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Van Regional 14pax, T Tour, 23.02.2019
Wie verlangt 30 Minuten vor Abfahrt eingecheckt. Abfahrt anstatt 8.00h um 8.30h. Ankunft pünktlich um 11h.
Van Regional 14pax, T Tour, 25.01.2019
We booked our Tickets online for 190 Baht p.P. When we arrived in the morning we could have bought tickets for 150 p.P. And they said our luggage would come on our lap if we don't pay for an extra seat... What makes sense to me if the van would have been fully booked. But there where 3 spare seats and they squeezed our luggage in without using an extra seat. The driver was on his phone all the time. Texting and calling, looking at pictures. In general very nervous and not sitting still. If you ask me, looking at his face and nearly closed eyes he was desperately trying to stopp himself from falling asleep. I didn't feel save.
Van Regional 14pax, T Tour, 31.07.2019
Could've got a cheaper and much better, more comfortable service elsewhere. We were told to board the mini bus far too early, then ended up driving around Pattaya for 45 minutes or so picking people up ????. There was no dedicated space in the back for luggage. Uncomfortable ride with no proper AC on a warm day, only a noisy overhead fan. The Pullman bus that brought us to Pattaya from the main bus station in Bangkok was cheaper, properly air conditioned, much more comfortable and didn't have an issue with luggage what so ever. Personally, I wouldn't use the minibus service again.
Van Regional 14pax, T Tour, 20.07.2019
The trip is suppose to be from Pattaya t tour Station to ekkamai but the minivan stopped at mochit, I thought ekkamai will be the next but the minivan final stop is a minivan station 30 mins walk away from mochit BTS. I think the minivan don't have a fix stop so the details should add that the traverer need to tell the driver clearly about where to stop in bangkok
Van Regional 14pax, T Tour, 11.06.2019
Staff was really rude. level of English was really bad. The van was supposed to leave at 9:45 and we had to check in at 9:15. We were asked to get in the van at 9:30. After spending half an hour in the van I asked when we were going to leave. which resulted in the lady yelling at me. After another 15 minutes the staff just started packing all the luggage in between the seats. Did not make the ride more comfortable, also the airco was not working properly.
Van Regional 14pax, T Tour, 23.04.2019
The driver did not drive safe, then he stopped to get himself a cold drink but didn’t let the passengers out to get a drink or use the toilet..
Van Regional 14pax, T Tour, 20.04.2019
track was good and van was acceptable but they wanted to asked me for 150 extra just to go with my baggage...
Van Regional 14pax, T Tour, 08.04.2019
Another great service at an amazing price. All on time and arrived earlier than planned. I always use 12go for my Thai trips. Amazing service again ! Thank you.
Van Regional 14pax, T Tour, 07.04.2019
The ride was bumpy considering it was a highway but maybe because I was seated in the back. Nonetheless it was easy to locate and the staff were friendly and okay with changing the departure time without charging me anything.
Van Regional 14pax, T Tour, 22.03.2019
If you have luggage you'll be holding it on your lap, also there's 12 passenger seats and they crammed 14 people in. One rotary fan kept some air moving but other than that it was hot and stuffy. Not worth it pay a little more for a better company.
Van Regional 14pax, T Tour, 18.02.2019
Small van with no leg space. The customer service wasn't that good at the pick/drop counters. It was on time though
Van Regional 14pax, T Tour, 17.02.2019
Left Pattaya early, which is nice except I wonder what would have happened had I not shown up until closer to my departure time. Got on a very crammed van, with a fan that did not seem to be very affective. Compared to the van we took to get to Pattaya, this company's was not nearly as nice. Cheap way to travel, but would not suggest to anyone who likes more comfort when travelling.
Van Regional 14pax, T Tour, 16.02.2019
War soweit ganz ok. Die 60 Baht mehr weil ich online über ein Portal gebucht habe kann ich verschmerzen. Fahrer ist wirklich vernünftig gefahren. Zeitplan bzw. Abfahrt war pünktlich Ankunft 10 Minuten später... STAU IN BANGKOK. Muss man einkalkulieren. Wer komfortabler reisen möchte muss sich ein TAXI nehmen aber dann auch viel tiefer in die Tasche greifen.. Und ob das wirklich schneller ist???
Van Regional 14pax, T Tour, 15.02.2019
Not enough space at the back, very hot inside the van but fast ride
Van Regional 14pax, T Tour, 03.02.2019
It was ok although the van picked us up an hour later than expected
Van Regional 14pax, T Tour, 30.01.2019
Transportation in good condition.. Comfortable.. And easy to manage in counter
Van Regional 14pax, T Tour, 29.01.2019
Took me 20 minutes to find it then sat on a stool by the main road sweating for nearly an hour. Man at the tiny desk, useless knew nothing, very unhelpful.Inadequate Aircon on the bus.
Van Regional 14pax, T Tour, 27.01.2019
The driver said that a bus at 17:00 is unavailable and we HAVE to go at 4 pm but I booked it, 2 days before the trip. Nobody sent me an email about bus deletion. Therefore, I came on time for 5 pm bus and it was there, so the driver lied to me and confused me as well.
Van Regional 14pax, T Tour, 10.01.2019
Too difficult to find the place to take the minivan and the driver was reckless
Van Regional 14pax, T Tour, 03.01.2019
In the online booking, I could only choose one destination but the van actually let people off at different area. I could have chose a more convenient location to get off if I knew

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