Singapur nach Malakka

Singapur nach Malakka

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Singapur nach Malakka Reiseziel-Rezensionen

Bus Express, 707 SG, 13.03.2020
Don‘t Text and Drive
Bus Express, 707 SG, 26.02.2020
Es hat alles perfekt geklappt.
Bus Express, 707 SG, 24.02.2020
Fast puenktliche Abfahrt, bequeme Sitze.
Bus Express, 707 SG, 18.02.2020
Comfy seats, in time, everything ok . The only thing that’s really annoying that you aren’t even allowed to drink in the bus ????
Bus Express, 707 SG, 02.02.2020
Alles bestens. Sehr schnell durch immigration und Zoll. Super bus.
Bus Express, 707 SG, 02.02.2020
Save journey and very punctual but unfriendly driver
Bus Express, 707 SG, 15.01.2020
Großer, sauberer Bus, gerne wieder
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express SG, 11.01.2020
It wasn‘t that easy to find the bus at Golden Mile Tower, but then everything was perfect. Nice bus, good seats, much space. Thank you!
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express SG, 15.12.2019
Bus driver and staff were friendly and helpful. Seats were comfortable, but make sure that you don‘t sit in the last row due to limited leg room and no chance to recline. We should take the Bus at 10.30 at City Plaza but we‘re told to take a Taxi to Golden Mile Tower beacuse all busses are starting at this point. We hadn‘t the information until 10 minutes before the actual departure. Also we had to advance money for the Taxi, but we got it back immediately. The bus departure at Golden Mile Tower was planned at 11:00 but startet at 11:20. Unfortunately there was 50 minutes delay before our actual departure. In addition we had a delay about 2 hours beacuse of the immigration process which expected to took that long. All in all the trip was ok but the planned journey time should be adjusted because it is completely unrealistic.
Bus Express, 707 SG, 12.12.2019
Es war eine schöne ausgeglichener und bequeme Fahrt .
Bus Express, 707 SG, 05.12.2019
Super pünklich und sehr bequem.... jederzeit wieder
Bus Express, 707 SG, 24.11.2019
The seats were very comfortable and the driver was pretty kind, even though we had to wait quite a while at the border because so many people wanted to immigrate to Malaysia. In the bus it says, they will only wait for 45 minutes, so I think the most intelligent way to cross the border is during the week, because less people are around and so you don‘t have to wait in queue for such a long time. (That‘s what I‘ve heard at least) This process is probably easier if you are from Malaysia, since then your passport can be looked at by a computer, which seamed to be faster.
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express SG, 19.11.2019
Driver was good, bus was great, bus was in time. Only Problem: I had to take the manual line at the boarder control and it took me 2 hours. So the bus couldn't wait so long and was away with my bag. I can understand it and the organized it quite good. Because another bus took me to the next stop and there was my bag and I could take the next bus to Malakka. But it would be great if the bus driver informed us before border control.
Bus Express, 707 SG, 08.10.2019
The ride was good and safe. At some point the driver started smoking in the bus, what I didn’t enjoy that much.
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express SG, 21.09.2019
Hat alles super geklappt. Informationen zu Pausen gab es leider nicht.
Bus Express, 707 SG, 18.09.2019
Es hat alles super geklappt. Sitze waren bequem plus Klimaanlage, die man selber regulieren kann.
Bus VIP 24, Sri Maju Group, 31.08.2019
Too cold and arrival one hour later. But nice driver. All good
Bus Express, 707 SG, 24.08.2019
Reise war sehr angenehm. Busfahrer dürfte bei den Halten (am Zoll, Pausenhalt) Information durchgeben. Sehr viele Einheimische schliessen leider die Vorhänge im Bus, was die Aussicht beeinträchtigt.
Bus Express, 707 SG, 05.08.2019
Fahrt war super und pünktlich. Nur in der Queenstreet gab es keinen Warteraum und auch keine Sitzgelegenheiten bei 35 Grad
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express SG, 04.08.2019
Hat alles bestens funktioniert.
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express SG, 30.07.2019
The Trip was comfortable but very late. It took 6 hours instead of 4 hours because the driver made some detours.
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express SG, 06.07.2019
Bus Express, 707 SG, 04.07.2019
Es hat alles super funktioniert und der Bus war sehr komfortabel und mit Klimaanlage.
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express SG, 03.07.2019
Kann die anderen Kommentare nicht bestätigen. Musste zwar auch das Taxi zum Golden Tower nehmen,aber selbst am Zoll lief alles reibungslos
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express SG, 25.06.2019
Booked a trip from City Plaza (SG) to Malacca. Were told to take a taxi from City Plaza to Golden Mile as the bus is scheduled to depart from there. We would even have to pay the taxi ourselves first and get reimbursed by the bus company afterwards which I would have found annoying as a tourist. Luckily a friendly local had the same ticket and picked up the taxi fare for all of us. He helped us around a lot which we were very grateful for as we got little to no helpful information from staff members. E.g. our bus number changed after we went to the first counter and we already thought we were all set for the trip. The bus itself had comfy seats and spacious legroom albeit there still was food and rubbish from previous guests. Also the A/C was running really chilly so we were glad to have a sweatshirt with us even on a hot day. Power outlets weren't working. At the border we had to leave the bus and only were told to leave our luggage behind. Border control took pretty long because we were travelling on a Friday. Same on the Malaysian side but this time we had to take our luggage with us. After border control we didn't know where to look for our bus and were surprised to find out that we were going to resume travels with a different one. All in all it took us over 7 hours to get to Malacca instead of the advertised 4,5 hours because of border control and several accidents on the highway but a comfy and cheap ride made it still worth it. Not terrible, not great. Communication could be better with general information given about the procedures at the border, especially the bus change.
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express SG, 16.05.2019
1.5 h delay!
Bus Express, 707 SG, 16.04.2019
Nice bus! But the driver was very unfriendly, didn't give any informations about stops and border grossing...
Bus Express, 707 SG, 25.03.2019
Everything worked out fine. I could even take a bus an hour earlier.
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express SG, 20.02.2019
alles bestens funktioniert
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express SG, 16.02.2019
Big and confident seats, no problems at all. Would travel with it again
Bus Express, 707 SG, 28.01.2019
Bus etwas in die Jahre gekommen, aber mit bequemen breiten Sitzen. Pünktliche Abfahrt, Fahrer wartete nach Grenzkontrolle auf all seine Passagiere. air-con gut eingestellt. Insgesamt empfehlenswert
Bus Express, 707 SG, 05.01.2019
Very easy trip with no problems. Our bus left on time at 12:30. No waiting times at the border and the immigration office. The bus was spacious and only half full. Temperature was perfect, I expected it to be much colder. The driver was friendly and helped us with everything.
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express SG, 07.11.2018
Had to take a taxi to another station for pickup. Had to change busses. Bus was to late even though there was no traffic at customs or on the road. Staff at Golden Mile Tower unmotivated and not customer friendly. Bus was untidy Pro: Bus driver was kind and a safe driver
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express SG, 04.11.2018
When we arrived at the busstop, the staff told us, that we have to take a taxi to another busstop, because the bus was late. We had to pay the taxi in advance, however with the receipt we got the fare reimbursed. The estimated drive was stated with four hours vom Singapur to Melaka. But our journey took us 9 hours (2 hours waiting at the boarder + traffic jam included). The temperature in the bus was freezing, after the third complaint the bus driver increased the temperature and set it to 20.4 degrees. It was still very cold, i got sick the next day. The driver was talking on the telephone the whole journey, wich is very risky when you have the responsibility for the whole bus. On the plus side: the seats where comfortable.
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express SG, 26.10.2018
Nobody in the bus told us about the procedure in the border! And we arrived with a delay of two hours and our hotel was closed and we had to find a new accomodation!
Bus Express, 707 SG, 23.08.2018
Einwandfrei! Pünktlich, bequem und ein problemloser Grenzübergang - alles bestens!
Bus Express, 707 SG, 21.08.2018
Etwas verspätet, aber sehr komfortabel und unkompliziert.
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express SG, 15.08.2018
Beim ersten Bus war leider die AC kaputt, nach dem Umsteigen in einen Bus mit funktionierender AC war die Reise aber dann den größten Teil durch die großen Sitze und den sauberen Bus sehr entspannt. Für den Preis unschlagbar.
Bus Express, 707 SG, 24.06.2018
Geiler Bus. Noch nie so komfortabel gereist. 3 Leute in einer Reihe. Sitze sind breit und mit Fußstütze. Jetzt fehlt nur noch WLAN und Steckdose dann gibt es 5*
Bus VIP, 707 SG, 01.04.2018
Sehr lange Wartezeit an der Grenze
Bus VIP, 707 SG, 28.02.2018
Toller Bus. Pünktlich und günstig. Leider war der Fahrer nicht sehr freundlich.
Bus VIP, 707 SG, 18.02.2018
Bus was late because of traffic but it was really good and relaxing! Driver was very polite and helpfull! Would take it definitly again!
Bus VIP, 707 SG, 02.02.2018
Bus was clean and comfortable, and we made the journey within the time estimated. Very polite driver.
Bus Express, 707 SG, 08.03.2020
Everything was ok, we exchanged the ticket voucher at no extra cost. The bus is clean and comfortable, not late for arrival.
Bus Express, 707 SG, 26.02.2020
Excellent, quick trip. Drop off point was different - slightly confusing. Very comfy seats.
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express SG, 18.02.2020
Comfortable seats
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express SG, 17.02.2020
Good rapid service
Bus VIP 24, StarMart Express SG, 11.02.2020
Stop was at petrol station, not at the food market
Bus Express, 707 SG, 08.02.2020
Was very smooth overall. We didn't got to wait at all the border and things went smooth. Woudl just be nice a bit more of communication as at the borders quite often people were not sure what to do.
Bus Express, 707 SG, 07.02.2020
On time and helpful driver at a good price, would recommend
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Wie weit ist es von Singapur nach Malakka?

