Phuket nach Hat Yai

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Bus VIP 24, Sri Trang, 03.08.2019
Die Reise an sich war wirklich super! Die Sitze ließen sich sehr weit nach hinten verstellen und da ich gleich in der ersten Reihe saß, hatte ich sogar noch mehr Beinfreiheit. Unser Fahrer ist wirklich gut gefahren und ist nie gerast, ich habe mich zu keiner Zeit unsicher gefühlt. Der einzige negative Aspekt war, dass wir mehr als 2 Stunden früher in Hat Yai angekommen sind, als geplant. Sprich, gegen 4 Uhr in der Früh.
Bus VIP 24, Sri Trang, 12.02.2020
Every thing was good. A smooth ride. Only se arrived 2 hours earlier
Bus VIP 24, Sri Trang, 17.01.2020
Very mean bus driver was yelling, overall smooth ride I left a book on bus we tried to tell driver open door he drove off had to follow him in a song taew very upset also the time of this route was ridiculous we were suppose to arrive after 6 we arrived at 430am next bus was at 9am long wait unacceptable
Bus VIP 24, Sri Trang, 23.12.2019
The bus was old but functional. Arrived at HatYai even earlier than scheduled that is fine but they left me, as I was asleep, in the bus while dropping my luggage somewhere else in the bus terminal. So I had to get to the bus station myself to find my luggage. Luckily, I could find it soon after but I could have lost luggage.
Bus Express, Sri Trang, 15.12.2019
Bus are on schedule to depart. Stop every region bus terminal for passengers to alight and board include short toilet break. Also local selling F&B at all terminal. Don't expect to much for the amenities for the bus price are resoanable. This bus charter more to locals. Travel timea take 8.30hrs from Phuket to Hat Yai. Overall ok.
Bus Express, Sri Trang, 10.12.2019
Good customer service
Bus VIP 24, Sri Trang, 10.12.2019
Schedule on time, nice bus, very good ride. Snack on bus is good also.
Bus Express, Sri Trang, 08.12.2019
Not comfortable for my kids
Bus VIP 24, Sri Trang, 29.10.2019
Bus VIP 24, Sri Trang, 04.08.2019
The bus was a bit on the older side but the service was great and we arrived to our destination almost hotel hours ahead of schedule
Bus VIP 24, Sri Trang, 19.07.2019
Bus was amazing, could literally lay out and the operators were helpful - only negatives was the constant horn blowing which kept me awake and the roof that was leaking on me.
Bus VIP 24, Sri Trang, 11.06.2019
The bus called VIP doesnt mean its high quality, pretty much okay with comfortable seat, and they give complimentary cake and blankets. But the way the driver drive is so fast, i almost feel like we almost hit something, as the bus suddenly dodge away from something, we arrive earlier yes than time scheduled. Overall just okay. But be careful when you arrive at the station, the tuktuk driver is as friendly as they are trying to get your money! They took away my luggage, and ask me to follow them to their tuk2, just be careful! Bargain half or lower than price they ask for.
Bus VIP 24, Sri Trang, 13.05.2019
Sheet provided but a blanket would have been warmer. Overhead bag storage was so tiny our bag didn't fit in. Drove so fast we arrived more than an hour early so got less time to sleep! But it was ok
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