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Von Mae Haad Ko Tao nach Bangkok mit dem Fähre+Bus Kombi-Ticket

Mae Haad Ko Tao
Khao San Lomprayah, Bangkok
10h 15m
E-Ticket  Sofort  Stornierung möglich 
Mae Haad Ko Tao
Khao San Lomprayah, Bangkok
10h 15m
E-Ticket  Sofort  Stornierung möglich 
Mae Haad Ko Tao
Weg Khao San, Bangkok
Sofort  Stornierung möglich 

Von Mae Haad Ko Tao nach Bangkok mit dem Fähre+Van+Zug Kombi-Ticket

Mae Haad Ko Tao
Thon Buri, Bangkok
E-Ticket  Sofort  Stornierung möglich 

Von Koh Tao Oxygen Office nach Bangkok mit dem Fähre+Van Kombi-Ticket

Koh Tao Oxygen Office
Khao San Road Night Market, Bangkok

Mae Haad Ko Tao nach Khao San Lomprayah Fahrplan

Mae Haad Ko Tao nach Khao San Lomprayah Fahrplan
KP Tripadvisor Sleeper Boat 22:00 – 16:00฿ 750
Fame Tour Sleeper Boat 23:00 – 14:00฿ 1,150

Mae Haad Ko Tao nach Khao San Lomprayah Reiseziel-Rezensionen

Fähre High-Speed Fähre, Songserm, 09.03.2020
Bus was not good, ferry was ok
Bus Express, Lomprayah, 18.02.2020
Preis-Leistungstechnisch total in Ordnung????
Fähre High-Speed Fähre, Songserm, 27.11.2019
The ferry was all right. But we had to wait for the bus nearly 3 hours. Also the toilet was very stinky in the bus. But at least we arriving in time.
Fähre Speedboat, Lomprayah, 26.11.2019
On the speedboat the crew could have better commented what happened when a motor was broken, instead they didnt say and gave us an unsafe feeling that something is wrong and some kind of panic araised even if it was no problem at all (only 1 of 4 motors had a problem) the bus was also my first bus trip in thailand without anything happening, very nice ! Will do it again at anytime, thank you
Bus Express, Lomprayah, 01.11.2019
Wir kamen leider fast eine Stunde später an als geplant. Ansonsten war die Fahrt mit Fähre und Bus angenehm.
Bus Express, Lomprayah, 01.11.2019
The trip itself was fine but my boyfriend forgot his glasses on the bus. After calling 100000 times, writing bunch of emails and even got a thai-friend to call because of the language barrier they told us the glasses were not there(where they kind of have to be because he realized it in the taxi from the bus to our apartment). Very bad customer service in that case.
Bus Express, Lomprayah, 25.10.2019
The bus was late, otherwise okay.
Bus Express, Lomprayah, 13.10.2019
Top :)
Bus Express, Lomprayah, 29.09.2019
Es hat alles gepasst :) Der Bus war einbisschen dreckig und unser Busfahrer hatte einen eher wilden Fahrstil. Aber ich will und kann mich nicht beschweren für den Preis. Wir haben auch 30 Minuten Pause an einem Foodcourt gemacht. Klar, für Touristen gemacht. Essen war trotzdem billig & lecker :) Die Fährüberfahrt war auch problemlos. Die Fähren sind sauber und relativ bequem eingerichtet :)
Bus Express, Lomprayah, 12.09.2019
Die Fahrt mit dem bus ist absolut empfehlenswert. Auch wenn der Bus nicht der neueste ist, war er dennoch gemütlich und angenehm klimatisiert. Preis/Leistung ist klasse!
Bus Express, Lomprayah, 28.08.2019
We booked both, ferry and bus from Koh Tao to BKK. The sea was quite rough so the Lomprayah crew handed out sick bags. Some passengers must have puked on the way from koh phangan to Koh tao because some seats and rows remained free due to people that missed their sick bag or just puking on the ground. The staff should have cleaned that up - especially because the ferry was fully booked. The cleaining issue was the only point of criticism. The rest of the trip was without any problems. The bus was clean and relatively comfy. One pause of 30min after half of the way to BKK. The Lomprayah staff were endeavoured to help and answer possible questions. Definetly would book again.
Bus Express, Lomprayah, 27.06.2019
Transfer was on time. Speed boat was OK. Bus could be in better condition. Boarding at the bust station was a little bit confusing. Partially rude staff. Bus was in old style, no power supply. Carry a power bank! 1early stop at a special tourist place. Chance to grab some drinks and food..
Bus Express, Lomprayah, 18.03.2020
Received a bus seat 30% less large than others without nothification
Fähre High-Speed Fähre, Songserm, 14.03.2020
We had to wait 2 hours more than the 3 hours treat we were supposed to wait at the beginning. It was so annoying