Die Überlandentfernung von Singapur nach Malakka beträgt 168 Meilen oder (269 km).
Die Flugentfernung beträgt 129 Meilen oder (207 km).

Wie lange dauert es, von Singapur nach Malakka zu gelangen?

Die Reisezeit von Singapur nach Malakka beträgt etwa Stunden.

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Um von Singapur nach Malakka zu gelangen, bezahlen Sie ungefähr für Ihr Ticket.

Wie viele Fahrten pro Tag gibt es von Singapur nach Malakka?

Buses von Singapur nach Malakka ride 1 pro Tag.

Nützliche Tipps für die Reise von Singapur nach Malakka

ist die einzige Option, die wir für diese Route anbieten.


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  • Wenn möglich, wählen Sie Busse der höheren Klasse, um ein komfortableres Reiseerlebnis zu erzielen. Solche Busse verfügen über eine Klimaanlage, mehr Beinfreiheit, weiche Liegesitze, WLAN, Toilette etc.
  • Wie bei Flugtickets sollten Busse im Voraus gebucht werden, damit Sie sich einen guten Sitz sichern können.
  • Beachten Sie bei der Buchung eines Busses, dass Verzögerungen möglich sind. Dennoch lohnt es sich, mindestens 15 Minuten vor dem geplanten Abflug zum Busbahnhof zu gelangen.

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