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Koh Tao nach Phuket Reiseziel-Rezensionen

Fähre Katamaran, Lomprayah, 08.01.2020
Wir waren super zufrieden mit Lomprayah! Top organisiert und wirklich günstig. Wir hatten lediglich auf Koh Phangan (1h Transit) Verspätung aber dafür standen dann in Surat Tani direkt Reisebusse zur Weiterfahrt bereit. Der Bus hatte eine Toilette, somit war eine zügige Fahrt mit nur einer Pause völlig ok für uns. Gegessen hatten wir mittags während unserer Transit Zeit, somit reichten uns Kekse und Getränke bis abends. In Phuket wurden wir super preiswert direkt zu unserem Hostel gefahren. Wir würden jederzeit wieder mit Lomprayah reisen!
Fähre Katamaran, Lomprayah, 24.08.2019
The trip with Catamaran ferry and Boat was good and we were only 15 minutes running after schedule. Just 2 comments for improvement: The queue in front of Lomprayah office, Koh Tao for check in was huge and we had to wait for half an hour. Second: The bus driver from Surat Thani to Phuket was in the beginning of the trip really frightening. He suddenly changed the lanes or he was breaking for no reason. We were afraid that we would have an accident. After about 1 hour he was driving normal and we finished the trip safely.
Fähre High-Speed Fähre, Seatran Discovery, 03.07.2019
There have been no exact information about the trip (like stops or when to change) and the bus has been 2 ours late.
Fähre Katamaran, Lomprayah, 03.03.2020
Travel from Koh Tao to Phuket with lomprayah was extremely frustrating and took way longer than it should have. They don't include any information about the itinerary on their website so you have no idea what to expect. We were on a really nice ferry from Koh Tao to Koh Pha-ngan but then we had to get off and wait on the pier for an hour for another ferry that was smaller and horrible. The bus pick up in Surat Thani was fine but the bus took over 5 hours to do a 3 hour drive and the main floor smelled like an outhouse. We also had a stop at a little shop but were not told how long we were stopping for. The staff could do a way better job of sharing information with their customers.
Fähre Katamaran, Lomprayah, 23.12.2019
It was long. They could have informed the schedule so we could eat before. There is no break from the boat to the bus, maybe 10 min for the customers get some food for the road would not hurt. First bus stop was 2 and half hours later.
Fähre Katamaran, Lomprayah, 22.10.2019
Awesome and cozy trip
Fähre Katamaran, Lomprayah, 27.07.2019
It was so good
Fähre Katamaran, Lomprayah, 23.07.2019
Everything went smoothly. Comparing it to a recent trip that was a disaster. Here the staff was welcoming, they gave out information in speakers, baggage handling was good, connection to Phuket went great, they stopped for food. Taxi was waiting for us. No complaints besides that it left 30 min late
Fähre Katamaran, Lomprayah, 14.07.2019
Very comfortable. Easy.
Fähre Katamaran, Lomprayah, 14.06.2019
Super speedy boat and comfortable bus with a stop half way, got to our destination an hour earlier too ???? Would always use Lomprayah in future now!
Fähre Katamaran, Lomprayah, 25.05.2019
Such an easy transition through the day, super organised.
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