Sombat Tour Viphavadee 13 nach Mukdahan

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Sombat Tour Viphavadee 13 nach Mukdahan Reiseziel-Rezensionen

Bus VIP, Thaisanuan Tour, 05.03.2020
Switched from the vip bus to an old bus and gave back a small refund only.
Bus VIP, Sahaphan, 07.02.2020
plenty of room in the seats,the staff were friendly and helpful at all times, so thats why i gave it 5 stars no complaints at all off me and will use them again next time i go 2 Mukdahan for sure.
Bus VIP 24, Sahaphan, 21.11.2019
Serive was good air con was very cold so today sick from bus trip
Bus VIP, Sahaphan, 08.11.2019
All good , unfortunately I was in front of some pain in the butt people who kept kicking the back of my seat
Bus VIP, Sahaphan, 03.11.2019
First of, technically this wasn't a VIP trip, but a 1st class - don't know what the difference is, could just see from the counter that VIP is 150 baht more than the one I had. Regardless of the status, these busses are just not comfortable. It may look luxurious and the seats are wider than standard (only 3 per row), but they are hard and extremely uncomfortable. They cut off the blood from your legs and it's impossible to find a good position for sleeping, since the back is just not made for human anatomy. And not sure what designer still thinks that leather is a good idea... On the upside, the bus left on time and arrived only 20 mins late, according to schedule. The staff was friendly and professional. If you're doing a night ride then bring ear plugs and eye mask, as they tend to start letting people off every so often for the last couple hours. Neck pillow goes without saying. Blankets were provided along with a bottle of water and a snack. 20 min. break halfway.
Bus VIP, Sahaphan, 03.11.2019
Seat did not lay flat as I have had in the past, food awful, driver too fast and my case was temporarily stolen by people boarding the bus to Savannaket at Mukdahan. Luckily I recognised it
Bus VIP, Sahaphan, 29.10.2019
Buying a ticket online meant a) I paid 2 extra service fees, and b) that when I went to check in at the desk at Mo Chit station, nobody knew what to do. I was literally sent to 8 desks before someone just told me to go to Platform 47 to wait for my bus. Turns out my bus was coming to platform 49, but luckily the lady at 47 was able to help me. Also, seats are designed for short people, so anyone over 5' 5", be ready to be uncomfortable the whole time. They include a sandwich with the ticket, but honestly I would have rather had a slight price drop and no food. This bus cost 150 baht more than "Gold" service bus, as it's supposed to be VIP, but I saw literally no difference between the 2 levels of service (I took gold last time). Bus was supposed to arrive at Mukdahan at 0600, we arrived after 0715. Not a big deal, except that i needed to be in line at the Thai embassy as early as possible, and being delayed over an hour makes a huge difference where/if one will get a spot in line (because from Mukdahan there are still several more processes and buses to to go through before finally arriving to the Embassy or wherever the final destination is.)
Bus VIP 24, Sahaphan, 28.10.2019
Adequate. Usb chargers worked, water and snacks ok. Safe trip was had, early arrival. More expensive than Nakhon chai air, but not a better product. Bus was old.
Bus VIP, Sahaphan, 23.08.2019
I have always used this bus service. It was just so comfortable with all the comforts one would need. However I stepped on the bus on Wednesday night and couldn't recognize it anymore. I had no television screen and charging port for my phone. The massage chair wasn't working and the aircons were leaking. The only reason I have given two stars is because the onboard staff and service still remains top notch. Come on Sahaphan Tours please maintain your buses and keep your passengers comfy on those long trips.
Bus VIP, Thaisanuan Tour, 16.08.2019
Late departure, late arrival.
Bus VIP, Sahaphan, 20.07.2019
Old single-decker bus. The distance between the seats is small. The driver was driving terribly, creating an emergency situation on the road. Bad VIP, bad express. Before Mukdahan picked up passengers in each village. Arrived in Mukdahan one hour late.
Bus VIP 24, Sahaphan, 19.06.2019
super easy and such a wonderful bus!!
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