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Von Phuket Stadt nach Bangkok mit dem Charter

Phuket Stadt
Bangkok Hotel Transfer
11h 30m
E-Ticket  Stornierung möglich 
  Fahrzeug, all inklusive
Phuket Stadt
Bangkok Hotel Transfer
11h 30m
E-Ticket  Stornierung möglich 
  Fahrzeug, all inklusive

Busbahnhof 2 Phuket nach Süd Busbahnhof Fahrplan

Busbahnhof 2 Phuket nach Süd Busbahnhof Fahrplan
BangkokTaxi24 Comfort Jederzeit฿ 12,100

Busbahnhof 2 Phuket nach Süd Busbahnhof Reiseziel-Rezensionen

Flugzeug Economy, Thai Vietjet, 17.02.2020
Alles bestens, sauber und pünktlich , gerne wieder
Bus VIP 24, Phuket Travel, 17.02.2020
Sehr viel Beinfreiheit und Snacks und ein kleine Wasser umsonst. Bus hat paar mal angehalten um Thailänder abzuholen bzw. irgendwo abzusetzen. WLAN hat natürlich nicht geklappt. Warmes Essen gab es nicht umsonst. Fernseh war auch nicht vorhanden. Toilette dreckig und alles nass. Für die lange Strecke war es aber soweit zufrieden stellend. Wir würden es wieder buchen :)
Flugzeug Economy, Thai Airways, 14.01.2020
Alles gut.
Flugzeug Economy, Thai Vietjet, 12.01.2020
Alles gut
Flugzeug Economy, Bangkok Air, 12.01.2020
Hatt alles super geklappt Die haben uns die anschluss-Flüge die wir separat gebucht hatten, auch gleich durch gebucht .
Bus VIP 24, Bus Express, 11.01.2020
It was to cold and the seats was not so comfortable
Flugzeug Economy, Thai Airways, 27.12.2019
Alles Top. Tolles Portal was man nur weiterempfehlen kann
Flugzeug Economy, Bangkok Air, 25.10.2019
Jederzeit wieder gerne. Alles hat super geklappt. Selbst eine kleine Mahlzeit war auf dem kurzen Flug dabei, welches sogar sehr gut geschmeckt hat.
Flugzeug Economy, Bangkok Air, 23.08.2019
Flugzeug Economy, Thai Vietjet, 30.07.2019
Flugzeug Economy, Bangkok Air, 23.03.2020
it was great! comfortable plane, tasty snack. I only have compliments!
Flugzeug Economy, Thai Vietjet, 13.03.2020
It's very nice and accommodating in the check in area. We are a bit worried because our electronic ticket says: we need to print the ticket before boarding and we didn't able to do so. It turned out good and everything alright as long as we ready the ticket itinerary on our mobile phone upon check in. No long lines of que and friendly staff.
Flugzeug Economy, Thai Vietjet, 05.03.2020
People are nice and fast hope to use again in the future thanks
Flugzeug Economy, Thai Vietjet, 28.02.2020
Great trip
Flugzeug Economy, Thai Vietjet, 23.02.2020
Good. Clean. Staff are strict and concerned with how many bags and weight. If not for that than I would have given them five stars.
Flugzeug Economy, Thai Vietjet, 15.02.2020
Plane arrived and left on time. The price was good and the journey pleasant. I even had a choice of aisle or window seat.
Flugzeug Economy, Thai Vietjet, 13.02.2020
On time, no problems. Recommended,
Bus VIP 24, Phuket Travel, 31.01.2020
Everything was fine.
Bus Express, Bus Express, 31.01.2020
We took the Express Bus asuming that it will be a premium travel option. Im fact this is not the case. Express doesn't mean you will drive from A to B in a fast way. The Bus stops every 30 minutes to pick someone up along the way or to collect some strange parcel from the street. This leads to a delay of almost 3 hours! On bookig confirmation time was estimated to be 11h - the trip took us 13,5h! Furthermore you only have two stops where you're allowed to go outside. One after 1h (what doesn't make any Sense) and one after 10 hours. You need to brace yourself because you definitely don't want to use the toilet on the bus. The door lock was broken, cabin was full of crap, no water and very dirty. You're not meant to go on this toilet anyway since all you get on this daytrip is a small bag of coockies and 500ml water. - bring your own food and water - wear long clothing (AC is freazing cold) - bring your own toilet paper Only positive thing is that provide USB power outlets on every seat. If you have any chance to travel an other way - use it!
Bus VIP 24, Phuket Travel, 30.01.2020
Good ride. A little cold on bus. People at the bus station were very helpful. Bus stop was 6 hours later. Very good stop. They even feed us a local meal.
Flugzeug Economy, Thai Airways, 28.01.2020
pleasant flight, everything went smooth
Bus Express, Bus Express, 28.01.2020
Very nice
Bus VIP 24, Phuket Travel, 26.01.2020
Muito bom...
Flugzeug Economy, Bangkok Air, 25.01.2020
Great Airport to travel through with a lot of taxi and hotel transfers available to help you get there. Great food at this airport!
Bus Express, Phuket Travel, 25.01.2020
Old Bus , No Cup Holders, No Wifi, Old Recliner Seats, No Sun Film on the window glass...please Upgrade the bus. Bus crew members were nice and very co operative.
