Koh Ngainach Phuket 31.08.2019

Abfahrt: Samstag, 31. August 2019 13:45 von Koh Ngai

Ankunft: Samstag, 31. August 2019 20:00 nach Flughafen Phuket

Reisedauer: 6h 15m

Klasse: Speedboat

Service on board: Steward, WC

Bestätigung: Sofortige Bestätigung

Stornierung: Stornierung möglich (Regeln beachten).


Tigerline Koh Ngai, check-in point is "The Taxi Longtail Boat Station", in front of Koh Ngai Fantasy Resort and Spa.

"KOH NGAI FANTASY RESORT AND SPA", Ngai Island, Lanta National Park.

  • Hotline: +6681 358 8989, +6676 379 559
  • Please come at least 30min before departure time.
  • Food and drinks are not included
  • ROUTES TO KOH LIPE, KOH NGAI, KOH KRADAN, KOH MOOK Once ferry come to one of these island, it will park in the middle of the sea, where longtail boat will come to collect the customer to get to island. Driver of longtail boat will collect 50 THB/person. If you go to Koh Lipe, there will be entrance fee 200 THB/person.

Customs Information on the routes to Langkawi

  • Customs officials are located on Lipe island. Koh Lipe is the Thailand border. Please, take time and get your own passport stamped here.
  • The Malaysia Immigration counters are located inside the Jetty Terminal.

Cancelation policy: -(High Season D4) Koh Lipe to Phuket (Rassada Pier)

Folgende Optionen der Stornierung sind möglich:

  1. REFUND 50% excluding fee (more than 72 hours before departure)

    Aktivieren der Erstattung vor 2019-08-28 13:45 PM lokaler Zeit in Bangkok (2 days left).

    Erstattungsbetrag: USD 0.00

ferry Speedboat, Tigerline Travel, 13.03.2019
ferry Speedboat, Tigerline Travel, 20.02.2019
We thought we booked a ferry and we got a speed boat, we don't like speed boats because the speed boat drivers love speed and they just drive the boat at max speed regardless of the weather conditions, its dangerous. Also to add, from koh ngai to koh Lanta our boat met with another boat to ask for some gas because apparently we were running out of gas, no worries a cannister of gas was supplied by the boat we've met with in the middle of the sea and we have refueled while he was driving at max speed... Anyway we got safely to the final destination.