Fähre High-Speed Fähre, Songserm, 13.03.2020
On 14 hours long journey the bus driver got to the final point 6 minut before scheduled arrival. That's s very good!
Bus Express, Lomprayah, 10.03.2020
So organized and smooth I was really impressed
Bus Express, Lomprayah, 10.03.2020
smooth and exact on time. everything well organized.
Bus Express, Lomprayah, 01.03.2020
Everything went fine but I don't understand why they don't have Wi-Fi and phone charging station in the seets. It's 2020...
Bus Express, Lomprayah, 29.02.2020
A long ride with a bus with a lot of experience
Bus Express, Lomprayah, 23.02.2020
Everything was okay and the trip was comfortable enough. The bus arrived to the destination 1 hour late and we didn't get any notification about it. Other than that, I would recommend this trip!
Bus Express, Lomprayah, 23.02.2020
I think overall the value was ok, bus and boat from Bangkok to Koh Tao for 25gbp, but the buses need to be upgraded or seats replaced. They were kind of falling apart! My allocated wouldn't recline, the next couldn't help but recline, and most of the seat cushions were falling off. The AC was also non existent, it was boiling on the return journey.
Bus Express, Lomprayah, 21.02.2020
2 stars because price was good. Should charge more and spend money upgrading the fleet. One hour late getting to destination in a leaky bus.
Bus Express, Lomprayah, 19.02.2020
Smooth transition from boat to bus. Waiting for the bus to board was not clear. Informed what bus to board but not when we can board because the bus was visible 30 meters down the road.
Bus Express, Lomprayah, 17.02.2020
Fast efficient service from this very experience carrier.
Bus Express, Lomprayah, 10.02.2020
Ferry ride was super but the bus ride needs to improve.
Bus Express, Lomprayah, 05.02.2020
all good
Bus Express, Lomprayah, 02.02.2020
Excellent as usual
Bus Express, Lomprayah, 01.02.2020
Good connection, very well organized.
Bus Express, Lomprayah, 30.01.2020
Easy to book, on time, friendly staff!
Bus Express, Lomprayah, 24.01.2020
Lomprayah boat is a speed boat if you want to save time, make sure to take this boat. The connection by bus to Bangkok Khaosan Road was good too and this is a very central location. We arrived with a small, 25 mins delay.
Bus Express, Lomprayah, 21.01.2020
Very well organized . Thank you.
Bus Express, Lomprayah, 19.01.2020
Really easy, well communicated and organised, fixed seats in the bus. Totally recommend
Fähre High-Speed Fähre, Songserm, 18.01.2020
The 12go asia service is excellent, no complaints here. I rated only three stars because I preferred travelling with Lomprayah rather than Songserm, comfort is a bit better although the ticket is a bit more expensive. I chose to stay on the sun deck on the ferry to enjoy the view. It was nice, although the boat is quite old. For the bus trip from Chumpon to Bangkok, there’s literally no room for legs. There was a tall guy next to me and the person seating in front of him could not lower his seat without crushing the guy’s legs. The poor guy had to sit with his legs sticking out in the aisle the entire trip : / I felt sorry for him. I’m small but with my backpack in front of me, I still found I had very little room left. Otherwise the trip was not too bad for the price.
Bus Express, Lomprayah, 11.01.2020
Really good service everything happened as expected. Very well organised. The coaches are very comfortable for the 8hr drive. Really enjoyed sitting on the top deck of the of the boat soaking up the sun!
Fähre High-Speed Fähre, Songserm, 10.01.2020
Ferry ride wasn't bad, comfortable enough. But once in Chumpon, waited 2.5 hrs for the bus in a place with limited food and facilities. Felt like sitting in someones house serving noodles. Why can't they simply coordinate to fix this? The bus ride to Bangkok wasn't too bad either. Just bad logistics on the ferry leaving 30 min late and waiting for the bus for 2.5 hrs.
Fähre High-Speed Fähre, Songserm, 06.01.2020
A decent service and able to book relatively close to departure (booked the day before). It's a long journey and the bus is as comfortable as you can expect. Toilet was broken though and there's only one rest stop so don't drink too much water before departing just in case! Arrived early in Bangkok, and the drop off is right in the centre meaning there's plenty of options if you need to pass time.
