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Von Flughafen Phuket (HKT) nach Pattaya (PYX) mit dem Flugzeug

HKT Flughafen Phuket
UTP Flughafen Utapao Pattaya
1h 20m
HKT Flughafen Phuket
UTP Flughafen Utapao Pattaya
1h 20m
HKT Flughafen Phuket
UTP Flughafen Utapao Pattaya
1h 20m
HKT Flughafen Phuket
UTP Flughafen Utapao Pattaya
1h 20m

Phuket nach Pattaya Fahrplan

Phuket nach Pattaya Fahrplan
Thai AirAsia Economy #FD110206:10 – 07:30฿ 1,157
Thai AirAsia Economy #FD110112:50 – 14:10฿ 1,631
Thai AirAsia Economy #FD110517:55 – 19:15฿ 1,157
Thai AirAsia Economy #FD110322:45 – 00:05฿ 1,157

Phuket nach Pattaya Reiseziel-Rezensionen

Flugzeug Economy, Thai AirAsia, 26.02.2020
Everything went smoothly, calm and in time
Flugzeug Economy, Thai AirAsia, 21.09.2019
Alles wunderbar, wir reisen gerne wieder mit 12go.asia
Flugzeug Economy, Thai AirAsia, 07.08.2019
Very friendly Driver. Wartung Long Time before orderingtime
Bus VIP, Sawadee Tour, 19.02.2020
All good, only please need to discipline, teach driver's helpers, those who are controlling, always count passengers,they're impolite, AC is too cold, when you ask to reduce AC a bit, they never do;) All night you feel cold;) But food on they way stop is good, Thailand is good;) Just service need to be improved a bit more;) Thank you.
Bus VIP 24, Sawadee Tour, 08.02.2020
Thank you so much for taking us to Pattaya safely.
Bus VIP 24, Sawadee Tour, 29.01.2020
I was given the wrong ticket for seating and attendants were not helpful or caring.
Bus VIP, Sawadee Tour, 26.01.2020
Long trip. One stop at rest terminal w/ a meal served inside. Blanket, water, and small cake provided at beginning of trip. No usb chargers, seats weren’t that comfy. Cheap way to get to pattaya but honestly I was so exhausted from the trip it kinda ruins the day you arrive. It’s not the worse but it’s not the best, if you can fall asleep for a good portion of the trip it wouldn’t be bad otherwise it’s rough. All staff were nice tho but could def use a morning stop and drop off location was in between bus terminal and downtown pattaya, very inconvenient location.
Bus VIP, Sawadee Tour, 25.01.2020
The journey was fine, staff were nice but I had concerns when I couldn't open door or communicate with the driver as the intercom was not working, the air conditioning was permanently on freezing and needed to get more clothes out of the back of the bus from my suitcase, I had asked the driver that it was really cold but he didn't care.
Bus VIP, Sawadee Tour, 25.01.2020
The bus needs updating! For 17 hours only 1 stop for smoke break whilst the drivers are smoking..no wifi.. no plug sockets to charge phone, offer of food stop dreadful.. bus stops and does pickups despatchester on way.. I chose a seat at the back and the the driver took turnso sleep on floor right at back.. only plus point is seating.
Bus VIP 24, Sawadee Tour, 06.01.2020
The bus did indeed depart from Phuket in time and also did arrive at the destination in time other than that while the journey was relatively pleasant but could have been better. The staff never tell you where the bus is going to halt for refreshment and when it did it was close to midnight. The seats also could have been more comfortable. The compartment/deck smelled of loo whenever somebody entered or exited the loo but thankfully they have room freshners up. Overall for the amount paid for the journey was as best as it could get. One cross observation about the staff: one of the farang lady onboard deboarded the bus with the complimentary blanket on, which while wrong on her part but the staff instead of asking for it politely just tried to pull and grab it off her and we're also seen laughing and joking about it . (A personal observation) it in no way speaks about the journey in particular but the staff can be sensitised
Bus VIP, Sawadee Tour, 31.12.2019
Air con was too high...no free wifi or charging port in the bus
Flugzeug Economy, Thai AirAsia, 22.11.2019
Flew in time and the check in process was hassle free too. Thumbs up to their service
Bus VIP 24, Sawadee Tour, 24.09.2019
The service was very good and the vip seats comfortable. However the bus was also picking up fish in cartons along the way and the fish water leaked all over our luggage and everyone else's luggage and this made everuones luggage smell very strongly of fish. The meant our bedding was covered in bad smell.
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Wie komme ich von Phuket nach Pattaya?

Wenn Sie von Phuket nach Pattaya gelangen möchten, haben Sie nur eine begrenzte Auswahl. Es gibt nur eine Option, die wir für diese Route anbieten:

  • Bus

Wie weit ist es von Phuket nach Pattaya?

Die Überlandentfernung von Phuket nach Pattaya beträgt 436 Meilen oder (700 km).
Die Flugentfernung beträgt 386 Meilen oder (621 km).

Wie lange dauert es, von Phuket nach Pattaya zu gelangen?

Die Reisezeit von Phuket nach Pattaya beträgt etwa Stunden.

Wie viel kostet es, von Phuket nach Pattaya zu gelangen?

Um von Phuket nach Pattaya zu gelangen, bezahlen Sie ungefähr für Ihr Ticket.

Wie viele Fahrten pro Tag gibt es von Phuket nach Pattaya?

Nützliche Tipps für die Reise von Phuket nach Pattaya

ist die einzige Option, die wir für diese Route anbieten.


Dinge, die Sie vor dem Kauf Ihres Bustickets beachten sollten:

  • Wenn möglich, wählen Sie Busse der höheren Klasse, um ein komfortableres Reiseerlebnis zu erzielen. Solche Busse verfügen über eine Klimaanlage, mehr Beinfreiheit, weiche Liegesitze, WLAN, Toilette etc.
  • Wie bei Flugtickets sollten Busse im Voraus gebucht werden, damit Sie sich einen guten Sitz sichern können.
  • Beachten Sie bei der Buchung eines Busses, dass Verzögerungen möglich sind. Dennoch lohnt es sich, mindestens 15 Minuten vor dem geplanten Abflug zum Busbahnhof zu gelangen.

Benutzen viele Reisende den bus von Phuket nach Pattaya?

Bisher buchten 537 über unseren Service bus Tickets von Phuket bis Pattaya. Sie können die Bewertungen darüber weiter oben überprüfen.