Bus VIP 24, Phuket Travel, 22.01.2020
Its was OK but we didn't get the dinner we were promised. The Snacks were cakes and very yummy
Bus VIP 24, Phuket Travel, 13.01.2020
Comfortable bus, trip was fast and pleasant.
Bus Express, Phuket Travel, 12.01.2020
Good service. Smooth, on time, good Wi-Fi. We decided to get off at mo chit (northern bus terminal) in Bangkok as it was closer to the MRT line.
Flugzeug Economy, Thai Vietjet, 12.01.2020
Always delayed!! At least *this* time they annouced there was a delay with the flight, instead of making you guess when the flight would leave.. Avoid this airline if you can!
Bus VIP 31, Transport Co, 09.01.2020
Good but please arrange in dinner India vegiterian food for non Thai person and tourist
Bus VIP 24, Bus Express, 09.01.2020
no complaints
Bus Express, Bus Express, 08.01.2020
Overall can’t complain, booked our seats at the front of the bus and had a good amount of space for our legs although width is tighter than in Europe. The bus was cool enough without being freezing and we stopped for a half hour break at services after 8 hours. Bus ended up being 2.5 hours late because although it says direct it does stop at other bus stations where people get on and off and we had an incident where a car pulled out in front of us and the bus hit the wing mirror. Not the drivers fault and at no time did we feel unsafe but 14.5 hours on a bus is a long time.
Bus Express, Bus Express, 07.01.2020
Well, the ride was okay. It was comfortable but the bus stopped very often and due to which it was late too. If you have no other option to travel then this can be an option.
Bus Express, Bus Express, 05.01.2020
The bus is fine .only thing is that bus doesnt stop frequently..just once for 10 mins in between 13 hrs ride. Advice to carry some snacks else you can end up starving. The bus driver was professional and the bus was clean :-)
Bus Express, Bus Express, 04.01.2020
Traveling is safe but toilet very dirty,
Bus VIP 31, Transport Co, 28.12.2019
Flugzeug Economy, Thai Vietjet, 24.12.2019
Thank you
Bus Express, Bus Express, 22.12.2019
Все было хорошо, если не считать , что заявленное прибытие в 18.30, а по итогу в 20.30 За всю дорогу было 3 остановки, вода, печенье , обед включены в стоимость, что приятно удивило.
Flugzeug Economy, Thai Vietjet, 14.12.2019
Flugzeug Economy, Thai Vietjet, 07.12.2019
1 hour delay of the flight
Flugzeug Economy, Thai Airways, 04.12.2019
All good a part from the fact that the temperature inside the airplane was way too low. It was so cold it actually ruined my flight.
Bus Express, Phuket Travel, 03.12.2019
Very spacious and comfortable
Bus Express, Phuket Travel, 02.12.2019
Again couldn't fault the driver and the overall comfort of the bus but the hostess has some problems... She Ripped the blankets from us when we got to northern terminal and awoke everyone abruptly screaming Bangkok, bangkok and told us to get off... Being English in Asia we nearly got off and took her word for it but had a hunch this wasn't our stop so managed to ask a kind girl next to us that rolled her eyes at the hostess and said not to worry about her but this isnt your stop... So after the hostess kept demanding we got off and we told her as best we could that we stop southern terminal we ignored her and the bus driver told us to stay on as he'd remembered when he checked us in and kindly took our luggage where we were going The hostess then began sweeping and made us move our bags and legs while the bus was in transit to southern terminal from northern terminal and poinyed at some rubbish by my feet and put her hand out for me to pass it to her... Whilst I appreciate differences in cultures I think she's a bit of an odd person and others weren't impressed by her otherwise lack of customer service either... Seeing past this, the drive itself and the driver couldn't fault for the price, just more to be desired from the hostess
Flugzeug Economy, Bangkok Air, 29.11.2019
was top!
Flugzeug Economy, Thai Vietjet, 25.11.2019
Flugzeug Economy, Bangkok Air, 22.11.2019
Thanks 12go for perfect service. Bangkok airways is simply the best.
Flugzeug Economy, Thai Vietjet, 21.11.2019
Vietjet is a good low cost and safe airline. No issues.
Bus Express, Bus Express, 18.11.2019
Bus operators were nice. Ride included USB, water, and cookies. However we arrived nearly 3 hours late and did not go to Southern Terminal as scheduled. Also kids were yelling and running around the back aisle which made it hard to sleep.
Flugzeug Economy, Thai Vietjet, 14.11.2019
Very easy process!
Bus VIP 24, Phuket Travel, 12.11.2019
Bus was amazing. Good trip
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