Bus Express, Lomprayah, 05.01.2020
Ferry trip was good although a bit delayed. But the bus Ride was not that good. the bus was Very old and not confortable.
Fähre High-Speed Fähre, Songserm, 04.01.2020
Ship ride was okay, but near the end some guy sitting near the refreshments kiosk started blasting acid-rock and switching between songs. It was unpleasant and disruptive. Even with earplugs I could hear it. Others were annoyed too, and I wondered why staff didn't say anything ... then I realized when he stood up that he himself was staff (wearing a Songserm uniform)... As for the bus - this one was slightly less old, and the ride was quieter (the last bus rattled and squeaked), BUT the toilet was out of order, and we only made one rest stop .. so good luck
Bus Express, Lomprayah, 28.12.2019
good service
Bus Express, Lomprayah, 19.12.2019
All was quite nice and comfortable
Fähre Speedboat, Lomprayah, 02.12.2019
No blankets, no water, no wifi, no lights inside the bus,so you can not even read a book, you can only sit during 10 hours and wait for the stop
Bus Express, Lomprayah, 02.12.2019
The ferry was nice and clean. The coach gave you a number so I knew where is was sitting and the seats were so close together
Bus Express, Lomprayah, 30.11.2019
All connections were ok. On the catamaran I was littlr bit afraid of the wave and high speed. The bus stop on the bus station to take a dinner was perfect.
Fähre Speedboat, Lomprayah, 26.11.2019
Ferry and bus were OK, AC was not working very well on bus so was a bit hot but fine when sunset. Dropped is off just near Khao San road. Bus was almost an hour late.
Fähre Speedboat, Lomprayah, 18.11.2019
My biggest suggestion is get some sleep before you get the speedboat. I spent my last night in koh Tao having too much fun and that speedboat was what I would imagine hell on earth. But not any fault of the company. The drivers were actually very accommodating and helped me find comfort with the slight seasickness.. The bus was also pretty fine other than the girl behind me who was mad at me for using the reclining seat so kept jamming her knees purposely into the back of my seat for whatever reason. I will always always do my best to book with lampraya in the future vs songserm.
Fähre High-Speed Fähre, Songserm, 17.11.2019
Bus Express, Lomprayah, 13.11.2019
Ferry left on time, was clean but moved quite a bit. Luckily I took my motion sickness tablets. Definitely do if are prone to get sea sick. Adds were without volume, so it seems they listened to the complaints about that. At the pier you check in again and get a bus number. Bus left at around 12.30 pm. There is one food stop. Unfortunately we arrived around an hour late, but that was due to Bangkok traffic I guess. Not too bad for a bus (the ticket says leave 5 hours minimum to any connections, so if you don't you shouldn't complain if you miss it). It was just a bit strange that the bus driver stopped a couple of times on the hard shoulder on the motorway. Otherwise than that he drove very safe. The last thing is that at booking it looks like they stop at the khao san road office. They don't. It's a bit farther north, but very easy walking distance. It definitely is planned, as all busses stopped there and tuk tuks where waiting. But maybe that was just my misunderstanding? Overall everyone was friendly and we arrived safe with not much delay. Would take again.
Bus Express, Lomprayah, 23.10.2019
Very comfortable. Almost on time - delayed by 10m.
Bus Express, Lomprayah, 22.10.2019
It is a good, cheap and easy wat to go from Bangkok to Ko Tao. Everything is well arranged.
Bus Express, Lomprayah, 22.10.2019
The ferry was great, well organised and almost on time. The bus was grim - eight and a half hours with only one brief stop, and the roof leaked when raining, meaning we got a free shower every time the bus braked or turned a corner. Also, bus guys, top tip - please wash the windows more than once a year so at lest passengers can see out! I met the guys in the 12Go Asia office - they're actually real people, and most helpful and friendly. Thanks guys.
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Wie komme ich von Mae Haad Ko Tao nach Khao San Lomprayah??

