Banqiaonach Taichung 19.10.2019

Abfahrt: Samstag, 19. Oktober 2019 07:46 von Banqiao

Ankunft: Samstag, 19. Oktober 2019 08:42 nach Taichung, Taichung

Reisedauer: 56m

Klasse: Standard Seat

Service on board: Klimaanlage Food Snack WC WiFi

Bestätigung:  sofortige Bestätigung – Sofortige Bestätigung

Stornierung: Keine Erstattung, keine Stornierung.

IMPORTANT * This product is limited to foreign visitors entering R.O.C(Taiwan) for a "short-term stay" (less than 180 days) or with visa-exempt entry. This product is not available for foreigners holding residencies in Taiwan for education, employment purposes, etc. 12GO and THSR reserve the right to cancel the discount or refuse to redeem tickets if criteria are not met.

  • The passenger must possess a redemption code, passport, and a recent valid entry document to Taiwan (i.e. visa, visa exemption stamp, Exit & Entry Permit for Taiwan, etc.).
    1. “One-Way Tickets” can only be used by the named traveler. No transfer is allowed.
    2. To exchange for the “One-Way Ticket”, a valid travel date must be indicated to the ticketing window staff in the High Speed Rail station. Once assigned, the travel date cannot be changed.
    3. “One-Way Ticket” may be used to ride on a High Speed Rail train (excluding business class cars) within certain travel sections for the designated valid date.
    4. “One-Way Ticket” holders can ride on non-reserve cars. If the traveler needs to use reserve seating services in standard cars, please book your seat at the ticketing window. No additional charge will apply. However:
  • The “One-Way Ticket” and the original copy of your passport must be presented to the ticketing window at a High Speed Rail station in order to make a booking. Online or telephone booking is not accepted.
  • During peak hours or national holidays, we cannot guarantee your seats.
  • In riding a train with numbered seating, please take the seat designated in the “One-Way Ticket”.
    1. Please use the manual ticket verification gate when you use the “One-Way Ticket”. The staff will verify whether the ticket is being used on a date and for the travel section within the designated valid travel date and section indicated for the ticket. Please also bring with you the original copy of your passport for verification. If the pass is not used on the designated valid travel date, or if you cannot show the original copy of your passport, or if the passport is inconsistent with the traveler’s identity indicated in the “One-Way Ticket”, the traveler will not be allowed to ride the train.
    2. In case of any loss, stain or theft, the pass will not be re-issued, declared lost or refunded.
    3. Only an original copy of the “One-Way Ticket” may be used. Any photocopy, altered or illegible pass due to stain will be invalid.
    4. Passengers luggage shall not exceed 150cm in length per piece, or 220cm in total length, width and height per piece, and 40kg in total weight.

For any amendments or cancellations please contact 12Go directly via customer support form We will deduct the cancellation fee and make a refund.

Cancelation policy: Nangang -Zuoying (1505 1513 1541)

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