Express, Dec 7, 2019
Buying tickets through was easy and staff sent vouchers within 8 hours of purchase. We were also upgraded to Lamar Express brand from the Vietnam Railways that we originally tequested. Train cabin was clean and staff was attentive. Sheets were cleaned but we still used sleeping bag liners. Toilet was clean (but no soap).
Bus VIP 20, Sapa Express, Dec 1, 2019
Oh my word such comfortable chairs you feel like your on first class in a plane. So much leg room and an overall very pleasant ride. Mr Dan our driver and Max our host were brilliant.
Bus VIP 20, Grouptour, Dec 1, 2019
12go failed to highlight the following: 1. Bus departure timing is 11:30 instead of 11 2. Bus will not bring you directly to the end point. You have to transfer to a smaller one by the side of the highway outside of Hanoi You can actually head directly to the bus terminal next to the Sapa market and wait in the waiting lounge with free food and drinks instead of standing in the shed 12go tells you to. It's 800m away. It's advisable to try and request a lower deck bed as it's really rocky going down Sapa. We got motion sickness and was made worse with the driver's incessant honking and hard braking. No barf bags onboard. No breaks along the way, there is a toilet at the back of the bus.
van VIP, Grouptour, Nov 28, 2019
Driver drive very hard and sometimes he did very dangerous moves on the way!
train #SP4 VIP Sleeper 4x, Sapaly Express, Nov 24, 2019
Comfortable, clean and very helpful and friendly staff :)
train #SP4 VIP Sleeper 4x, King Express, Nov 23, 2019
Everything ran smoothly and the beds are quite comfortable. Servise on board is a bit shit. They offer you a free hot drink to arrive in the morning just before you get to Hanoi; tea, coffee or hot chocolate. However, the hot chocolate isn't actually free. So we got a little scammed into paying 25k each for a hot chocolate, never going to argue that at 5am - they know this.
Bus VIP 20, Sapa Express, Nov 22, 2019
Отличный сервис. Удобные автобусы, идут по расписанию. Отличные гиды и водители.
train #SP2 1st Class Sleeper, Fanxipan, Nov 21, 2019
The csbin in larger than Sapaly, however, the toilet is smelly.
train #SP2 1st Class Sleeper, Vietnam Railways, Nov 19, 2019
At my first trip there was something to drink and to eat, that I missed this time. The door was just of glass and the light shined into my eyes the whole night long. The beds were nice and I slept very well. I liked my trip
train #SP4 1st Class Sleeper, Vietnam Railways, Nov 18, 2019
When booking the location said Hanoi however when the ticket came it said yen vien (yen vien is 30 min taxi from Hanoi and train arrived 1 hr earlier tag an train to hanoi station e.g. 5 am. At 5 am nothing is open) city is very quiet though so walking around the the streets for two hours waiting for thing to open was peaceful
Bus VIP-Class, Sapa Express, Nov 18, 2019
Good driver and great guide. The bus departed and arrived on time. The less positive thing was that I felt the VIP bus less stable and safe than the 16—seat bus I took on my first trip.
train #SP4 VIP Sleeper 4x, Sapaly Express, Nov 10, 2019
Because of our Trekking during the day i was able to sleep just fine on the way back. Sapaly is also one of the better company’s to book with, you get water, slippers, etc. I would recomend if you need to go to the toilet go in the beginning of the trainride. Because it starts to smell.
train #SP4 1st Class Sleeper, Vietnam Railways, Nov 9, 2019
Amazingly comfortable train ride. The cabin I got was super clean. I was the only one in the cabin. So it’s like a private train ride. Definitely would recommend this.
taxi Comfort, OUROS Travel, Nov 4, 2019
Driver was on time. Clean and comfortable car. Made a couple of brief stops on the way to stretch legs and use rest rooms.
train #SP4 VIP Sleeper 4x, Sapaly Express, Nov 1, 2019
Bit noisy, but clean, friendly staff & on time
Bus Sleeper, Sapa Dragon Express, Oct 31, 2019
They could let people in earlier and not just having them wait outside. Some parts of the bus were “destroyed” by usage. An idea to help with the feet smell?
train #SP4 1st Class Sleeper, Vietnam Railways, Oct 30, 2019
Quite noisy, staff were rude (shouting and banging on your door repeatedly to tell us to get off the train rather than having ‘wake up’ music over a tannoy system as we had experienced on previous train), but beds are good enough. Our cabin was smelly but were next to the toilet which didn’t help our experience.
Bus VIP-Class, Sapa Express, Oct 28, 2019
The staff were friendly and provided us some snack in the beginning. The driver drove safely enough for fast & convenient trip back to Hanoi.

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