Um von Mae Haad Ko Tao nach Khao San Lomprayah zu kommen, haben Sie mehrere Optionen. Sie können unter diesen Transportmitteln Ihre Wahl treffen:

  • Bus
  • Fähre
  • Zug
  • Van

Wenn Sie es eilig haben, raten wir Ihnen, ein Fähre+bus-Ticket zu buchen. Wenn Sie Zeit haben, aber Ihren Geldbeutel schonen möchten, reservieren Sie ein Fähre+van+zug-Ticket.

Die Reisekosten hängen vom gewählten Verkehrsmittel ab. Ein Fähre+Van-Ticket ist am teuersten – rechnen Sie mit rund THB 1,150. Wenn Sie sparsam unterwegs sein möchten, kaufen Sie ein fähre+van+zug-Ticket für nur etwa THB 750.

Wie weit ist es von Mae Haad Ko Tao nach Khao San Lomprayah?

Wenn Sie über Land reisen, beträgt die Entfernung von Mae Haad Ko Tao nach Khao San Lomprayah 900 km. Luftlinie sind es 416 km.

Wie lange dauert es, von Mae Haad Ko Tao nach Khao San Lomprayah zu gelangen?

Die Reisezeit von Mae Haad Ko Tao nach Khao San Lomprayah hängt von Ihrem gewählten Transportmittel ab. Alles in allem müssen Sie mit 14 bis 18 Stunden rechnen.

Wie viel kostet die Reise von Mae Haad Ko Tao nach Khao San Lomprayah?

Die Kosten, um von Mae Haad Ko Tao nach Khao San Lomprayah zu gelangen, hängen ebenfalls vom gewählten Transportmittel ab. Am günstigsten ist KP Tripadvisor (บริษัท เคพี ทริปแอดไวเซอร์ แอนด์ เซอร์วิส จำกัด): eine fähre+van+zug-Fahrt mit der Fähre kostet lediglich THB 750..

Wenn Sie allerdings auf größeren Komfort Wert legen, ist das Fähre+Van-Ticket die teuerste Option – ein Fähre+Van-Ticket in eine Richtung kann bis zu THB 1,150 kosten.

Hier eine Übersicht der durchschnittlichen Preise für alle auf der Strecke von Mae Haad Ko Tao nach Khao San Lomprayah verfügbaren Transportmittel:

  • Fähre+Van+Zug price: THB 750 - THB 750. Von Koh Tao bis Bangkok ab 22:00 Mae Haad Koh Tao bis 22:00 Mae Haad Koh Tao
  • Fähre+Bus price: THB 900 - THB 900. Von Koh Tao bis Bangkok ab 15:00 Mae Haad Koh Tao bis 15:00 Mae Haad Koh Tao
  • Fähre+Van price: THB 1,150 - THB 1,150. Von Koh Tao bis Bangkok ab 23:00 Koh Tao Oxygen Office bis 23:00 Koh Tao Oxygen Office

Sie können aber auch ein Taxi buchen – die Fahrt kostet etwa zwischen und .

Wie viele Möglichkeiten gibt es pro Tag, um von Mae Haad Ko Tao nach Khao San Lomprayah zu reisen?

Die Anzahl der Abfahrten variiert, je nachdem, für welches Transportmittel Sie sich entscheiden.

  • 1 mit Fähre+Bus von Koh Tao nach Bangkok starten von 15:00 Mae Haad Koh Tao bis 15:00 Mae Haad Koh Tao
  • 1 mit Fähre+Van von Koh Tao nach Bangkok starten von 23:00 Koh Tao Oxygen Office bis 23:00 Koh Tao Oxygen Office
  • 1 mit Fähre+Van+Zug von Koh Tao nach Bangkok starten von 22:00 Mae Haad Koh Tao bis 22:00 Mae Haad Koh Tao

Die beliebtesten Transportmöglichkeiten von Mae Haad Ko Tao nach Khao San Lomprayah

Wie finden Sie die angenehmste Option, um von Mae Haad Ko Tao nach Khao San Lomprayah zu gelangen? Um Ihnen die Wahl zu erleichtern, haben wir 1.000 Benutzer danach gefragt, welches Verkehrsmittel sie vorziehen. Hier das Ergebnis der Umfrage:

  • 100% gewählt Fähre+Van+Zug