Bangkoknach Pattaya 28.04.2018

Abfahrt: Any time von Bangkok any hotel

Ankunft: Pattaya

Reisedauer: 3h

Klasse: Premium Van

Facilities and services: Aircon, Steward

Bestätigung: Operator uses manual confirmation. Ticket confirmation may take up to 24 hours.

Cancellation: Stornierung möglich (Regeln beachten).

Non Airport Pick Up

  • The chauffeur must be at the pick up location 30 minutes before the pick up time.
  • Property/Employer must be informed immediately if the chauffeur is going to be late.
  • Chauffeur must make telephone contact with the customer if other methods of contact are unsuccessful.
  • If no contact has been made with the customer 30 minutes after the pick up time, Service Provider must call Property/Employer, - immediately.
  • The car must not be withdrawn without permission from Property/Employer.
  • 1 hour waiting after pick up time consider “NO SHOW” further waiting will be cost by hour basis.

What is included: service at the given rates (no hidden cost guaranteed), fully comprehensive vehicle insurance, fuel, airport parking fees, Bangkok Expressway fees, Motorway / Venue Parking fees for Pickup or Drop Off) - "per vehicle" fees.
Not included: Passenger fees like ferry ticket or other "per passenger" entrance fees.

Options on our Limousine: Wi-fi Internet Connection, GPS Tracking, First Class Car Insurance, air conditioning-set at 22 °C, radio-switched off unless requested by the customer, seat belts-front and rear, tissues/antiseptic wipes, one ice bucket with sufficient cold towels to be presented upon arrival at the airport, two bottles of mineral drinking water.

Cancelation policy: Bangkok to Pattaya

Folgende Optionen der Stornierung sind möglich:

  1. Stornierung möglich
    Aktivieren der Erstattung vor 2018-04-26 00:00 AM lokaler Zeit in Bangkok (2 days left).
    Erstattungsbetrag: USD 287.36